Robyn Brown Talks About Kody & Christine’s Split In Clip From Upcoming ‘Sister Wives’ Episode: “I Just Have To Watch As They Destroy What I’ve Wanted”

We have two questions for Robyn: 1. Who the hell is doing your eyebrows? 2. Where do you get the audacity?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has ended her marriage to Kody Brown, but members of their polygamous family continue to struggle with the new family dynamic–- namely Kody’s fourth (and arguably favorite) wife, Robyn. 

In a clip from Sunday’s episode shared by ET, Robyn sits down with Kody’s first wife Meri–- who was rejected by Kody years ago– to talk about Christine and Kody ending their relationship and how it will impact the family. 

Robyn and Meri also discuss why Meri continues to stay in her loveless marriage to Kody, and how Christine leaving is “destroying” Robyn’s perfect polygamous family.

“I had other choices,” Robyn says, hinting that she chose to marry Kody because he was part of a big family. “This is what I wanted. I just have to watch as they destroy what I’ve wanted. I just can’t let it go.

“I just don’t want to admit or even accept the idea that it’s just, whatever we had as a family, is gone,” Robyn says to Meri in the clip. 

“I mean, things will obviously remain the same for you, Mer. But we’ll try to call you down from your bell tower more often, I promise.” 

Viewers then get to hear Christine’s response, as she firmly tells the camera, “They don’t have a choice.”

“Sorry, Sobs- my name isn’t Kody, you don’t get to tell me what to do.”

Kody and Christine’s failed relationship also resonates with Meri, who says the couple’s split felt “so familiar.”

(As ‘Sister Wives’ fans know, Kody and Meri have not had an actual “marriage” in more than a decade, and Kody has vowed that he will never treat their union as an actual marriage again. Still, though, Meri continues to hope that he will change his mind.) 

Meri, fondly remembering the days when Kody was down for more than made-for-TV small talk and side-hugs.

“ … I’ve seen Kody give up on me and him,” she says.

Viewers then see Kody tell the camera that he didn’t give up on Meri, rather their relationship “was essentially unstable,” untenable and not “functional.” 

Kody, clearly reading off of a list of words that describe himself.

“We can get along, but we can’t be together,” he adds.

Meri tells Robyn she’s often asked why she chooses to stay, given that she no longer has a relationship with Kody, explaining that she thinks, prays and meditates on the situation and always comes “to peace with it.”

Robyn tells Meri she’s glad she’s chosen to “stick it out,” later telling the camera that Meri “belongs with us.” 

“That sounds a bit cultish, but it’s the nicest thing anyone in this family has said to me in over a year so I’ll take it.”

“Hang on with me, okay,” Robyn says to Meri. “We have to rebuild. We have to rebuild. All right? Just hang on with me, okay?” 

Though Meri agrees to “hang on” with Robyn, Robyn makes it clear that she’s disappointed Christine didn’t choose to do the same.

“I really wanted to live plural marriage and give that big picture, a full family, to my kids,” Robyn tells the camera. “[My younger kids] aren’t even going to experience [plural marriage]. I want that for my kids but I also want it for me, too.

Robyn, reminding viewers that she is and always will be the number one victim on this show.

New episodes of ‘Sister Wives’ air Sundays on TLC. 

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(Photos: TLC) 


34 Responses

  1. Kody wasn’t giving Meri what she needed before so she turned elsewhere but now she’s not? I call bullcaacaa. Don’t tell me she’s not getting a little something outside of her… oh wait they are divorced.
    KODY ACTUALLY TOLD HER “please go, love elsewhere and get another man???”
    Robyn is a selfish twat. Why would her kid get to experience the same life? Those kids are all grown up- it’s not gonna be the same regardless dear. Sorry, should have chosen a younger family. Oh there was none getting on tv? Yeah, tough break…

    1. Wasn’t she actually making plans to meet up with her new “romantic” interest just before it came out as catfishing?

  2. These two plus Kody are just. Insanity. There’s a whole book of examples here for what not to do for a family and marriage

  3. This episode will be tough to get through. She’s so annoying and fake. It would be fun if Kody got a new young and skinny wife just to test her acting skills and see how much she really loves polygamy.

    1. That’s what I’m waiting to see. Then her kids will get to “experience” polygamy and she’ll get to experience NOT being the new favored favorite wife.

  4. Bullsh*t, Sobyn! You got what you wanted, a ramen-headed, tantrum throwing a**hole, all to yourself. I’d say congratulations, but your prize is a childish dildo.

    Oh, and let’s not forget YOU got a million dollar home to house your snotnose kids. Snobyn, YOU SUCK!

  5. Nah Robyn, you were a divorced single mother of 3 in a fanatic cult-like religion, what other choices did you have?

    And clearly: you gonna regret those eyebrows one day

    1. Oh, my gosh! I’ve been waiting for somebody to bring up the subject of those eyebrows. And is it just me, or does Robin always look like she’s going to throw up? And why is it her business what Christine wants to do. Also, what the hell was spying on Janelle?

  6. Omg!!!!
    ROBYN is divorced. She is such a hypocrite!! I wonder would she have stuck it out “for the family” if that marriage was a plural marriage!

  7. Hahaha this woman. You wanted Kody to yourself and you’re getting exactly what you want. Let’s not play the victim.

  8. You wanted him. You got him. ALL of him. I’m sorry that your plan to marry into a family that would

    1. absorb the financial burden of you and your kids
    2. came with a built-in babysitter, cook, and housekeeper
    3. and a man you only had to tolerate for 24 hours every 4 days

    did not work out for you.

    1. Ahaha you said exactly what I was thinking while reading this post!!! Nice try Robyn! Guess the nanny isn’t enough. – you need a cleaning lady and a cook as well, Robyn.

  9. Robin and Kody are so much alike. Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I

  10. please this is what she wanted kody all to herself but now she realizes what a tool he is and doesn’t want him be careful what you wish for sobyn

    1. I know right, it’s like summer down the dramatics lady. People are allowed to walk away from unhappy situations and not considering how it makes YOU feel.

      Also her big kids seem like brats so, I am sure the younger ones will too!

  11. Why does Christine have to be miserable for Robyn to get what she wants? Wow, selfish much? Christine is, at the moment, the ONLY parent providing a good example to her kids of knowing your value by kicking Kovid to the curb (or the gutter, where he belongs). I really, really hope Janelle is taking notes.

  12. The one that destroyed it and is on his way to his two other marriages is your husband dear and you played your part too. You could have send him to her and the other wives (and not let him come back until his day with her and the kids was over).
    You wanted sister wives, do the work as you said people in plural marriage have to do.

  13. I love that Christine has found her worth and he strength. It’s about time that someone knocked Grody Kody and Sobbin Robchin down off their high horses. Meri is just a pathetic asshole. I can’t wait for Janelle to leave this shit family. I’m not convinced she hasn’t already left but can’t say so due to show contracts. He is missing from her IG. And at Logan’s wedding Kodi and Robyn sat on opposite sides , away from the rest of the family

  14. “My younger kids won’t experience plural marriage”

    … um.. there’s 2 other wives besides you still?? Kody wasn’t staying anywhere else except her place anyways?‍♀️?‍♀️.

    The believe the biggest reason for wanting Christine to stay is because of her status within the AUB. Isn’t it only 3 wives to make the highest kingdom?? Kody wouldn’t be this angry if it was Meri or Janelle leaving…

    1. Yes , they need 3 wives for the highest kingdom. Robyn only wants Christine to stay so that she can remain HBIC. Now Kody will have to take another wife to keep his celestial status. Robyn is scared she will be traded in for a newer model. Also , sidenote : the bigger her eyebrows get , the crazier she becomes.

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