Jenelle Evans Insists Her Son Jace Should Live With Her; Says Her Mom Barbara “Took My Baby” Because She Was Jealous Of Jenelle’s Boyfriend At the Time

Well…at least they’re not hitting each other with drumsticks, so there’s that…

One day after MTV released a “Catching Up With Barbara” video starring former Teen Mom 2 grandma Barbara Evans — in which Babs claims to have a “wonderful” relationship with her daughter Jenelle Evans— Jenelle hit TikTok to blast her mom for retaining custody of Jenelle’s son Jace, as well as some of Barbara’s parenting choices!

Jenelle went on to accuse Barbara of “taking” Jace from her when he was a baby and of being jealous of her relationship with Kieffer Delp.

No seriously.

On Thursday, fans got their chance to say hello (or, rather Hi[gh]! Hi[gh]!) to Barbara for the first time on-camera since she left the show when her daughter Jenelle was fired in May 2019.

“Did ya miss me? Where’s my sweet-cheeks, Docta Drew?!”

In a new video posted to the ‘Teen Mom’ social media accounts, Barbara gave fans an update on what she’s been up to since we last saw her on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ as well as where she and Jenelle (whom Barbara once infamously called her “bitch of a daughta”) stand in their relationship today.

As The Ashley previously told you back in July, Barbara as well as Farrah Abraham‘s mother Debra Danielsen filmed a few episodes for the upcoming season of Teen Mom: Girl’s Night In. (Jenelle also filmed for the show when she attended Briana DeJesus‘ lawsuit party in May.) 

In the “Catching Up With Barbara” video, Babs tells us that she’s “still taking care of Jace,” Jenelle’s son whom she’s had custody of since he was a baby. 

“Jace is now, he’s 13 years old and he’s going to eighth grade,” Barb said. “It’s like, wow, where did those years go? It’s unbelievable. He still lives with me. He’s going into puberty and he’s gettin’ to be quite the character!” 

Barbara also said that her relationship with Jenelle is good.

“When you last saw me with Jenelle we were always fighting,” she said. “But, ya know, betta days are here! Jenelle and I, we’ve been getting along. She’s getting older.”

Barb says she’s a frequent visitor to The Land, the swampy abode that Jenelle, her husband David Eason and their kids call home.

“It’s like bein’ on a survival show out there! Discovery Channel, call me!”

“I see her often, I go over there all the time. She calls me all the time,” Barbara said of Jenelle. “It’s been really wonderful. It’s been a long, long, long time coming.” 

It’s unknown if Barbara’s comments— which, to be fair, were made when she filmed for ‘Girls Night In’ back in July—spurred anger in Jenelle, because one day later she took to TikTok to blast her mom, their custody situation and Barb’s infamous ‘Teen Mom 2’ moments.

“There’s a lot of personal stuff that’s been going on with my family lately,” Jenelle said in a TikTok video posted on Friday. “Actually, Jace should be living with me and there’s a pending court case going on so… I’m not here to bash my mom, I’m not here to bash anyone, but one thing’s for certain: if there’s no problem with someone having their child, they should have him.

“This persona that I’m just a bad mom…I do everything in the world for my kids,” Jenelle said tearfully as sad music plays in the background of her video. “And I try my hardest to be the best damn mom I can be.”

“Hold up! That’s my line, OK!?”

Jenelle also discussed the infamous ‘Teen Mom 2′ scene in which Barb told Jenelle during an early episode that she would be “livin’ in the streets with her boooooyfriend.” 

“Honestly, me seeing that scene over and over again honestly hurts,” she said. “Like, someone took my baby, didn’t let me get a chance to raise my baby and then kicks me out, takes my baby because she was jealous of the guy I was dating at the time [Kieffer Delp].

Barbara, upon hearing Jenelle’s claims that she was jealous of Kieffer…

“Let’s look at the real reason I was even kicked out [of my mom’s house] and all my stuff was outside in the middle of the yard,” she continued. “I don’t know, me as a parent, I would never do that to my kids. I might disagree with the person they date from time to time but there’s nothing I can do to control it; if it doesn’t work out in the future it won’t work out. But damn.”

“Ya sayin’ I was jealous ya were datin’ Kieffa? I didn’t want any piece of his moldy green hoodie, thank ya very much!”

(While Jenelle isn’t clear on what she means by this accusation of Barbara being jealous, it’s probably safe to assume she means Barbara was jealous of the time Jenelle was spending with her then-boyfriend Kieffer, rather than Barb being jealous that Jenelle was humping Kieffer.)

When someone left a comment on the video stating that the Barbara currently raising Jace is not the same Barbara who raised Jenelle, she responded stating that the statement is “completely, 100 percent accurate.” 

Jenelle claims that, growing up, she was Barbara’s “Golden Child.”

“I was the good one, always behaved, always got good grades,” she said. “As soon as I had a child, it was like I didn’t exist anymore. It was like I was replaced by Jace.”

“Ya were replaced because I had to take care of the baby ya weren’t takin’ care of because you were too busy smokin’ and sexin’ with ya booooyfriends!”

“That did not give her any right to take away my son,” Jenelle said, adding that she’s limited on what she can say due to her pending court case for custody.

“It’s just sad she can’t take the role as grandparent and is adamant about being a parent,” Jenelle continued. “It’s like a competition.”

@jenellelevans Replying to @amandaearls2 ♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

When someone brought up the fact that Jace “was a baby that needed a mother” and that Barbara had reasons for taking Jace, Jenelle responded, “That’s the problem.. there was never a REASON to begin with.”

“I thought Barbara was the one watching Jace while you were young & clubbing,” another person wrote in the comment section.

“You’re too gullible to believe TV and not think to yourself ‘maybe everything that aired wasn’t the most accurate story,'” Jenelle responded.

“I know you love your kids but we saw you still wanting to be a teenager even tho your responsibility should have been taking care of Jace,” someone else wrote to Jenelle. 

Jenelle told fans in the comment section that, despite what many ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans thought, Jenelle never signed over her parental rights to Barbara for Jace.

“I signed over temporary custody to her. She’s always had TEMP custody. Now it’s 50/50,” Jenelle wrote. 

“I was SCARED to go to court and fight against my mom and backed out taking it to trial. The judge never decided me to be unfit NOT ONCE…No I don’t understand why at all because on the court paperwork that was VOLUNTARY signed by me.. it has no proven allegations of wrongdoings,” Jenelle wrote in the comment section.

She also argued— much like she has in the past— that having Jace continue to live with Babs is not a good situation.

“That’s the problem.. it’s not for his best interest. Stop acting like you guys know what happens behind closed doors… because it’s not good,” Jenelle wrote.

(As The Ashley reported back in 2021, Jenelle filed for emergency custody of Jace in January 2021, claiming Jace had allegedly been setting fire to things inside Barbara’s house out of anger, physically assaulting Babs and more. Jenelle claimed that, since Jace does not act out at her house on The Land, she felt it would be safer for him and Babs if he came to live with her.  Her emergency custody request was later denied by a judge and, currently, Jace remains in the primary and legal custody of Barb, with Jenelle getting visits with him.)

Anyway, in her TikTok videos from Friday, Jenelle claimed that she was a good mom to Jace and that she was made to look like a bad parent on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“I’ve always been there for my son,” Jenelle said in another video uploaded to TikTok on Friday. “Don’t believe one little clip you see on TV and compare it to my whole life.” 

@jenellelevans Replying to @honeygeex3 ♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

Jenelle got some encouragement from her former ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Briana DeJesus, who wrote, “Love u girl! Things will be ok” in the comment section of one of Jenelle’s videos. 

You can watch more of Jenelle’s TikToks about Jace and Barbara below!

@jenellelevans Replying to @theheartisastonee ♬ State Lines – Novo Amor

@jenellelevans Replying to @knoc8587 ♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; TikTok)

46 Responses

  1. Didn’t this dingbat cry about her mom never playing yahtzee with her because Barb was always too busy? Pick a story Jenelle. You should be worshipping the ground Barb walks on for stepping up to take care of the son you couldn’t wait to ditch to go get high. It wasn’t one clip, it was years worth of scenes of you stopping in to Barb’s high, getting angry because she held you accountable for your garbage fire of a life, you’d start screaming and leave, while Jace sat at the door crying. Barb kept Jace from being put into the foster care system, giving you the life you have right now. Imagine if he’d gone into the system. You wouldn’t have been on MTV anymore, you wouldn’t have all the ridiculous endorsements and you wouldn’t have the weird fanbase you have to do your pathetic only fans photo shoots in your ill fitting outfits around your swamp. Learn some humility and gratitude. You have one mother, she’s far from perfect, but she still stepped up for you in ways that you have yet to appreciate.

  2. Oh Jenelle… you will never change… and THAT is why your mom has your son. You were ABSOLUTELY not fit to be a parent whatsoever. You cared way more about your trashy boyfriends than you ever cared about your son! You should honestly be kissing the ground your mother walks on so that you did not have to care for a child while you were out partying and doing anything but proving you were a fit mother. You’ve been to jail… boyfriends have been to jail… CPS has been involved… You’ve never had a real job… You have NEVER been an example… I mean, are we the ones misunderstanding? LOL. Even if you were the absolute best mother ever, unless Babs is abusing or neglecting Jace, he’s been with Babs for SO long, that it would be super disruptive for him to just 100% up and leave and live with you full time. Get a clue! You don’t care about your childs well-being STILL! You just care about how you look to others and even if you did have custody of Jace, that wouldn’t change that you look like and are, a shi**y parent.

  3. I honestly thought all along that Jace should have been put up for adoption. He got the lesser of two evils, Barbara with all of her constant yelling and her track record with her three kids make her no mother of the yesr, certainly she’s better than Jenelle but Jace was screwed either way.

  4. Jenelle is ready to play mom again. So she’s going to put down Barbara. I guess Barbara was suppose to let you take Jace when you were on heroine or when you were running from house to house with Keifer. How about now. David killing dog, abusing Kaiser, and still no job. While you’re making porn to make money. Jenelle is delusional.

  5. I guess the moment that defined Jenelle’s parenting for me was when she got Jace home from the hospital for the first time. She fed and changed him and then went out with her friends leaving Jace with Barb. Janelle thought that Jace would not need watching because he would sleep all night.

  6. She acts like we didn’t physically see with our own eyes exactly how Barb got custody of Jace. She is the biggest fucking moron.

  7. One thing I’ve learned about narcissism, is that it often comes with a never ending side dish of HEAVY DELUSIONS. She will NEVER change. She will ALWAYS blame everyone else.

    Jax is better off. Unfortunately she still has all their other plethora of chitlins to ruin. The one I feel the most awful for is Kaiser. He was doomed the moment he was birthed from this demon’s loins and named Kaiser. Jenelle is TRASH.

  8. Jace knows how Jenelle is. He’s a smart boy. He knows that Barbara is the only one who has been there for him all these years.

  9. Also, Jenelle is mom to Kaiser and Ensley because she chose to parent them. She did not choose that with Jace. She asked her mom to care for Jace so she could hang out with friends and party. It doesn’t matter that she was a teenager, Jace was a baby and needed someone to care for him and Barbara is the one who nurtured and cared for him. They are in the situation because of Janelles choices and her choices alone. She cannot leave her newborn with another person for years and then show up later and demand to be seen as mom now. Jace and Barbara have formed a mother/son relationship and Janelle is constantly trying to undermine that by getting mad at him for calling Barb mom. She can’t accept that this is the result of her choices. She is trying to force herself in the mother role when she hasn’t earned it with Jace. She is trying to force Barbara into the grandmother role when she has mothered Jace since he was born. No person would just hand over a baby they have raised to another person who can’t take care of the child. When Janelle stops blaming Barbara for all her problems and decides to put Jace back then she can coparent with Barbara(who is always going to be a mother figure, not a grandmother figure) but not a moment sooner. Can you imagine how confusing this is for Jace? Janelle, the woman who abandoned him and sees him when she feels like it, gets mad at him for calling Barbara mom, the woman who has cared for him his entire life.

    1. the very fact that Jace acts out with Babs and behaves at Jenelle’s house is proof that Babs is his parental figure. kids behave the worst with their parents because that’s where they feel safe and loved unconditionally. if he’s at his best behavior on the swamp that’s not because he likes it there but because he’s not at ease and holding it all together until he gets to his real home.

    1. Um, so, remember that one time, not too long ago, when she had road rage and pulled a gun out with Jace in the car…

  10. Lol at one clip. More like dozens of clips of her leaving a crying Jace at the door, complaining about having to take care of him, complaining about how hard basic tasks were, leaving. jace with Barb so she could go out, getting arrested, getting high, stealing from Barb, etc. Sure, Janelle. Just one clip.

    1. Remember her mom having to ask her to make bottles for him for daycare? I get that tv can be edited, but if someone wasn’t going out all the time & partying, then there would be no scenes of that. Or of complaining about having to watch your own kid!

  11. I’m sorry but Jenelle PICKED DRUGS over her son so with that being said I think it’s time for Jace to decide on who wants to live with he is a teenager now is my opinion. But I feel Jace should do stay with Barbara because she is the one who RAISED HIM NOT Jenelle if he goes to live her he will be around Uncle Bad Touch, whom will do something bad to him just like he did with Kaiser and Nugget!!!

  12. I’m going to just say it like it is. The ONLY reason Jenelle wants custody of Jace is because she and Dog Killer Dave are broke broke and want access to Jace’s MTV trust fund.

  13. So, projection.
    She claims Barb was jealous of her boyfriend (time, relationship, whatever), then goes about being envious of her own son getting Barb’s affection.

  14. Does Jace have a bedroom yet?
    Amazing 2 adults with no jobs but can’t finish Jaces bedroom in how many years?

    1. I had my son semi young(22) he is now 14 and i was dirt poor. We have a great relationship, i work late evenings, so he takes a nap at 9p so he can wake up at 1am and spend time with me. I wish he would just sleep normally but he tells me its our time we get spend together. How many teenagers want time to chill with thier parents? No matter what you put in the effort, and it will reward you.

  15. A sign of maturity is taking responsibility for our actions….Jenelle is still blaming others for her mistakes.

    I wonder at this point if she is that immature and delusional or if she says stuff like this to make money on social media. Jace and her hypochondria is all she has to talk about to spark engagement.

  16. Janelle needs to go back watch episodes of her ditching baby to go party lets not forget all legal trouble too. Jace is exactly where he belongs with his grandma.

    1. Her defending what happened to Nugget, animal cruelty to the other animals, the way Kaiser is treated, David….all reasons why Jace should stay right where he is.

  17. So, she VOLUNTEERED to sign the temporary custody papers with the courts but also, Barbara stole Jace from her.

    Giiiiirl. No.

    She thinks that because Barb didn’t give Jace back when she decided she was ready to be his mom, that Barb stole him?

    Is she nuts? Or delusional??? Babies aren’t pets.

  18. They are not going to take a kid from the only home he has ever known for the past 13 years. It doesn’t matter how well you are doing. It’s too late.

  19. What a ungrateful Wench!!
    I’m sure the MTV sponsors will not Luke having Jennelle Eason back even if it’s a few episodes.
    That would explain her extra $
    I’m sorry, there is no way her and Vienna Sausage is making big bucks on OF.
    Barb should go for child support now, considering how much time and money JE has caused taking her to court.
    Hey Jennelle when CPS removed your kids, who watched them for you?

    1. Right! Babs has worked a normal job and taken care of multiple grandkids full time for years. Jenelle has never been able to keep a normal job in her life, which has unfortunately shaped the kind of person she is today.

  20. One clip? This woman is delusional!!! What about the many of clips with her wanting nothing to do with parenting Jace, plus the equally disturbing clips of her treating Kaiser like he was nothing but an inconvenience in her life?

  21. Janelle still talks nonsense, Barbara jealous of Kieffer??? Of what??, Not doing drugs??. Don’t blame your mom for losing custody of your son, remember when you told a friend that having a baby is like being in prison? What loving responsible parent says that?

  22. If she can’t see common sense by now, she never ever will.
    It’s one thing to be a 17 year old dummy but when you’re pushing 30….yikes.

  23. Bitch is jealous of her own kid. No wonder you don’t have custody . Thank your lucky stars Jace has her . You are unfit, we know it , we know it, the Courts know it. You are an unfit mother, and human being. Go back to whoring yourself out to pay the bills. Frickin prostitute. Hopefully you lose your other kids soon.

  24. One clip, Jenelle? Let’s talk about you talking with a lawyer how you had no job, no place to stay, and you were on drugs. Let’s talk about your photo album of mugshots. Let’s talk about the “he doesn’t need me, he has my mom” and “motherhood is like a prison”. Let’s talk about stealing your mom’s card and choosing your boooyfriends over your son.

  25. Okay Jelly Belly Jennelly, we all know that you GAVE him to Barbara because you weren’t through being worthless…and you still aren’t through with that stage in your life and Jace is what 12 (or 13)?

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