Mackenzie Edwards Calls Out Ryan Edwards’ Girlfriend Amanda Connor for Posting “Odd Flex” on Social Media

Let the “Internet games” begin…

Ryan Edwards’ estranged wife Mackenzie Edwards took to social media Monday to unapologetically throw some shade at Ryan and his current girlfriend/partner in crime, Amanda Connor. 

As you may know, Ryan met Amanda while both were in the same rehab center last summer. (Ryan later transferred to the rehab’s halfway house, where Amanda also lived.) The couple recently moved into a new home together.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie is in the middle of divorcing the Teen Mom dad, with whom she shares two children. As The Ashley told you last month, Mackenzie asked a judge to reactive her and Ryan’s divorce case after it was dismissed the previous month due to inactivity. Ryan also filed for divorce earlier this month and that case is still pending.

This week’s online rumble between Ryan’s current and former significant others began after Mackenzie reshared a post of Amanda’s to her Instagram Story, which featured a woman dancing to the song “Independent” by Webbie.

“Me, singing this song knowing full well everything I have is because of my husband,” the caption Amanda shared read. 

While Amanda corrected the caption in her post to acknowledge that she was referring to her “boyfriend,” not her husband, that didn’t stop Mackenzie from seeing an opportunity and running with it–- straight to her Instagram Story, where she shared Amanda’s post and threw in a caption of her own. 

“Odd flex for someone that doesn’t support their kids but ok,” Mackenzie wrote. 


(Amanda is the mother of an 11-year-old son. She lost custody of him in 2014 due to neglect and the fact that both her and her now-ex-husband were incarcerated at the time, according to court papers obtained by The Sun. It appears that the boy is currently in the custody of Amanda’s stepmom.) 

Anyway, Mackenzie proceeded to double down on her Amanda slam, sharing a screenshot of a DM she received in response to her “odd flex” call out. In the message, an individual sided with Mackenzie and advised her to “let the losers flex”–- the “loser” being Amanda in this case–- as “it makes for the best laughs.” 

Mackenzie also shared another post to her Instagram Story, seemingly making light of the situation. 

“‘You need to relax,’” the post read. “Best I can do is dissociate.” 

Amanda appeared to respond to Mackenzie’s Instagram Story, insisting she was unbothered by the social media slam.

“I don’t want nobody to ever feel like we beefing,” Amanda shared to her Instagram Story. “You’re not important.” 

While Amanda is now insisting that Mackenzie is “not important” enough to have “beef” with, it didn’t stop her from blasting Mackenzie on social media earlier this year and making an unhinged comment about “internet games.” 

“My girl’s got that dog in her! Speakin’ of dog…has anyone seen Chance?!”

“Ryan’s almost ex wife is a b*tch she don’t know who she is f**king with,” Amanda wrote on Instagram in February. “She’s just mad that Ryan wants me now and don’t want her whiny baby a** now post that for her dumb a** to see!!

“Leave me the f**k alone I don’t play internet games,” she continued. 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 


  1. For two grown women, who both claim not to care, they both talk about each other a lot. Mac has a job and kids to take care, but still somehow has time to stalk Amanda.

    Mac didn’t want to listen to any logic or reasoning when she first got with Rhine. You made your bed, now sleep in it.

  2. I can’t believe this woman thinks Rhine Edwards is THE “catch”. Three kids and doesn’t support any of them, financially, physically, or emotionally. In and out of jail for 10 years, cheats on every woman he’s been with, and runs to mommy when any bump in the road happens. Like he’s pushing 40 and he’s mother is making his appointments to keep up with his sentencing requirements.

    But honestly, Mack should just stop engaging. This loser doesn’t take care of her kid, can’t keep herself out of jail, is now dating Rhine and doing drugs together. Their life is miserable as much as they want to pretend on the internet is not, no one believes that Rhine is anyone that any woman should fight over.

  3. Yeah, lets light a fire under your Ex’s unstable girlfriend who could eventually be your kids’ step mom and make your life hell, that’s very intelligent Mack.

  4. Let’s not forget Mackenzie always used to trash on Macy and defend Rhine and now the shoe is on the other foot

  5. Mackenzie needs to just quit getting twisted up and so bothered by her ex and his gf. Her only concern should be her kids. Forget the crap and quit wasting her time. Posting about it makes it look like she can’t get over him. Come on Mackenzie, be better.

  6. all of these people are 💯 trash 🗑️ ~ like, don’t they have kids, jobs, hobbies?

  7. I don’t like Ryan at all, but McKenzie is weirdly flexing for a woman that didn’t take care of her first child for quite a while and is obviously still so preoccupied with her ex drug addict husband‘s life and his new weirdo girlfriend that she can’t keep her ass off social media, like a grown mature woman, and take care of the current children she has I mean birds of feather flock together and you were the one that was married to him when he was driving like a psycho and almost killed half of the planet so that’s on you

  8. Amanda didn’t win anything, just a cheating violent drug addict who doesn’t take care of his kids.

    All he has is his teen mom money

    Mackenzie’s stuck with all the kids and prolly doesn’t get shit from him. Bet she’s wishing she had never got with him in the first place

    1. Lol. I think at this point Rhine has spent all his TM money. I think he was working as a welder for a while since he blew it all on drugs, lawyers, and cars.

  9. Why would Mackenzie care about what Amanda does with her own kids? They have nothing to do with her at all.
    These are two grown ass women, mothers, that are beefing on social media like 14 year old girls. Both pathetic

    1. Pretty sure she was referring to Ryan not supporting his kids yet Amanda says she has all she does bc of him? Meaning he ain’t directing any kind of support towards Stella & Jagger.

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