EXCLUSIVE! Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Grandma Debra Danielsen Addresses Prostitution Rumors Surrounding Her Daughter Farrah Abraham

“Say what?!”

Debra Danielsen is finally speaking out on the rumors going around that her daughter Farrah Abraham is prostituting herself around the world.

The rumors have plagued the Teen Mom OG star for years, gaining even more traction in 2018 when Farrah’s former friend Phoebe Price accused Farrah of being a “hooker who has to go to Dubai.” Farrah’s frequent travels to the Middle East and other far-off countries have only fanned the rumor’s flames.

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, Debra revealed what her daughter has told her about her work in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

“Farrah told me the work she’s doing in Dubai is work she’s been hired to do,” Debra said. “She’s promoting different products and brands and it has nothing to do with being an escort. I also appreciate the fact that Farrah is young and dates.”

On July 4, Farrah posted a private text message conversation between her and Debra, in which Farrah asked Deb not to make any statements about her being a prostitute, as they are not true. (This was around the time that a fan asked Debra a random question about the prostitution rumors on Instagram and Debra answered— but did not actually say Farrah was a prostitute. However, the clickbaiters took the story and ran with it and made it seem like Debra did say Farrah was an escort.) 

Farrah posted this to her Instagram Stories…

“Please do not make untrue statement of prostitution with me as that is not tolerated nor anything in my life,” Farrah (in her true Farrah Speak style) told her mom in the text message exchange. 

“I don’t and never speak of anything like that,” Debra replied back. “I can’t help idiots out there.”

In her interview with The Ashley, Debra defended Farrah, stating that she is just actively dating, just as other male celebrities do.

“Guys like Scott Disick and Pauly D are single and traveling and going out with people, and that’s OK and acceptable and sexy, but when a woman does that when she’s working, she’s labeled an escort,” Debra said. “People can’t think outside of the box, and people always think the worst.

“I really believe her when she tells me that she’s legitimately working on brand promoting, and I believe her when she tells me she’s been dating a couple of people,” Debra added. “She talks to me about who she dates. I don’t think she’s escorting.”

Debra said Farrah gets upset when people call her a prostitute. 

“I know people are saying that, and it’s been very hurtful to her,” she said, before addressing the text message exchange Farrah posted. “I think that’s why she kind of said something to me, but that was a private text message between her and I… Don’t they know this is my daughter and we’re a family? They want to pit people against her.”

Debra also told The Ashley that Farrah has been going to therapy to focus on becoming better in relationships.

“I know she’s been working really hard, learning how to have a good relationship. She’s been taking classes on that,” Debra said. “She’s spent all of Mother’s Day talking to me about what she has learned, and how she’s taken what she’s learned and used that. She’s being hopeful about being in a really good relationship with someone significant. That’s what we talk about. She shares that with me.”

Deb said she is often approached by people asking her if she will set them up with Farrah. 

“There are a lot of guys that want to date Farrah for publicity… There’s no end to what she and I have to hear or put up with. I have people approaching me, saying, ‘Hook me up with Farrah.’ It’s kind of disgusting. I’m like, ‘No I don’t hook anybody up. I’m not someone’s pimp! It’s ridiculous the things people ask. Some of it’s really disgusting.”

Stay tuned for Part 3 of The Ashley’s interview with Debra!

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

61 Responses

  1. Show me an example of any product promotion Farrah has done – either print or video – and I will make a public apology to her and her “team”.

    1. Just the crappy earbud commercial with soph where she was “pretending” to be a negligent self absorbed poolside mom lol u r so right tho!!

  2. Lol Debra like “I don’t think shes escorting” is exactly how I imagine her before 16&P like “I dont think Farrah’s having premarital sex”

    Her mom is one big eyeroll. Do yourselves a favor and picture her with that insane long colored wig from her last TMOG reunion to put things in persepective lol

    As for Farrah, we KNOW she’s an “escort”:
    1. She usually drags that kid with her everywhere, but left Sophia (her only friend) with her mom (whom she hates and usually goes out of her way to be spiteful to Debra)
    2. Shes broke af, all her businesses are closed and all her crap is at Michael’s
    3. Shes got legal fees up the wazoo she can’t afford to pay, from rental agreements to broken contracts and lawyer bills
    4. But she always got money to travel and party extravagantly
    5. Her photos from Dubai- does that look like a business trip? No. If I’m being polite, it looks like a vacation or a romantic getaway.
    6. Her creepy social media. Its nothing but BUTT lol her T&A are her bread & butter and have been for years
    7. She tried to peddle her ass on CamSoda for thousands of dollars per session, her porn is old, and her toy line is unpopular.

  3. It’s well known in Europe that high end prostitutes go to Cannes and Dubai. I have two friends that moved to dubai strictly to become a regular girl for their sugar daddies. Dubai is seedy asf underneath all that glam.

      1. She didn’t say EVERYBODY. She said it’s well known that there are a lot of high end prostitues there. And she’s 100% correct. Idk much about Cannes but Dubai? Hell yes. It can be scary AF there if you aren’t aware of what you’re getting into, and the fact that Farrah has brought Sophia there is horrifying.

        1. Aww poor little Rose so naive ?? did I say everyone you absolute ? You’ve probably never set foot in either so keep it shut.

      2. PANCAKES 123, is correct.

        And you need to get out more and stop being so gullible, Rose.

        Farrah is a hooker/escort/slut…,

  4. Does anyone else think that Farrah was sexually abused by her step dad, Michael? They was seemed to have a creepy type relationship.

  5. Well, let’s see…

    You had someone make a replica of your vagina, then had a company sell it so gross men can use it as a sex toy.

    You’ve done a sex tape that isn’t just about normal sex, but anal sex.

    You hang around with sex workers and you do webcam pornographic video for money.

    Who had a replica made of their vagina so men can use it as a sex toy? Only someone who has no self-respect. So Honey it’s not really a stretch to think you’re doing escort work overseas for money!

    She clearly has mental health issues too, so much so it clouds her ability to communicate clearly. I was so glad when she was fired from MTV. I doubt they envisioned one of the gals would end up like this winner. She will continue to do what she’s doing regardless of what her mother says about her. Of course the nutcase doesn’t fall far from the co-dependent tree.

    I just thank god every day I wasn’t borne into that family!

  6. Brad Paisley sure was right. “When you’re a celebrity, it’s adios reality.” Song: “Celebrity” Album: “Mud On The Tires.”(2003). Trust me, y’all, the whole song fits this situation. It’s really funny.?

  7. You’re right. That’s really weird. Then again, Farrah does call her own dad Michael. So disrespectful!

  8. I remember when Debra didn’t want to give Farrah a baby shower, because she said she didn’t approve of premarital sex. Now she’s covering up her daughter’s high-class hooking. How times have changed.

  9. The bigger question is where is Sophia during all this “brand promotion” and what is she doing? I predict that in 10 years or so we’ll be reading headlines about how Sophia gave her mom the axe (ala Lizzie Borden) for letting her be abused for years by creepy men. Horrible to think of (and hoping I’m wrong), but too likely to be true.

  10. Pauly D is part of a successful MTV franchise Jersey Shore and spinoff and Scott Disick is a multimillionaire from endorsements and appearances from the Kardashian show. Farrah while a Teen Mom celebrity and other ventures also did XXX porn so if Saudis offer you money to escort and the price is right you may do it and lie about it to save face for your daughter,family,and society.

  11. Yes I do remember her little rap song…?! I kinda feel bad for Deb. She has no backbone!! Raising a daughter like “Little Miss Plastic Hoochie Coochie Loosie Escort Mama” took it’s toll on her!! Remember since DAY 1 how she always got treated by Farrah & Farrah always said she deserves it? That is a…witch…right there! The way she talks down to Deb, idk about any of you, but my mom would backhand me in the mouth over ANYTHING wrong I said to her, audience or not!!! Deb just takes it now. Their relationship sucks and always has!!! She is always walking on eggshells with her and that is the way Farrah likes it and wants it. Yes, parents are supposed to be there for you and support you and blah blah blah…BUT when you need a swift kick in the @$$, they are supposed to do that too!!! And Deb is just so completely broken from the relationship with her that she cowers like a little puppy dog and does and says whatever Farrah tells her to. She lies for Farrah and is always making excuses for her, not only trying to convince us but herself as well, that Farrah’s happiness is more important than anyone or anything else in this world!! Time to drop the BS here and wake the hell up!!!! If I was doing any of the wacked out crap Farrah does, my mom would FLIP!!! I think Deb forgot what being a loving supporting mother is after spending so long working on making Farrah happy. Get a backbone, Lady!!! Who is the mother here and who is the daughter??? My mama didn’t raise 7 daughters for any of us to act like Farrah!!

    Lost my mom just over 13 yrs ago. What is Farrah gonna do when she looses Deb?? Will Farrah give her mom back her spine?? I don’t think so…stupid escort…PUT SOME DANG CLOTHES ON, GIRL!!!! AND DAMN IT, DEB – STOP WITH COVERING FOR HER WHEN YA KNOW SHE IS DOING WRONG!!! YOU ARE THE MOM, ACT.LIKE.IT.!!!!!????

    1. Nikki, Deb DID slap Farrah…then got charged with assualt if I’m not mistaken (I want to say this was very early on and Sophia was still a baby). Farrah didn’t let Deb see Sophia and kept making it out to be like Deb was the biggest monster in the world – I’ve always thought that’s why Deb seems to drug herself into being docile around Farrah and doesn’t argue with her. She’s probably always been in denial about her daughter so nothing will change until/unless Farrah and Sophia are caught in the act and it’s highly published.

      1. True, and I believe Farrah has claimed Debz abused her as a child and contributed that to her seeking therapy and why she doesn’t respect her parents.

      2. YES!!! OMG HOW DID I FORGET THAT??? I remember now! Maybe because for yrs I have been begging 2 things from Deb that she never seemed to do ENOUGH…1) get a backbone and slap her mouth every time she opened it and 2) STOP WITH ANNOYING BABYTALK TO SOPHIA!!! But you are right – she DID in fact slap her before and DID get into some trouble.

  12. We all know Farrah is not a smart in business, her three businesses all closed less than two years opening. She is not well connected, not very likable, and is a Z-list celeb. An A or B list celeb, or someone people actually know and like, would be smart to have for product promotion. Instagram is a place where this product promotion would be at as well. The only product Farrah is able to promote is her body as an escort. Dubai, New York, London are very common places for escorting.

    On a side note, does anyone remember that awful rap song Debz put out? Lol.

    1. London, wouldn’t want that, they have a better class of whore, and they can converse coherently too.

      1. True, that’s probably why she stays in the Middle East due to the language barrier.

  13. I dont know about any of you… but, I totally read most of that in debra’s obnoxious voice and once I realized it laughed my a off

  14. She dates…for money. There’s a word for that. What is it again? It’s right on the tip of my tongue. Oh yeah…escort.

  15. In the picture Deb posted, Sophia is really starting to look like Original Farrah. I wonder if all the plastic surgery is worth it when you can just look at your daughter and see you original face anyways.

  16. Debra needs to get some self respect. The groveling in those posted text messages is gross. Your daughter texts you some incoherent command about PR as if you’re one of her employees and then responds to anything else you say with “K,” and yet you’re sending her messages about how she’s the best, most beautiful daughter, and you’re giving her pep talks about ignoring the haters and how they’ll have to answer to your weird brand of Jesus who is totally okay with child abuse and neglect, po*n, screaming fighting matches with family members that take place in front of children, and whatever crap farrah is into. And you’re doing this really pathetic and sad “don’t be mad at me” dance, trying to convince your own daughter to find joy in her family and to not be mad at you and cut you off because of a question some random twitter follower asked you.

    Debz, she’s just not that into you. She’s not into anyone other than herself. What are you getting out of this relationship? You’re basically being used as a free publicist, going around giving interviews to quash prostitution rumors even though you sound like you really don’t actually know what Farrah’s up to at all, and making sure that you drop all kinds of hints about he times Farrah has spoken to you, trying to make it sound like you have a normal, good relationship with her, instead of the demanding daughter and cowering mother/free publicist one we saw in the texts. “She talked to me on Mother’s Day!! All about herself and her therapy, but she spoke to me!” “She tells me things! Really, she does! Like she tells me to defend her against legitimate prostitution rumors or she’s going to cut me off forever…but we’re so close!”

    1. Well said and couldn’t agree more. Deb has a longstanding history of stupidly defending Farrah. In the interview you can tell Deb is trying to feebly convince herself what Farrah said was true, but doesn’t really buy it. I really think Farrah believes escorting is not prostituting.

  17. Does it bother anyone else that she has Sophia call her dad “daddy Derek” why isn’t he just daddy? It has always irritated me for some reason

    1. I wonder if farrah thought she’d be introducing a new daddy into Sophia’s life really quickly, so she wanted Derrick to be “daddy Derrick” so the new guy could just be “daddy.” Farrah seems delusional enough to assume that someone would want to start a long term, serious relationship with a 17 year old, who has a baby, and whose only “job” is to scream at her weird family on TV, and who can’t even form a complete sentence that makes any kind of sense. I’m sure she thought she’d be getting married ASAP.

    2. Probably because she figured she’d have a living daddy someday. Unfortunately for Sophia, nobody can put up with Farrah

      (And for the record, it would be okay for Sophia to call Derek and someone else daddy. You don’t have to only have one)

  18. Of all the things that make Farrah an abhorrent person, being a prostitute is not even in the top 20. Also, it’s very strange how she has no problem filming her backdoor being visited by a porn star, but everyone around her clutches their pearls/catches a case of the vapors at the mere suggestion that she might be a hooker.

  19. Yeah let’s compare her to Pauly and Scott. Like Scott is even single. Not smart Debz, Farrah is nothing like them and will never be.

    1. ‘I have people approaching me, saying, ‘Hook me up with Farrah.’ It’s kind of disgusting. I’m like, ‘No I don’t hook anybody up. I’m not someone’s pimp!’ ? ? ?

    2. Um Pauly D travels because he’s a DJ. Your daughter doesn’t even have a profession to travel for. Farrah suddenly gains morals and is offended by someone calling her a prostitute yet she had anal sex on camera and isn’t sad about that.

  20. How else does Deb think Farrah pays for all that plastic surgery? Those procedures she gets are not cheap…and girl looks like a walking blow up doll. But whatever…it’s gotta be hard to accept that your kids moral compass is completely out of wack.

  21. Meh, where there’s smoke there’s fire. When a rumor has been going this long and so many sources have confirmed it, it’s likely true. As far as Farrah trying to better herself…a leopard never changes its spots.

  22. What brands is she promoting other than sex toys? I’m confused because I haven’t seen any ads with Farrah promoting legitimate products. ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

    1. I was wondering the same thing. They’re not Christians. I bet they just say that to try to sound like decent people. It’s NOT working.

  23. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Dear god, what happened to Farrah’s face?!

  24. I still think she is a vile disgusting p.o.s. of a human being. Escort or not! She is in some need of a serious attitude adjustment!!! She needs prayer!!! ?????

    1. Therapy to be better in relationships????

      Didn’t she post something, about the next time she sees this guy he’s dead??

      She’s not got anymore kids, because no man, wants to put up with her crazy nasty incoherent, self.

      She can’t keep hold of a man, because she’s so damn nasty and vile.
      They use her for a fk……
      Nothing more

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