Insiders Say Camila Nakagawa Won’t Appear on ‘The Challenge’ Again… And It Has Nothing To Do With Her “Dirty 30” Meltdown (Exclusive)

Camila reportedly had yet another meltdown on the upcoming “Champs vs. Stars” season…

Fans of The Challenge were very vocal on social media after watching this week’s episode of the show, which showed longtime ‘Challenge’ vet Camila Nakagawa exploding in anger and launching into a drunken racist tirade against fellow Challenger Leroy Garrett.

Many fans stated on Twitter that they thought Camila should be permanently booted from the show for her behavior. While her “Camilinator” actions were horrific on “Dirty 30,” insiders are telling The Ashley that we haven’t seen anything yet!

An insider tells The Ashley that Camila had yet another epic meltdown while filming the next season of ‘The Challenge,’ which will be “Champs vs. Stars.”

“Because of what she did on the set of that season, it is almost certain that she will never return to the ‘The Challenge,'” the show insider tells The Ashley.

From what The Ashley hears, the “Champs vs. Stars” will be a lot like the recent “Champs vs. Pros” season, where ‘Challenge’ vets compete against reality TV stars (instead of sports pros like last season), to win money for charities. Camila was part of the cast of the season, but completely “lost it” when she was voted into an elimination, the show insider says.

Multiple set sources confirm to The Ashley that Camila was melting down and allegedly ended up “punching a production assistant in the face.”

Unfortunately, according to the insider, that was only the beginning of Camila’s epic freakout.

“She ended up stealing a golf cart and when they told her she was going home she locked herself in the bathroom and threatened to kill herself,” one person reports. “Suicide threats are usually taken very seriously on these shows.”

The person added that Camila allegedly “left in handcuffs.” (The Ashley can’t confirm that, however.)

The source stated that it’s unlikely that all (or even some) of Camila’s meltdown will be air, though

“She’s not in a good place…and they don’t want to do anything to make it worse,” the source said. “MTV is already going to be facing a lot of criticism for bringing back someone who has already had meltdowns in the past. Airing segments that shame her publicly would only make [MTV and the show’s production team] look more responsible.”

The insider added that it’s unlikely that we will ever see those “Camilinator” clips from past seasons “celebrated” as they have been before. (If you’re not familiar with “Camilinator,” it’s basically Camila’s alter ego that comes out when she drinks a lot and gets angry.)

“She is basically uninsurable now,” one production source tells The Ashley. “There have been other people in the past who have been cut for the same reason. The cost to insure someone like that is just too great…it’s unlikely that the show’s legal team would agree to allow her to be on the show again.”

Camila has had many freakouts over the years, even wishing death on a few of her fellow cast mates…

One of the sources tells The Ashley that viewers almost didn’t get to see Camila’s meltdown scenes from “Dirty 30.” In fact, according to one cast source, the clips were going to be omitted from the broadcast, but the cast got very upset at the “Dirty 30” Reunion taping when they found out the footage wasn’t going to air, particularly because they wanted viewers to see how well Leroy handled everything. (Watch the “Dirty 30” footage here.)

“It was way worse in person than what ended up airing,” the cast source tells The Ashley of Camila’s “Dirty 30” freakout.

“Dirty 30” cast member Johnny Bananas confirmed during a recent Facebook Live session that what we saw on Tuesday night’s episode was “a PG version of what actually went down.”

Veronica Portillo seemed to confirm this as well on Twitter after this week’s episode aired.

“U didn’t see Camila coming in2 our room saying MANY racist comments while [Nelson Thomas] was lying there biting his tongue,” Veronica tweeted. “Claiming SHE was the one that was a victim of racism bc she had to leave the house…Her white Brazilian self had a big black man in her face & since they chose to remove her from the house…they were being racist against her, while not giving a s**t that [Nelson] was stuck there listening to her.”

The source added that Camila did not attend the “Dirty 30” Reunion taping. It is not known if she was not invited to attend, or if she was invited but chose not to go.

Alyssa [Giacone], who is Tony [Raines’] baby mama, was at the Reunion taping in the VIP section,” one source tells The Ashley. “She went there to ‘confront’ Camila about her cheating with Tony but Camila was not there.”

Former ‘Challenge’ cast member Susie Meister stated during a recent episode of her Brain Candy Podcast that she was told by members of the production crew that Camila is not going to be asked back.

“No one gets officially ‘banned,'” the source added. “They just stop getting calls about future seasons once they become liabilities.”

After this week’s “Dirty 30” episode aired, Camila posted an apology on her Twitter account.

“I am deeply sorry for how I treated Leroy and I take full responsibility for my actions,” she wrote. “He handled himself with grace-I wish I could say the same for myself. From the bottom of my heart I meant no disrespect and I wish I could take back every word that I said. But, I can’t and I have to live knowing that I disrespected a human being whom I care for very much.

The last thing I would EVER want to do is put anyone in a box based on skin color. I have a deep love for humanity and sincerely regret my reckless words and abhorrent behavior. Moving forward, I am 100% committed to never letting anything like this happen again.”

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  1. It was always somebody else’s fault with her. She had a hard time taking responsibility for anything that went wrong. I won’t miss her.

  2. All this outrage. Boo hoo. She STILL got almost half a million dollars from that XXX win. She should have been sent home after displaying that disgusting drunken destructive behavior. Alcohol brings out the true self and she displayed what was in her heart.

  3. Both people (camila and Jordan) who made nasty comments ended up winning 🙁 they should have been kicked out right away!

  4. There’s something really wrong with this girl. And I’m not saying it in a bad wsy. She’s so angry. Until she gets help she should no longer be on any of the shows. I know production lives drama but she goes way to far! Winning that money she can now afford to seek the help she needs.letting her continue her rage isn’t helping’s time for MTV “The Challenge” to put their foot down on people doing things like she does.I pray for the girl. Please for your fans to keep enjoying watching you, get the help!!

  5. She should have been sent home that night! I cannot stand to see MTV put up with that shit! Yet she got to stay and compete for the final. I love how they won’t put up with violence from other cast members, but she is exempt. She has exhibited this same behavior over and over again. Send her a message! If she were truly sorry, this wouldn’t keep happening.

  6. The drinking on that show needs to be curtailed, I think. It brings out the worst in those who have no control over themselves. I’ll be truly sad to see Camilla go, but agree that she needs help. I sincerely wish her the best.

  7. Now knowing that attorneys have to approve who comes back for insurance purposes, I’m surprised they ever let CT come back. He had a couple seasons of always getting into fights with castmates and punching a couple of castmates too. He’d get kicked off the show and he always gets to come back for a new season.

    1. Yeah… CT actually seems like he’s had some personal growth and has matured a lot over the seasons. He’s really quite likeable these days. Camila is currently still a raving lunatic. I bet they’ll let her have her comeback in a few season though. RATINGS!

  8. It’s strange they saw that just now, I considered Camila having issues when she said “You’re gonna die Johnny!” and threw a chair in the house pool on the show years ago (I forgot which Challenge it was). So yeah, I think this was just the icing on the cake. She needs to move on with her life and stop chasing the limelight.

  9. I’m probably going to get down votes for what I’m about to say but I don’t care. I’m going to say it because I think it’s bullshit. The insensitive joke Jordan said about down syndrome was just as bad as what Camila said to Leroy and Jordan didn’t even receive HALF of the backlash Camila did. Making fun of disabled people is just as offensive as saying something racist. PERIOD.

    1. True. When Jordan said that jemmye, Aneesa insisted he apologize to every woman in the house. ? Which didn’t make much sense, how he offended the women there. I think people on this show and in real life blow things out of proportion most of the time. Reverse it to any one saying ‘your white ass’ and people would say you’re being silly if you got mad. Even though this isn’t about jemmye, I really don’t like her. She’s super oily and tries to start trouble.

      1. I’m going to assume that Jordan said something we didn’t see. But so glad that Camilla is finally going, I’m getting tired of her antics and riding the coattails of Bananas and getting pissed off when she’s voted in b/c she’s a “vet” or blaming her partner when something doesn’t go right.

        1. Jordan and everyone was drunk on the bus ride home from a bar. They were all ‘rap’ slamming insults at each other and Jordan rapped that jemmye had Down syndrome face. He apologized. Of course dumb aneesa got involved and even accused Jordan of pushing her when it did not happen (clear view) and she demanded he apologize to every woman in the house. ?.
          .huckabuck your baby avatar looks like chelseas daughter. So cute!

    2. ^ Exactly! Thank you. I absolutely think what Camila said was wrong and she needed to apologize. However, I feel whenever a black person makes “white” comments, people don’t even think twice about it but when a white person makes “black” comments, people lose their shit. It’s a huge double standard and it’s not right. Anyone of any color should be held equally accountable if they say something racially insensitive. We are all humans and need to respect each other no matter what color we are. As far as what Jordan said, I’m glad he apologized and admitted he was wrong but it just bothers me that Camila has been crucified for her comments and Jordan’s comments were practically brushed off when it was just as offensive.

      1. I agree with what you said about all humans needing to respect each other. But the difference between an African American person saying “your white ass” versus a white person saying the reverse is this: white people have not had hundreds upon hundreds of years of persecution and discrimination based on our skin color. That doesn’t excuse it and it doesn’t make it okay, but there is a difference.

      2. This is because “blackness” or the color of ones skin was used to deny people access to loans, education, and income for labor. Colonialism essentially created racial difference and then used this construct to justify exploiting and degrading people. Whiteness has never historically been used against people for subjugation. It has very different meanings to toss around these terms.

  10. Camila obviously has mental health and/or serious emotional problems. I myself have dealt with mental health issues such as severe anxiety and depression and I can’t help but feel for her. I hope she gets the professional help she needs and I definitely think staying off these Challenges is the best thing for her. It’s not the kind of environment she needs to be in with that kind of mental state.

  11. I hope she doesn’t come back. She’s truly a rotten person. She goes on and on about how good she is, but hasn’t she just won one season, and of course, with Johnny Bananas as her partner? Every time she loses, she blames her partner. Ugh, glad to hear this.

  12. Cue rehab announcement in 3…2…1…

    I have to give Leroy a lot of credit for how he handled the situation. Nelson, too, for that matter as he had to sit there and listen to her. It would have been easy to sink down to her level, but they stayed cool.

    (Also, Alyssa, calm yourself. Instead of confronting the girl Tony cheated with, deal with Tony).

    1. Right?! Never blamed camila for the tony thing, he’s literally done the same thing over and over and she wants to come after someone other than tony?! She is dumb..

    2. Seriously! Tony clearly went for her..I’m not saying she wasn’t willing but she clearly mentioned a few times that he had things to think about before going there and he just acts like a douche like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about..his story he tried to tell the guys was laughable ?

    3. Alyssa is a frickin’ idiot. Not only did she take Tony back but she actually is blaming Camila?! It clearly showed in the clip that Tony was the one making the moves. And he later lied about it and said that Camila was coming onto him and he denied her lol. Dude, the camera doesn’t lie!

      1. He went straight into the house and started telling everyone that Camilla was the one kissing him. The nerve. Such a creep. He knew he had done wrong.

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