‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’ & ‘Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In’ Spin-Offs to Premiere Tomorrow: Get a Sneak Peek of Both New Shows!

Raise your hand if you only agreed to participate in this nonsense to pay for a new sectional…

Despite ratings having “dropped” faster than Jenelle Evans’ feelings for Andrew Lewis, (sorry, couldn’t resist), MTV threw caution to the wind and greenlit not one, but TWO, Teen Mom spin-offs: Teen Mom Family Reunion and Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In. Both shows feature MTV’s favorite breeders and are set to premiere on Tuesday, January 11.

To get the few dozen viewers who are still riding this hot mess express pumped up for the upcoming premieres, MTV recently released a sneak peek of the two shows, beginning with Teen Mom Family Reunion.

“But first, lemme call my bodyguard, Brittany, to back my Dr. Miami-inflated ass up!” 

As The Ashley previously reported, ‘Teen Mom: Family Vacation will bring together various cast members from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise for a free trip featuring fighting among co-stars and a visit from former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham.  

In the latest clip, we get an idea of what else is in store for the moms during the reunion, as Maci Bookout participates in some sort of therapy exercise that requires her to face her personal struggles while screaming into the abyss. 

“You got this, girl. If it gets too rill for ya, just start yellin’ ‘I’M DONE!’ Trust me, that works every time.”

“I am not enough!” Maci screams, telling the therapist later that she’s spent her whole life trying to find out what ‘enough’ is.

“Acceptance,” Maci says when asked what she’s seeking. “I found confidence in taking care of everyone else. 

Following Maci’s emotional shouting session, Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus is called to take her turn, which she agrees to do, but not before shaking her rump in some sort of coral-colored Fashion Nova nightmare dress.

The butt may not be real, but the cringe certainly is…

Just when we think Briana has received the attention she is so clearly in need of, she proceeds to call out co-star Ashley Jones for “the fakeness.” 

“Oh, so THIS is why Kail didn’t agree to be a part of this mess…”

In the spirit of milking this franchise for all it’s worth, Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In will also premiere January 11. In what is actually a direct rip-off of TLC‘s show 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ gals and guys provide commentary from their beds while watching episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

“A show done from the comfort of my bed!? I’ve been preparing my whole life for this moment!”

In the series premiere, viewers will get to suffer through Jade Cline’s traumatic post-surgery episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ once again– this time, with Maci, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell and Cheyenne Floyd chiming in on Jade’s parents literally shoveling her freshly enhanced body into the back of a van.

“Like April and Kim would NEVER!” 

Despite the show’s ‘GIRLS’ Night In’ title, Cate’s husband, Tyler Baltierra, will join her for the episode commentary, along with two of the couple’s Carly Clones. 

Some friendly advice to viewers on how to watch these spin-offs…

Meanwhile, Cheyenne somehow managed to snag this gig without her first baby daddy/notorious lover of any and all MTV cameras, Cory Wharton, crashing the set. Instead, Cheyenne’s mom, Margaret, and sister, R You Sure This Isn’t TLC?, will partake in the ‘Girls’ Night In’ spin-off. 

They, too, watch the episode featuring Jade flopped onto the van air mattress.

This trio of amateur party planners just might save this knockoff series.

Viewers will see Maci watch the shows with her two TTM koozie-carrying buds, while Amber will be joined by the ever faithful Cousin Krystal. 

(SPOILER ALERT: In what may very well be the biggest surprise of the series, Amber will NOT be filming from the comfort of her favorite couch indentation, but instead her bed.)

“That’s right! I relocated from my couch to my bed AND I accessorized!”

In the First Look of the series, participating cast members finally get a taste of Percocet their own medicine by putting themselves in the shoes of the people who have been watching this hot mess of a franchise for much longer than they’re willing to admit. (But enough about us… )

‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’ and ‘Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In’ premiere Tuesday, January 11, beginning at 8/7c. 

Check out a sneak peek of both series below! 

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube) 



  1. Anyone else watching teen mom girls night? With Gary and Amber on the couch, without Kristina? I’m really starting to dislike him, he sold his soul for money. And am I the only one that thinks he appeared drunk, all flushed and giggly? Why does Kristina put up with this shit?

  2. When this sh|t show is canceled, and they have to get jobs.. I see a lot of slip & falls and workers comp claims. 🤠

    Looking at you ju-nail & lurch.

  3. Why is amber allowed to stay after multiple drug and violent crimes? She’s been found guilty of ever , lost both children… why do they allow this

    1. Because the point in the show is to show everyone the negative effects being a teen mom can have on your life, and in some cases, it leads to addiction, mental health issues, and criminal records.

  4. thank god i’m not the only one who thought briana’s dress was horrendous. loved the opening sentence btw 😂😂

  5. I wish everyone would stop watching this BS so the (no longer) “teen moms” would have to fend for their selves. Or let’s watch them in real job situations and see how long before they snap.
    But let’s keep helping them live the lavish life.. gaaag!

    1. Do you really see Catelynn working an 8 hour shift? What about Kail? Or Jenelle? I give them less than an hour before they quit.

      AMBER?? She wouldn’t even get out of bed.

      I feel sorry for anyone that would be forced to hire any of them or the public forced to deal with them.

      1. True – in their current stunted state, they all think they’re above holding a job and nobody with Google at their fingertips would hire any of them. Maybe a few years after the show has been cancelled, they’re all broke and have eaten huge slices of humble pie they could possibly, maybe be capable of being decent employees. Cate’s laziness would be her issue but at least she seems to be capable of being polite to customers and following orders if necessary. Kail would show up but would be a nasty shrew to customers and management. Jenelle and Amber are lost causes who will angle for SS disability when the TM gravy train ends. Maybe that’s what Jenelle is trying for already with the tumors…

        The rill world is tough, ladies.

        1. Kail had a degree and a whole bunch of other jobs that pay her. She isn’t even filming for Teen Mom or being paid by them right now, and she’s doing just fine. While some of these women wouldn’t fair well, she would be just fine.

        1. It would be like “The Simple Life” when Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie “tried” working.

          Being an “influencer” on the interwebs is much more fun and no need to take orders from anyone.

          Now imagine Farrah holding down a job that required some degree of interacting with people (that aren’t Johns). THAT would be an awesome show.

  6. The group thing is about 10 years too late. Having the original 8 before they became “very rich” would have been a smash hit. This is a skippable ratings bomb.

    Stop giving them fake opportunities, ffs. Let OG die its slow painful death.

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