Debra Danielsen Reacts to ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Raunchy Return to Adult Industry: “I’m Speechless!”

Farrah is “back”…to her “Backdoor” shenanigans!

Farrah Abraham made her, um, triumphant return to the adult industry this week, appearing on raunchy adult live streaming site CamSoda on Wednesday. The (former?) “Back Door Teen Mom” showed online viewers her famous backdoor, as well as her rejuvenated vagina during the web cam show, and was more than happy to shake what her mama gave her.

Her mama, Debra Danielsenwas not happy about all the shaking, however.

“I had no clue about it,” Deb told Radar Online about Farrah’s super raunchy live sex show. “I’m speechless. I know my daughter has been trying to change her image. She’s been doing professional things.”

Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham, did not appear to share Debra’s disappointment over their daughter’s latest endeavor. In fact, he retweeted a tweet Farrah posted where she bragged that her sex show was so popular that she crashed the Cam Soda site twice!

During the show, Farrah got completely naked, licked sex toys (shaped like her own private parts, as you do), and did a lot of, um, “SheBopping.”

Her ex-boyfriend, Simon Saran, reportedly joined the site and watched the show, commenting various things throughout including, “Sophia will be so proud.”

The Ashley is not posting screenshots of the show because…ew.

In the years since her “Backdoor Teen Mom” sex tape was released, Farrah has frequently stated that she is not a p0rn star and that she was no longer in the sex industry. When news of the CamSoda show hit the Internet earlier this week, Farrah once again denied that she was doing more sexy time tapes.

“I have NO new sex tape coming out and don’t plan to,” she told In Touch. “Been there, done that.”

Starcasm estimated that Farrah made $12,337 for her online romp on Wednesday night. In addition to the cash, Farrah may have also received gifts from her fans. She set up a wishlist so that site visitors could purchase and send her presents for her efforts.

However, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star wasn’t looking for candy and flowers. Her wishlist included the following items: Trips to Thailand, Greece, Monaco and Brazil; $200 for her nails, Louis Vuitton luggage and bags, $1,000 for “general shopping”, Size 9 high heels and $3,000 for her hair.

(While none of these requests are shocking, The Ashley is a little surprised that Farrah is spending that much dough on her hair and it still looks like a Walmart Halloween wig.)

Anyway, it is unknown if Farrah will continue to do “shows” on the adult site in the future.

(Photo: Twitter)

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  1. Gotdamn, that was accurate! Even for Maci! My thought with her was pretty much the same. That she’d have actually finished college and worked for a local news paper or something. Most of these girls wouldn’t have their kids though. Corey would have taken the girlses away years ago, Amber would have lost custody of Leah and would still be in jail/working dead-end jobs 3 months at a time. Jennelle would still be addicted to heroin, in jail, or dead. Chelsea would have followed through earlier and done cosmetology, Kail would literally be homeless and would probably have lost Issac to Jo/ Lincoln wouldn’t even have been conceived, Farrah would have failed miserable in all of her endeavors and would be working somewhere in the sex industry as either a dancer or cam girl, Catelyn would have gotten a minimum wage job as a cashier somewhere.

  2. She is a full fledged prostitute now. This is an ad for her career as a play- for- pay yacht girl in Europe and the Middle East. None of this would matter much except for the small fact that she has a little girl who is going to be one who is going to pay the price for all this.

  3. I personally don’t judge what other people do to make a living. But she has been so keen on distancing herself from the sex industry implying she looks down on it. It’s hypocritical.

    1. Yeah, that man really creeps me out. I wouldn’t be surprised if he raped Farrah and that’s why she is so messed up. It would explain her calling him Michael and not dad. It would also explain her serious anger issues and resentment towards her parents.

      1. Farrah’s nasty, disrespectful, negative, yet lovely personality stems from her being spoiled, and her parents never telling her no to anything. They’re afraid of her wrath… That’s why I think she calls her dad Michael, and disrespectsaid everyone else. Vile.

  4. I was almost beginning to miss Farrah’s bullshit shenanigans. I see she is well and truly back to her old ways.
    I checked out a few screen grabs of her latest showcase. Christ, I thought the original Vivid tapes were off-putting, but at least we could focus on that cutie James Deen. This webcam show is about the least sexy thing I have ever seen.
    I’ll await Debra’s defense of it being ‘tastefully done’ and Whateveeeeer Michael’s defense of ‘young people use technology in different ways’. That whole family are one spud short of an allotment.

  5. Oh, Farrah! I was also surprised at the salary, lower than I thought. I wonder how much of this she shares with Sophia? It’s one thing to teach young girls to be proud and comfortable in their own skin, but I have a feeling Farrah isn’t capable of doing that. Especially since she already has the kid in makeup and plucked her unibrow at age three. Poor Sophia.

    I was very happy to see relatively few charges of “skank” and “whore!” Those words harm all women, not just Farrah. We can disagree with what she’s doing but be a respectful feminist at the same time. Farrah is an adult, if this is what she wants to do, more power to her, I suppose. It’s certainly not a choice I would ever make, but she is an adult, and the only one who should police her body is her. I’d rather side-eye the sad people who paid for it!!

    1. No, those words do not “hurt all women”, they most certainly describe some women, though 😉
      Even if I were to call her a skank, it wouldn’t be due to her chosen porno/prostitute career. She’s a big girl, she can do what she wants, because it IS her body.
      If I were to call her a skank it would be due to the way she behaves, the way she involves her CHILD in her sexual profession(let us not forget she says she ells her everything and would gladly allow her CHILD to watch her movie, read her book, and has most certainly let her handle her “wares” that she peddles, the way she dresses even at times…but how she entertains herself, nah, that’s not the reasons she’s a skank.

      Although, being called a whore isn’t exactly an insult for her…she does, and did, whore herself out, she’s kinda proud of that fact(which is why I won’t call her that, just like I’d never call her a star)

      Not every female on the planet is a feminist, nor is every human, female or not, deserving of respect. Farrah is most certainly not someone deserving of any respect, from anyone. She can’t even respect her own child, why the hell does the world owe her any?

      1. I’m sorry you feel that way. I do believe all humans deserve respect. But that can mean different things. Do I respect Farrah as a person? No. She’s a terrible parent doing irreversible damage to an innocent child. But that doesn’t make her a skank. It makes her a horrible parent. However, I have compassion for her in the sense that something messed Farrah up in her childhood and its clearly left very deep scars. Compassion is a form of respect, in that you’re looking at the person as a whole.

        Those nasty words hurt everyone because they contribute to the over-sexualization and objectification of women. All women face this. Words matter, and they have power.

        It boggles my mind that all women aren’t feminists, although sadly, I know it to be true. It gets a bad rap, but all feminism means is this: women are equal to men. We deserve the same political, social, and economic rights. PERIOD.

        1. No, that isn’t what feminism means, though it may be how you define it for yourself. Those that are most objectionable towards women that do not identify themselves as feminists are the very reason feminism gets a bad rap.

          I don’t need to be a feminist to know that men and women should be equal in *most* things, while also understanding that there are areas in which we are absolutely NOT equal. Yes, when it comes to rights, we absolutely should be equal, but that’s not what feminism is anymore-and it hasn’t been since long before I was born-and probably long before you were too. You gave a perfect example, you believe women are equal to men, period. We really are not, we have far too many differences to ever be truly equal in all things. That doesn’t mean one is better than the other, that one should be treated worse than the other, or like I said, we do not ALL deserve the same rights.

          I am a female that works in a field dominated by men. I had to work harder and longer to get where I am, than most men ever will. I had to do so while pursuing my degrees to even get in this field as well. I am quite proud of my accomplishments, but not because I am a woman and “overcame stereotypes”, just simply because I worked hard to get where I am, and I am proud of that fact. I still get paid less, and I still think that’s unfair, but even despite such things, I will never believe that men and women are equal, period. I’ve seen what some “feminists” have done to my industry and they’re a huge part of WHY it’s so hard for the rest of us. It’s not just men we’re up against, but a hell of a lot of feminist women too.

          I have no compassion for Farrah. I do believe her family is messed up, but I don’t believe the vast majority of what she says contributed to her “bad life”, I believe she had a major hand in that as a teen-and only snowballed from there, all on her own. Sometimes we are a product of our own making, we contribute to our “bad life” as much as our parents do(note, I said sometimes, not all the time) Those that DO have a shitty upbringing, more often than not, strive to do better…and Farrah is doing far worse to her child than her parents ever did to her. So, yeah, she doesn’t deserve compassion from me, let alone respect. I feel bad for people that really *are stuck in a cycle that they cannot get out of, people that didn’t contribute to how their upbringing went, people that do not WANT to perpetuate what they live(d) with. Those people, get my compassion, even in their worst moments…because they’re actually *trying to be better people/parents (whether or not those attempts are few and far between, or even successful, the effort means something) Farrah makes NO attempt, ever, to be a good person.

          I don’t respect people that treat their children the way she does. Nor do I respect people that let their CHILDREN act the way Sophia does. I can’t blame Sophia, and I wouldn’t, it is literally all she knows. I do hope one day she chooses to break this seemingly endless cycle of total disregard for all other human beings that is perpetuated in her own pretty much all of them at this point.

          Like I said, those words do not hurt all women. They most certainly do not hurt me. Anyone could say such things about ANY negative word others choose to use( some cases, actually be). Words do have power, they have meaning…but they don’t have to have power over *you* if you don’t want them to. So, nope, someone calling her, or some other woman, a skank, doesn’t hurt me. It doesn’t reflect on me, in the least, nor any woman I know-including those that call themselves feminists. Act like a duck, get called a duck..the same applies here. When she ACTS like a skank, you can’t be that surprised when she gets treated like or called one.

          You do know the definition of the word whore though, right? That word, no mater how nasty YOU might think it is, describes precisely what she does. Would you have less issue if someone called her a prostitute? Or is that too a nasty word that “hurts all women” 😉

        2. I completely agree with you Larissa. Thanks for being a feminist voice here. I love to be snarky about this show but the fact is these are young women who have a lot of problems. I do feel compassion for Farrah and for all of them. I also believe that all human beings are deserving of respect. Words like “skank” and “whore” and “slut” are dehumanizing. When you dehumanize one woman, you’re making the world a little less safe for all women. We have to support each other. It truly breaks my heart to hear other women say they aren’t feminists but I will still fight for them.

  6. The fact that Farrah kept saying daddy while playing w her self gave me the creeps. Bc we all know proud micheal was watching. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Poor Sophia. Farrah sucked the light out of that girl… (hocus pocus style.) lol

  7. We need to stand up to MTV. This horse needs to be fired from a show that also casts CHILDREN. We need to boycott… someone make a petition to MTV FIREFarrah

    1. I’ve emailed them saying that they need to remove the show because it no longer depicts the challenges of being a teen mom. also that the production of that show, the blanket dishonesty, and child neglect that it hides takes away the small amount of credibility that mtv still has. I’m never watching MTV again as long as this trainer is still on.

  8. Let’s play a game
    If the Teen Moms weren’t on Teen Mom and been paid to be on this show what would each one of them be doing now for employment?

    1. they would all be working minimum wage jobs, every single one of them, and living with others parents/friends to pay the bills!

    2. Welfare,food stamps living off the system. Amber,Kail(aka the hulk)Jenelle,and Catelynn would be in jail. All of them would be leaching off their parents. Hell javi needs to get her locked up now for all she’s done. All of them would be hooked on drugs as they are now.

    3. Amber: probably waitressing at a bar. She wouldn’t last more than a couple of months on each job though because she’d be picking fights with customers and coworkers.

      Farrah: pretty much the same thing she’s doing now. Porn actress and sex worker.

      Catelyn: I picture her as a cashier at walmart or maybe a deli clerk.

      Maci: This is hard. I think she could’ve done a lot of great things if she wanted because she had support from her family. Didn’t she study journalism? Maybe a entry level job at an online magazine?

      Jenelle: Nothing. She’d be shacking up with different drug dealers in between jail stays.

      Chelsea: She’d be a cosmetologist. Same thing she’s doing now.

      Leah: Stay at home mom. Living off welfare and child support.

      Kail: Extreme wrestler. Lol, just kidding. I think she’d get as much money as possible from her ex husbands and sell lularoe or something while calling herself a “strong and independent business woman”

  9. Wow just when I thought I couldn’t dislike her anymore. Amber must’ve hit her pretty hard bc she’s absolutely lost it. Teen Mom needs to let Farrah go bc she is NOT a good role model.

  10. she’s a sexy young girl proud of her body , so whats the harm showing a little skin ? I hope my daughters will be as successful as her, they are 9 and 12 , so learning quickly of course., and look up to farrah so I don’t want to disappoint them by badmouthing this sweet girl

      1. I truly hope you are kidding, and just being sarcastic. Farrah has issues that need to be addressed, but unfortunately she has no self awareness. She has no logic, as the majority of her comments make no sense. She also refuses to listen to reason, or other’s opinions. Truly sad for her daughter. She should be with other children her age, and just be a kid. Doomed…

  11. Only 12K?
    Didn’t she make at least six figures for the movie?
    Lol her value is dropping rapidly.
    She’ll be on the street corner in a few years

  12. Well as far as the adult industry it’s whatever she’s an adult if that’s what she chooses to do it’s her decision. BUT what I don’t understand is how she uses it to victimize herself wasn’t she on a roll about how her first “film” was a trick and was supposed to be private etc. if you want to do that go ahead just own it.
    As far as Sophia I don’t think home schooling is the best choice. I think Sophia needs rules and structure like a private school could give her maybe a boarding school. BUT not my kid not my choice.
    wish MTV would cancel all of teen mom

  13. damn she wears a size 9 in shoes??….I think this girl has serious mental health issues. Maybe its for the best that she took Sophia out of school, because the amount of relentless bullying Sophia would no doubtably endure because of Farrah’s raunchy disgusting behavior would probably break her. She would have no friends, because what responsible parent would let their kid play at Farrah’s house, and she would have constant your mom took it up the ass on camera jokes.

  14. I’m sure that in a few years, when nobody cares about Teen Mom anymore, she will end up working as a prostitute. I don’t see things ending well for her or Sophia. Oh, and Michael is sick and disgusting.

    1. Actually I read an interview that Farrah did and she implied she was a high end escort. She basically said that certain celebrities and politicians (especially mayors…) contact her. She claimed one guy offered her 20k for a night and she said that she wanted to take him up on the offer.

      1. Lol. I doubt it. I’m sure that celebrities and politicians prefer to hire more attractive women. She probably has worked as an escort but, a high end one? Nah…

  15. I can guarentee you that Debs OG’s boyfriend watched this….Deb is probably about to go to Walmart and buy the same wig Farrah did.

    1. oh he definitely did! and I also bet that Deb’s gonna be popping up with bright red hair because her “finance” wants her to have the same hair as Farrah.

  16. This woman is so delusional. She thinks she’s famous, good looking and that everyone wants to see her naked! Not to mention she’s spoiled as hell and her daughter is going the same road.(Her demands for gifts are ridiculous) Man, she looked way prettier on her 16&p years, who deliberately wants to look older with plastic surgery?!

  17. If she’s not in the porn industry what is she licking sex toys and getting naked.And what 25-year-old needs a vaginal rejuvenation


  19. What a NASTY human being
    Good thing Sophia is being “home schooled”, wonder what the other children would have to say to her about her mother.

  20. “(While none of these requests are shocking, The Ashley is a little surprised that Farrah is spending that much dough on her hair and it still looks like a Walmart Halloween wig.)”
    The Ashley, I adore you. Hahahahaha

  21. I think she’s doing this to support her drug habit. I saw some footage and she’s high af. I think she’s broke. Shame on her for wanting to get away on all these vacations from home schooled Sophia.
    I’m telling you all she’s going to be a statistic.
    She’s on a downward spiral, not that she hasn’t been things but are getting worse.

  22. The only thing Debra’s face full of “Farrah financed” plastic surgery is probably speechless about — is why Farrah only settled for a measly $12,337.00 for her latest “non-porn” backdoor and cooch show.

    (Inserting HUGE eye roll right about here.)

  23. Gotta say, I’m surprised she was paid so little. Granted, for normal people, $12K for a few hours of “work” is substantial, but for a “leading American celebrity” I would have thought she would earn more. She’s so desperate to hold onto the fleeting notoriety she holds.

    Yet, Debra is the adult in that family making poor life decisions

  24. Woman like that don’t want a simple life. She should stop complaing about wanting someone to marry her because she is not marriage material

  25. I just wanted to point out that Farrah isn’t shaking what her mama gave her, but what the doctor gave her!

    And Michael is just disgusting for promoting this.

  26. She should have worn the Froco Cobo costume. And Michael, you ain’t nothing but a nasty, foul, perverted, money-seeking PIMP.

  27. Nothing like making your 8 year old daughter proud. Obviously her 37 businesses aren’t making any money so it’s back to Gynecology 101. I seriously gag at her father their, and wonder when they will get Sofia her own kiddy porn gig.

  28. She must’ve ran out of money. So much for being a successful “businesswoman”. Hahaha! $12k to degrade yourself? That is pathetic!

    1. Yea, most every day folk wouldn’t even go for that. For someone that compared herself to Kim Kardashian its downright tragic.

  29. How pathetic. She will probably do porn again, “get addicted to sex” and then go to rehab for it in true shitty Hollowood fashion. It is hard when you start out as a washed up loser on tv, it kinda leaves little room for expansion.

    1. Right? Can you imagine that a father would pimp out his daughter like that? So gross! Wonder what they do to Sophia? Really sad.

  30. And later she will claim that it wasn’t porn.
    She is nothing more than a narcissistic, attention seeking, loose buttholed, hooker.

  31. Just shows that no matter how much she lies about being a professional business woman she will always go back to porn for cash. It’s all about the money.

  32. “The Ashley is a little surprised that Farrah is spending that much dough on her hair and it still looks like a Walmart Halloween wig”

    OMG. Favorite burn ever, @theAshley.

    Farrah is a hot mess. This is porn. Just because there isn’t a DVD release doesn’t mean it isn’t porn.

  33. Really?? That “film” was done professionally. As of the second. And probably this one.
    Just admit deb you love the money she provides you with (aka $10000face life).
    This woman is in as much denial as the tainted twiat she popped out. Farrah made $1million off the first movie. At this point she is money grubbing cum guzzling smut puppy.

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