‘Sister Wives’ Star Logan Brown is Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend Michelle Petty

“One wife is gonna do it for me, thanks!”

Another Sister Wives kid is about to head down the aisle!

Logan Brown, the oldest child of the Brown Family, announced on Instagram on Friday that he proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Michelle Petty.

“I did a thing…the best thing I have ever done. #engaged,” Logan captioned a photo posted to Instagram that showed a pink engagement ring sitting beside the couple.

Logan and Michelle have been together for nearly three years and Michelle has appeared on Logan’s family’s TLC reality show many times. She shared her happiness on Twitter.

“Promoting his to fiance! #engaged,” Michelle captioned a series of cute engagement photos posted on Friday.

I did a thing… the best thing that I have ever done. ?. #engaged Photo: @kylies927 ??

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Logan told TLC that he proposed to Michelle in Austin, Texas.

“Unfortunately nothing in my elaborate plan had successfully gone through,” Logan said. “So in desperation I found the prettiest view of the Colorado River, Congress Bridge. We walked out to the middle of the bridge and then I popped the question!”

Logan, 23, will be the third of Kody Brown‘s 18 children to get hitched. His sisters Madison and Mykelti both got married last year but Logan and Michelle have stated that they were in no rush to get married, and that they wanted to graduate college before tying the knot. Michelle graduated in 2015, and Logan finished his Bachelors in May 2017, and both are now in graduate school at UNLV.

“We are thrilled!” Logan’s mother, Janelle Brown tweeted after the engagement announcement.

“We are so happy that Logan and Michelle are engaged,” Kody and Janelle told TLC. “We have become quite attached to Michelle and we are so thrilled that they have taken this next step. We wish them so much joy and look forward to what comes next.”

Logan, like all of his adult siblings, has stated that he will not be living polygamy like his parents.

TLC has not announced when new episode of ‘Sister Wives’ will premiere.

(Photos: Instagram)


  1. Agree that this family is a big step up from the Duggars. All the kids seem to have a mind of their own. I actually like Logan. I like the fact that they both waited until they graduated from college to get married. Looks like they are both working on getting their careers started and not depending on a reality TV series to support them!

  2. Browns are obv modernising as compared to Duggars-they reacted to their daughter being gay amazing, Logan dated for 3 years, even if I don’t agree with their lifestyle at all, they raised kids to think on their own, not brainwash them.

  3. Happy for them. I loved the Hawaii episode where Michelle rocked a bikini and the other women wore fuddy-duddy bathing suits. Take that, you stupid douche Kody & “wives.” They pretend to be so modest, yet share the same penis. Bunch of patriarchal bullshit.

    Anyway, good luck, Logan and Michelle. Score one for monogamy!

  4. They seem like a great couple. Made me remember the not so great couple. Gotta run and check out mykeltis Instagram and get grossed out for fun now ?

  5. I don’t love the brown adults, but I do believe they’ve raised their children to make their own decisions and they seem to put their kids best interests at heart (and will support them if it doesn’t work out).

  6. Say what you will about the Browns, but Logan has always been a great guy who had a lot of responsibilities and handled them well. He seems to be turning into a fine young man with a bright future. Im happy he will not be choosing to live a polygamist lifestyle.

    1. yeah, you gotta give them credit at least in relation to the Duggars. If one of the Duggar kids came out as gay…well, it probably wouldn’t air on the show at all because they would be quietly excommunicated.

  7. I’m really happy for them, they seem like a nice couple and bravo that they are taking their time to plan their dream wedding and finishing grad school!

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