Frank Fritz Remains At Rehabilitation Center Following “Debilitating” July Stroke; Former ‘American Pickers’ Star Will Require Continued Care After His Release

Frank Fritz is continuing to recover after a July stroke reportedly left the American Pickers star “unable to care for himself.”  

The Sun reports that the 59-year-old was found on the floor of his Iowa home on July 14 by a friend after suffering a stroke. Frank was hospitalized for nearly two months before being sent to a rehabilitation center, where he currently remains.

A “longtime friend” of Frank’s filed an emergency appointment of guardian and conservator for Frank back in August and just last week, the friend filed a Guardian’s Initial Care Plan for Protected Persons. According to this plan, the guardian– who visits Frank weekly in person– is responsible for facilitating all care needs, providing transportation to all medical appointments and helping with all social and domestic needs. 

(The Sun confirmed earlier this month that while Frank’s former co-star and BFF Mike Wolfe has expressed concern for Frank’s health, he is not involved in his former friend’s conservatorship or temporary guardianship.)

Though Frank’s discharge date has not been revealed, prior to returning home from the rehabilitation center, the former History Channel star will need “ramps” installed at his Iowa farmhouse, as well as “handles” in the shower and toilet. Frank’s appointed guardian will assist as Frank continues physical therapy. They will also help Frank with his Crohn’s disease treatment and be on hand to help Frank grocery shop, cook, and “get Frank to any activity he feels up to.” 

In court documents obtained earlier this month, it was stated that decisions must be made for Frank’s “care and placement while he continues to recover and receive treatment for his injuries.” 

“Appointment of a guardian and conservator is necessary to avoid immediate harm to him,” the documents continued. 

It was previously reported that Frank’s friend/guardian would also be responsible for paying for Frank’s care, as well as controlling his business dealings and companies, and paying the mortgage on Frank’s home. The guardian is also required to file annual reports, including health updates. 

Meanwhile, the appointed temporary conservator (a bank) is responsible for handling Frank’s financial affairs as he continues to recover and receive treatment. 

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(Photos: History Channel; Instagram) 

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  1. I never watched the show (or very much TV for that matter) but knew of him. 59yo is too young to have a stroke musta had atherosclerosis and didn’t know it. People really need to obtain a basis at around 40yo. At least obtain a lipid panel workup. if its wacked maybe do further testing like ultrasound of coronaries and carotids. note that wacked lipids are caused by hereditary factors in conjunction with consuming too many carbs over long periods. it sounds like cognitive is being affected? I heard that Frank took a rather passive attitude on the show, probably his nature. he also has Crohn’s (that’s nasty!). so sad…

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