‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Leah Messer & Kail Lowry Talk About Financially Supporting Friends & Family on Podcast Episode

“Let’s hurry up and take this photo before someone snags our purses.”

With the moms of Teen Mom 2 bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars each season, it’s no surprise that they often find themselves being asked to help out a friend or family member in need.

The topic of loaning money was discussed on the latest episode of Leah Messer’s Life Reboot podcast, during which, Leah and her guest/‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Kail Lowry admitted to sharing their wealth for better and for worse.

Leah and Kail, who are currently vacationing in Hawaii together with their kids, took a moment during the podcast to answer a few email questions from listeners, one of which asked for advice on how to say no to people. Both Kail and Leah admitted to struggling with this in their lives, with Kail relating the issue to friends asking her to loan them money. Leah said she, too, had dealt with the problem.


“I would cut my own throat to hand money over to other people,” Leah said.

“I’m still doing that,” Kail admitted. “Friends ask me for $850, $1,000, $1,700… .”

Leah said her decision to help friends and family in the past was influenced by her not wanting the show or the money she received from the show “to dictate who I am.” She even blamed her past generosity for her 2015 divorce from Jeremy Calvert.

“I always want people to know I’m still that humble person and I felt [that] giving to everyone, I would get in return … but in the end it still hurt me,” she said. “It hurt me, like, it caused one of my divorces, with Jeremy, because I would be giving to everyone. I gave my dad $40,000, just to keep my dad around … .”

Leah also spoke about footing the bill for family to “have cars and houses and this and that.”

When asked by Lindsay Rielly, one of her Life Reboot co-hosts, how she finally learned to say no, Leah said she had to “create a whole new foundation” for her life, which began with knowing her self-worth. Leah said she’s now able to say no when she needs to and has established new guidelines for when she does decide to help someone out financially.

“If I would loan money, which is very rare … if you burn me once, I promise you won’t burn me again,” she said. “If you do not pay me back, if it’s $5, you will never get a loan from me ever again. Ever.”

Kail—-who back in 2011 or 2012 even paid to bail her former co-star Jenelle Evans out of jail— told Leah that she wished she “could be like that” but she can’t.

“You’re just soooo generous, Kail!”

“I’m the worst,” she joked.

Leah’s other podcast co-host, Brian Scott, asked Kail “what’s the worst that could happen” if she were to decline helping a friend or family member in need, to which Kail said she would feel guilty.

“I guess them being angry or upset with me, or feel like I wasn’t there for them, or felt like, ‘Oh, you’re on a trip to Hawaii, but you couldn’t loan me this money,’ … So it’s like, well damn. When you put it like that, you obviously are in need and I’m obviously on vacation, so I feel bad I guess.”


Leah told Kail in these situations, it’s important to ask herself what that person is doing to help themselves before deciding to help them.

“If I don’t respect myself, then they’re not going to respect me,” she said.

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV)

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  1. How long is this vacation of theirs?! I swear I saw pictures over a week ago of the kids on the beach together. Seems like they’ve been there forever! I guess it makes sense to stay at least a week when you’re traveling that far.

  2. Heres a solution. Cancel these shitshows & these chicks won’t have to worry about lending money. They can worry about securing a loan & making the payments like the rest of us.

  3. Love the photo; Kail & Leah’s kids are the funniest I think. Addie just cracks me up. I like this new, improved version of Leah a lot. She’s honest and taking accountability. I can’t imagine Kail loaning out money to friends considering how petty she is with all of the fathers of her children. I didn’t forget the recent child support situation with Jo that the saint Vee had to referee and fixed.

  4. I call BS. There’s no way Kail is generous with anyone when it comes to giving out money. Wait a minute. Yes., her last baby daddy. No Job, No Money, and not a man CHRIS. She waited long as she could until JO took her to court to pay him back. SO A BIG BS FOR ME.

    1. I don’t understand how Jo had to pay back Kail for child support when they share access 50/50.
      If its 50/50 NEITHER of them should have to pay the other one !

  5. Sheesh 40k to keep her dad around…that’s actually really sad. But Leah honestly seems to be the only one of all the girls who made awful mistakes in the past and has actually learned from them….plus her taking accountability for her role in her and Jeremy’s divorce shows a lot of growth within her….Never forget when she blew all that money on Mary Kay products, and Jeremy just about lost his mind…BTW look at how tall Isaac and Gracie are getting!

  6. Jenelle has spent her money on men and drugs and buying her men toys to keep them happy. Her house is WAY different than Kails. I also believe this is the first “house” she has bought
    ” mortgage”. And it’s falling to pieces with holes in the doors and walls and mold and sinking ceilings.

      1. I’ve got no sympathy for the swamp people, let their house sink , who cares!
        Its apparently trashed anyway, so its obvious they’ve got no respect for anything

    1. Isn’t it kind of crazy that she didn’t drop it immediately to begin with when she’s making a couple hundred grand per year? But she’s sooo generous ??‍♀️

  7. I’m happy for Leah, it seems like she’s got her head on straight now, I expected to read some nonsense from her as far as doling out money is concerned, but I agree with everything she said. So many people in their situations spend the windfall of money ignorantly and are broke shortly after the source dries up. I think dealing with Ali’s illness has really forced her to do a lot of maturing. It’s great to see all the kids looking happy and healthy, I hardly recognized Isaac in the top picture, in like two years he’s going to tower over Kail!

      1. He’s a cute little boy, I just wish she would give him a bloody haircut!…..Having him with that bun/ponytail makes him look like a girl.

    1. I wish she would get him a proper hair cut though…… And he’s forever running around with no shirt on !!! He looks like a wild child

  8. I can’t believe Kail bailed Jenelle out and Jenelle never paid her back. They were making decent money by that point, I’m sure Jenelle could have afforded it.

    1. Yes, but that’s typical Jenelle. She always wants free help. Wasn’t she the one who was complaining about not being able to receive government assistance after she began making good money?

    2. I can’t imagine Jenelle was (or is) smart with her finances. I look at Kails house and it’s so beautifully decorated and always looks well looked after. I’m from the UK, so not sure on which areas are more expensive to live. However, Jenelle house looks very different to Kailyns. Xx

    3. NOTHING Jennelle does surprises me anymore!…. Kail helped her out and Jenelle shit all over her !
      Jennelle doesn’t even contribute a cent to Barb for her own sons upbringing!!!!! She’s a leech !

  9. I haven’t watched TM2 in quite a while and don’t follow Kail on social media because of her click bait ads. Wow, Lux isn’t a baby anymore!

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