Barbara Evans & Debra Danielsen Pictured With ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Girls: Here’s What’s Going On (Exclusive)

“Well girls, I seen ya filmin’ for ya show!”

Teen Mom fans got a blast from the past on Friday when Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star Kayla Sessler posted a photo to her Instagram account featuring her and some of the other ‘YP’ girls— and long-lost ‘Teen Mom’ grandmas Barbara Evans and Debra Danielsen! Kayla didn’t explain why the girls were with the grandmas, only captioning the photo “OGs.”

The Ashley can reveal that the ‘Young and Pregnant’ girls are in Los Angeles to film the next season of Teen Mom: Girls Night In…and so are Deb and Barb!

“They are scheduled to film about six episodes with the ‘Young and Pregnant’ girls, but they may not all air,” one of The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources tells her.

“Ya finally realized that I’M tha star in tha family, not my bitch of a daughta!”

The ‘Young and Pregnant’ girls were surprised to see Barb and Debra when they arrived, as neither had appeared on a ‘Teen Mom’ show in years. (As fans know, Barbara’s daughter Jenelle Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2 and Debra’s daughter Farrah Abraham got the ax from ‘Teen Mom OG.’)

The Ashley’s sources tell her bringing back Deb and Barb is the higher up’s way of trying to save the franchise.

“The producers are really, really trying to get the ratings for the franchise up. They know what viewers want— to see some of the favorite characters from the past. So that’s why they contacted Barbara and Debra,” the source said, adding that neither grandma hesitated to say yes to filming.

“…and some camera time, MTV! That will really piss Farrahenstein off!” 

“Barbara and Deb are filming ‘Girls Night In’ episodes together to make sort of a ‘Grandma’s Edition’ series of episodes,” the source said. “They won’t be filming with the ‘Young and Pregnant’ girls, though. They all just happened to be there at the same time filming.” 

Fans assumed when they saw the ‘Young and Pregnant’ girls all heading to California that they were going to film the ‘Young & Pregnant’ Season 3B Reunion; however, The Ashley’s production sources tell her that’s not the case.

“MTV opted not to film a Reunion for this season,” one production source stated. “It actually had nothing to do with the show’s bad ratings. They never really planned to do it, and a lot of the girls were not happy about it. They feel like this is yet another example of [the producers and MTV] giving ‘Young & Pregnant’ the shaft and not caring enough about the show.” 

The face the network execs make whenever it’s suggested that they put any time or money into ‘Young & Pregnant’….probably.

The source also stated that MTV had promised to heavily promote the currently airing season of ‘Young and Pregnant,’ but did not follow through.

“It’s disappointing to a lot of the girls, because this show is what the original ‘Teen Mom’ shows used to be: girls who aren’t rich, struggling as young mothers. But the original girls are still the favorites and get the better treatment,” a second source stated.

Stay tuned; The Ashley will post more information soon.

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)

14 Responses

  1. It Should get the ax it’s hard enough for Someone twenty year old to raise kid 16 year old planing A baby future when the only one they have planning a child feature never hear them talk above school they are not going to get MTV money forever

  2. Waiting for MTV to bring in Taylor Swift to sing the new theme song.

    Anything for ratings.

    Good for Barb getting a little check though. I’m sure this fried Jenelle’s hiney to no end.

    Oh and Farrah. She’s desperate to be back on TM as well.

  3. Where was this show when I was 15 and pregnant if they would have followed me around they would still have a great show everyone I know thinks I should write a book 3 kids later and 5 grandkids I became a grandma at 39 and I am raising one of my grandbabies because my youngest daughter passed away 3 years ago my friends cannot believe the shit that has happened in my life and they lived it with me

  4. The ones that were the most disrespectful towards their mother’s and the most irresponsible mom’s are the ones off the show. And they continue to downspiral.

    1. For me,the reason ratings are so low is because THERE’S NO ONE TO ROOT FOR! This show has little heart or energy. I may be wrong, but these moms seem even younger and more immature than on other Teen Mom shows. Yes, some of the moms have thoughts about their futures, but it’s usually just pie in the sky dreams, not based in reality.Also, most HAVE to have a guy in their life, which causes more problems, instead of just concentrating on their child. WORST OF ALL is the horrible way some treat their own mothers (especially Rachael) who seem to always be there for support. The grandmothers treatments are beyond the pale. Also,I think MTV could be partially to blame for the low ratings because of their editing, and also because casting most of the teen moms from basically the same social-economic backround denies viewers the varied experiences of each teen mom’s journey.

  5. Why do 3 of the girls look like they are about to go clubbing while Kayla is rocking her JC Penney beach dress?

    1. mtv really needs to start sending out dress code memos because even at the reunions they never look like they’re going to the same place ?

  6. Probably an unpopular opinion here: Excellent idea bringing Babs and Debz back!! They are both insane and the main reason both of their daughters are complete train wrecks…but oh my word, they are entertaining as fuck and always a hit! Lol!

  7. No matter the capacity of their presence on any show—we can still appreciate Deb and Barb for their real reality element. They were parents before MTV and the both of them stepped up for their grandchildren and did the best they could with the famewhore excuses they had for daughters. While Deb has gone a bit off the rails, I don’t blame her for pursuing a bit of fame after living her life respectably and raising her children. They were the fulcrums that kept Jace and Sophia afloat when they needed stables homes the most.

    1. Jenelle and Farrah are the f*cked up individuals they are today mostly thanks to their mothers. Both of them were violent towards their daughters, especially Debra (remember when she hitted Farrah and she called the cops?), so I wouldn’t say she lived her life respectably

      1. i beg to differ–I think both girls lived with overbearing mothers but resisted them to the point of self-destruction. I remember Deb hitting Farrah but also remember all the times she was stuck with her child while Farrah was out doing her thing and then the arguments ensued when farrah tried to flip her mom-switch but Deb’s parental instincts wouldn’t allow her to parent her GooGoo. It’s mostly about what we didn’t see on screen leading up to the pregnancies but even moreso, we have to remember that these girls would’ve had to get pregnant and have the drive to reach out to MTV to have their teen pregnancies featured. We’re looking at opportunists who were rewarded for their mistakes–i don’t blame their parents for it all but Jenelle would probably be in the same place as Valerie had her mother not been as aggressive to call her out.

      2. Agreed. 100% agreed. J & F are products of their bad parenting.

        However, only they can control their behavior today. Now David has replaced Barb in raising Jenelle. As awful as he is, Jenelle has avoided arrest in the past few years with him. Kids seem fed, clothed, and under a roof.

        Farrah still runs Mikehole. She is still a heavy drug user, with serious mental problems. Her choices today cant be blamed on Deb anymore.

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