‘Sister Wives’ Star Logan Brown Marries Michelle Petty In Ceremony Attended By Kody Brown & Wives: See Photos!

“At least I know I’ll never screw up my marriage as much as my dad has screwed up most of his.”

A member of the Brown family has said “I do…” 

…and, this time, it wasn’t Kody Brown.

Logan Brown, son of Kody and Janelle Brown, married fiance Michelle Petty on Saturday, in a ceremony attended by Kody and all of his wives–- both current and former.

According to Starcasm, Logan and Michelle’s wedding wasn’t filmed for Sister Wives, and was instead a privately funded event. 

Photos from Saturday have been pouring in on social media–- mostly by the couple, the wedding photographer, and other members of the Brown family, including Janelle, who shared a snapshot of herself with all of her children and her new daughter-in-law. 

“My kids,” Janelle wrote. “And the new bride and groom. Some of us are already sweating from the legendary Brown family dancing at events.” 

Janelle and Christine also posed for a photo together, which both ladies shared to their Instagram Story. 

Christine also posted a family photo with daughters Aspyn, Ysabel, Gwendlyn and Truely, who were all in attendance for Logan and Michelle’s big day. 

While it was initially speculated that neither Kody, Robyn nor Meri attended Saturday’s wedding, Kody and Robyn were photographed sitting together towards the back of the group as the beer/flower boy walked down the aisle.  (Interestingly, he was not sitting with Janelle for the ceremony, despite them being the parents of the groom.)

Kody’s placement during the ceremony confirms he did not officiate Logan and Michelle’s wedding, despite having officiated daughter Maddie‘s wedding in 2016. (Coincidentally, viewers were reminded of Kody’s officiating skills–- or lack thereof–- on Sunday’s episode of ‘Sister Wives’ when he officiated the wedding of his longtime friend Brian.) 

As for Meri, she was photographed holding a sparkler in the background of one of the photos taken by the wedding photographer, confirming that she attended the shindig, too.  

Logan–- the eldest of the Brown children–- is the fourth of Kody’s 18 children to get hitched. (In addition to Maddie, Mykelti also tied the knot in 2016, while Aspyn got married in 2018.)

Logan and Michelle have been engaged since September 2017 and earlier this year, the couple settled into a brand-new home in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Check out more photos from Logan and Michelle’s wedding below! 

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(Photos: Instagram) 


17 Responses

  1. I applaud the decision not to film the wedding. A very mature and well-thought-out decision, so clearly, Kotex has no say in the matter.

  2. I just want to point out how great I think Christine looks. Getting rid of toxicity and stress really does make a difference! I’m happy for her.

    And Kody couldn’t even manage to sit with his WIFE Janelle during the ceremony? Seriously, I want better for all these women, what a POS.

    1. ITA. I think Janelle and Christine look gorgeous. Leave it to Kody to not sit with Janelle. Maybe it was her choice? Whatever, he’s a total embarrassment. Sobyn won’t let him off his leash. Her hand is up his ass, controlling his every thought and utterance. Those two sh**ty people deserve each other.

      I love Michelle’s gown. The couple look very happy, congratulations!

  3. I love her dress!

    Kody will come up with all kinds of excuses why he wasn’t on the front row and couldn’t part from Robin for the length of the ceremony.

  4. So happy for him, Janelle and Christine’s children we’re always my favorites!!!!!

    They’re so level-headed, they must have gotten that from their moms!!!!

  5. Janelle, Meri and Christine sat in the first row on one side. Kody and his wife sat in the second row on the left with Aurora and Breanna. Mitch and Aspyn were in that row too.

    Garrison was the Beer Boy, with beer strapped to his back and that is what I want more info about.

  6. Kody truly is a useless POS. Couldn’t even sit with the mother of his child at their wedding. And nonetheless sits in the back row with Robyn. So disrespectful. I hope Janelle leaves his ass

  7. Janelle looked stunning! Love that color on her too.
    Gwendlyn looks beautiful – that style of dress is perfect for her.
    Hope everyone had fun.
    Regardless of all the issues in the family, I’m shocked that Kody sat in the row with Robyn, Paedon, Breanna, and a bunch of the other kids. I’ve never seen a wedding where the father of the groom wasn’t in the front row. And those are all Logan’s siblings, so I’m surprised they aren’t in the 2nd or 3rd row. But, who knows. Everyone will speculate but I’m sure there’s a reason for it. I just wish we knew why only b/c I’ve been to dozens of weddings and never saw it like that. Maybe it was first come first serve, sit wherever you want. But still Kody not being in the front with Janelle is very odd.

  8. So Kody, father of the groom, sat in the back row with Robyn instead of up front with Janelle? Interesting.

    1. It’s possible that they didn’t have a seat for him saved/ didn’t want him up there. Or his mad at Jenelle for staying friends with Christine as she left his a$$. And this is his way to punish her.

      But it’s weird that the father of the groom didn’t walk down the aisle with the mother of the groom. And sit in the front row.

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