Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Baby Mama Jenn Harley Says She’s “Down” To Fight His Ex Sammi Giancola in Celebrity Boxing Match; Announces Her Desire To Also Fight ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans

“Who ready to rumble?”

Jenn Harley is looking for a fight…and this time NOT with her ex/baby daddy, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. 

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation baby mama, who has had multiple physical altercations with her ex (and others) over the years, announced on social media that she’s looking for someone to face off against for an upcoming celebrity boxing match. Among those suggested by fans for Jenn to face off with are Ronnie’s ex, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, his current fiancé, Saffire Matos and several Teen Mom stars.

“Who’s stepping up???!!” Jenn asked her Instagram followers. “TAG who you think I should go toe to toe with in the ring! I’m down to fight anyone! LFG contact @celebrityboxing1 for more details.” 

Jenn’s followers were quick to chime in with possible contenders for Jenn to face in the ring, including Ronnie’s former ‘Shore’-mate Sammi.

“I’m sooooo down,” Jenn said of going a few rounds with Sammi. 

“Jennnn, staahhhpp… embarrassing yourself.”

Another suggestion Jenn received was to go “toe to toe” with Saffire MatosRonnie’s fiance– and former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham. 

In fact, there were multiple people throwing Farrah’s surgically-enhanced body name into the ring, which wouldn’t be the first time Farrah and her backdoor have nearly come to blows with a reality TV star. 

Back in 2018, Farrah was supposed to take part in an “anti-bullying” boxing match against Nicole “Hoops” Alexander in Atlantic City, but she ultimately dropped out for a number of reasons, with one of the major issues being that the promoters added Mob Wives star (and known Farrah enemy) Drita D’Avanzo as the fight’s officiant. 

While Jenn didn’t seem to have an desire to take on Farrah, she was into the idea of fighting former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, due to Jenelle running her mouth about Jenn in the past. 

“[Jenelle] talked a lot of s**t before!!!” Jenn said of facing Jenelle and Jenelle’s TikTok moves of fury in the ring. “What’s up [Jenelle?]” 

“I can’t, dude… but if you come to The Land, I’d be willing to swamp-wrestle you while David hoses us down.”

Another one of Jenn’s followers suggested Jenelle might be down for the event as she likely “needs money” due to her perpetually unemployed status.

Speaking of ‘Teen Mom’ stars looking for a fight, Jenelle’s former co-star Kail Lowry  offered to face Jenn herself–- an idea Jenn appeared to be interested in. 

No word yet on if this fight will actually take place and, if so, who will be battling Jenn in the boxing ring. Sammi, Saffire and Jenelle have yet to comment.

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV; YouTube) 



  1. Jenn is pretty desperate and sammi would never fight this chick. Now kail is thirsty so she a go I’d like to see her fight Brianna though lol

  2. Sammi isn’t interested in this trash bag. Sammi has class and moved on from her days with Jersey Shore and Ron. Ron is nothing but a low-life piece of trash who beats women and abuses ROIDS and drugs.

  3. Janele was boasting about what an amazing scrapper she was bc she got in a fight with a girl who didn’t fight back at age 17, all while being such an amazing person and role model for her brother Jace. So classy.
    Now is your chance to prove that Janele!
    Show us all how tough you really are(not) ~ other than empty pointless chatter as usual.
    Put your money where your mouth is!
    Um… uh…
    Obviously the wrong expression here…
    At least she wouldn’t have to worry about losing any teeth!🤣

  4. Ha ha ha. Karl would probably go and file a PFA, and bitch about it on her podcast. 😂 Jenelle, she probably wouldn’t fight unless Uncle Bad Touch was in the ring with her. Farrah is too busy selling her kaka in a mason jar. 🤮 I also do not believe Sammi would want to either. What other options are left? Mob Wives? Fake housewives?

  5. I’d totally watch if Sami fought Jenn. But it seems like Sami isn’t interested in interested in being in the public eye anymore. I don’t blame her.

    If Kail did the fight it would give her something to talk about other than her baby daddies.

    Jenelle is supposed to be paralyzed any day now, so I wouldn’t think a fight would be in her best interest.

    One of the real housewives of new jersey would be entertaining to watch in a fight.

  6. This chick is nothing more than a bonafide thug with a hunger for violence. One day someone is going to really knock her block off.

  7. Maybe she can get one of those boxing kangaroos, that would be more of a celebrity than anyone mentioned in the article.

  8. I bet folks will be confused to see Jenn at the fight instead of the face tuned model on the flyer. Unrecognizable.

    Kail will file a PFA if she gets hit.

    Jenelle needs the money badly so I’m not sure why she hasnt been seriously offered this fight but I’m sure someone will end up getting her cancelled from the ass whooping.

  9. sammi’s in a good place in her life for staying out of that toxic environment and doesn’t even acknowledge rob what makes her think sammi would even think about her?? 😂😂

  10. Now that Jen’s 15 minutes are over, she’s grasping at straws in an attempt to stay relevant. Perhaps she’s another one who is allergic to holding down a real job.

  11. Hahah
    Sammie wouldn’t give her the time of day
    Why do you think she didnt come back? She is over it
    The money she turned down already …. this will never ever hqppen

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