Was Amber Portwood Fired From ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter?’: Here’s What’s Happened So Far (Exclusive Details)

“At least as of today…”

Rumors are swirling that original Teen Mom cast member Amber Portwood has quit or been fired from the show, so The Ashley has gone to her behind-the-scenes sources to find out what’s really going on.

The rumor started after The Sun posted a story earlier this week stating that Amber was telling people she was leaving Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. From there, it was stated by several ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram accounts that Amber was actually fired from the show, due to a threatening phone call Amber made to co-star Ashley Jones (more on that later).

The Ashley has been working to get the real story behind the rumors and can confirm that— as of press time— Amber has not been fired from ‘Teen Mom’ and she has not quit the show, despite contrary reports.

According to numerous behind-the-scenes sources who spoke with The Ashley, it is true, though, that Amber has not been filming for the next season of ‘Next Chapter’ (despite other cast member filming recently). This was due to her getting into trouble with MTV over the phone call with Ashley, as several ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram accounts stated. 

The Ashley will do her best to give some background as to what brought things to this point.

“I’ll be in my Lazy Boy chair, waiting to film if anyone needs me!”

The Ashley broke the news back in October that the filming of the ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Season 2 was a chaotic mess, and after Ashley— who was not permitted to film her Reunion scenes with the other girls– twerked at the vans containing her co-stars, Amber was furious and called  and texted Ashley to let her know.  

On the call— which Ashley later leaked on social media— Amber can be heard screaming at Ashley, cussing her out, threatening to “mutilate her ass” and telling Ashley to pray that she never sees her again. Amber also told Ashley that she would get fired from the next season.  

Amber’s call to Ashley in a nutshell (in addition to a whole lot of screeching)…

The @TeenMomShadeRoom Instagram account reported on Thursday that the call got both Ashley and Amber in trouble with MTV and that it was sent to the network higher-ups to be dealt with.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that this is true.

Amber was not filming because of this mess, particularly a few of the things she said on the call being found to be “extremely problematic” for Amber and the show in general. Ashley has begun filming again but as of press time, Amber has not filmed. 

“Things are still being worked out.”

“Next time I’ll consult with my therapy puppets before hopping into the drama. I promise.”

As for claims that Kiaya Elliott or Kayla Sessler may be moved to ‘Next Chapter’ to replace Amber, those are not totally true.

“[MTV] has been considering bringing Kiaya and Kayla to [Next Chapter] for months, even before this happened,” one production source said. “That was brought up to the girls, but it was because they are not sure if ‘Young and Pregnant’ will be renewed for another season. If not, they want to continue on with Kiaya and Kayla in some way, most likely by moving them to ‘Next Chapter.’ That was independent of the whole Amber thing.”

The Ashley will update this story when more info becomes available. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV)

85 Responses

  1. Don’t like jennelle mtv fired her for something her husband did but how they letting amber stay on with drug abuse, domestic abuse, child endangerment. Ashley too spitting on people either fire them or better yet cancel whole damn show

    1. MTV was just waiting to fire Jenelle. David just pushed them over the very fine line she was walking. Let’s not forget that she was not even on the last season she was paid for bc they didn’t have footage of her because her ego got too big to have to actually film for a few hours a month. Even before that she would refuse to film even when a full film crew was on site ($$$). She had refused to leave the swamp for her $500k paycheque for a long time. That is on HER.
      David HELPED get her fired but let’s not pretend he was the sole reason.
      She has always been a pile of turd on her own, she just now has someone equally as nasty as her instead of someone with 10% morals like the other soulmates she morphed into.
      David is trash. Jenelle is no better and never has been. She was trash LONG before him.

  2. I noticed on the picture above the article title on the Teen Mom page of this site that there’s a red spot on Amber’s arm at the elbow that looks suspiciously like a palm print like her arm had been gripped onto just before the scene.

    I did hear rumors once upon a time that Matt was abusive towards her, I didn’t know if there was any truth to the rumors but from the looks of it I think those rumors are true too.

  3. I went back and rewatched the lie detector footage, when it was revealed that he made sexual advances towards (they beeped out the name but I’m guessing it was Farrah), Amber proceeds to stand up saying “you motherfucking bitch”, she lunges at him and this is when the security guy grabs her.

    So I’m curious how everyone seems to think that this was “physical assault”?

    Not saying she was right because she wasn’t but she didn’t lay a hand on him.

  4. The crew felt unsafe and didn’t want to film with Farrah or Jenelle. I believe both Farrah and David made threats against the crew. That is why they were fired. I definitely don’t agree with MTV’s decision to have kept Amber on this long, but that was their reasoning and the difference between the women that were booted.

    1. I don’t agree with this reasoning; so it’s not ok if the crew feels threatened, but it is ok if said person is a threat to herself, other cast members, and children?

  5. Amber should’ve been booted off TMOG a long time ago, right after Jenelle. I’m sick of all of them, especially Brianna, Ashley, and Cheyenne!

  6. Why are they holding onto Amber so hard when they’ve fired other cast for less?? She’s a violent hillbilly

    1. I agree with everything except the “for less” part. Everyone else who was fired gave MTV very good reason and were kept on payroll far too long as is!

  7. She’s not a mother….so why should she stay on the show? She literally lost custody of BOTH her kids, STOP rewarding her.

    1. I came really close( before the last episode) to say I think I see changes in Amber but…. Nope. She’s still an angry moron that can’t control her temper. Buuuutt…Ashley no better. Get rid of them both because they’re both a liability. Get rid of the coven while you’re at it. This is not entertainment.
      They’re not teens …they aged out a long time ago. Adding the moms was just….embarrassing. April, Tea, and Roxy, and Jade’s mom… embarrassing

    2. Never have liked Ashley shes too ghettto trash mouth and her supposedly christian mom who is also yrash mouth always wanting to
      Fight! Saying shes the only
      Woman on the show…. Come on girl

  8. What’s her next stop? Look up Kensington in Philly on Youtube. Something like that would be my guess. Otherwise, she will grow into her sofa and someday need to be surgically removed from it. Prison is always a possibility too!

  9. So because Matt cheated or made passes at someone else, he deserved to be beat. You’re one of the problems in todays society if this is what you think. SMDH..

  10. All assaults and threats aside she should be fired simply because she doesn’t have custody of either of her kids. If they didnt want to fire her before because they wanted her storyline as a parent trying to redeem herself, they should 100% be rid of her now. Her disgusting. behavior is always excused away. Where are Cate, Maci & Cheyenne now to defend her

  11. She’s violently assaulted every man she’s been with, doesn’t have custody of either of her children and the only things we see her do on the show is sit on her couch and whine to producers. Maybe it’s time for her to be on her way.

      1. So because Matt cheated or made passes at someone else, he deserved to be beat. You’re one of the problems in todays society if this is what you think. SMDH..

        1. We’re talking about cheating though.

          And I would be devastated if my husband cheated on me, I’d want to cut his who know what off… not saying I would but I would definitely want to.

          1. Yeah, almost everyone is cheated on at some point. “We’re talking about cheating though.” So what?! Under NO circumstances is assault okay. I don’t care how hurt you are or what you want to cut off your husband. You are basically co-signing Amber’s behavior by excusing it with anger over cheating. You can say you’re not defending her all you want. That’s EXACTLY what your comments imply. You are promoting the dangerous and sexist stereotype that women commiting violence is okay if their feelings are hurt. That we are the weaker sex so we can’t do damage. No, ma’am. You are part of the problem. I’m not even that religious but I’m just go pray for your husband…if you actually have one. Your comments don’t sound like they are coming from someone who understands marriage or a serious romantic partnership in any sense of the words. Get yourself some help. I seriously mean that. You might hurt someone or put yourself in a dangerous situation with your dated stereotypes of women. I’m scared for you as a fellow woman. It’s so sad to see women still living in your mindset. You are worth more than that. I really hope you learn that one day. All the best.

          2. She should have walked away, but I can understand her being upset.

            That’s all I’m saying, her anger was justified but she could have handled it better

          3. And I understand marriage, it’s give and take.

            I don’t want to be hurt neither physically nor emotionally and I wouldn’t do that to my husband.

            But if he cheated which i know he wouldnt, i would be tempted to WANT to hurt him but i wouldnt (as im sure he would feel the same if i were to cheat, which i wouldnt). We have a mutual respect for one another.

            We have a wonderful almost 10 year marriage (plus 5 years together beforehand).

        2. True, but her feels in the moment we’re justified. But yes, she should have handled it differently.

          She should have walked away but she didn’t.

          I honestly think that it wasnt just the act of cheating but more the fact that FARRAH was involved. That in itself is gross.

        1. If you cheat on someone you’re supposed to love then you should expect some sort of an emotional outburst.

          She shouldn’t have taken the swings at him (she should have just walked away) but I can understand her anger.

          And, from what I remember about him, this wasn’t the first lie he got caught in. Didn’t he lie about how many kids he had? He told her 2 but it was actually 5 (or maybe it was 7, I don’t remember). She should have kicked him to the curb then but she didnt.

  12. Amber should have been fired for her violent abuse years ago, she hasn’t changed she battered Gary, then Matt, made violent threats on several shows, then attacked Andrew WHILE he had her child in his arms, NO wonder as a child leah wanted NEVER to be alone with her. She’s a violent unstable addict who needs long term commuted care and NO special attention from TV. She still threatens on her lives on Instagram ect. She’s trash and if kennel and Farrah were fired I’m not sure why amber wouldn’t be.

    1. I will always have questions as to whether these women act as they do because of the sense of entitlement they get from being paid an absurd amount of money for being on a television show. I’d like to see how all of them would function working at Walmart day in and day out to support their families.

  13. Twerking at the van containing her costars? Oh my biscuits. In other news, Amber should absolutely get fired. She can’t threaten people and act all gangster, then blame her mental illness. It’s old, she has used that card too many times.

  14. The ratings are so horrible for the show now that’s its not even worth the drama anymore. None of the women are fan favorites.None of them are even likable or relatable. The show has become like Bad Girls club with an entire cast of Farrahs. I haven’t watched the show in years and removed it from my DVR.

  15. Amber knowns damn well she can’t threaten anyone with violence with her record, no matter how offended she feels.
    It’s anxiety that makes her react that way or another mental health issue. However, when filming in certain settings gets her anxiety levels up, it is not worth the money or loosing her freedom and children.

    She knows and still goes to these messy film sets.
    Gary has enough money, Amber has enough money, she can choose not to film for certain projects and prioritise her mental health and mostly: her children.
    It’s going to be over soon anyway. WTF risk things? When MTV really wants her, Gary and Leah to film, she can choose to only film for episodes and the after shows with adjustments.

  16. At this point Amber is going to have to literally go back to gel (jail) in order for MTV to fire her, because they let her get away with EVERYTHING.

    1. So true. She could actually “mutilate her ass” and MTV would just make a storyline out of it. Wouldn’t even blink.

  17. But of course Amber is not fired over a phone call. She wasn’t even fired for attacking Andrew with a machete. I wonder if she would be this entitled and violent had she not gotten famous as a teen and never had to work or do anything productive. I highly doubt it. And again, I feel so sorry for Leah. She must be so embarrassed, even though it’s not her fault.

  18. Oh man, how is Pearl gonna defend Amber this time?

    Amber, quit proving you still haven’t matured. Even your 13 year old daughter wants you to make better choices! Come on, girl! Ashley twerked! Yes, it was stupid and immature but you tried to assault your fiancé hole wearing a one-piece pajama to his lie detector test on tv!! You are no more mature than Ashley despite being 5+ years older than her!!!


          1. Im serious, you amongst others have said numerous times that you wished she’d just go away so things could go back to normal around here. But how can things go back to normal if you keep bringing her up?

            And it’s kinda silly to ask “Has no one noticed that Pearl is no longer here?” Yeah, I think people have noticed, hell anyone with eyes can notice.

          1. Im not Pearl, if that’s what you’re implying. I disagreed with most of what she said. I just never said anything because I happened to agree with the few that said to ignore her and she’d go away.

            Im glad she’s gone too. But how do you expect to move forward if you keep bringing her up?

          2. Im not Truedat

            And I don’t condone violence. All I said was that if a person cheats they should expect SOMETHING to happen.

            And Matt had to have realized that given Amber’s track record that something violent was bound to happen, we all know she can’t hold back…but heaven knows she should.

            Violence is wrong, but so is cheating.

  19. All of these women need actual real jobs and hobbies not more money for making drama. Imagine being in your late 20s and acting like such an idiot!

    Amber has always been a pathetic embarrassing mess, just cut ties MTV!

    Also, she looks dreadful in those pictures

  20. Wait so Assley spit on Brianna and got to keep filming the show? Then Amterd threatened to chop Assley up? And thet both get to stay on the show? And none of the psychologists on this show disagree with these decisions? Sounds super rational to me.

  21. Imagine being so pissed because someone twerked that you threatened their life. ?

    I don’t fully understand why Ashley was in trouble over Ambie-Pie calling her to cuss her out. BUT… I can see the whole crew being upset and Amber getting worked up over everyone in the cast being upset. However, that being said no amount of cast changing is going to save this shit show. The only way I will watch again is if they permanently remove Brianna. …but I will say it’s still a sinking ship regardless. It’s not a show about struggling TEEN Mom’s. It’s basically a bunch of bullies who have inflated egos because they make too much money just for having children as teenagers. They are enabled by MTV for bad behaviors because MTV thinks drama is where it’s at. People do love to see a train wreck…but these train wrecks are too redundant at this point. Just stop the whole show. Bring back 16 and pregnant or how about actual music videos again ?‍♀️

    1. MTV is never bringing actual music videos back as the focus of their content. They can never compete with the internet, namely youtube. Their entire target demographic has had immediate access to any music video they could ever dream of wanting to watch, in the palm of their hands for the majority of their lives.

  22. So let me get this straight. So Amber can assault her boyfriend(s), develop a drug habit, be sent to prison, attack another boyfriend with a machete, be verbally and physically abusive, but yet a threatening phone call is what could potentially do her in?? This show and MTV is so fucked up. Do us all a favor MTV and cancel these ridiculous shows. They’ve all run their course.

    1. She also attacked both boyfriends, in front of her children. Its why she lost custody of both of them.

      I feel like it’s like Jenelle and Farrah. They will never fire them for reprehensible behavior. They will fire them for making filming impossible.

      Jenelle wasn’t fire because she abused Nathan’s dog, the drug use, or pulling a gun with her kid in the car. She was fired because the crew didn’t feel safe around UBT.

  23. See? Amber remains the same. She didn’t change or grow as she always says. That’s why the judge granted Andrew custody, because she still is a violent person. No one in their right mind would threaten to “mutilate your ass” because Ashley twerked at her bus (?). That’s unhinged

    1. Just goes to show she’s no better than Farrah or Jenelle! She’s right around the corner from getting on the same level of insanity as Farrah and Jenelle.

  24. MTV condones DV when it’s a female, it’s amazing this cracked out broad who isn’t even raising either of her kids is still being paid by MTV to exist.

  25. I will never understand the logic of MTV trying to not only save the Teen Mom franchise but branching off on new shows with the same tired people. There is not one person left on this franchise that I like or respect. The entire series needs to be cancelled.

  26. If someone twerked at me driving away it would cause me to laugh hysterically not want to mutilate their ass. This is so weird.

  27. The TRUE question is: why wasn’t Amber let go after she went after Andrew with the machete this isn’t the first time she has went off on people like this! I understand she has mental health issues, so do I, but I have learned to keep myself in check whether she chooses to take her medication or not whether she chooses to go see a counselor or not this is still no excuse to go off on people ever you cannot use your mental health as an excuse Once you get to a certain age in life! Amber needs to learn to take responsibility for her own actions PERIOD

    1. I wonder too. Maybe because those claims were never confirmed to be true? Who knows, it has always seemed a little bit out there to me, but you can’t really rule it out because of how unstable Amber’s mental health has been. Sad for Leah, especially because it’s all recorded and documented and hopefully poor James won’t remember.

  28. So Ashley twerked at a van, Amber threatened to mutilate her, and they’re “both in trouble”? Amber belongs in a cave away from society.

  29. ashley needs to GO! her and briana and family are a serious cancer to the show–period!!! Amber has admitted to getting into trouble with her mouth–but these two girls and their families are dangerous!

    1. You do remember that Amber actually did Prison time for DV, right? I’m no fan of any of them, but I think Amber is far more dangerous than Brianna. She is all bark, no bite.

      1. How do you get that Ashley and Bri arent dangerous? When Ashley is with these other girls her fights almost always turn physical, it starts with the mouth then the fists start flyin’ which causes Bri to jump to play bodyguard. Then Tea, Roxane and Brittany jump in.

        While its true that Amber has been to jail because she’s violent whereas Ashley has not perhaps Ashley should be put in jail too, it might teach her a thing or two?

      2. How did you come to the conclusion that Ashley and Briana aren’t dangerous?

        Almost all of Ashley’s altercations turn physical which fires Tea up because she thinks she’s gotta defend her daughter when her daughter is a grown ass woman with a kid (and another on the way).

        It’s the same with Bri, she’s not expecting but she can’t keep her mouth closed either which starts a fight then it’s Roxane and Brittany to the rescue.

        True Amber’s been in jail for her violence but these two and their families should probably get locked up too. It might teach them a thing or two?

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