Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Adam Lind Reportedly Arrested For Not Paying Child Support

And now, our semi-annual reminder that Chelsea Houska dodged one helluva bullet…

Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy Adam Lind was reportedly arrested for not paying child support for his 13-year-old daughter, Aubree. 

According to The Sun, a warrant was issued for Adam’s arrest in January 2021 for failing to pay child support, though the 31-year-old ended up behind bars in May 2022 for the bench warrant of “violating a valid court order” from back in July 2017. 

“Listen guys, I don’t know what I ever saw in him either.”

At that time, Adam was held on a $2,000 bond and released the same day, with a court hearing set for June 9. The $2,000 bond was “released to the Division of Child Support to be applied to the Defendant’s child support obligations.”

As you may recall, a similar situation occurred in August 2020 when the former Teen Mom 2 dad was locked up for failing to pay child support and driving with a suspended license. Three months after his arrest, a South Dakota judge signed an order making Chelsea the recipient of the $2,000 bond Adam posted to get out of jail.  

(Adam also has a biological daughter named Paislee with ex Taylor Halbur; however, he signed away his parental rights and allowed Taylor’s husband to legally adopt Paislee in 2018.) 

This is certainly not Adam’s arrest. Adam has had several run-ins with the law of the years, earning himself more than a dozen trips to the slammer. Before his August 2020 offense, Adam was locked up in May 2018 and charged with violating a protective or no contact order; violating a domestic stalking protective order and not paying child support. 

His mile-long rap sheet also includes an arrest for violating a no-contact order against an ex; an arrest for domestic assault charges; an arrest for failing several court-mandated drug tests and an arrest for “exhibition driving.” 

Surprisingly, Adam was never charged for sporting this mohawk from hell.

In February, Chelsea talked about her troubled baby daddy on Instagram Live, telling fans she believed Adam was doing “pretty good.” 

“Everyone wants to know about Aubree and her dad. I think he’s doing pretty good,” she said. “I don’t know because I don’t speak to him personally, but I have heard some good things, that he’s in a good place.” 

Chelsea said Aubree was still not “close” with her dad, though she continues to see Adam’s parents. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Getting thrown in jail for not paying child support does not mean the child support will be paid. In fact, it can make it even harder for the person to get a job. It’s mainly used as a scare tactic by Judges. Adam has been to jail enough times now to not be scared of being locked up.

  2. Chelsea not only was able to leave him, she’s also not letting him ride on her or Aubree’s tails for money or publicity.
    (I’m partly surprised MTV didn’t still try, as far as I know anyway, to make him his own cast member amidst and after their split the way they followed Gary, Ryan, Javi, Leah’s husbands, etc., outside of their children’s and TMs’ storylines. And we know MTV don’t care about multiple, heinous crime shit given Amber, Farrah, and Jenelle & David’s long runs before the latter three actually got booted)

  3. At this point , Adam should do two things . 1) sign his rights away so Cole can adopt Aubree and 2) quit holding on to that landing strip hair cut.

  4. How sad is it, that your parents see your own daughter, but you don’t… like WTF. AND you can’t even do the minimum of either see her or pay child support?! Anyway, I think Chelsea has come a LONG way and I am truly happy for her. She’s done a good job with Aubree and the rest of the littles and I’m glad she found a good man like Cole. Also, I think Cole should just adopt Aubree already- Adam needs to relinquish any legal rights. I know Chelsea would still allow Aubree to see her grandparents…

  5. I watched Teen Mom from the beginning and I know that Barbara didn’t just take Jace! Janelle was to wild to stay home and take care of him do she handed the baby over! I guess she thinks that no one will remember watching her first episodes on the show! If she can’t remember what she did then she needs to watch them herself!

  6. Actually was sitting next to them in an airport waiting for a flight this summer. The entire family was absolutely lovely and kind. Aubree is a pretty, confident, sweet young lady. She was playing with her younger siblings and helping to keep them entertained and the love between them was nice to see. A really great family dynamic between all of them. Chelsea was very nice and talked to us about their new show and was asking about places to go in the town where we live.

  7. He was a sucky parent to begin with but I am sure the show didn’t help his ego. I think he got worse as the years went on. That is no excuse but some people(a lot) just can’t do tv without it affecting their whole lives and others around them. At least his kids have a good family to make up for it.

    1. True, but honestly I think Adam would have turned out the same way regardless of Teen Mom 2. He was never a central character and he squandered his “fame” (lol) by being a huge asshole from day one. As a person in recovery I hope he can get himself together and get some help, for his own sake and his family’s, but a person like him isn’t going to change until he decides to. He’s stubborn af and has never seemed to want to acknowledge any wrongdoing, so we’ll see I guess.

  8. He needs to just give up his rights already. He’s only hanging on because he wants to annoy Chelsea. He never cared about Aubree. I will never forget that evil text he sent to Chelsea calling Aubree a mistake when she was literally days old.

    1. Me neither, he should have signed over his rights then instead of making the threat and Chelsea not pressing the issue because if he’d have signed his rights off THEN, then the fact that she was older NOW would not be an issue. That way Cole could have adopted her as soon as he came into the picture. Not having a father for 4 years would have been WAY better than having A-d-a-m. He’s never been anything but a sperm donor. Plus she had Randy to fill in that 4 year gap prior to Cole.

      I agree that he’s just holding on to annoy Chelsea. But 5 more years then Aubree can cut off all communication if she chooses.

  9. Why hasn’t he given up his parental rights to Aubree so Cole can adopt her. It seems like that would be the best situation for everyone.

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly because of his parents. They had more of a relationship with Aubree and were pretty against him signing his rights away. Also, Paislee was much younger than Aubree, so when Taylor asked him, it wasn’t going to affect Paislee in the same way. Aubree was older and still wanted a relationship with Adam, so I don’t think Chelsea ever pushed it.

  10. Wow. Aubree looks so much like Adam.

    I really wished that Chelsea didn’t edit/filter Aubree’s photos. Those glam filters are so destructive to someone’s self esteem.

  11. “We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes―understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.” Sir Nibs

    stay lit

  12. At least Aubree has a relationship with her paternal grandparents and has an involved step-dad. It’s sad what has happened to Adam, but I don’t recall him ever being a nice person. His words and actions, even during 16&P and early TM seasons, spoke a lot about his terrible character.

    I’m glad Chelsea involved the paternal grandparents as well as Maci in their kids’ lives.

  13. When Adam doesn’t get his shit together further, he will be arrested, have to post bail at least once a year until he is 90. All the fees and fines on top of what he owes will add up.
    I can’t imagine employers are happy about this. When he can’t pay bail, he’ll have to stay.

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