EXCLUSIVE Farrah Abraham’s Father Reveals Why She’s No Longer Fighting Hoopz on November 10

“I’m not fighting! Well… at least not in the boxing ring!”

It’s official: Farrah Abraham‘s “anti-bullying” boxing match against Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander is off.

Radar Online broke the news on Friday that the former Teen Mom OG star had pulled out of the fight, which was due to take place November 10 in Atlantic City. 

In an interview with The Ashley, Farrah’s dad Michael Abraham said that reason Farrah pulled out of the fight was due to the fight’s promoters not complying with their contract, as well as them not following through with their promises to promote “anti-bullying” with the fight.

Oh, and the fact that they added Mob Wives star (and known Farrah enemy) Drita D’Avanzo as the fight’s officiant.

“The fight’s promoters are the ones who leaked this story to Radar,” Michael told The Ashley. “They have been in non-compliance with the agreements we had for the fight.”

Radar‘s source claimed that Farrah had made huge demands– asking for 30 hotel rooms and flights for six people, etc.– but Michael denied that.

“Our requirements for travel— which were already agreed upon— are nowhere near as big as they said. It is very customary for this type of thing,” he told The Ashley. “For the record, I have already purchased my own flight and hotel room. It is not out of hand to ask that her trainer and Farrah and her team be flown out to the fight!”

“Basically, this whole thing is their failure to comply with agreements,” Michael continued. “We have not backed out. They’re the ones trying to force Farrah to back out because they f**ked up.

Michael said that there were other big issues that caused Farrah to pull out. Michael stated that the fight’s promoters refused to reveal which, if any, anti-bullying charities would be benefiting from the fight.

“We were very focused on the anti-bullying issue,” Micheal said. “That’s why Farrah agreed to do this fight. We have been on the promoters, asking them what percentage of the proceeds are going toward an anti-bullying cause, and what organization is it going to? Are we raising money or just awareness? Is the organization going to be at the fight? We are now a week out and we have nothing.”

The addition of Farrah’s nemesis, Drita, was another factor.

“We told them that 1) you need to take care of your contractual agreements and 2) you need to get rid of Drita,” Michael said.

“Drita has it out for my daughter, and that’s known,” Michael added. “And now she’s been put in a position of authority with this fight and that’s not safe. Farrah does not have to put her life in jeopardy with someone like Drita…she is out of control. That person could do anything–bring weapons or whatever– and we’re not going to play that game.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Farrah and Drita had a very public spat this summer, with Drita threatening to whoop Farrah after the two had a disagreement while attending the same event in June.

“I’m going to slap the s**t out of that Mr. Ed-looking f**ker,” Drita told Page Six of Farrah in June. “What she needs a good old-fashioned smacking.”

Michael told The Ashley that Farrah is currently dealing legal issues stemming from her arrest in Beverly Hills this summer, so Farrah is worried that if Drita tried to start something with her, she wouldn’t be able to defend herself.

“My daughter is still dealing with her court issue right now,” Micheal said. “She’s been working with the judge and the last thing she needs is to have a problem like Drita.”

“They’re setting my daughter up for failure,” he added. “Drita is not qualified to officiate a fight.”

In his interview with The Ashley, Michael made it clear that both he and Farrah respect Farrah’s opponent Hoopz.

“All of us think highly of Hoopz,” Michael said. “She’s been very professional and is quite an athlete. We thank Hoopz. She’s been working hard. Hoopz should be upset with the promoters, and the fans should be upset with the promoters.”

In a statement posted to Instagram on Friday, Hoopz provided her thoughts on Farrah not fighting.

“She’s using the promoter as a reason to back out,” Hoopz wrote. “The fight is still happening with or without her. We agreed because of the cause, not because of Farrah. See everyone November 10th.”

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(Michael confirmed to The Ashley that a replacement fighter has already been found for Farrah.)

According to Radar‘s story, Farrah can be sued for “millions of dollars” for breaching her contract. According to Farrah’s mom, Debra Danielsen, that’s not going to happen.

“Farrah worked hard and in earnest; but this [promoter] hasn’t provided any legitimate officials, ticket sale revenues, merchandise or press coverage,” Debra told The Ashley. “Farrah is a single mom and doesn’t have millions! This guy has seen Farrah as an easy ticket to get money from. He is not legitimate or a man of integrity going after a single mom.”

Michael agreed.

“The terms were there, and we have all the proof [of contract] that we need,” he told The Ashley. “Bring it on, this isn’t the first time. If [the promoters] had pulled their mindset out of the gutter and treated people the way they were supposed to according to the agreement, everything would have been good.”

In an Instagram Live video posted on Friday, Farrah– fresh outta court– gave her take on what happened.

“The celebrity boxing and the person who is charge, and the other promoters associated, does not know how to do business… I can’t put myself in a liable situation where they have someone publicly saying that they want to beat my face in or things of that nature,” Farrah said. “Putting me in a bad situation, a legal problem with police, so the best thing for me to do is stay away from that, so that’s what I’m going to have to do per my legal and my anger management.”

Since it doesn’t look like we’re going to get to watch Farrah box Hoopz, click here to watch her get knocked around the boxing ring while fighting a female opponent last weekend!

UPDATE: In an emailed statement to The Ashley, Boom Cups founder Michael Mak stated, “Farrah has not backed out of the fight…
Nothing has changed…”

Stay tuned!

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  1. “Remember boo, momma said knock ’em out”… did Farrah really use this caption on a picture of her daughter for an ANTI-BULLYING campaign?? You couldn’t make this stuff up

  2. Farrah shit herself as soon as she heard the name Drita. Haha! Drita can knock her on her giant pillow ass with just words and she knows it. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  3. Debra told The Ashley, “Farrah is a single mom and doesn’t have millions!”

    ? Wait…I thought Farrah was a millionaire with all her businesses! ? If Farrah wasn’t trying so hard to get out of this fight, she’d be pissed at Debra for telling everyone she doesn’t have any money.

    And Micheal says” They’re setting my daughter up for failure.” Nope! You did that yourself, Micheal, about 25 years ago. And you’re helping to do it to Sophia now.

  4. She is too scared of getting a good hiding,And isnt it always the same excuse not to take part in the fight because the promotors have let her down.She was like this in Teen Mom OG.Any excuse.Idiots her and her father and sorry to say but the little girl in like a mimi me of her mother,

  5. wanted this to see this. Dang it! I am not a Farrah fan but also think Drita should never have been involved. It makes them look bullish and favors Farrah. Did I just say that? I don’t believe a word Michael says. She always has huge demands. She is now looking for excuses. I was all wanting to see Farrah get her butt kicked. Thanks a lot Drita!

  6. Hire a damn body guard Farrah if your worried you MIGHT just swing at Dorrita and break your probation or whatevs it is your on!! Stop the nonsense and get your arsk out there!

  7. Show of hands – who didn’t see this coming?





    Yeah, thought so. She was NEVER going to do this.

    And P.S. Mykull – Drita is way more qualified to officiate a fight than Farrah will ever be to actually be in a fight.

  8. Uh…. how will the fight go on without an opponent??? I’m no fan of Farrah but this fight should never have been allowed in the first place. Hoopz has man arms and Farrah is a stick. Somebody would end up in jail after that mess. Like the promoter for allowing this match up. Everyone is probably trying to figure out how to back out because NO ONE IS BUYING TICKETS.

  9. I’d love to see Farrah’s ego be taken down a notch if she was sued and convicted at the same time but, I’m not holding my breath. Unless the promoters have receipts, my guess is Farrah will be able to defend her withdraw from the match and feel like she stood up for herself. Look what happened with MTV. However, this was predicted when this match was first announced, so there is nothing Farrah and her team can say that will sway the public opinion.

    And I love Hoopz response.

  10. Way to go Michael! Still defending your morally bankrupt daughter. Did you guys just decide to announce she was backing out today to distract from Farrah pleading guilty to resisting arrest this morning? Especially because you both tried to say your daughter was innocent and wouldn’t accept a plea deal and then she did just that?
    P.S. Get your granddaughter enrolled in school for FFS. She needs to be socializing with kids her own age not up in the courthouse with her mother.

  11. Oh please! We all knew she wasn’t going to through with it…Farrah has ALWAYS been all bark and no bite. Trick couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.

    1. She will be sued, guaranteed. They now have to find a replacement one week out. We all knew she wasn’t going to go through with the fight ever since it was announced. On another note, I didn’t realize Farrah had six members of her team to fly out, I’m quite shocked the number is that high (Farrah, Sophia, Michael, Amy)…who are the other two? Her trainer, maybe? She has no friends.

  12. *yawn*
    Called it. She’s a “working girl.”
    That’s all she knows. She sells her body, that’s her only skill…

  13. Big freaking surprise!!!! We ALL called this! Of course this lil D list celebrity wouldn’t come through! Farrah knows her ass would have gotten handed to her! I guess “anti-bullying” only matters if Farrah gets her way!!! Lol!

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