EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Cheyenne Floyd & Zach Davis Are Married: Get All the Exclusive Details & Photos From Their Over-the-Top Ceremony

“We are hitched!”

Wedding bells rang for Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis on Thursday!

The Teen Mom OG stars— who are now starring on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter— got married in an outdoor ceremony held at the Langham Huntington hotel in Pasadena, California, on Thursday night. 

The Ashley can confirm that the ceremony was held in the hotel’s circular garden, where about 250 guests watched Cheyenne walk down the aisle, accompanied by her father, Kyle Floyd. In true Cheyenne form, the aisle was extravagant, made from reflective material to make it appear she was walking on glass.

Chey’s daughter Ryder was dressed in an adorable white tulle dress. Cheyenne’s nephew and son Ace went down the aisle in style, riding in mini cars.

Cheyenne— dressed in a white trumpet-style bridal gown with a sweetheart bust and a long flowing veil (and a huge white floral bouquet)– made her way to Zach, who wore a white tuxedo (with short pants and no socks), and stood in front of a huge arch of white flowers.


A live band played during the procession, with a live choir singing “I Feel Jesus Everywhere” and “The Wait Is Over” as Chey walked down the aisle with her dad.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that as Cheyenne approached Zach, her dad gave her a long hug, causing the minister to joke that it was time to let her go.

“The ceremony was very beautiful, with the minister telling Zach and Cheyenne that Ryder and Ace will look to them to see what a woman and man should be,” the source said. “The sun set during the ceremony, so by the time they were saying their vows it was basically pitch black with only them being illuminated by candles all around.”


“Zach told Cheyenne that love is more than just a feeling; it’s an action and that he vowed to show her that forever,” the source added. “He thanked her parents for raising a queen.” 

After Zach and Cheyenne were pronounced husband and wife, a troupe of African dancers came down the aisle and performed before everyone exited.


While Cheyenne previously stated in interviews that she was not sure if she wanted her wedding filmed for MTV, The Ashley can confirm that the wedding was, indeed, filmed, with a full crew present at the wedding to capture every over-the-top moment.

While MTV had the go-ahead to film, the wedding guests did not. A sign was placed in front of the ceremony site, informing all guests that this was to be an “unplugged” wedding and that no cell phones or cameras were allowed to be used (except by MTV, of course!) 

“We invite you to be fully present with us during our ceremony,” the sign read. “Kindly turn off all cellphones and cameras and enjoy this moment with us.” 

Chey and Zach’s wedding was full of MTV reality stars, including Nelson Thomas and Devin Walker of ‘The Challenge’ and ‘Teen Mom’ stars  Jade Cline and Sean Austin; Leah Messer and Jaylan MobleyCatelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra; Kiaya Elliott; and Gary Shirley. (His baby mama Amber Portwood did not appear to be present, according to The Ashley’s sources.) Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney also attended.

It appeared that Cheyenne’s first baby daddy, Cory Wharton, was not present. (The Ashley can’t 100 percent confirm that, though.)  

Check out more photos from the wedding below!


(Photos: MTV; property of The Ashley) 

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  1. This two are a very good looking couple! and I think we should live them love each other the way they want! Their wedding was swirling with glamour! The orchid bridal bouquet was stunning!?
    By the way, does anyone know where can we get the shoes zach was wearing? Or at least has pictures of them? ??

  2. Chey is really pretty, but not the dress I would have picked for her.

    I’m more surprised this she married with a criminal who has a history and rumors of stealing people’s identities, who is the SOLE reason her children were shot at.

    Like Chey is a beautiful college educated woman with a wealthy really nice family. Why him? Like does she not realize she can do better?

  3. The wedding looks like it was gorgeous. I like Cheyenne but I feel like she is so fake. Just like everybody in LA LA Land. Everything is always about image and perception with Cheyenne. She probably thinks of herself as a “brandThe fakeness is probably why Cory ran for the hills.

  4. Were there white babies in attendance? God forbid anyone say anything about black people BUT black people can surely be hateful towards others because they have been oppressed for years and have a “right” to do so. So gross. BP today are not oppressed, your ancestors were. Now grow up and be productive and positive. Chey just seriously rubbed me the wrong way and makes me feel ehhhh when I see her.

    1. jesus. i don’t agree with what she said years ago but to say black people aren’t oppressed anymore is a HUGE ignorant thing to say and if anything you’re coming off as the racist

      1. Nope. Not racist. I sound racist? But she doesn’t right? Saying she would kill white babies? Yeah not racist at all ??????
        No they’re not oppressed. They have free education up to a certain point like the rest of us. They can work like the rest of us. They like to complain about everything but they don’t progress AND THEN blame society for holding them back! I’m not white so let’s clear that up. I come from a super Mexican immigrant family. But we aren’t sitting back crying about being treated unfairly and then blame everyone else for my races struggles. That shit gets old real fast.
        You are doing as they wish. Act like what she said wasn’t racist and hateful. But you’re mad at me for saying what I said and calling me a racist?! Hilarious.

        1. i also come from a mexican immigrant family & your whole paragraph IS racist af. i never said what cheyenne said wasn’t racist but you’re no better than she was at the time. it’s 2022 you should be far more educated by now than to say poc aren’t oppressed especially after the deaths of george floyd, trayvon martin, breonna taylor, botham jean, and many more which has all happened in america. and in case u still don’t get it what cheyenne said was racist af but at least she’s actually apologized unlike some of these other moms and has been proving she doesn’t think like that anymore ever since yet racists like you will never let it go and justify it by saying micro-aggressive comments.

          1. You truly believed she apologized because she changed the way she thinks?! ???? how about she apologized because she was told to by her manager or MTV so she doesn’t lose her job!!! So because she had to make a public statement because of all the backpack she had to do it because she was told! And again I’m not racist at all! But I don’t tolerate hatefulness and then someone can just apologize and it goes away. Disgusting. She’s just learned her lesson to not put that out on the internet ya goof. You don’t know what she thinks. You’re defending a clear as day racist. Go pat yourself on the back.

            And again, they are not oppressed. And NO I do not follow those stories because why? Now if I don’t it’s cause I’m racist. If I don’t “educate” myself on these things I’m racist. Nah we are all the damn same in my eyes.

    2. Cheyenne is not oppressed. She probably feels like she should be but she is not.

      No one in America, where everyone is entitled to free education, is oppressed.

    3. I’m amazed at the level of hateful comments I’m seeing. Then I saw yours!!! You are a racist!!! Your level of white privilege is showing Becky!

      Maybe you should get outside of your little neighborhood you’ve probably grown up in and never left!!

      Perhaps you should go outside of your little all white community and get to know some people of different colors and cultures besides the 4 white folk you hang out with at the country club!

    4. Really? Do you not follow the news? Brianna Taylor or George Floyd ring a bell? I live in the city Brianna Taylor was murdered in by police officers, and they just published an article that listed all the ways the metro of falsified info in order to get a no knock warrant and they lied on the whole thing, then took it to a judge that they knew would not question anything.

    5. no you’re just racist in general and you’re still proving it with all these comments ✌️

    1. Congratulations to Cheyenne and Zach. This was a very beautiful wedding. May the memories last you a lifetime. I hope you guys keep accomplishing and growing into an amazing loving family and I wish you all the best surrounded by beautiful friends and family. You guys are doing a great job and nothing formed against you will prosper. Keep growing with love and light your extended spiritual family.

  5. Looks like that wedding cost a fortune. I guess it’s doable on Zach’s salary as an investment banker or lawyer or whatever he is. Oh, wait…. Enjoy that TM money while it lasts.

  6. Cheyenne said she wanted no drama at her wedding….Notice all the immature TM cast members aren’t there…No Briana, Ashley, or Kailyn in sight lol.

  7. omg you guys in the comment need to GET OVER IT. i’m white and was outraged by her tweets as well but that was years go and she has actually shown that she doesn’t think like that anymore and that she’s changed!! meanwhile you don’t see anyone giving jenelle or farrah the same type of hate y’all give cheyenne like they’re not still saying and doing racist things to this day

    1. Ppl HATE Jenelle and Farrah for many reasons.

      Tweets are like the least of their worries. Child abuse, animal abuse, yeah they weigh more than a tweet.

      I dont think she’s changed one bit. I think someone prompted an apology for her to write and case closed. Its over. She’s redeemed.
      I find her hateful, jealous and fake.

  8. Love this show and all of the extras bring on the I DOS.Haters gonna hate,but the LOVERS are gonna TRUMP EVERY TIME!!!!!Whoop!!!????❤❤?????

  9. She actually married that loser.. hahahahaahha so desperate. She’s also a racist scumb bag and if you dislike this you’re racist as well. She wants to hurt white babies! She’s a fake monster!


    1. I realize that whites cannot be oppressed, but blacks CAN and honestly, ARE racist without a doubt. Case in point… Cheyanne. And often they aren’t held accountable because God Forbid they be called out for the very thing they complain about. It’s gross.

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