EXCLUSIVE! Are the ‘Teen Mom’ Shows Finally Ending? Find Out the Fates of ‘Next Chapter,’ ‘Girls Night In’ & ‘Family Reunion’

“We are like a case of herpes you got in 2009 that just keeps coming back once or twice a year.”

Are we finally coming to the end of the Teen Mom franchise? 

Over the past few weeks, TV networks have been releasing their lists of cancelled and renewed shows, but, so far there has been no word from MTV on the fate of the long-running Teen Mom shows…until now.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal what’s going on behind-the-scenes of the franchise and whether or not we’ll see Teen Mom: The Next Chapter back for more seasons, and whether the spinoffs Teen Mom Family Reunion and Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In have been picked up.

Here’s what The Ashley’s sources are telling her about the fate of each ‘Teen Mom’ show!

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

“We’re also too old to still be on any show with the words ‘Teen Mom’ in the title, but I’m not complaining.”

As The Ashley has already reported, the Season 1B season of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ has been filmed and will airing sometime soon. The show will feature all of the cast members from Season 1A, including Amber Portwood. (Several media outlets had been reporting earlier this year that Amber quit/got fired from the show.)

According to The Ashley’s sources, though, Amber never actually left.

“After the phone call situation with Ashley [Jones] made its way to the higher-ups at Paramount [Plus], Amber was in big trouble,” one source tells The Ashley. “It took months for everyone to come to an agreement on the terms [of Amber coming back]. Amber was getting really frustrated because she and MTV couldn’t get on the same page, but they finally agreed to terms everyone was happy with. But at no time did Amber actually quit or officially get fired.”

“But in the end, I got to keep the job. I guess I used my ‘Get Out of Gel Free’ card?” 

While Amber— as well as Maci Bookout, Briana DeJesus, Jade Cline, Catelynn Lowell, Leah Messer, Ashley Jones and Cheyenne Floyd— will all be back for Season 1B, there will be two new additions to the cast— sort of.

“Kayla Sessler and Kiaya Elliott will both be featured, although Kiaya only very briefly. They were not made actual cast members though,” one production source tells The Ashley. “Kayla’s story will somehow be incorporated into another girl’s story somehow.”

Filming for Season 1B was nearly complete, but filming was cut off abruptly this month and producers were told there would be no more footage gathered.

“Basically the entire [casting] department for Paramount [Plus] was let go,” a source for the network tells The Ashley. “Very high-ranking casting agents lost their jobs in the massive cuts that happened at the network a week or so ago, and all filming has been halted.”

As for ‘Next Chapter’ getting a second season, the production source tells The Ashley that it’s “likely.”

“But it’s very odd that the show hasn’t been picked up by now,” the source added.


Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In

The ‘Teen Mom’ themed rip-off of 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk is done, according to The Ashley’s sources.

“Honestly, Jade, I’m not even sad. I don’t like sharing my couch with anyone, including you and your green-haired pal!”

“The ratings were bad, it was expensive to film because they had to go to each location and as of right now there are no plans that anyone’s heard to bring it back,” the production source tells The Ashley. 

Teen Mom Family Reunion

Whatever will we do without this television masterpiece gracing our screens?

The ‘Teen Mom’ vacation spin-off is “very unlikely” to be picked up for a third season, The Ashley is hearing.

“The network has not greenlit producers to begin searching for a location to film a new season, or to begin looking at casting,” the production source said. “We are hearing it’s looking very bad for [Teen Mom Family Reunion].”

Basically what’s about to happen…

As The Ashley previously reported, ratings for Season 2— which took place in Oregon— were bad, despite the whole bottle-throwing, chandelier-swinging fight between Briana and Ashley (and their mothers). 

“The network was really pushing for the girls to all film together. They really liked that dynamic; sort of the [Real] Housewives type vibe,” the production source tells The Ashley. “The only problem is that the fans apparently don’t like it.” 

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant

“And by ‘here’ I mean in the pit of discarded terrible ‘Teen Mom’ shows.”

As The Ashley told you in March, ‘Young & Pregnant’ has been shut down. The cast was notified at that time by the show’s higher-ups that there would be no Season 4.


MTV has yet to comment on the fates of any of these shows. (Please remember that, until the show is officially cancelled, things can always change but this is what the people behind-the-scenes are hearing as of press time.) 

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available.

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  1. As someone who literally has followed these girls from the very 1st 16 and pregnant episode, it’s time to let it go. They aren’t girls anymore, but rather women. It’s like beating a dead horse.

    As far as 90 day fiance goes, same deal here. However, they lost me when they started with the billion and one spin offs with different cast members. I couldn’t keep up and found myself not even wanting to keep up at the end of the day.

    These shows had a good run but it’s time to move on.

  2. The oldest Teen Mom kid is about a year younger than the youngest girl from 16 & pregnant. It’s long past time to let this show go.

  3. I’m watching all the teen mom 2 episodes on paramount right now.. makes me sad to have lost such great tv.. this crap now is not worth watching. They’re just milking the show and it’s horrible.

  4. I’d rather watch re-runs of Supermarket Sweep from the 90s than this shit. At this point, this show is just background noise while you deep clean your kitchen. MTV is irrelevant.

    1. @lou ~ LOVED supermarket sweep, thanks for reminding me about it!! 🛒🛍️
      **heads off to see if it’s on youtube**

      1. LOL I still watch it to this day. They have a whole ass Supermarket Sweep channel on Roku and let me tell you I watch it more than I care to admit.

        There’s just something about watching them all *almost* crash into all those damn cameramen in the way 😂😂

  5. Why are they clinging to these shows with a death grip? They aren’t teen moms anymore, they aren’t even remotely likeable. Once again they are placating Amby Pamby. The reason all of these girls act entitled is because MTV treats them that way.

  6. I can’t believe anyone still watches. I just cannot get into it anymore. I’ve outgrown it. The viewers that are the same age as the cast have moved on to more mature shows, and the younger generation could care less about these old ladies. It’s a wrap.

  7. I desperately wish MTV would greenlight Reefah with Keefah, a weekly podcast style show where our favorite greasy green-hoodied bandit reviews different strains of bud.

    You know we’d watch it.

  8. These Teen Mom shows will never die, despite everyone being over them. I mean, can we really call them Teen Mom when the cast is in their 30’s??? Be done with it already.

  9. Cast needs scaled down/ redrawn.

    Get rid of the dead weight.

    And by that I mean Amber, Cate, Maci, Leah.. Cheyenne.. Briana..

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