“90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” Couple Andrei Castravet & Elizabeth Potthast Talk Parenthood, Family Drama & More

“Hurry up and take the photo, Chuck!”

Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? are adjusting to life as new parents, while continuing to navigate cultural differences and family tension. 

Fans of the show saw Andrei and Elizabeth receive financial help from Elizabeth’s dad Chuck this season, despite Andrei’s insistence that they didn’t need it. Despite the arrival of their now six-month-old daughter Eleanor, Andrei tells Parade.com that things between him and Elizabeth’s family are still…strained.

“It’s just like ups and downs all the time,” he said. “There’s going to be always people who are going to stick their noses in your stuff. So, you’re not going to run away from that, and I have to handle that, because it’s [Elizabeth’s] family, and I’ll do what I have to do.” 

If that’s not a ringing endorsement for his in-laws, we don’t know what is!

On the show, Chuck has been threatening to cut Elizabeth and Andrei off financially, but Andrei maintains that with his job as a full-time handyman, “life is good.” 

“I’m going to say this: I can handle everything,” he said. “You’ll just have to watch and see what’s going to happen, but I can handle everything. Chuck is always, as I said, sticking his nose into my stuff and asking a lot of questions, but I’m doing fine. I’m not going to complain. Life is good.” 

“Does this mean I can stop paying your rent?”

Apparently things are also good when it comes to Andrei’s role in taking care of Eleanor—specifically changing her diapers, which he previously said he wouldn’t do because he believed it was women’s work. 

“ … that changed very quickly, as I knew it would,” Elizabeth said. “He was actually the first person to change Eleanor’s diaper. So that’s how I knew he was just putting on a front. Like, ‘Oh, I’m not going to do this, I’m not going to do that.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, sure, we’ll see.’” 

Elizabeth noted that while Andrei has lent a hand with changing diapers, his original refusal was likely a cultural thing, as in Moldova, “it’s still very traditional and men are seen as higher than women,” she said. 

While Andrei may have let go some of his Moldovan-cultural norms, he plans to pass along some others to Eleanor and has already begun doing so. 

“Well, obviously, I’m going to pass everything that I got from Moldova to my new family,” he said. “I’m speaking to [Eleanor] only in my language and she’s going to learn two languages automatically, and after this, I’m going to teach her Russian. I just want her to know everything that I know. So, she’s going to speak multiple languages straight away and that’s cool.” 

Andrei and Elizabeth’s story may have received some criticism from viewers this season, but the couple remains unbothered.

“ … [People] are quick to judge and they sometimes say nasty things, but we definitely take that with a grain of salt and we don’t worry about it and we don’t let it bother us,” Elizabeth said. 

In fact, Andrei said he actually enjoys it. 

“I just want to add one thing,” he said. “I became a vampire because I’m feeding off the negative energy what the people are sending to us. So, I’m enjoying that.” 

“You’ve seen how fast I can drain a savings account! Imagine what I can do to your blood supply!”

As for the other couples on “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?,” Elizabeth said she speaks to Nicole and Chantel on occasion and that she and Andrei keep in touch with David and Annie the most. 

“We’ll laugh about funny taglines on the show that somebody might say,” she continued. “We don’t speak ill of anybody, because we understand everybody’s situation is different, so there’s no reason to judge. It’s always positive. It’s always laughing and being silly and relating to things.” 

While Elizabeth has developed a friendship with some of the “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” cast, Andrei seems to be more standoffish. 

“Sometimes it very hard to find a common subject to speak to those people,” he said. 

“I mean, he obviously can’t talk to them about his job.”

Elizabeth admits that when joining the show, she and Andrei knew they “might be alongside some crazy people,” however, sharing their experience has been enjoyable—and they’re not done yet. 

“I think it’s good to show what happens in real life,” Andrei said. “We have to develop our story further and that’s why we’re doing it.” 

“Yeah, I think there’s a lot that’s left to be said for people to understand further,” Elizabeth added. 

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  2. Andre:
    I forgot to say, that you make your cultural men out to be assholes, and self-serving and that have no respect for others. Now more men or women should stay away from your culture, you make me sick. I am sure your parents didn’t teach you how to take advantage of others growing up.
    You are completely disrespectful of your family and cultural.

  3. Andre parents have no idea what Elizabeth’s family has had to pay. Andre is a lazy self-serving asshole, who expects Elizabeth’s family to pay for everything. He looks after himself and only himself. He doesn’t really help Elizabeth and wont work and believes she needs to do everything. Her parents will look after her no matter what but really, what kind of a low life has she married. He is totally disgusting and repulsive. Who does that to someone you love.

  4. Elizabeth should divorce this deadbeat conman and have him deported! Her father should never give them more support as long as she enables Andrei.

    1. She needs to piss off too ! She’s a rude and an ungrateful brat herself!
      Everything her father and her sisters have done for them ( her father especially) and that sour faced bitch tells them to just mind their own buisness and get off her back ,( after bitching about caveman Andrrrrrrrrrrei) then goes sooking to Andrrrrrrrrrei about her sisters and how they won’t mind their own buisness! She’s a stirring little bitch!

    2. She’s DEFINITELY different than her sisters !……Is Elizabeth the youngest…..she certainly behaves that way !

  5. OMG,,, He’s such a pig of a man ! The type of man that you DEFINITELY WOULD NOT want your daughter ending up with!!!!!

  6. In Australia the seasons and episodes keep going backwards and forwards so it’s hard to keep up with what’s happening. I’ve only just watched the episodes where they went for the ultrasound.
    Andrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrei saying that he didn’t want Elizabeth’s family getting involved or being at the ultrasound as it was “THEIR” special moment, but then in the same breath said he would have loved for “HIS” family to be there so they could be involved!!!!!!!

    1. I’m telling you there’s something wrong with that endress he didn’t want his family at the ultrasound he didn’t want her family when the baby was born what’s wrong with that oath Elizabeth needs to get rid of him okay quit having baby she’s talking about having more babies are you kidding me what’s wrong with her she wasn’t raised that way

      1. That big arrogant caveman stepped in ! That’s what’s happened.
        ANOTHER stupid female who’s desperate to be loved and will do anything required ….INCLUDING following his “ORDERS”

      2. He’s already got her under the thumb…. The way he carried on when she was going out for her bachorlerett party should have set alarm bells off !.He’ll want to keep her pregnant so she’ll stay home…he’ll eventually distance her from all of her family as well !

      3. She’s DEFINITELY different than her sisters !……Is Elizabeth the youngest…..she certainly behaves that way !

  7. You said in your comments you’re becoming a vampire you are a vampire you ugly no good lazy ass bum

    1. Apparently he’s agreed to change the baby’s nappy sometimes….WOW!. He needs a father of the year award !!!!!!
      He thinks it’s a big deal …because that’s women’s work!
      I’m just waiting for him to club her over the head like a real caveman !!!!

      1. The caveman will be on TV tonight I can hardly wait I hope that the commentator just gives him a to what for they’re all coming out now

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    When will this lazy ads standovich parasite ugly looking Dracula face get a job and stop taking advantage of liz’s dad? He sounds just like Dracula the loser sob

  9. Pillow talk is the best. Annie and David crack me up. Actually they’re all pretty funny and I like to see what they’re snacking on!

    1. Enough of end raised and his wife and poor Chuck was all sick of Andrea can you put something else on anyways to the person that wrote about a pillow talk I love Annie and David to Annie is so funny she is so great

      1. I love Annie but I haven’t got much time for David….. He seems to come up with every excuse imaginable to avoid responsibility.
        When Annie said she wanted to go back to Thailand , David said he “COULDN’T ” because of the situation with his son ( when Jacob got shot) David took no responsibility there… he sent David off to live with his mother!!!
        I also didn’t like the way he was putting Jorge down about his marijuana charges…. saying that Jorge had only done it to give Anfisa “the lifestyle” she wanted!
        Which was utter bullshit… and even if that was the case at least Jorge was “providing ” for his wife…Unlike David who leeches off everyone else!

      1. I watched it for the first time last night, and I have to agree Annie is pretty funny
        I love Alexi although I haven’t got much time for Loren ( after watching her and Pao making fun of Afisa) it was uncalled for,and really “mean girls”. Which surprised me with Loren considering she has got a condition that could cause people to laugh at her!
        But I quiet enjoyed it and I’ll keep watching.
        I looooove all 90 Days. Its just a pain in the ass here in Australia because they chop and change seasons so often!

    1. She is a gorgeous baby., Considering the parents; Andrei looks like a
      pre-pubescent teen with his greasy hair and pimply skin.
      And Elizabeth’s sour face and she doesn’t look like she’s got a chin !

    2. Get rid of the big lug and gray send it back to moldovia because he is a little boy who needs his mama still

  10. I’m sorry for giving such negative comments out to Andrei but really he’s not even a man he needs to go back to moldovian AP and learn to be one because he sure is not going to cut it in the United States and yeah his wife needs to stop asking her Daddy for money she should be ashamed of herself and kick her big fat ass hubby of a hubby and get him to work

  11. Of all the couples on this show, I find him the worst..worse than Jay because he is still a child, let’s be real..and Pedro because..well, Pedro actually somewhat provides for his family. But this guy? What the actual f**k?!?

    1. I agree completely with your comments about Andrea Keith is the worst one in 90 Day Fiance I wish that Elizabeth would just kick him all the way back to Moldova poor Chuck what is he going to get a grip and say hey you’re on your own

  12. Anderson go back to his country because he’s not really a man they have to depend on her father’s money which she has a daughter should be very embarrassed she should get her big lug husband out there and start working and supporting their family now all of a sudden he wants $15,000 to go to his country and have a wedding what is the dreaming he needs to really grow up and be a man

    1. You’re talking about depending on Elizabeth’s dad for money, and how he’s not a man a whatnot, but what about jay, your favorite couple of the show?! Jay relied on his insane, illness faking wife for all of his money, and never paid for a thing!

      1. Yeah but Jay is just a child he’s only 20 years old and yes Ashley should not be going with him but Andrei is a whole other subject he is a big oaf he needs to go back to my hotel via

      2. Mollie, 20 is not a child. He was old enough to get married now he needs to go home. He only married to get into America like so many of the others, Pedro included.

      3. Ashley is a pain in the ass with her “whoah is me ” attitude. Seeking attention at every point by playing the victim……This is the SAME woman who WRONGLY accused TWO different men of raping her !!! There was no evidence, the DNA didn’t match up and these men were exonerated! YET they’ll probably have to live out their lives with someone always linking them back to her bullshit!

    2. Eleanor daddy just told mom to shut up and pack a bag. 14 years later Eleanor is in an abusive relationship with a 20 year old. He says to Eleanor” Hey get me my beer and don’t hive me any back talk”. That I hope isn’t Eleanor’s future.They post all these happy pictures so I hope they are in a better place then they showed on the show.Hey Chuck are you writing them any checks?

  13. The man provides, The woman stays home seems to be his mentality. Wondering what he is since the man providing is his father in law and his wife definitely lies to make him seem better

    1. Yes!! If he’s of the old fashioned mentality that women change the diapers, that would mean that HE SHOULD BE AT WORK! Andrrrrei is a damn bum, Elizabeth needs to kick him to the curb, or better yet, daddy chuck needs to cut them off and see how fast they scramble to get their shit together.

      1. I so agree Andrea is the most laziest man I’ve ever seen he should know that the men in the United States don’t work that way like they do in Mel dovia he needs to go back to Mel dovia and find him another dumb dumb wife

        1. Lazy and ARROGANT and Elizabeth is just plain rude to her family !
          She’s a dumb bitch that will now down whilst her caveman husband walks all over her .

          1. She really is dumb why can’t you be like a sister smart and her mother where she come from I think she leave her Poor Dad alone and quit asking him for money get that big lug out there and start working

          2. I think they’re well suited! I’m just watching the episode now ( just after the baby shower) . Her dad is trying to talk to her about his concerns and NOW SHE has told him to mind his own business!!!!
            Arrogant smart ass bitch , UNAPPRECIATIVE and just plain right FKNG rude! I’d give her a good smack across the face !

          3. I agree somebody needs to let Elizabeth know to what for she is so disrespectful to that nice chuck her dad Chucky should be telling them to go somewhere both of them that big lug to what Chris what trash oh yeah I’ll take it

    1. Of course he feeds off negative energy, this bum isnt happy unless he’s miserable and his favorite pastime is upsetting everyone around him.

      1. So true they should take him off the show nobody likes his ugly mug anyways he’s a waste of time and energy that poor little girl poor little baby have a father who’s a bum

      1. Andre is abusive and you can see it even on TV what happens when the cameras aren’t there he’s disgusting

        1. I saw the clip where their in the car and he whacks the phone out of her hand and yells at her ” I TOLD YOU NOT TO RESPOND”
          WTF ???????. I would have hit him over the head with it !!!!

          1. Telling me he’s abusive you better get a grip because they just started their marriage what’s going to be like in 2 years from now yeah when the cameras aren’t there

  14. This is my favorite show on TV…every single 90DF and spinoff has been a total gold standard for reality tv. Pillow talk kills me. I love all this shit lol

    1. I love Pillow Talk, because I like to find out if they’re all thinking what I’m thinking too.

      1. It’s a pretty genius concept. We’re probably all in bed watching, and eating, and they are too!

          1. Yeah it’s going to be the best one I bet you all of America’s going to be watching tonight with their popcorn glass of wine cookies cuz we sure are here family attend or I’m going to be sitting by the TV watching it with all excited

    2. We keep getting repeats over here and they jump from season to season so it all gets a bit confusing…. BUT I LOVE THEM ALL, 🙂 and I’ll keep watching.

  15. The truth is that cultures ARE different. I know Andreeeei is in America now, but he is who he is. Elizabeth knew that from the beginning. She said as much in her first episodes. That baby is adorable and I think it is great that they are teaching her multiple languages. It is clear how much her daddy (and mommy) loves her.

    1. Every time Elizabeth says Andrrrrrrrei it gets on my nerves! Like finger nails down a blackboard!

      1. I hate when she says his name Andrei it is like fingernails going on chalkboard he’s a lucky piece to go back to moldovia he’s a freeloader we don’t need him in this country

        1. You’re right; He’s a MASSIVE freeloader, you think he would be grateful to Elizabeth’s family but instead he walks around with his arrogant attitude of entitlement. And Elizabeth is a dumb bitch for allowing it!
          I couldn’t believe it when he said one of her sisters wasn’t allowed to be at the baby shower ” because she gets in their business too much”.
          But Elizabeth herself told her sisters that she WILL be submissive to Andrrrrrrrei because that’s his culture WTF??????

          1. I agree with you that Andrei is so rude to her family who the hell does he think he is for that alone I would get rid of him what’s wrong with Elizabeth she probably thinks she just she heat up the dad a loser ozar all this money and to support her and her loser husband I can hardly wait till the dad says no more honey you’re on your own

          2. I can’t wait until she gets caught out with her lies…… Andrrrrrrrrrrrrrrei doesn’t want hand out’s( I don’t know where the fuck he thinks the money is coming from). Its only a matter of time until daddy cuts her off and then Andrrrrrrrrrrrrei is going to be wanting to know why there’s no money !!!

          3. really he’s making everybody sick he thinks everybody should support his big ugly ass he needs to go back to moto via and the more they show his face on TV and people get to discuss it we don’t want to see the show anymore get them off of there and his stupid ass wife who takes advantage of her poor father

    2. I think it’s great that bub is going to learn both languages….. I just hope she doesn’t get raised thinking she has to always bow down to a man! She should be entitled to have an opinion.

      1. That’s what I’m talkin about that poor baby Elizabeth may be stupid but I sure hope that little girl isn’t she better tell her dad when she gets older wear24

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