Leah Messer Hit With New $290,000 Federal Tax Lien; ‘Teen Mom’ Star Now Owes Nearly $780,000 In Unpaid Taxes

“Someone named Irs keeps asking me for money. I don’t even know no one named Irs!”

Leah Messer just got [bacon]-slapped by Uncle Sam— again!

The Sun broke the news on Wednesday that the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star was hit with a new $290,297 lien earlier this month for unpaid federal taxes for the years 2018, 2020 and 2021. This new lien is in addition to the federal and state tax liens Leah was slapped with last year totaling nearly $489,000.

For those of you who went to schools that “are not well” and need some help doing that math, that means Leah currently owes more than $779,000 in unpaid federal and state taxes!

As The Ashley has previously reported, Leah’s tax bill has been climbing for years. Back in November 2020, news broke that Leah owed about $155,000 in unpaid taxes. In 2022, her tax debt increased, with an additional $295,000 in state and federal taxes being added to bring her tax bill up to over $457,000.

On May 8, Leah was slapped with the $290,297 federal loan, bringing the amount she owes to $779,146.

The unpaid taxes are for debts incurred in the years 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

“Y’all get outta here now, ya hear? I don’t care if you is with the government. Leave that girl and her money alone!”

Leah will appear on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,’ which will bring in some income to the mom of three. However, as The Ashley previously told you, as of right now, it’s unlikely that Teen Mom Family Reunion— which Leah appeared on during the first season— will be renewed. Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In, another show Leah appeared on, is also being cut— according to The Ashley’s sources— so Leah will lose out on two sources of revenue she once received. 

In the past, Leah has stated that she has always been too quick to loan money to needy friends and family. During a 2019 appearance on Kail Lowry’Coffee Convos podcast, Leah said she often helped out friends and family members financially because she didn’t want them to think she had changed because she was on a TV show.  

“I always want people to know I’m still that humble person and I felt [that] giving to everyone, I would get in return … but in the end it still hurt me,” she said. “It hurt me, like, it caused one of my divorces, with Jeremy [Calvert], because I would be giving to everyone. I gave my dad $40,000, just to keep my dad around … .”

Leah also spoke about footing the bill for family members to “have cars and houses and this and that.”

As of press time, all of the $779,146 tax debt Leah owes remains unpaid.

Leah, on paying her taxes, apparently…

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25 Responses

  1. Seems like almost EVERY MTV reality star neglects to pay taxes because they don’t truly understand what it means to be a subcontractor vs. being an employee.

  2. I get major anxiety every time we hear about how much these women owe and it doesn’t have anything at all to do with me. How do they live their lives owing hundreds amof thousands of dollars to the government? And why do they continue to not pay their taxes? It’s mind-boggling.

  3. Maybe pay your taxes first before paying for luxury items for family and friends that weren’t appreciated….

    Pay your taxes and then use what you have left over.

    How does this always happen? Anyone with knowledge knows how they are paid (they’re paid independently right) so given a large amount and then you’re suppose to go figure out how much taxes to pay??
    With that amount of cash could’ve been put in investment funds or something

  4. Know who doesnt owe taxes?

    Her first husband.

    Know who else doesnt owe taxes?

    Her second husband.

    Seems like leah is no better off than she was before the show, meaning shes learned NOTHING in that many years.

  5. I’m watching all the teen mom 2 and teen mom episodes and I must say, amber Portwood is a terrible mother. She was so cold and mean to Leah as a baby. I feel bad for Leah messer though, she does seem like a sweet but messed up person.

  6. Is it that hard to pay taxes??? The interest on that bs compounds daily! So basically if you don’t pay it all right away you would be paying for a very long time!!!!!

  7. MTV is partially responsible for this. Even in the NBA and NFL, the rookie players get financial consultants to handle their new found fame and money.

    1. Maybe when they were teens. But, Leah has absolutely no excuse for not hiring her own accountant in her mid to late 20s. She’s way too old to need MTV to hold her hand.

    2. She is 100% responsible. She could hire a financial advisor. Also, she’s been doing this for like 13-14 years. She’s no rookie.

  8. [Bacon] slapped?!?! That was the best part of my day lol!!! You sure done did me good today!!! ???

  9. I dont….understand. How do you live your life knowing that you have this much money owed?? Also how is she not in jail for this???

    1. She needs to stop the trips, photo shoots, spending money and go to school/work. Money train is stopping

  10. Leah has all this tax debt, yet sponsored Royer for citizenship and basically assumed financial responsibility for him for ten years. She needs some serious financial counseling.

    1. Right??? How was she even allowed when she is so far in debt? And why would she agree to sponsor given her financial situation? Not the brightest bulb is she???

  11. Jesus God Leah! Hire an accountant and start paying it. I get anxiety just to think about how much money it is

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