Frank Fritz’s Friend Files For Emergency Conservatorship After Stroke Leaves Former ‘American Pickers’ Co-Host “Unable To Care For Himself”

A friend of Frank Fritz has filed for an emergency conservatorship of the American Pickers star, claiming that Frank’s July 2022 stroke has left the former co-host “unable to care for himself.”

According to The Sun, Frank’s friend filed an emergency appointment of temporary guardian and conservator for the 58-year-old on August 18, a month after Frank was hospitalized after suffering a stroke. Frank remained hospitalized for a month following the incident and was reportedly set to be released to a nursing facility August 19.

In documents filed in Iowa, Frank’s “longtime friend” claimed the stroke has impaired Frank’s “decision-making capacity” to the point where the History Channel star is no longer able to care for his own safety or provide necessities such as food, shelter, clothing or medical care. 

“[Frank’s] decision-making capacity is so impaired that he is unable to make, communicate, or carry out important decisions concerning his own financial affairs,” the documents continue. 

A doctor reportedly confirmed in the court documents that Frank “does not have decisional capacity,” with the file noting that decisions need to be made for Frank “while he continues to recover and receive treatment for his injuries.” 

While it is being requested that a separate “longtime friend” be Frank’s guardian, a bank would be named the conservator and handle Frank’s financial affairs. Financial obligations include paying for Frank’s residential facility, control of business interests, mortgage, everyday living expenses, transportation to medical appointments and more. 

As fans of ‘American Pickers’ may recall, Frank mysteriously disappeared from the History Channel series in 2020, with his co-host Mike Wolfe providing a vague explanation for his absence, stating it was due to Frank having back surgery. Frank revealed in an interview the following year that he and Mike hadn’t spoken in two years. Frank also accused ‘American Pickers’ of being “tilted” to make Mike the star and insinuated that Mike had become arrogant over the show’s 22 seasons. 

In response, Mike confirmed on social media that Frank would no longer be on ‘American Pickers’ but stated that he wished him the best. 

“I have known Frank for as long as I can remember, he has been like a brother to me,” Mike wrote in July 2021. “The journey that Frank, Dani [Colbi] and I started back in 2009, like all of life, has come with its highs and lows, blessings and challenges, but it has also been the most rewarding…I will miss Frank, just like all of you, and I pray for the very best and all good things for him on the next part of his journey.” 

Despite their feud, Mike shared the news of Frank’s stroke back in July on social media, noting that although he and Frank’s friendship has been strained in recent years, Frank’s recovery is far more important. 

“I have been very private in the past year in regards to Frank’s life and the journey he’s been on,” Mike wrote. “There has been lots of opinions in regards to mine and Frank’s friendship and the show but now is not the time to set the record straight. Now is the time to pray for my friend.” 

Mike went on to tell his social media followers that his former co-star had suffered a stroke and was in the hospital, asking that they keep Frank in their “hearts and thoughts.” 

“Frank, I pray more than anything that you make it through this okay,” he added. “I love you buddy.” 

UPDATE! According to court documents obtained by The Sun, Mike is not on of the two close friends who has filed for the conservatorship to help Frank. Click here for more details!

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(Photos: History Channel; Instagram) 

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  1. Frank, you are and will be in my
    Thoughts as long as you are recovering from this stroke. I wish you a full recovery, stay strong you can beat this.

  2. Mike claims they are family yes they are frank is in real trouble and Mike runs away how do sleep knowing your a fake friend your a real sweet heart Mike hopefully you you’re show disappear dumbass what is dani doing oh what Mike says

  3. Very sad. That’s what usually happens when you get to big on TV. I hope they mend there situation.. Whatever it may be.

  4. Frank, my dear friend. I was crushed to hear of your stroke and where it has left you. Fight like hell my friend, you have so much life left to live. My thoughts and prayers are with you, always ♡

  5. MY mom had a stroke and it lift her paralyzed on the left side but didn’t slow her down much she was a pretty tough old lady so My prayers for Frank is too stay tough my mom had her about 40 years ago so with modern medicine being so more advanced than it was then I truly hope they have more tricks up there sleeves then they had back then my prayers are with you Frank stay in there

  6. My dearest Frank, I pray that you are recovering even if it is a slow process God has a plan and I don’t believe he’s done with you yet I know I’m not. May God’s grace guide the hands of the Physicians that are caring for you. I’m just a simple person from a little town in Jonestown Pennsylvania but if there was anything I could do I would do it I would care for you. I took care of my father-in-law for the last 6 years of his life. I’m blessed to have known you even through a television show but I’ve always felt a special place for you in my heart. We will all be praying for you still at my church and I pray for you daily. My beloved friend I truly care. I’m grateful to have had this outlet for me to use to express my deepest concerns and prayers for your continued health. God bless us all my friend.?❤

  7. Frank was the only reason I watched. When Frank left, there was no longer a reason to watch. He WAS the star of the show, imho.

    Wish nothing but the best for Frank!

  8. Mike, your treatment of frank is very poor! He was as much a star of the show as you were, and sometimes, even more so, because he spoke off the cuff whereas you sounded always scripted. I will no longer watch americanpickers, just give me my wonderful antiques roadshow! A show with so much more class! Bye bye!

  9. Mike u should man up and make Frank’s life as easy as possible. Your success is directly connected to Frank. What wether u realize it or not I met you several years ago at Eddie Trotta’s custom Harley shop in ft Lauderdale and you were a stand up guy! don’t Fuk that up by being selfish Michael! Your buddy needs you to come correct!

  10. Loved the show! Loved they people in the show! All of them. God bless you Frank. Hopefully you pull through.. you and Mike always put a smile on my face seeing them old toys we had as kids. Keep the memories close to your heart. Love you guys!!

  11. Frank I ? you slowly recover from your stroke. Take your time and let God Blessings continue to shower you daily ? AMEN. Never hold bitterness in your heart. God have great things for you.
    Frank you will rebound, first your health is more important than trying to get back on the scene. Let God guide you ?. Amen.

  12. Are you guys trying to violate HIPAA laws? Whatever a doctor says about a patient should not be blasted all over the Internet, regardless if the individual is famous or not. And any information about what is going on with him should be private.

  13. American pickers One of My Favorites PLEASE Continue and My Best to Frank’s Recovery I Feel So Bad GODBLESS HIM ???

  14. I hope and pray that Frank can recover and get back to life…I also hope this “longtime friend” can be trusted with Frank’s well-being…please family step in…

  15. That’s bullshit it just sounds like someone is s after his collection and money I’m sure once when Frank gets better he’ll be able to take care of himself and his collection he wouldn’t let all that get away from him that easy

  16. I have watched the series since it has been on I would like to say this is when you know who your real fiends are.i know how it goes I believe that a true friend would be there by his friend now this is what the true meaning of friend is above all other thing it’s like a marriage till death do you part and yes I have such friends.

  17. I have been a fan since the beginning of looking for “Rusty Gold “.
    We lived in Nashville during those years and grew up watching their journey into the cultural settings of downtown Nashville. Driving by the ” extension shop” ,the wife and I had occasionally visited.
    So sorry to hear this news and to wish Frank a speedy recovery, assuming he’s LeClaire,Iowa.
    God speed FRANK!
    DR.T.J. Byron, Poulsbo, WA.

  18. Frank focused mainly on oil cans and toys, both small ticket items. His attempts to buy old cars and motorcycles was nowhere close to Mike’s finds. Also, he had instances of berating an item in an attempt to buy for less.

    While I pray for his recovery and return to better health, the show will go on. I don’t care for Mike’s brother, he is boring and has no real value to the show.

  19. I just want to say my whole family loves watching American Pickers, especially my mother. We all love everybody on the show. Frank, we are all praying for you to completely recover. Always with love in our hearts.
    Cindy Brown-West from Dalton Ga.

  20. I’m sorry to hear about your health issues ? I hope an pray you heal. And your health returns back unto you. Your buddy Mike still cares about you an I hope he takes time to visi I’m a newbie just started watching the show you were equally funny an enjoyable to watch God bless you take care. Bye 4 now. Debbra

  21. Frank I am sorry to hear ? that you suffered a stroke and are suffering from the effects of your accident!???? I am also someone who is affected by something like this also but more importantly I have someone who is affected by this and he’s more important than ever to me and he’s my dad and he’s a survivor of a stroke about 8 years ago and he’s paralyzed of Left arm and left leg and he’s a bit softer spoken and yet he’s a survivor of life and what it can throw at us and so I hope that you are able to overcome this as well good luck with your recovery and keep smiling if that’s all you can do from now on that is a blessing plus the mere fact that you are alive speaks of a higher power that I call Jesus Christ and God our Father ? Amen

  22. Frank I wish you the best in your stroke recovery. My wife has and is going through the same. She had her stroke 15 months ago and it has been a long fight. She still can not stand or take a step. She still has a problem with short term memory. It may take take a few months or few years but I am told to keep working with her and she wi get better. I would tell you the same. Don’t give up the fight because it will be the hardest fight you have ever had. Best of luck and God bless you Frank.

  23. Awwww I’m so sorry to learn the news of Frank. We all know tho he will never b the same. We can only hope that he will come around enough to have some kind of life. I wish u well Frank, keep trying, don’t give up. Your a funny guy I really liked u on TV. Even tho u may have felt Mike was bullying u, he really helped u out, bring the attention to u. Laugh, I’d Crack the hell up! Mike he was the stick in the mud. U always made it fun, interesting. Do take care of yourself, or who’s going to take care of Frank, cuz he can’t do it himself no more. I’m sorry.

  24. I hate to hear it for all involved. Frank needs to sail in that golden voyage. Mike needs to carry on the Biz—-and very possibly hire ME to bring light entertainment & treasure sorting/ collecting interest to the show.

  25. Praying for Frank to make a full recovery. Just when he was getting his life in order he suffered this stroke. A true friend would have been by his side not posting BS on social media.

  26. We hope frank can totally recover from this. It’s a long hard fight back and all of his friends and family is needed for support and helping him get through this. He could make a full recover with the support and tough love the is needed. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Blessing to you for giving us all the blessings throughout your time on the show.

  27. Mike asked us fans to pray for Frank. But has HE prayed for Frank? Has he gone to visit him in the hospital? Or at the nursing home?
    Love the show and all the actors.
    I recently stopped talking to my good friend that I’ve known for 27 years. He recently drove through my town in Missouri for the 3rd time this year and wouldn’t stop to see me. Not even for 30 minutes and we hadn’t seen eachother in 5 years. But if I heard that something happened to him, I’d be there.

  28. Frank…man I am so sorry to hear of your condition. You were the true ‘LIFE BLOOD’ of your show. Miss you being a normal guy. Hope your situation can be eased with help from everyone who loves you. Hang in there…

  29. Mike please go to Frank and be close to him. Love – Charity- covers a multitude of mistakes … you know the scripture
    Love truly heals
    When people are down
    Hug them
    Stay with them
    Until they’re better…

  30. I really feel sorry for Frank. Apparently he has had a miserable personal life with no wife or kids and lots of loneliness. I know what he’s going through in that case. And now his health down the drain. Why are some of us cursed like this?

  31. Wow I have been watching American Pickers for a long long time. I am so sad about Frank’s health issues. I know strokes can be pretty bad. My Dad had one and has never recovered fully. I pray for you Frank Fritz every day. Please know that many people love you, including me, and how much more God loves you. Keep Him close to your heart brother. He will heal and protect you in Jesus Name. Peace and comfort be with you for the rest of your days. Cherish all these social media messages. They are your strength and refuge when times get tough for you. Always in my thoughts and prayers, Jonathan Elliott. ?

  32. Please know that you have fans in Tennessee that r praying for Frank and hope that the problems the two of us have will be mended

  33. Frank I have seen you on the show many time you and your partner Evaluate things different, I pray for speedy recovery for your mind / body and Journey to do all of the amazing things your heart Desire??…
    And those Angles who’s at your side♥️

  34. Hope you recover from your stroke. I lost my fiance/ daughter’s father from a stroke back in 2018 he was also 58 when he had his stroke but died a day after. Prayers for you. ????

  35. Hate to hear about Frank. I always enjoyed watching the show and how Frank and Mike would kid around. Prayers and thoughts are with Frank and Mike during this difficult time. Also for Dani.

  36. Hate to hear about Frank. I always enjoyed watching the show and how Frank and Mike would kid around. Prayers and thoughts are with Frank and Mike during this difficult time.

  37. God bless you in this difficult time in life your in my prayers for a safe and speedy recovery keep your faith God will carry you thru the storm he will never leave you are forsake you Amen…????

  38. Frank was a friend. and mike and frank shared a life an friendship together. May they both realize this and Don’t spoil their memories of each other because as they enter the last days of their life they will always have the untainted memory of their years together and close friendship. Something money can’t buy and nobody can take away from you

  39. As a stroke survivor, my heart goes out you, Frank. I hope and pray you return to your old self as much as possible and continue your adventure as captain n of your ship. Rikk

  40. I miss Frank from the show Mike is a show stealing freaking ass Mike thinks he’s the whole show but he’s just an asshole and Danielle is just a big fat nothing that thinks she’s great but she sucks Mike’s brother should also drop off the show God Bless you Frank the show’s favorite can’t be replaced by anyone don’t watch the show unless Frank is able to return

  41. I hope and pray that Frank gets through these rough time. My mother had one and it changed her to no end. She could walk and talk but short term memory was just gone. Prayers my friend, watched you all the time.

  42. My mom and I loved your show, she was a big fan and still is even though I was a little bit more of a pawn Stars fangirl.

    But you guys had a lot of things I look forward to and I’ve watched your show since 2009!

    All the best of luck Frank.

  43. Dear Frank,the show doesn’t seems the. Same without you.I pray you recover completely.GOD be with you on your recovery,I believe many people miss you as much as I do.Get well soon.If I knew what place you are staying,I’m sure your fans would send you cards.Take one day at a time.We miss you.Just one of your fans.Pat Johansen

  44. Hey Frank we are praying for you buddy…May the Lord heal ya and Bless ya each day and keep ya and make his face shine upon ya….you got this don’t give up… From Brandy and Rafael right here in Central Kentucky in the Bluegrass known as Turtleman Country

  45. I miss seeing frank on the show .it just doesn’t seem real anymore without him. Sending lot of love

    Jen Jenkins

  46. All the Best Frank I truly wish you a speedy recovery my prayers are with you every day you made the show what it was please get well Frank ???

  47. Whatever happened between you two stays there. I know my husband and I enjoyed all the episodes we saw with Frank and Mike. You could always feel the passion they had for the pick and the respect and love they felt for one another. No matter the issue they find themselves in now, there is no denying the wonderful memories they will always have of each other. I pray for both of them and wish them both well.

  48. I pray for Frank’s recovery. He and Mike have been an amazing part of my life as both a picker and as a guiding beacon of how to treat other’s in business. Thank you Frank Fritz.

  49. American pickers is no longer watched in our home. God speed your recovery, s survivor of 4 strokes and 2 brain aneurysms, hang in there Frank. You made the show!! God bless you and you are my prayers. LuLu

  50. I’m sorry to hear about your stroke, and yes we all are praying for you, we love ?? U and pray for the best for you, Stay strong and don’t let this get you down,My brother had a really bad stroke ,It took a while as my oldest sister their twins would go every morning and massage his feet and legs and after about a month he was able to walk again, Frank you are a very strong Man and in my heart ❤️ I know you will be back on your feet. Prayer ? coming your way, We love ?? U Be strong…!! I ask our Heavenly Father to Please be with Frank in this time of need and watch over him and please give him the strength to get through this sickness Father.In The Name Of Jesus Christ Amen!!! And Thank You Father Amen.

  51. A TV show is TV but life is real. Lord lift up Frank and You know his needs. You know which friend has his best interest at heart and so does the court to care for him. I will not trash the show because none of us know the behind the scenes real people. Who are we to judge them? Love you all and God Bless

  52. Hey Mike,
    YOU have been a terrible friend to Danny. You have been so selfish,egotistical, and greedy in your “busy” life. And I stopped watching when Danny left. You are not THAT good! Just remember, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. And to tell you the truth, you will deserve it. Sorry I am on Danny’s side in this. God bless Danny and all the best for you!!

  53. BS Mike! Never mind the platitudes. Take care of Frank, he was an integral part of your and the show’s success!

  54. You are not fooling anyone but yourself. I hope the judge does not give you access to his bank his house his personal things his finance. You saw an opportunity and you believe you’re entitled to that shame on you shame on you. So why the person is down right now you going to try to ease your way in and steal his fortune his money his finance I hope somebody sees what I see I see right through you you a snake in the ground may God have mercy on you how could you do that to your own friend y’all haven’t spoken in 2 years and now that he had a stroke you think you can come in and take over and ownership wow this is messed up I pray whoever the judges does not and will not allow you to have any say in his finance or anything else. I hope and pray I’m wrong cuz it would be truly sincere that you were being honest but I’ve seen too many snakes when money is involved and they think their family members or their friend is near death they can swap swoop in and just gobble everything up shame on you the devil is a liar.

  55. Obviously Mr. fritz is not going to read any of these comments. It’s really cool that people are trying to live and support Frank in the only way they know, which is usually in the comment section of any article that talks about American Pickers, and mentions Mike and Frank’s apparent falling out a few years ago and mentions the Stroke Frank recently experienced that has now left him needing to be cared for 24 hours a day. This is incredibly sad and tradjic news to hear about someone that so many people knew and enjoyed on a very popular reality T.V. show. Frank will never be back and a part of American Pickers at this point. Although there weren’t any recent discussions concerning bringing Frank back onto the show. This recent development takes that possibility completely off the table. Frank has been missed as a intricate part of what made that show so enjoyable in the past. The show isn’t quite the same now and it’s deffinetly been affected by eliminating Frank and Mike’s interactions. Now all we can do is Pray for Frank and his current health issues he is dealing with and ask God to bless Frank and allow Frank to fully heal to enjoy the rest of his life. In Jesus Name, Amen. God Bless you Mr. frank Fritz ♥️??

  56. I love u Frank!Miss u more then ever. My husband & I watch u on UR show of American Pickers reruns. U take care of ur self & wish u the best. Love u buddy. From Rick & Rose Trevino from Richland MI 49083

  57. You’re a piece of work. You have lost it. Frank, your wife, daughter, the show. For what ? Money ? ? ?, a woman at least twice your youth. Your taking everything down as you go. Live in peace

  58. If you are friends, then you visit, you show you care. You don’t jump on social media, to express your sympathies, and well wishes. You show up, to see them, you visit. You don’t draw attention to yourself. It is not about you. I feel Mike is selfish and dropped Frank, in order to place family in his position. I used to love American Pickers and Frank made the show. I don ‘t watch it anymore.

  59. I know how hard it is to recover from a stroke because I had one in March of 2022. It is a hard road to travel. God bless you frank & pray you a speedy recovery..Emily


  61. Praying ??For Frank To Be Healed From His Stroke And Recover Quickly In Jesus Name I Pray Amen????????
    God Bless You…✝️

  62. Dear Frank
    So very sorry to hear of your illness. I always liked watching you on American pickers. I will say a prayer for you to feel better. I’m so glad you have someone who will care for you.

  63. Frank, I was so sorry, to hear of your stroke. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I am an avid fan of American Pickers, and have missed seeing you on there. May your recovery be a speedy one. You are loved!!

      1. Someone can definitely read them to him. Part of the healing process. lmao ~ right back atcha.
        I Luv ya Frank Fritz. Get well.

  64. Sending lots of love ❤ and some extra (((hugs)))!
    Always in our prayers here in San Antonio,Texas

  65. So sorry. Praying comfort and blessing for Frank. Always enjoyed Frank on the show. Not the same without him. ??❤️

  66. Best wishes to Frank and all that stand by him during this time. That said I’m surprised that something like popularity gained from a TV show could cause a friendship to be shattered. Given the amount of time Mike stated they were friends, it’s terrible something designed for entertainment be a ticking time bomb on a friendship. Really you bought that? Of course it did, in what was two friends in business together quickly became a competition. Now both men aren’t just aquiring items, there competing for alpha. Look I loved the show, and both them and Dani were great. I hate most that a friendship hit rocks but there both intelligent men and I’m sure there are women in there lives that can work things out for them. (My wife asked/made me write that. Good luck

  67. Push on get a yes/no chart answer be a part of your recoery.. Don’t leave your work to others.. fight for your self
    I have ms i have lost my ability to walk. Take charge or give up and get out the way

    Be tough!!

  68. Frank I am praying for you and keeping you close to my heart. Be strong and fight the fight of life. You deserve so much better and what happened on the show… Well i believe you were done dirty. Looking forward to seeing positive news regarding your recovery. Peace and love to you….. Dee from Pennsylvania

  69. I’m saddened to hear about Frank and pray he recovers. Hug uour loved ones now, so hou won’t regret not doing do later.

  70. Thanks Guys for all the Knowledge of the past ,and Thank You Frank for all the Knowledge on Toys Looking forward to your Speedy recovery M.H.W. (Boogie)

    1. Dear Frank
      I am so sorry your not doing well I will say a prayer for you
      That you will get better. I’m so glad you have someone to care for you.

  71. Frank i hope you feel better!!! I will not watch the show anymore because Mike played you dirty. Karma will get him!!! His ratings are very low and they will go lower. Frank you take care of yourself and a fast recovery. God bless you.

  72. I feel so horrible about Frank’s situation. I pray for a full recovery!! I just cannot imagine him not being able to do the things he loves!! Me and my elderly Mother have watched Pickers for years. We loved that show, it’ll not be the same without him!!! Shame on Mike for abandoning him in his time of need. What a prick!!!!!!

  73. I think Frank should have his fair share from the show cause he was the co owner wasn’t he. If anything change the name from Amercian pickers to family pickers or traveling pickers something in that line so Mike and the others can start fresh. God will lead them to where they need to be love the show. Whated ever episode.

  74. Prayers for Frank go to bott radio .com on your computer free audio bible app on cell phone hope you get better soon prayers

  75. Donna nichols if u watched American pickers the way I do u will notice when Dave sent Mike to grizzly Adams to pick Dave gave him the same deal Dave told Mike anything over 200 Mike had to get his permission first so yeah that’s a code they have with each other

  76. I wish you the best of recovery,Frank. I know what you’re going through because I had a stroke years ago (that I never recovered from) and my wife just recently had one which she at least has a chance to recover. Our love, prayers and blessings go out to you and Mike to recoup your friendship. All our love always , Fred and Bridget.

  77. Prayers for Frank and for him to know so many really care about him. As for Mike and the show please remove. It was and is obvious what matters to Mike. It’s very stupid program now with Mike and his brother. Frank was the heart of the show.

  78. Mike you treated Frank like dirt since the show started. He was the real star not you and your high and mighty opinion of yourself.I haven’t watched since Frank left and don’t plan to again. Get well soon Frank, miss you greatly.

  79. I think Mike Wolfe is a lying POS and couldn’t care less about Frank Fritz….if he cared so much about Frank, when was the last time he went to visit him or spend some time with him. I think Mike was planning to bring his brother Robbie on board all along. I have been a fan since day one, but I had noticed some of the
    uneasy and disgusted looks on Franks face on several shows. I think that Mike is all about Mike, and now his brother and Dani…I no longer watch the show, and I think their ratings are starting to tank. Shame on you Mike Wolfe…you are as phony as a three dollar bill.

  80. I like thd show living in nashville i have been to the store a few times. I hope Frank recovers and is restored to life. I will pray for him.

  81. Mike Wolfe shame on you for treating Frank the way you have.if he was truly a friend you would reach out to him,bring him back as a guest and give him a meaning in the person you person that you portray on pickers.o by the way your brother his personality does not fit the type of show you’re having he really doesn’t fit in that’s just one in a million opinions

  82. Dear Frank

    I have loved getting to know you on American Pickers.
    I was always thrilled when you found something from KISS.
    Please get better. I hope you are getting the care you need,
    And you feel safe so you can recover quickly.

    My love and prayers are with you
    Come back to us☺️

  83. To me frank is not my favorite but Mike seems sneaky to me Robie should stay home and jersy Mike seems honest Mike and frank know the business so to me Mike, dani and jersey Mike should run show. I’ve had a stroke so it will be a long time for frank. For me I have lost it for the show it has become to false

  84. I really feel sad to hear this about Frank Fritz. I really enjoyed the show when I used to watch many years ago. God Bless Frank and his health. I keep wondering where is his family? I mean I just read his friend will be his guardian. Does any one know? ???.

  85. I am so sorry to hear about frank, I know personally how when you,very been so vibrant then something changes. In your life that you feel abandoned. It,s not true life has to ho on but you find out who your re a l friends are. The ones that really care will find you!merri God be with you Frank And God Bless.

  86. I think that frank,was lucky enough, to ride with you,and jealous!! Frank is a? Selfish man, he never fitted!! Wolfe,made the show,Frank,just tried to succeed of him!!! Frank is a loser,and his trouble, and carelessness, of his health, is his problem!! Mike Wolfe,has every right,to kick,that roach,off his back!!! Frank,you are going to try,and milk this,as much as you can!! Nobody likes,you, and you know it!! You rather sink the ship,than to say you where the problem!! And all of you, eating Frank’s crap,you would do the same thing,cut the,anchor holding you back!! Frank I wish you the best, but it doesn’t look good! B4 2023

  87. Frank just trust in God The Best is yet to come. Doctors tell me I have 5 years to live that was in 2020 but God is good by his stripes we are healed Jesus paid the price just look up. Your sister in Christ Marie.

  88. I’ve been watching the Pickers for years now, and I’m always right with them in their hunt for junk! I,too love to look at old things and I can see why these men love what they do, but I have to say that I miss Frank Fritz since he left the show! He was always so funny and I hope that his health improves! I’ve been following this since he had the stroke and my prayers are sincere! As for the actual show..I’ve found that Mike’s brother doesn’t compare to Frank, when it comes to his actions or attraction on the show! He’s just not cut out to fill Frank’s shoes!!! My prayers go out to Frank and his family and I hope he gets better soon! I think I understood that he + Mike were lifelong friends and I do hope that they can work out all the difference that Mike says had come about! There’s nothing like a friend who has always been there and it seems, from all I’ve read, that Mike hasn’t come to that realization yet! I sure hope he does + that frank is well taken care of, something that the shows revenue should have no problem doing!!! Bless you Frank Fritz, and you as well, Mike. Please see that your friend never ever needs a thing! I’m sure he’d be there for you if things were that way instead! As for your brother…I really hope you can find another, who’d be more like Frank on the show, and bring those ratings back up! Bless you all…Sonjia

  89. God bless you Frank that show is nothing without you and you did not ever and I mean never get enough recognition

  90. Frank always was my favorite between the two of them. I am not a very religious person but I pray for them both.

  91. Praying for you Frank, Lord Please Wrap Your Loving Arms Around Frank Through This Very Difficult Time, Love You Brother!

  92. Will never watch pickers again, after what mike did to put his no talent brother and jersey whatever his name is on the show, completely destroyed the ambience of the show. What a good buddy he is, LOSER, I suppose Daniel got a hefty raise too.

  93. We wish frank will be healed in Jesus name we also pray the he accepts Jesus as his personal savior things will be much better .. keep it going much love from one of your. Fan s. God bless

  94. It’s Mike that people have problem with, but Frank and now Robbie are taking the hit. The arrogance and self obsessed attitude Mike’s developed over time has come across loud and clear in later episodes.Viewers like me don’t like it and tune out. It was seen in episode w/Dave when Mike limited amount Dave could spend w/o asking his permission. Mike thought this was somehow funny.Dave blew by this and bought what he wanted w/o making big deal of it. Mike’s response was one of a spoiled brat, but this wasn’t funny anyway. Mike wanted Dave to kiss the ring. People like Jersey John. Mike doesn’t like that either-jealous. When Mike’s enthusiastic about something- it’s important and worthy of camera time. He goes on at length impressing himself and everyone. If Jersey is enthusiastic about his interests-and they’re different interests than Mike’s, the time he spends talking about an item w/excitment clearly makes Mike jealous. He doesn’t like anyone getting camera time he thinks he should have. He then more or less mocks Jersey, Dhani or anyone else who has something interesting to say.He comes across as dismissing Jerseys interest and knowledge as a waste of time because camera not on him. This is unattractive Mike behavior. He’s the star? Who cares? He knows Dhani’s aware of the hand that feeds and she generally appropriately worships at Mikes alter so no big problems there. Robbies ok. To the extent he’ll stand up to Mike, he’ll be accepted and gain popularity. Robbie also knows Mike’s arrogance. Once Mike’s attitude became so conceited, self-impressed and self-important, show began to lose viewers. If Mike acknowledged, respected,appreciated and valued others many contributions to the show, Mike would be better and continue to be popular- gaining not losing viewers. Instead Mike comes across as a spoiled arrogant brat. Viewers don’t like it and tune out. Mikes created this problem. He needs to have his head adjusted and graciously learn to share ‘HIS’ camera time or more will continue to tune out until it’s over.

    1. You will be in my prayers Frank….will everyone please stop judging Mike…no ones place to judge or assume anything

    2. Frank, stay strong. We have very strong faith in you. We miss watching you on pickers. But we believe soon as your better, you can start your own picking.. you got everything it takes. But most of all.. you have all your fans cheering for you. Stay positive Frank. Let the Lord heal you in every way possible. We need you back. We can call it Frank’s New journey … We love you Frank. You will be in our prayers.

  95. AP has run it’s course. Mike is & always has been a bully. DC has been 2 faced where Frank is concerned she kisses up to MW Robbie may be a nice guy but when he’s around his brother he acts just like him…a jerk. Time to remove AP & move on….

  96. Miss him on the programme already what a personality wish him a speedy recovery Bless him with loads of love Pat and family xxxx

  97. Awww poor frank we love you my sweet man our prayers are with you for a full recovery. Pickers is nit the same without you You always took a back seat so Mike could shine BUT YOU WERE THE STAR. We love you ♥️♥️♥️♥️???????

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