‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Ryan Edwards Gets Caught By Paparazzi With His New Rehab GalPal; Leah Messer Gets a (Real) Job & More

“I know it’s basically illegal for a ‘Teen Mom’ star to get a job but I got them taxes to pay!”

From getting a new boo to getting a J-O-B, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

Ryan Edwards Gets Snapped By Paps Walking With His Halfway House Honey

“What can I say? It’s hard to keep the ladies from wantin’ to do sex to me!”

Ryan is keeping busy post-rehab— and apparently getting busy with a girl he met at while in rehab.

A few days ago, The Sun broke the news that the ‘Teen Mom’ dad is dating a sobriety- and legally-challenged mother named Amanda Connor. After the news broke, Ryan— who is now staying at Oasis, the rehab’s halfway house— posted and deleted a photo of Amanda riding on the back of his motorcycle. 

“They met and started seeing each other at rehab. He doesn’t take anyone on his bike unless it’s a [romantic] thing. No friends [are allowed],” The Sun‘s source stated.

Ryan and Amanda have been seen hanging out together around town, hanging out at a nearby pool, and going out to eat together. 

Like Ryan, Amanda has struggled with substance abuse— and staying on the right side of the law. The Ashley was able to locate fourteen different mugshots for Amanda, most of which were for drug-related arrests. Her most-recent arrest came on August 19, when she was busted for have drugs for resale, possession of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and contraband in penal institution.

One of Amanda’s latest muggies….

That arrest came after she was furloughed to CADAS rehab on July 13. She was in the CADAS rehab at the same time Ryan was, and completed her treatment on August 17. Two days later, she was busted for the drug charges. 

All of those charges from August 19 have since been dismissed by the District Attorney, though.

While he’s at the halfway house, Ryan is required to participate in a variety of programs, including the facility’s Intensive Outreach Program and be drug-tested regularly. He is also required to attend Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, and several other specific meetings each week. Halfway house residents are encouraged to refrain from entering into new relationships during their stay there.

Leah Messer Gets An Actual Job– And Jenelle Evans Comments On It

“Please, Lord, let me resist the urge to hit Jenelle up side her damn head with my servin’ tray!”

Hell has frozen over: an original ‘Teen Mom’ girl has gotten a real job!

Leah Messer announced recently that she has taken a job as a restaurant server. In a series of videos posted to Instagram Stories, Leah can be seen wearing a black, button-down dress shirt, which appeared to be part of her waitressing uniform.

“I’m going into my shift. I started a new job serving. I absolutely love it. Love it, love it, love it,” Leah said.

Over the years, Leah has taken on many money-making ventures– who could forget the few weeks she worked in the tanning salon while worrying about “the dye in the baby’s head” or her stint as a Mary Kay consultant?— this is one of the first times that Leah or any of the original ‘Teen Mom’ cast members has punched a timeclock like a normal working stiff.

“This workin’ stuff ain’t no joke! My feet never hurt this dern much when I was sellin’ Mary Kay!”

Leah still makes most of her money from appearing on ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.’ However, she likely saw her MTV salary reduced significantly after ‘Teen Mom 2’ ended. (As The Ashley previously told you, the girls are only paid for the episodes of ‘Next Chapter’ they appear in, and every girl is not featured in every episode.)

Leah told her followers that she is still currently working on her real estate career. However, she is probably in need of cash quick, as the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star is in deep tax debt. As The Ashley previously reported, Leah owed nearly $780,000 in unpaid taxes as of May.

“Do you know how many bloomin’ onions I’m gonna have to serve to pay off those ding-dang taxes?!”

Naturally, Leah’s former co-star, Jenelle, had to insert herself into the situation and give her opinion on Leah getting a job. She told her Facebook followers that she suspected MTV made Leah get a “real” job so that she would be more relatable. (The Ashley can confirm that this is false.)

“My thoughts are… is this real or it it for the show?!” Jenelle wrote on Facebook this week, along with a link to a story about Leah’s new job. “MTV made me get a job before just to ‘look more relatable.’ But good for her if she really chose to.”

Jenelle’s decision to randomly comment on Leah’s situation resulted in the fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ star getting blasted for her own lack of work experience. (As fans know, Jenelle hasn’t worked a “real” job in years and currently makes her money via social media and by posting nether-region parts on OnlyFans. Her husband, David Eason, continues to refuse to work.)

“I make income so many different ways I stay busy. I don’t have time for 9-5 job. But it’s great being self employed and being around my kids more,” Jenelle told one person following her Facebook post.

“You clearly have time. You spend all day long on the internet,” someone replied.

“Why are you even comparing yourself to what Leah’s doing,” another person wrote. “Nobody even asked you but here you are acting like you’re ‘too good’ for a 9-5. You’re not doing [s**t] all day. You got time. You’re just lazy.” 

“Your thoughts are…. consistently negative and breed toxicity in your life. Stop concerning yourself with what others do and focus on yourself and your family. This is childish,” someone else commented. 

Maci Bookout Says She’s Worried “Thirsty” High School Girls Will Try to Date Her Son Bentley For Fame 

“Remember, Bentley, if I girl asks you to help her meet Dr. Drew, she’s too thirsty for ya!”

Maci says that she worries her son Bentley will be propositioned by girls looking to get their “fame” by dating Bentley.

In a new interview with YouTuber Up and Adam!, Maci stated that Bentley isn’t treated differently by his classmates because he grew up on ‘Teen Mom’; however, she is worried that the soon-to-be-15-year-old will encounter girls who only want to date him because he’s famous.

“He’s really sweet; he’s just a really nice kid, so I think it’s kind of hard for people to even try to be mean to him,” Maci said. “At the same time, he’s a very confident kid and he knows how to handle it if that happens. But we haven’t really ran into that.

“My biggest concern, honestly, with his friends and the people around him is…girls that might be thirsty,” Maci said. “[I tell him], ‘Remember, keep your radar on for [bad] intentions of people.’ But we haven’t really run into that, either.”

Maci said that a lot of the girls at Bentley’s school watch ‘Teen Mom’ or have moms who watch the show, and often want to discuss with Bentley what happened on the most-recent episode.

Bentley, describing going to high school the day after his parents just blasted his personal life on a TV show…probably.

“It’s always the girls [who watch the show]…after the show airs, the next day he’s like, ‘All the girls are gonna be asking me about the episode last night,'” Maci said.

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here

(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Hamilton County PD)



26 Responses

  1. There’s nothing wrong with Leah waiting tables. You stay busy, productive, get to socialize, and the money isn’t bad on a good night.

    I hope Leah gets her tax situation paid off and it may be smart for her to downgrade homes. That way she won’t be having to deal with anything with her ex.

  2. Good for Leah if this is for personal reasons and not for the show.
    Good job for being a productive human being who actually worked..
    serving is a great job to have..
    Leah was always my favorite.… but those eyebrows are screaming Robyn brown..

    1. And jenelle .. please… she has more class than you will or could ever have… whether it’s for the show or not. She chose a serving job rather than OF like you… CLASS!!

      Ryan isn’t good for this girl.. just as much as she isn’t good for him.
      He’s not looking to get better… and we know that bc he’s already in a relationship.. and that’s the number one no no.. not until you’re a year into sobriety.

      1. 10000% on the Rhine business. He absolutely appears nowhere near even wanting to pretend to be getting sober! You can just tell he is so unserious & insincere. For one he wouldn’t be “dating” the girl that brought the drugs into ‘hab 3wks ago. Plus, he is still blaming everyone & thing for all the shit he says and does. I just CAN’T with him & his gaggle of enablers. It seems inevitable that he will come to an unfortunate end before he or anyone close to him gets serious about his disease.

  3. I’m gonna assume Leah’s accountant or lawyer told her to get a job.

    If she had a job in the first place, she would have realized that a half million dollar house was never a wise decision.

  4. Shut up Jenelle. I cannot stand females like her. She always needs the spotlight on herself, and she’s always quick to cast ALL THE STONES while inside her glass house. Waiting tables is a lot of fun and you can make really good money if you’re in the right place. Maybe they’re hiring a dishwasher for ol Hobo Hubby David (he’ll have to shower occasionally though, hope that’s not a dealbreaker)

  5. Damn, Ryan definitely found the righht person and by right I mean person who will most likely make him relapse. This is gonna end great.

    Good for Leah! Lol, Janelle, you are just jealous cuz you never worked a minute in your life.

    OMG, Maci, STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR TEENAGE SON! Even if there will be a girl who will want him only for his “teen mom fave” (although I highly doubt it, you’re not that special Maci!), he’s a smart kid and will prob figure it out on his own. But please, give him some privacy. He is in that age when he prob gets embarassed when he hears in school his mom talked about him in ANOTHER podcast.

  6. Ima say this, Ryan isn’t in rehab because HE wants to get sober, it’s everyone around him that wants him to get sober. Therefore, he’ll never get sober until he wants to get sober.
    The girl was required to complete a court ordered rehab and then arrested two days later, and all those charges were dropped?
    What the heck is going on in that county, Ryan charges and then hers?
    Can someone answer that?

    Jenell GTFOH. “I don’t work 9-5 to stay home with my kids” and do what with them? Besides mistreat neglect and abuse them? What activities do they do? Don’t they all go to school from 8-4 at least?

    Did Leah purchasing that big Ole house have something to do with this real estate career? Whatever the reason, at least she’s working. Whether bad with money or not, give her props I guess. She ain’t on OF

    1. Some people think that Jenell and UBT’s jobs are parent, but it’s actually just land. (said as Ryan Gosling as Ken).

  7. I love The Ashley’s website, but I’m so afraid I’ll click on it one day and hear about Rhine’s funeral. He is not held accountable for jack shit, no thanks to the judge or his parents. Everyone around him is paving his road to relapse, and his…umm..new boo doesn’t sound too good for him either!

  8. Do we know how long Ryan had that motorcycle? Because I’m just curious how many romances there have been since he owns it. He has been with Mackenzie for.. 10 years perhaps? Dies he own the bike longer?

  9. Don’t a lot of halfway houses restrict relationships? I swear I’ve heard of people kicked out of programs for violating the rule about no relationships while you are staying.

  10. So I’ll go one of the things Jenelle’s super easy schedule for adds is taking her kids to actual team activities or therapy.

  11. 1. I don’t see why is it necessary to post Ryan’s new gf mugshot and rapsheet, at least while she is not on the show.
    2. Good for Leah on getting a real job. You could learn something, Jenelle. Not all women want to make money making a fool of themselves on OF.
    3. Maci if you are so worried about Bentley then do as Leah and get a real job outside reality TV. Give your kids some privacy ffs

    1. 1. I don’t know why Rhine even has a new gf. He’s suppose to working on his recovery, since you know if he fails he’s going to jail. He has three kids and a wife to figure out. A gf is the last thing he needs right now.

      2. Leah getting a job is good. Leah has always struggled with money, and with Jaylen outsmarting her with that house last year, she probably needs the money. And good plan for when TM goes off the air.

      3. Maci needs to either own it and just be like yep, I sold myself and my family for money. Or be like my kids well being is worth everything and i’m done, like Chelsea did. And find different ways to make money off the show. Didn’t Maci say in that recent interview that if the show ended tomorrow she would be good for life? Okay. So then walk away.

      1. Ryan only went to rehab because he was forced too. It was either rehab or sit in jail for a year. I highly doubt he is even serious about sobriety, hence the girlfriend who is currently a drug addict.

        1. His current gf was arrested in late August for the resale of drugs and possession.

          So, yeah he’s probably not sober. And since the judge is a family friend, they are just going to keep letting him off, until he finally gets sober himself, or sadly he dies.

    2. 1. I do agree, however, her photos were published elsewhere as well. I’m just glad that the comments aren’t bashing her, bc she does have a serious drug problem. We don’t know her. She hasn’t proved to be a typically fans whore asshole like the rest of the new gfs and bfs. This may not even last.

      2. Leah must be in dire straights. She could always sell that house and find something much more affordable. But yes, good for her for having the wherewithal to know the internet is forever. She has zero room for any more bad public scandals.
      Jenelle just dont give a shit bc shes still an active drug user.

      3. Didnt Maci just say could quit.. but hasn’t quit yet?? She’s so full of it.

  12. How does Rhine Edwards always have a girl? He’s clearly not in recovery, the first thing they tell you in early recovery is don’t make any major changes for ONE year. Don’t get into a relationship, especially with someone from rehab.

    If that is not someone who looks like she’s on drugs, I don’t know what to tell you. Also, she was arrested in Late August for possession and drug resale. So yeah, Rhine is not clean.

    Rhine has THREE children, and a major addiction. He needs to focus on the important stuff right now. Stay clean, work on his recovery, and try to build a better relationship with his children. That’s it. Nothing else matters right now.

    1. Ima say it.

      He’s probably packin.

      Theres a huge reason after 15 years Maci still wants him and it ain’t his sunny disposition.

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