‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Gets Slammed For Empowering Social Media Post: “Hypocrisy Is A Little Loud”


Meri Brown ruffled some leggings feathers on social media this week when a post she made about living her “happy” life and wanting others to do the same was met with comments calling the Sister Wives star a hypocrite.

The first wife– in name only– of Kody Brown took to social media Thursday telling followers she’s “just over here enjoying my life.” Known for hawking wacky-patterned leggings, Meri pointed out that she works hard, plays hard and lives life “happy and to the fullest,” while never letting things get her down (“at least not for long”).  

“ … Listen friends, you are worth DOING what you want, GETTING what you want, LIVING how you want,” she continued. “ … Life isn’t always easy, we gotta work for the things we want. It’s not handed on a silver platter. But how cool is that?! It only means YOU are in control of the outcome!

“Now go out and do something great, because YOU are worth it,” she added. 

“But not you, Christine. You need to stay in hell with the rest of us.”

The divisive post comes on the heels of yet another ‘Sister Wives’ season in which Meri remains committed to Kody, despite Kody admitting his relationship with Meri is virtually nonexistent and will remain so.

“It’s true. I repulse him.”

Unsurprisingly, fans of the show were quick to call out Meri for her happy and full life claims, with one person accusing her of “just settling for no love” and others pointing out how unhappy she often appears to be on the TLC series. 

“Real self love is shown by good self care, good situations, and rewarding relationships, not IG posts,” one person wrote. “Just saying.”

“Your posts sound nothing like you appear on TV….hence the lack of ‘buy in’ from your viewing public,” another commented. 

While Meri received heaps of hate for seemingly putting on a happy face for social media, others took issue with her claiming to be a cheerleader for other women, while showing little support to her former fellow sister wife, Christine Brown.

“That’s more twisted than making a career of selling garish leggings, Meri.”

(As The Ashley previously told you, Christine– who was Kody’s third wife– split from Kody in November and has since relocated from Arizona to Utah.)

“Hypocrisy is a little loud, if it’s good for you, why not Christine?” one person asked Meri in the comments.

“Maybe you should think about what you say when it came to Christine,” another wrote. “She doesn’t owe any of you anything. She deserves to be happy too.” 

Meri has yet to respond to the critics, nor has she turned off the comments on her post. 

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  1. One of the worse case of lack of self esteem and fear of being alone this nurse who has worked with women with no self esteem or belief of themselves. Fear of not being attached to a man someway. Believes in this marriage so i stay. First Kodi states they are not married as far as he is concerned and has desire to be. There are no grains of sand to build on! When Meri is, if she is truly strong enough to say this wont work with someone who wants to go out with me then see what happens. Dont go n if Kodi’s words were’nt the right words then you sit him down n the rruth will out!

  2. The family should have stayed in Las Vegas where they had an ideal setup! They have to bring in water, power, electricity and build roads to Coyote Pass! They are not developers or millionaires!

  3. This woman is in a “relationship” with someone who said they would not care if she left and married someone else. She is in no position to be advising people on living their best lives. At the same time, I feel really bad for Meri. Maybe she is just trying really hard to convince herself that she is happy and okay with her situation. I could be remembering wrong but didn’t Leon say they wouldn’t talk to her anymore if she left Kody? That is a pretty strong motivator to stay.

    1. If my child said they wouldn’t speak to me if I left my sham of a marriage, I can *almost* guarantee that would not serve as motivation to stay. Hopefully my child would want me to live my best life.

    2. I can see of Meri left. That no one would talk to her. Christine even said she’s not interested in having a relationship with her. Her daughter isn’t there, and who knows if she talks to her.

      I think her post is not to motivate others, rather convince herself that she’s happy. One day, when she finds her self worth, she’ll realize she’s out grown them.

    3. I wonder if that’s still true about Leon though. They were super angry about the cat fishing thing, but that was years ago. Leon wasn’t even sort of out of the closet yet, so it’s been a long time. Now that Leon is out in the real world, is out of closet, and in their own relationship, I wonder if they still feel Meri should stay.

      But, in general, yeah I suspect Meri feels she will have no one if she leaves. But, what she doesn’t realize is that she’s worse than just alone now. Alone would be an upgrade to this constant humiliation and isolation.

  4. Kody: “she was LEAVING my ass.” The joke was on Miserable Meri, but for sure if Sam the Sham had been real, Meri would be LONG GONE.

    Now that Christine left and is happier, Meri is jealous as hell. As soon as the sh*tshow is cancelled, that’s when Meri the Gutless Wonder will leave.

  5. Meri just cuz you’re ready to settle don’t mean everybody else’s. You need to look at the whole picture. Christine does not want to live a sexist marriage. It seems to me that Cody just wants a woman who can deliver kids. When your kid days are over he doesn’t want nothing more to do with you. I think it’s great that Christine got out before she had to settle like you did. You deserve more than sitting around waiting for a man who don’t care about nobody but himself. I don’t even think he cares for his older kids especially if they happen to be boys. And if all you were smarter you’d all get out and tell him to jam it because you all deserve to be happy and that’s not being happy living for somebody else. So I say thank God Christine realize what she wanted before she gets old and gray and has a settle for something else. Let her find somebody that loves her for her not for what she can give them.

  6. You’re a queen, mama!
    lmao I would not take advice from those folks. The kids are more emotionally mature than the adults in that house.

  7. Nary is pathetic sitting around waiting for Klody to come back to her. Girl, sell your plot of land on CP and move on. Sobyn doesn’t care about you. She just USED you to get close to Klody and boot you out of the picture. I used to like you but the way you’ve talked about Christine makes me have no empathy for you.

  8. At least Christine knew her worth, Maybe one day Meri might find her own ( not much hope of that though) worth, when Kodi told her to move into her B+B should of made her run for the hills but she still chooses to stay there, can he be any clearer Meri, he doesn’t want you accept this and move on I’ve never seen someone so desperate and it’s not a good look, Christine is amazing and she was not having a life with no love.

  9. Correct me if im wrong but is Meri still the “first wife”? Didn’t she divorce him so that Kody could legally marry Sobin Robin in order to adopt her 3 devil spawn children?

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