A Look At the Ratings: How ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ & ‘Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In’ Did For Their Premiere Episodes

“Nope! You guys should know it will take way more than bad ratings to get rid of us!”

What do you get when you combine the most-interesting people from Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, ply them with cocktails and put them in a California resort together?

Less-than-mediocre ratings, apparently!

Teen Mom Family Reunion— which stars cast members from the two longest-running ‘Teen Mom’ shows— premiered this week after much promotion from MTV and the show’s many cast members. Despite the hubbub before the show, ‘Family Reunion’ failed to be the ratings giant that MTV was surely hoping for. The other new spin-off, Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In, brought in relatively feeble ratings for its first episode, which premiered right after the ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ episode aired.

While ‘Family Reunion’ failed to bring in big ratings, it did premiere to better numbers than ‘Teen Mom OG’ had during its most-recent season, so there’s that…

According to ShowBuzz Daily, the first episode of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ brought in 463,000 viewers. 

Maybe you should…that might get the ratings up…just sayin’. Also…maybe someone could beat someone in the head with drumsticks a la Jenelle and Tori? 

‘Family Vacation’ garnered .19 of the coveted 18-49 ratings share. (This is a great guide to learn more about what those ratings numbers mean.) ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ finished in the No. 17 slot of the night’s Top 150 cable telecasts.

Unfortunately, MTV was not able to hold all of the ‘Family Reunion’ viewers over to watch ‘Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In.’ The 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk knock-off brought in only 315,000 viewers on Tuesday, getting only .11 of the 18-49 ratings share. It finished in the No. 55 for the night’s Top 150 telecasts. (These are pretty low numbers, especially for a premiere episode.)

MTV right about now…

As The Ashley has previously reported, ratings for all of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise shows have sunk drastically over the last year or so. In 2021, ‘Teen Mom OG’ kicked off Season 9B with an unimpressive 405,000 viewers. Those numbers fluctuated over the next 10 episodes, hitting the low 300,000s at times. 

(Remember, over 2 million people tuned in to watch the series debut in December 2009 and the OGs kept the momentum going, finishing Season 1 with an impressive 3.6 million viewers. The series went on to finish even stronger the following year, with the Season 2 finale bringing in a whopping 5.6 million viewers. It remained a ratings giant for MTV for years.)

‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ and ‘Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In’ are currently airing on Tuesdays on MTV. (The Ashley will be recapping ‘Family Reunion,’ by the way. Stay tuned!) 

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  2. I was in Chattanooga this weekend, and I never saw Maci or Bentley, but I’m pretty sure I drove past the gas station.

  3. It is such a shame that Amber continued to be not only included but featured. I honestly wish her well but simply can not support a repeated Domestic Abuser. I bet I am not the only viewer that feels this way. I would have enjoyed seeing many of these cast members interact.

    1. No one wants to see that trash back…Duhnelle, stop trolling, and take care of your kids, before they get removed again. BTW, that would be the best thing that could happen to them. You are unfit to be a parent. Grow the hell up already!

    2. Stop making fake accounts Duhnelle. No one GAF, and you trolling on here is not gonna change the public opinion of you. No one wants to see you back on TM ever. Walmart is hiring.

  4. McKee ruined all the shows for me. Portwood had me on the fence, but I finally gave up watching when it started to take more effort to watch than not, i.e. I had to start fast forwarding through McKees segments and it became too much of a hassle. I know she’s not on these spin offs, but she’s left such a bad taste in my mouth, I don’t care to watch anymore.

    1. No, as someone stated below, it’s the same old story lines replaying for over a decade, along with them becoming totally unrelatable, with their multiple homes and mansions, brand new cars every year, AND thier new entitled bad attitudes, that ruined teen mom!

  5. Why is Gary on the couch doing recaps with Amber, instead of Kristina? Why is she allowing this? And was it my imagination, or did Gary appear drunk?. Go home to you wife already!!!! Not confusing at all for Leah! Amber is a problem, but Gary seems to be enjoying the attention from both of them a little too much. You are all nuts at this point to continue this toxic situation. So sorry for those children.

  6. The recaps are the only reason I’ve known what was going on with these old hags for the last 10 years! Thanks the Ashley for saving my brain somewhat! LoL

  7. When is MTV going to realize that we don’t like these girls. I don’t care what format you put them in, they are trash.

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