“90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: A Change of Heart, A Cancelled Wedding & Another Arrest

My last two brain cells gearing up for this final episode.

On the season finale of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, two couples settle into parenthood, one couple possibly breaks up, another couple definitely breaks up and one couple even manages to end this season without having set foot in the same country even once during these 12 episodes. 

We kick off this episode in Las Vegas, moments after Larissa accused Colt(ee) of being in love with Mother Debbie and then fat-shamed him before storming out of the house in her high-heeled combat boots.


After taking a quick break on the curb outside, Larissa re-enters the house only to keep the mother-loving accusations coming and to call Colt a “dirty piggy” and a “fat loser.”

We’ve been asking ourselves the same thing all season…

After a brief conversation, Colt refuses to stand up to Debbie on Larissa’s behalf and ultimately tells her he’s done with their relationship. 

“I don’t care anymore, I’m done. I don’t like you. I’m tired of you. I’m gonna divorce you,” Colt tells Larissa. 

Larissa accuses Colt of threatening her and then tells him to “go f**k” Deb, before walking out the front door, yet again.

So, essentially, Larissa called her husband a motherf**ker, as many of the wives of the show have done before. However, she’s the only one who meant it literally.

Next we head to Tampa where Elizabeth and Andrei are packing up to take baby Andrea Eleanor home from the hospital. Because Andrei was so preoccupied with work…ing out and avoiding any real responsibilities, he forgot to order Eleanor’s car seat, leaving them stuck using a free one provided by the hospital. 

Elizabeth and Andrei mooching something off of someone else?! I find that hard to believe…

” …and also what Chuck has.”

Ordinarily these two would be all about that freebie life; however, Elizabeth thinks the car seat is about as pointless as Andrei attending a job fair so she complains about it on the way home.

Next we check in with Ashley, who is back at home after being hospitalized for kidney failure. Ashley explains that her health scare stemmed from her having lupus, which tends to flare up during times of stress (i.e. her entire marriage to Jay). We then see Jay mosey into the “Mr. & Mrs.”-decorated bedroom, confirming that he’s back in Pennsylvania and back in Ashley’s life, despite Ashley having just filed for divorce. Ashley says she’s glad Jay is there to help her, but she lets him know he’s not off the hook just yet, especially if he tries to go within 300 feet of a barbershop bathroom again. 

“High school courtyards aren’t off limits though, right?”

Later, Ashley and Jay visit Ashley’s divorce attorney to withdraw the divorce filing. Ashley’s attorney is surprised by the news and worried that Ashley is making a rash decision… (or maybe she said she thinks Ashley’s decision is going to end up giving her a rash? I mean…with all that bathroom bangin’ Jay’s doing, it could happen!) 

Down in Miami, Russ goes to the airport to pick up his mom Patty, who may or may not have just traveled hundreds of miles only to find out she’s not allowed to hold her grandson. Russ gives Patty some fair warning of the situation she’s walking into and Patty isn’t too excited to hear that the closest she may be able to get Axel is changing out the bag on his Diaper Genie. 

“I didn’t come here to hand-wash baby bottles and Pao’s bikinis, you know.”

Pao is quite the treat on her own, but once you attach a baby to her, she’s downright obnoxious.

Once Russ and Patty arrive home, they go upstairs to greet Paola, Gladys and the elusive baby Axel, who is nursing at the moment. Patty decides to keep her distance to be respectful—at least for now. 

Paola Patty 90 Day Fiancé
“Look but don’t touch, Patty.”

Speaking of people keeping their distance… we next check in with Nicole who is cruising some travel sites for discount flights so she can visit Azan in Morocco, whether Azan wants her to or not. (Spoiler alert: he doesn’t.) 

Will this go terribly wrong:

After booking a flight for herself and May, Nicole calls Azan to tell him the good news and she does her best to get him pumped about the two of them getting married during her visit. As expected, Azan gives his best performance of a guy who isn’t about to push his wedding for a fourth time. 

We have to acknowledge the quote on Nicole’s phone that is serving some MAJOR foreshadowing…

Nicole’s mom Robbalee sits down with her and asks what the hell she’s thinking she and Azan plan to do for money but Nicole tells her not to worry about it. Robbalee suggests Nicole and Azan live off the supposed store Azan opened, but Nicole finally admits to her mom that the whole store story was bogus.

Insert gasp here.

But not to worry, Robbalee! Nicole says Azan “has been doing some fishing stuff” lately and we’re sure he’s not referring to the cat fishing kind.

After Nicole talks about wanting to have babies with Azan, her segment closes with a message telling viewers that her trip to Morocco was ultimately cancelled. 

We’ll give you a moment to get over the shock…

The stages of grief one goes through when watching Nicole and Azan’s scenes.

Back at Elizabeth and Andrei’s house, their financial backer Chuck stops by to meet baby Eleanor and also to check out the digs he paid for. While Chuck gets acquainted with the newest member of the family, he drills Andrei on his contributions as a father, which Andrei declares will be very little because he says childcare is Elizabeth’s “division,” not his. 

“A job you refuse to do? I can hardly believe it!”

Chuck reminds Andrei that Eleanor is another mouth to feed and it’s time for him to do something to earn some money. Andrei assures Chuck that he’s doing “the handyman” job and that everything will be just fine. 

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Andrei tells Chuck to mind his own business and Chuck says that he will mind his business, so long as Elizabeth doesn’t keep hitting him up to tap into his bank account from said business. 

Back at Russ and Pao’s house, Gladys and Patty hang around and stare at their grandson from across the room until Patty finally musters up the courage to ask if she can hold him. Surprisingly, Pao caves and passes Axel to his Grammy and eventually Gladys gets a turn as well. 

We totally get it, Pao… nothing screams “danger” like two middle-aged grandmas armed with gifts and hugs.

Seeing Axel with his grandmothers makes Pao emotional but the heartwarming moments soon passes when Russ accidentally drops a dish in the sink and the two begin arguing. 

It’s nice that things are back to normal…

When you realize motherhood didn’t rob you of your fiery Colombian temper after all.

It’s almost time for Andrei’s dad to head back to Moldova and, while Andrei is sad to see him go, he reminds Elizabeth they’ll be visiting soon for their second wedding. Being that the couple is low on funds (because someone still refuses to make any real contribution), Elizabeth was hoping this plan would be filed under “Things That Will Never Happen,” right between Andrei being named Employee of the Month and Chuck being paid back in-full.

However, Andrei says the wedding is still very much happening and will only cost a measly $15,000 or so.

Ol’ Chucky better open up a credit account at whatever the Moldovan equivalent of David’s Bridal is…

“Grab some of your dad’s American dollars and get ready to have a good time.”

Down in the Dominican Republic, it’s almost time for The Husband Pedro and The Wife Chantel to fly back to Atlanta, which means Pedro has to say goodbye to his mom and sister. Chantel opts not to say goodbye to The Family Pedro herself, given the negative run-ins she’s had with them during her trip, which Pedro—- the man who likes to grind on women who aren’t his wife—says is disrespectful.

Once Pedro and Chantel are back in Atlanta, Chantel is bummed that Pedro’s daily routine of playing video games and avoiding conversation has resumed. Pedro says he’s bitter that Chantel didn’t say goodbye to his family in the Dominican Republic, while Chantel says she still has reservations because of what Obed told her. 

“We actually managed to stretch this argument through the entire season, didn’t we?”

Chantel asks that Pedro come clean and tell her if he did in fact just use her to get a Green Card, but Pedro continues to deny the claims. Pedro compares Chantel to a cockatoo because he says she keeps asking the same thing over and over again. He tells Chantel if she doesn’t want to be with him, she should just leave and find someone that makes her happy… which is evidently exactly what he plans to do himself. 

“When I have my Green Card, the ten years, if you no fix your attitude with me… Hey, it gonna be over. I give you time,” he says. 

“Did I just say that out loud?”

Chantel warns Pedro not to threaten her and then goes to her bedroom to cry while Pedro stands in the doorway doing his best to win the argument, despite that lame cockatoo remark he just made. 

With Russ and Pao’s moms back at their respective homes, the family of three heads out for a beach day that doesn’t involve Pao rolling around in the sand for a photographer wearing only a smile. 

“Don’t get any ideas, lady.”

While sitting at the beach, Pao complains about Russ having to travel for work. (Hey– at least her co-star Elizabeth doesn’t have that problem with Andrei!)

Russ reminds her that he had another job opportunity in Oklahoma that wouldn’t have required him to travel, but Pao didn’t want him to accept it. Pao tells Russ she wants to go back to modeling eventually, but she can’t do it if he isn’t there. Russ assures Pao that with some teamwork, she won’t have to give up her dream of being photographed nude in neon body paint and that they won’t have to move back to the Sooner State to make it happen. 

We head to Vegas for our last stop on this episode where we find Colt shoving Larissa’s bedazzled frocks into a busted-up cardboard box because, you guessed it: Larissa was arrested. AGAIN. 

We call this piece: “How I Spent My American Vacation.”

Colt explains that he and Larissa were doing what they do best (arguing like wild animals) when things progressed, leaving Debbie no choice but to call the police. While Colt is packing up Larissa’s club dresses, Debbie comes in to lend a hand and make sure Larissa didn’t snag any of her crochet turtlenecks while staying at their house. 

Debbie is worried that Colt resents her for what happened with him and Larissa, but Colt assures her he doesn’t. Debbie then gives us a solid Larissa impression when asking “Coltee” what he’ll do if Larissa tries to get back together with him. 

“Coltee’s dead. I’m not there for her,” Colt tells Debbie. 

Colt says while his marriage is over, he fears Larissa may still end up receiving her Green Card, leaving him responsible for her for the next 10 years… and putting a serious damper on he and Debbie’s mother-son margarita nights. 

“Mark my words, we won’t be sharing our table-side guacamole with anyone but each other.”

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(Photos: TLC) 

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  1. Time for a reality check. This is about Elizabeth and Andreiiiiii. I married someone very different from myself. But we fell in love and I watch this show and think how can Elizabeth or her family put up with any of this stuff? How many times did my husband grab my phone out of my hand and tell me not to talk to someone? Never. How many times did I tell my husband to get a job? Never. How many times did I ask him to help with the kids? Never. How many times did he tell me I needed to fund a 15 thousand dollar party that is completely unnecessary? Never. How many times did I ask my family for money to fund our living expenses? Never. How many times did anyone else pay for our home? Never I love and respect my husband and his family. My husband loves and respects me. We’ve been together for 36 years. Elizabeth and Andreii don’t even have a good relationship much less a marriage. This isn’t a dress rehearsal and now they have a baby, time to cut your losses and send the lazy bum packing.

    1. That’s a great post, And congratulations to you and your husband on the love you share. It’s nice to hear of a marriage that’s full of love and respect.
      I also am fortunate to have this with my hubby ?
      When I watch these people….OMG.. I just keep thinking WTF!!!!

  2. All of the people on this show are disgusting and dysfunctional and I dislike all of them equally. They are willing to expose their profound stupidity and humiliate themselves for faux celebrity and a few dollars. Just love it on tonight’s “Tell All- Part One,” when brain dead, lock-jawed SeaAir insults Coltee with derogatory comments about his mother and he basically tells her to STFU, she then puffs herself up (along with her bloated chest) stating that she will not tolerate being disrespected and spoken to in such a manner. Really? As the saying goes, she can dish it out but can’t take it. Hard to believe that SeaAir and Pedro now have their own show. No one, not even their parents, knows how to communicate in a mature and civilized manner. No one listens, and all they do is yell and scream at each other and then wonder why no issues are ever resolved. DUH. Is Larissa’s new boyfriend paying for all of her cosmetic procedures (face, lips, butt), manicures and pedicures, hair styling, makeup and clothing? If she has no job and the new boyfriend isn’t picking up the tab, how can she afford to pay rent in addition all of that? Bimbo Nicole at least was sporting a nice, neat hairdo. Pao, the exhibitionist, was partially dressed as usual. Nothing new with Ashley and Jay; Same old stories of sex, lies, deception and domestic violence. Surprised to hear Elizabeth admit to having marital problems with Andreeeeee. “Tell All-Part Two” should be almost as much entertainment.

    1. Larissa needs to ship her newly plumped butt back home to her children she abandoned. Ashley gets what she gets for shipping a fuck boy home to try to play daddy and all her drama filled antics just for attention. Nicole is either suffering from a super mental deficiency or she and Azan are in on it and splitting the funds. Chantal and Pedro? If she don’t get he’s a fraud, then she also gets what she gets – with their new show and possible business venture me thinks they’re both in on making as much money from said stupidity as possible. There’s honestly not ONE couple I care about making it – they are all awful. Pao, Russ is a pushover even though he’s the freaking MONEY MAKER… dude has skeletons if you’re letting you’re chick push you around. Glad he finally grew half a ball to allow his mother to hold her own grandchild. And Pao, that’s your freedom, let the grandma’s hold your kid so you can wallow nude in paint and live your dream of being a trashy “calendar” model.

  3. Pedro and Chantel have their own LLC in their own spinoff. So is Their relationship true or fake. Also Andre EEE and Elizabeth started their own business. I cannot believe that she allows him to talk to her father like that or that her father even pays for everything for her and she totally dismiss assu their relationship true or fake. Also Andre EEE and Elizabeth started their own business. I’ve said it before Elizabeth when he starts to talk to you like that in front of your daughter do you think about your daughter hooking up with a verbally abusive man eventually in her life. She’s just a baby but they grow up fast. Why doesn’t someone send an investigator to check up on Azan instead of buying plane tickets. They need to be on Dr. Phil. Every one of these relationships need to be on Dr. Phil. Russ will never wear the pants in that relationship. Her rude abusive friend will wear the pants in that relationship. Sorry Russ you were too nice for her. I can understand after having a miscarriage that it is emotionally hard. Nothing new will come up on that to tell all.Everyone will go back to living your lives like they did before and being paid to do it by the show.

  4. Nicole seriously has to be THE dumbest person to walk the face of the earth!!!!

    Her bratty attitude towards ANYONE that tries to warn her against Azan is disgusting! She treats her parents like garbage! And she’s that self absorbed in trying to hook up with a man that is CLEARLY NOT interested in her, that she seems to have overlooked the fact that May is going to be enrolled in school.!
    May will be graduating college before Nicole registered in her thick head that the child needs an education!
    FUCK ! She’s so stupid its infuriating!

  5. He was thinking with the wrong head and fell completely under Pao’s spell. He is so pussy whipped it is pathetic. I was surprised he stood up to her regarding his Mom holding the baby.

  6. I can’t figure out what Russ’s damage is. Everybody else on this show is a total head case, and it makes perfect sense for the, to have gotten themselves in this situation, and on this train wreck of a show. But I really can’t figure out how Russ landed himself in this mess.

    1. I know Russ being a nice Oklahoma man he’s so good how did he end up on the show he’s the only staying on that of everybody at least that wiped out because she’s no good Let It Go with that friend of hers who hates you so much he’s disgusting power and her friend would make a great pair

    1. They had one. Larrisa was the 3rd wheel but she knew that before she set got on LasVegas. She new he was a hermaphrodite looking mammas boy. All he talked about during their chats were his mother and the damn cat.

  7. Jesus God Leah, Chelsea! This whole recap was absolutely on point! You had me rolling!

    Andrrrrei really gave me a chuckle when he said he would simply “work double”. I mean dude, don’t you have to work single before you can work double?! After all, 2 x 0 = 0 !

  8. There is no way in hell that Colt isn’t slipping his mom something ? the fact that the dude never really showed even a little of the same love to his wife that he does his mommy kinda drives that home. Larissa never stood a chance here with this creepy little manchild.

    1. Larissa was a bruja from day one. She smdidnt even try to make a good impression or be kind. She’s not the type of woman you bring home to you mother. Paola ain’t either but Russ’ whole family is too weak to call her out. Debbie the lumberjack seems like she would have cleaned Larrisas clock back in her good days when she drove big rigs ? Larissa picked the wrong family to scam. Coltons whole family seems rough around the edges, especially that cousin of his.That’s good for Colton because his family was looking out for him. She should have chose a polite family like Elizabeths to get away with her visa scam.

  9. *I think that even Norman Bates would think that Coltee and Debbie’s relationship is disgusting…why the hell was he that close to her face when he was trying to “console” her….wtf was that? I was cringing that entire scene, the way he was romantically wiping away her tears, and cradling her face…I thought he was about to start making out with her. It’s so gross and so incestuous, and what makes it so bad is they don’t seem to see anything wrong with it. If they do all that on camera, I don’t even want to know what their relationship is like when the cameras aren’t rolling.

    *Nicole is as slow as a parked car…the girl is SO dense. Azan doesn’t want you girl! It’s been YEARS, and at this point you can’t even be mad at Azan for taking advantage of her anymore…she obviously likes it.

    *I cannot stand Pao and Russ. I really hope this is the last time they’re on the show. They’re so BORING…Russ is weak, and Pao is self centered..same story, different season.

    1. Yeah well I’m more concerned with Azan the little creepy creep so she got turned down for the fourth time what is she going to say on the tell all tomorrow what his excuse was this time you should hear what they say

    2. You’re right about how Andres I can stomach R Us but pal she needs to go to show they’re getting very very boring it’s time for them to go

      1. I’m dying to see 90 day tell all tonight I want to hear Anna scholes excuse for why the lug the disgusting ugly boy said no for the fourth time to her she should get a life and start taking care of her daughter mate and that Chantal come on Chantelle how much you was going to email beg that fat guy let him go back or let him he’s going to want to bring you some, love and his sister over here let it be in blue your life so much better and Andrei you need to go home till about 12 your nobody wants to see you nobody wants your opinion on that show anyways and Powell and your poor little hubby how you need to be off the show your time is done your modeling years are over then had a baby take care of the babies that sit and your husband all well he wants to put up with your b******* oh well then let’s see who else I guess that’s all I have to say about these people I’m dying to see them to the old gold teeth I love you again is he weird is he honestly think I think he just wants the money for the shell because there’s no way that they would keep it going no way it’s all about a fix up a mix-up and it’s not going to work what

          1. Don’t you hate that , LOL . Especially when it goes up your nose ?????????????

    1. All of them are little wacky but the worst went to me is that Andrei he needs to go back to moldovia he is very abusive and how dare he treat his wife’s family like that who the hell does he think he is he’s this big lug he needs to go back to moldovia

  10. Paola needs to get a grip that’s her husband’s baby to get over it Paola and as of Pedro he needs to go back with his mom and sister and leave poor little wifey alone he’s done a lot of damage and Clarissa will Clarissa’s Clarissa what are you going to do she just wanted the Green Card she never talks about her children she is a disgrace to Motherhood

    1. The way both hang onto each slight, even the tiniest ones, from each other and build it into fights… clearly they were way too young/immature to be married. If both families hate your significant others, that’s never gonna work and obviously Chantal doesn’t trust Pedro… they should both just cut thier loses

  11. Larissa was genuinely hurt by coltee’s Lack of a backbone when it comes to deb. You could see the anger and hurt in her eyes. He should have defended his wife instead he threatened her because he knows how much she wants to be American.

    I think crazy Larissa would’ve stayed with nasty coltee if Deb wasn’t always around in their marriage. Debbie was just waiting for the opportunity to call the cops again… she’s not a nice woman. She’s like what Larissa said in last season ,”she is like a cat. It disappears for a while then shows up to make your life hell.” ???‍♀️

    Coltee and Debbie need to be on Smothered

    1. Just the commercials for that show gross me out. I can’t imagine trying to actually watch it. I don’t think I could do it.

      1. Reply to Laura’s comment. Yes its true. Elizabeth is the lead actress in a movie coming out this October. Its not a coincidence that so many of them have been in several other reality tv shows before 90DF. Corey, Ricky and Stacey all have production companies prior to being on the show. The frauding on this show gets worse every season

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