EXCLUSIVE! Walk-Offs, Angry Twerking, Arguments & More: All the Behind-the-Scenes Details From Last Weekend’s ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Tapings

Would it even BE a ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion if someone didn’t aggressively shake a body part at another girl?

It’s been months since The Ashley broke the news of a massive fight on the set of Teen Mom Family Reunion but things among the show’s cast continued to be tense at this past weekend’s Reunion tapings…and The Ashley has all the details on what went down!

Last weekend, the cast of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’– as well as Teen Mom: The Next Chapter— flew to Los Angeles to film the Reunion episodes for both shows. And, naturally, because this is ‘Teen Mom’, a lot of drama went down– from angry twerking to arguments, to a on-stage walk off!

According to The Ashley’s sources, the ‘Next Chapter’ Reunion was filmed the first day. Due to the huge fight that went down between Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones (and their mothers) during the filming of ‘Family Reunion’ in September, “tension was high” on set, as it was the first time the girls had seen each other since they were kicked off ‘Family Reunion.’

“Briana was told that Ashley would be on-stage with her for a segment featuring all of the girls, but that they would seat Ashley far away from Briana,” one behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “When Briana saw that Ashley wasn’t actually very far from her on stage, Briana walked off and told [the producers] that she didn’t feel comfortable.”

This photo was taken on-set while the girls were filming the segment in question. (The Ashley added the arrow above Briana’s empty chair.)

“The producers tried to get Briana to go back out there with Ashley but she refused and told them she didn’t feel safe,” the source added. 

Interestingly, though, when it came time to film the Reunion for ‘Family Reunion’ the next day, things were completely different. (For the record, the ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ reunion show is being called—eyeroll— “The Aftermath.”) 

“Ashley wasn’t allowed on the set anywhere near any of the other girls for the ‘Family Reunion’ taping,” another source tells The Ashley. “They said she was banned for ‘legal reasons’ and everyone assumed it’s because [the fight] happened on the ‘Family Reunion’ set. It was just so weird that the day before Ashley was allowed near everyone.” 

The ‘Family Reunion’ producers to Ashley…probably…

(One explanation for the change in the handling of Ashley could be that ‘Family Reunion’ was produced by a completely different production company than ‘Next Chapter’ and the other ‘Teen Mom’ shows, so they most likely have different protocols.) 

“Ashley filmed separately from everyone else,” the source said. “Some of the [other] girls were pissed because they had to sit up on the stage for like 10 hours, and it was a long, miserable day, and Ashley didn’t have to do that.” 

(Tea, as well as Briana’s mom Roxanne, attended the ‘TMFR’ Aftermath taping. However, two of the other “grandmas” were absent.) 


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The first source tells The Ashley that another incident went down at the end of filming that made Ashley “lose any remaining allies she may have had in the cast.” 

“At the end of the filming, all the girls other than Ashley got into two vans to leave the set. They passed Ashley on their way out and she realized who was in the vans. That’s when she began doing her signature twerking moves at the second van,” the source said.

(To The Ashley’s knowledge, this was not filmed, unless it was caught on a dash cam or something.) 

“A lot of the girls found it super-disrespectful and it really angered one girl in particular, someone who had not had any previous disagreements with Ashley and had previously liked her,” the second source tells The Ashley. “That girl confronted Ashley later on the phone and that conversation ended in a huge argument. No one got physical but it probably would have if the conversation had been in-person.”

Describe everyone inside—and outside—of the van in one sentence:

“After that, a lot of the girls made it clear to the producers that they will not do another season of ‘Family Reunion’ if Ashley is there.” 

The Ashley will have more info soon…stay tuned.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Briana leads a very sad existence that’s why she needs someone else to talk shit about. First it was Kail, now it’s Ashley, she even tried with Leah. Her problem is that Ashley didn’t join in her smack talking a
    Kail, Ashley did the grown up thing & walked away from the situation.

    1. I believe bree learned her lesson but the next day ashley was the won saying she’s gonna beat her ass when she see her again or she also said she’s gonna finish the fight. Just goes to show who is more grown up not Ashley

  2. Wait, they got mad that she twerked at the van? Like……So?? Who cares?!!! Omg these girls are ridiculous. Out of all the things to get mad and offended over…. Smh

    I would watch Ashley over Brianna every single day of the week. Brianna just has to have someone to pick on and talk ish about. First it was Kailyn, but now that she left it’s Ashley.

    Get rid of the bully, Brianna!!!!!!!

  3. Bri didn’t feel “safe” around Ashley, because Brittany wasn’t there to back her up. Briana is all bark and absolutely no bite.

  4. Briana seems to attract drama and physical altercations. Why don’t they get rid of her like they should have in the beginning

  5. i’m usually team ashley and i haven’t watched the show since 2020 but if catelynn has a problem with you then that’s how you know you’re the problem!!

    1. They are fighting for air time, news headlines and even haters. These tactics are played out and boring. Cancel the show.

  6. I stopped watching the show years ago, but I will never get over how entitled the show has made these girls. Whining that they had to sit for ✨10 HOURS✨ on stage, talking about their privileged lives, while the rest of the world would be thanking their lucky stars if they got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to sit on a stage bitching about their lives. Most of us bust our asses for 8-10 hours EVERYDAY for a fraction of what they make, and we don’t get praise for doing so. These girls need humbled so hard. The fame and money that MTV gave them for doing nothing has made them all so insufferable and out of touch, it’s cringey AF to watch. This shit show should’ve ended years ago.

  7. Ugh…just eew. These “moms of teens,” instead of “teen moms,” (bc let’s just be honest, their children are now closer in age to being a teen than these WOMEN are) are wayyy into adulthood. This petty fighting when these girls HARDLY EVER see each other in reality is so pathetic and immature. Then when you have to add in the GRANDMAS it just gets downright disgusting. These women may be even worse bc they never everrrr saw each other f2f, and on top of that they didnt even have any problems with each other, they just hated on each other bc of their daughters petty issues! They are too old to be attacking each other or ANYONE else on social media or in person. Since when did grown ups use their fists to solve grown up problems instead of their brains and words??? They have zero civility.
    And the ridiculous, GROSS, SUPER immature and inappropriate aggressive twerking??? That’s been a move of Ashley’s since day one and its always just made me physically cringe. Its gross, super childish, and just makes her look more and more unstable. Grow up girl and try to look LESS trashy and MORE classy.

  8. Brianna was scared? Oh, so Britney wasn’t there to play muscle for her. Got it!

    Also would LOVE Ashley to try her twerk fighting on the streets here in Memphis. She’d end up dead or in the hospital. Girl is LARPing as “hard.” If you want to fight and be trashy, at least use your hands and keep your ass still.

  9. Here’s the thing I never wanted teen mom three to mix with the rest of the teen moms they seem so inmature and crazy fighting for any reason and thyre still acting that way like get it together and suck it up!!! Stop being so self serving

    1. I agree they need to get it together.

      But I think they’re just acting this way for ratings. At this point I’m like, are these beefs real or fake (like Jerry Springer)

      TMOG and TM2 have already been canceled and I think this Teen Mom:The Next Chapter is next. I mean, it’s week 5 or 6 and no catfights or fights of any kind. No wonder the ratings are low.

  10. Another reason all these girls need to go. They all think they are entitled to act and treat people anyway they want there is not a one of them that is respectful people anymore. They have different boyfriend different kids with different daddy. They disrespect your show anyone by doing all this. But even sadder you allow it.

  11. Oh no. They had to like sot there for 10 hours? You get paid more than nost late 20s to 30 year old. You sat there during the day and got pampered and had to talk. Probably had someone there able to watch the kids. Got free food. Stfu

  12. I think the only time I have laughed at anything teen mom related was when Ashley “twerk fighted”. I pretty much find it hilarious she would do it at one of the vans full of the girls. Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

  13. I’ve been a fan since 16nPregant. Maybe Ashley should go to a legit strip club where they would probably charge $20 per dance?

    1. Do you mean “again”???? Lmao. Bc she already “danced” once for a while I thought. IIRC, i thought she did and it pissed off her FAKE-pastor tea mom? Idk I could be wrong but I had to make sure i added the “again!” Lolol.

  14. Am a grandmother so from time to time I would sit with my grandbaby and watch the show and we would talk about the different young ladies. Am really surprised that there still on the show there not teen’s anymore these are adults in there 30’s from what I see 1 has 4kids by 2 different men . One has lost her kid’s for drugs and abuse towards the father’s. I think the show should let these women go leave and make a life of there own instead of a show.

  15. Ashley is better than the show anyway. Go on with your podcast girl. Forget these girls trying to resurrect this dying monstrosity.

    None of them doing a show if Ashley is there isn’t a threat. Puhleaze!! 🙄 I didn’t and won’t watch again till they remove Brianna.

    …and again I can’t help but notice that Brianna was allowed with the other girls even though she was involved in that altercation that had her booted also?? So Ashley wasn’t supposed to take that as an insult? MTV letting Bri get away with whatever again. Why do they cater to her??

      1. Yes Amber has assault charges on her but unlike Farrah or Jenelle, I think people actually want to see Amber get better and succeed?

        And she hasn’t been in trouble since the machete assault but now Andrew has gotten his way (i hate that stupid prick) so god only knows what will happen now?

    1. No Ashley should have acted like an adult and kept her ass stationary. So, you attack anyone that upsets you too? Good to know you’re trash too!

  16. Need to fire all teen mom women!! They are not teen moms. One don’t have either of her kids!! Start over with real teens!!!

  17. Of course Briana didn’t “feel safe” with Ashley there. Briana only acts hard when she has her sucker punching sister and ridiculous Mom jumping into it. Then Briana knows security will hold her so she just acts like a psycho while they are holding her. I’m assuming Briana somehow thinks that’s bad ass of her.🤣

    1. LOL! I agree with this whole heartedly. Briana is a chump. Loud, obnoxious and immature, but can’t bust a grape in a fruit fight. Runs and hides when confronted 1 on 1, but kicks and screams like a banshee when she knows her muscle, I mean her coven, is close by. She waits for security to “hold her back” so she can start kicking and swinging and throwing things at the air in some weird intimidation tactic she tries to pull. She’s pathetic.

  18. Of course Briana is going to walk off.. She only has a mouth/balls when Brittany or Roxanne are standing behind her

    1. Bri was just playing her cards. Making sure she was seen as the victim and Ashley as the issue. Bri really wants to be the queen bee and everyone is falling for it or at least pretending to in her face.

      Go figure Ashley got angry she was treated poorly like a pariah by everyone, including all the girls.

  19. Ashley is a beautiful and intelligent woman who should of moved on from Bar a long time ago.The twerking may be a bit much though. They have an abusive relationship that MTV thrives on for ratings.

    1. I like her. I like her bc I dont know her. I think she makes bad decisions but seems like the only girl on the show I could stand to be around.

      1. Did anyone see the twerking video ?
        I saw a TikTok of Ashley and she was just walking.
        Later on, Amber called her and threatened her.

        I just don’t understand all of this drama.
        ATP, MTV should offer therapy and counseling to every cast members.

        Sorry, if I made any mistake, I’m not fluent in English.

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