Amy Roloff Reveals If There Will Be Another Season of ‘Little People, Big World’ & If Roloff Farms Will Have a Pumpkin Season in 2022

“We’ll be selling pumpkins— and farms— this fall!”

The Season 23 finale of Little People, Big World aired earlier this week and, while the episode covered a lot of topics, it also left fans with several questions.

During an Instagram Live session with her friend, Amy Roloff answered fans’ questions, and talked about the controversial decision her ex-husband Matt made to sell a large portion of Roloff Farms. She also gave fans insight on the future of the show— and Roloff Farms’ famous “Pumpkin Season.” 

According to Amy, there will be another pumpkin season and– almost certainly– another season of ‘Little People, Big World.’

“We are currently filming and I’m assuming we’re filming for more episodes,” she said. “But that is not my choice; I don’t know what the network will decide to do [with that footage]. But I’m assuming that at some point you’ll see what we’ve been filming. I’m very appreciative that we are filming for another season.

“I just hope that you guys continue to watch the show because the journey continues and it’s going to be really interesting to see what that journey is,” she added later in the conversation.

“It will be ‘interesting’ to see what else Pops has up his sleeve!” 

As for when that new season will air, Amy had no idea, but stated that fans may have to wait a while before getting to watch the footage that is being filmed right now.

“Like it has been in the past, with whatever we’re filming [right now], if the season does come out, it may not come out until March or April [of the next year]. When they make an announcement [about a new season], that’s kind of how we know, too,” she said.

That new footage will likely include what is filmed at the Roloff Farms’ upcoming pumpkin season. Amy has stated in the past that there will probably be a pumpkin season for 2022; however, in the Instagram Live session, she discussed it in detail, even confirming that she will be there and meeting with fans at the event in Helvetia, Oregon.

“From what I heard from Matt, pumpkin season is still gonna happen,” Amy said. “If you happen to be coming to pumpkin season this year, email [me] and let me know what day you’re coming. I’m not sure if I’m going to be there every weekend; I haven’t really made up my mind…let me know if you’re coming out for pumpkin season and I’d be happy to say hi and meet you and get a photo or whatever.”


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Amy said that, due to parts of Roloff Farms being up for sale, pumpkin season may look a little different than it has in the past. She said Matt plans to keep some of the COVID-19 protocols in place that he had for the 2021 pumpkin season.

“It won’t happen in the traditional way…it won’t happen near the old farmhouse. Because of COVID, Matt moved it all toward his property and his side of it in order to make it COVID-friendly.”

As fans know, the bulk of Season 23 centered around Matt’s decision to sell Roloff Farms– and not sell it to one of his sons– Jeremy and Zach— who were interested in buying it. It was stated that Amy and Matt’s other kids– Jacob and Molly— had no interest in purchasing the family farm. However on Friday, Matt praised Jacob and Jacob’s wife Isabel (and their son Mateo) for helping to raise the newest baby chicks born on the farm.


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“Thank you Izzy … with Mateo’s help (and daddy @jacobroloff45 ) the agricultural aspects of @rolofffarms is coming back to life right before my eyes. #eggcity #gardenabundance,” Matt wrote in the comment section of a post on the Roloff Farms Instagram account.

Information for the 2022 pumpkin season is not yet available on the farm’s website.

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  1. From what I understand, and correct me if I am wrong, why is Amy making any announcements about Pumpkin Season??? She no longer has an ownership interest in the farm. Then again, maybe she’s delusional???

  2. Enjoy the show. Amy/Chris, zack and his wife. Want Matt and his money grabber should just go to Arizona and leave the show

  3. Matt should get a prenuptial agreement before he marries Karen. Also he should put in trust monies from the sale of the farm to his children and grandchildren to make things right with them.

    1. She supposedly has more money than him. I forget where I read that but it suggested that she might be the one needs a pre-nup.

  4. Matt Rolodex and Caryn should not be in the show. They are disgusting. I will not watch it if they are in it. Caryn just wants his money. She is a snake. I hope the show continues with Amy, Chris, Zach and Tory and the kids. They make the show anyway. Matt has everything he wants. That skank Caryn and his farm/money. JS

  5. How I would love to meet you! But I know that won’t happen. Congratulations to your wonderful marriage to Chris.

  6. Matt is a selfish nasty old man. Zach and Jeremy made the right choice to move on. Matt, with his bossy attitude would have killed any remaining relationships with the family. He would be constantly heliocopting the kids and their children as how to live on a daily minute by minute basis.

    Matt’s romance with Caryn is a joke. She comes off like a gold digger and a master manipulator where Matt is concerned. Besides, she has no business being this involved in the sale of the farm or In Amy’s new life without him. The all peaches and cream Caryn portrays when talking about them, the bringing gifts to their home at dinners and her faux interest in Amy’s new life is outrageously to Caryn’s interests. She is playing everyone involved, including the grandchildren for her own gains.

  7. The original premise of the show was to help us understand the trials, hardships and everyday life of little people with a hope that this would make people more empathetic. I believe that Zach and Tori now fulfill that role. The heck with the melodrama of the original family let’s continue with next next generation.

  8. Hey I just love your family and your show!! You are the heart of the show without you no show!!!! I love your new family that you moved on and you have created a wonderful family!! I know you was handed down a rough way to go!! I too was lied to and cheated on and I was dumb enough to believe that I had to stay with a man that was hitting me and cheating on me all the time!! I am so ugly that I had to put up with that for almost twenty years! What a dumb ass I was!!

  9. I stopped watching after the first season when it became apparent they just wanted a TV paycheck. Who wants to see miniature Kardashians?

  10. I love the show. I’ve watched it from the beginning. But I think it’s pretty sorry of Matt to not let his own kids buy the family farm for what they can afford. All those places that were built was suppose to be for the kids and the grandkids. I just think he should be ashamed.

  11. I think Matt should have offered that part of the farm to the boys for one million dollars because I think that is all that they could afford. I think that he wanted to make money off of his own sons and I think that is WRONG. I think that a parent shouldn’t even want to make money off of their kids if they LOVE them. Kudos to Zach for not having anything more to do with his dad!!!

  12. Everyone thinks Matt should bow down and let the kids get the property cheap. That’s not how it’s works this day and time. Spoiled kid is what Jeremy is! Amy and Matt could have agreed on something in the divorce if both wanted the kids to have some acreage but not the whole property.
    Caryn should keep her nose out of it. She should actually be glad Matt has a place like this. She walked in that bedroom of Amy and Matt’s and of course she can’t see herself being in that room. Well her and Matt has the money, there is a thing called redecorate. Honey you don’t have to have all new. Make it yours and Matt’s we all have probably done it in any house we have bought.
    Amy stop whining cause it’s getting old. You have a man now move on.

  13. I have had just the opposite feelings since the show began. Amy has alway critized Matt and been negative nelly. Instead of appreciating all that she had beautiful home and the good life Matt gave her and the kids she always complained. Her son was and is a lot like her. She was a terrible housekeeper.lazy. She tries to control Chris. I don’t know what he sees in her. I would rather watch a show with Matt caryn and Chris and get rid of the rest of them. Isn’t it funny Chris and Matt get along fine and Amy is alwaycomplaining about it. Maybe she is the problem. Not maybe for sure.

    1. Thank you, Mary C!!! Amy is playing the Saint and Martyr Game to the max. And yes, she was a terrible housekeeper, which was her primary responsibility, while Matt took care of the business end of the farm. Chris seems like a nice guy, but I don’t know what he sees in her. She’s bossy, sarcastic, and thinks she’s Queen Bee. Then again, it’s his first marriage, so maybe he thinks this is the norm.
      Just had a thought…maybe Amy doesn’t want Matt and Chris to become pals, because Matt knows all of Amy’s secrets? Giggle, giggle.

  14. I was stupefied when Matt said that windows were broken and soda cans were everywhere so he didn’t think the kids were responsible enough to have the property and he didn’t want to be the one to continue to maintain the farm. Maybe someone should remind Matt that they were children and caused normal wear and tear and litter, maybe the windows should have been plexiglass or other material.

    Caren is one of the worst characters on the show, an emotional blackmailer. She is fine with Matt selling outside of the family because if she marries Matt, she will inherit the bulk of his estate then her children will inherit from her.

    Amy and Chris should buy the whole thing because they would surely do the right thing by the kids because after all Matt’s montra was always that all of this was for his kids. That’s a big crock of bull squirt.

  15. If Matt really wanted a legacy for his kids and grand kids he would have worked out a deal to make that happen no matter what. He did not think them capable to run the farm. He was mistaken. More than capable !! It was very obvious that money meant so much more than his kids or his grandkids. As for his girl friend she had no business in their business discussion. She should have never have been there and certainly not speak to for or against anything. She should keep out of family till if and when she is in the family. And Matt better be ware even then. She wants it all very apparent. He better set up something if he wants anything for he’s kids period.

  16. Looks like Matt would just give/DEED Farm acreage to the kids, and not want them to BUY acreage. Obviously we do things differently here in South Georgia. My Sweet Daddy Gave/Deeded our whole Farm to me and my twin sister. So we both own it ALL. I always thought this is what you do for the Childrens Legacy when property is Family OWNED! Don’t know how you sleep at night!
    Shame on you Matt Rolloff.

  17. I need to add a great big, sincere “Thank You” to “The Ashley” for covering this show and giving us threads. No one else really is. I appreciate a place with a chance to snark. I have watched this show since the first episode. I love watching all the family situations as they play out. It’s been great watching the kids grow up into adulthood and having families of their own. After being married to that oppressive, controlling, selfish Matt and seeing Amy rediscover herself and find love and happiness in her new life with Chris has been inspiring. So thank you again for covering this show and others that are getting nothing anywhere. I, for one, TRULY, SINCERELY appreciate having a great place to gather and snark away!!!

    1. I am 100% with you on what you say Lolo! Thank you so much The Ashley!! Amy’s journey has been great to watch. In my opinion Matt is a textbook narcissist and Amy finally got out of being manipulated and back to her true self. I admire her for sticking it out when she felt she needed to for her kids, but it is so sweet to see her breathe easy, smile and just enjoy life. When I watched the early years I myself wondered why she seemed so negative all the time. Now looking back it all makes sense. She was oppressed. So happy to see her allowed to be herself and happy. She seems like such a fun person.

  18. As I’ve said here before, Matt may be a “little person,” but over and over, he has shown us viewers that he is one giant asshole. I hope he and his Girlfriend he was cheating on Amy with while STILL married to her, are really happy now. He has alienated his kids, won’t be enjoying his grandkids much, but he’ll sure have Caryn leeching all she can from him. Way to go, ya mean, conniving, greedy giant asshole.

    1. You are so right! I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know where all these anti Amy pro-Matt people come from. I don’t even know what show they’ve been watching. They haven’t appeared on this thread yet, but you know what I’m talking about. They come out of the woodwork like cockroaches.

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