Leah Messer’s Sister Victoria Celebrates After Her Fiance Royer Rodriguez Is Allowed to Move to West Virginia, With Leah’s Help

“Thanks, sis!”

Victoria Messer‘s vacay-booty-call-turned-baby-daddy is headed to the United States for good, thanks to her Teen Mom 2 star sister, Leah.

Victoria, Leah and Victoria’s baby daddy, Royer Rodriguez posted to social media over the weekend that Royer— who lives in Costa Rica— has been approved to come to the hollers of West Virginia and be with Victoria and their two-year-old son Cai. 

Victoria posted photos of Royer, along with their immigration lawyer and Leah, with Royer proudly wearing a shirt with “West Virginia” on it.


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“We did it!” Victoria captioned the pics. “Thank you so much [to our lawyer] & my sis!” 

Leah also posted photos of the journey, writing, “I’m so freaking happy for you guys…now [Royer] must show us his whitewater rafting skills in WV this year!” 


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In the comment section of her post, Victoria told a fan, “My fiancé and I have been together almost three years and waiting for him to be able to come to be with us! He was APPROVED to come here and be with us!” 

Royer expressed his gratitude to Leah and the lawyer who helped get him to the United States.

“I am very grateful to God and you @paulwv_304 and @leahmesser,” he wrote. “Finally finished this long process that has been difficult. I am very happy to be with my future wife for the rest of my days. I LOVE YOU.” 

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Victoria met Royer while she, Leah, Kail Lowry and others were on vacation in Costa Rica. Royer was hired to be their rafting guide… and things got, um, wet ‘n’ wild between him and Victoria afterward, with her ending up knocked up at the end of the vacation.

She gave birth to their son, Cai in 2020. Royer was unable to attend the birth of his son, but he and Victoria have maintained their long-distanced relationship over the years, even getting engaged in August.

That moment Royer found out his vacation pickle-tickle would someday result in him moving to The WV…

Leah has apparently signed on to become Royer’s financial sponsor in order for him to immigrate to the United States. According to the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services website, an immigrant needs a sponsor to essentially financially back him on the journey to become a citizen. The sponsor vows to cover him financially so that he does not need to rely on public benefits like food stamps, etc. 

As Royer’s financial sponsor, Leah is required to take financial responsibility for him until he becomes a U.S. citizen, is credited with 40 quarters/ 10 years of work, leaves the United States for good, or dies – whichever happens first.

Leah was likely asked to become the financial sponsor due to the high income she receives from appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ By law, a sponsor has to be able to prove that he or she makes an income that is at or above 125 percent of the Federal poverty level. 

“Who woulda thunk that me gettin’ knocked up with two twinseses in my underage hooter coulda made me so ding-dang rich!”

It should be noted that the Affidavit of Support that Leah would have signed is a legally enforceable contract, and if Royer were to end up receiving public benefits (like welfare, etc.) in the U.S., Leah would be responsible for repaying the benefits he received. If she does not repay the debt, she can be sued.

“Don’t let me hear that he got none of them food stamps, Sis! Or I’ll be madder’n a wet hen!”

Back in October 2020, Leah talked to Heavy about Victoria and Royer’s difficult journey to get Royer to the U.S.

“They have had some ups and downs with continuing a long-term relationship, but I’m proud of them both!” Leah told the site, adding that, “This immigration process has definitely tested [Victoria’s] patience a time or two.”

Victoria and Royer have yet to reveal when they plan to get married.

When they do get hitched, this will be Victoria’s third marriage. Victoria got married for the first time in April 2015 at the age of 20 to Brian Jones. (Leah served as a bridesmaid, and Brian frequently appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2.’) They welcomed a daughter, Cami in 2016, but split by the spring of 2017.

Less than a year later, Victoria announced she was married to Domenick Crapello, and they were were expecting a baby together. She welcomed their daughter Cerenity soon after. Victoria was still legally married to Domenick when she went on the fateful Costa Rica trip in May 2019. Later that month, she filed for divorce from Domenick.  

Royer is the father of two sons in Costa Rica.

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  1. I would think that when/if he gets a job, he will have to send some child support to Costa Rica to support his other children. How much is left to support Victoria and her baby. Does Victoria work with three young children? If she is getting welfare or food stamps, I don’t think she can get married or Leah will be supporting the whole family. Americans retire in Costa Rica because the American dollar goes far and it’s a beautiful country. WV is going to be a shock to Royer.

  2. That’s interesting. Not only is Royer leaving his other kids in Costa Rica but Leah’s sponsoring him. 10 years is a long time when Victoria’s last two marriages haven’t been long. She doesn’t seem to take it too seriously and Leah’s putting her financial future at risk. I’m not against the K1 visa, but Royer is a red flag abandoning his other children and Victoria getting married and divorced every 2 to 3 years.

  3. Homie is in for some serious culture shock. And I’m sure, soon enough, he will beg Victoria to bring his other 2 kids here and they can all be one big happy family with Auntie Leah’s MTV money. Combined total of 8 children with 5 fathers or so? They will probably try for their own spin-off. God help us.

  4. And this, kids, is why it’s so important to have good, solid boundaries. Otherwise, you’ll say yes to everything – “yes, I’ll sleep with you the night before marrying someone else,” “yes, your drug-addicted deadbeat ass can live in my basement,” “yes, I’ll pay for your 1-night-stand to get citizenship & abandon his kids in a foreign country & I’ll be legally responsible for him for 10 years because I’m so sure it’s going to work out even though the two of you have never even been under the same roof for longer than a week & he’s basically a stranger. I’m sure his intentions are good and not at all selfishly motivated. What could go wrong?”

    I bet those Nigerian prince scammers just love her.

  5. Leah is a fool. He already has kids and is dumping them for a green card to America. If you can leave 2 children, don’t be surprised if he leaves one more once the paper work clears.

    And my dad sponsored my grandmother, you have to agree to financially support them for 10 years. So they submit claims for unemployment, you’re paying that, food stamps, you’re paying that. Is Leah really banking that MTV money will last her, her kids, and now this man for 10 years?

    Also, Oreo is a trainwreck.

  6. These girls just jump into bed and make lifelong commitments to anyone.

    3 marriages, 3 kids. He has 2 other kids.

    I know girls like this IRL who don’t vet AT ALL and jump bc “tingles” and their lives are a mess, just like this girl’s life.

  7. What happens in a year or two when they breakup, but he decides to stay in the US? Leah, as always, didn’t quite think this through. She’s putting her own financial culpability and children at risk.

  8. So….Leah needs TM2 to drag on another 10 years, ugh.
    Hasn’t she watched 90DF? This dude’s only ever known Victoria CRAPELLO living it up on Jesus God Leah’s MTV dime – thats not real life in the WV.
    Wait till the TM2 cheques stop, Victoria’s dodging the deer cam when dropping the other kids off with their dads & bitching at this dude to hurry up & get a job paddling the rapids in the WV!

    1. I am surprised Leah didn’t try to get them on 90 day fiancé so she can try to have another stream of income given Teen Mom won’t last forever. I figured she would want to try to ride that money train for a while too. Some of those 90 day people (like Angela, Colt, and big Ed) have been riding that gravy train for quite a while. Yes, it would be her sister participating more but she would have been able to work her way in there since she is the sponsor.

  9. Well he hit the jackpot. Stupid move on Leah’s part. And Victoria’ for that matter. Her ring looks like something from Claire’s.

  10. I would way rather live in Costa Rica than in West Virginia. Is he just going to leave his other kids behind?

  11. i don’t wish bad on anyone but does anybody else feel like this definitely won’t work out? yea they may have known each other for 2 years now but living together will be very different. and also during this whole process did leah come off to anyone as a white savior??? like she was trying to come off as some hero for supporting their relationship

    1. Yes. She definitely wants a pat on the back for this.

      “Look how accepting I am of other nationalities”

      “Look what having all this money can do”


      1. exactly. plus remember when the baby was born and how obsessed they were that he was born on mlk jr day? she didn’t even know it’s on a different day until everyone called her out and throughout victoria’s whole pregnancy she acted like the baby was gonna be born a whole different color

        1. Omg no but they’re just as bad with the fetishes as Kail.

          MLK didn’t march so the Messers could screw strangers on vacation.

          Leah couldnt be prouder is she set up a booth at the Southern border and single handedly solved our immigration problem.

    1. Just… MESS.

      Those West Virginia schools aren’t well, bc Jesus God Leah! this was a HORRIBLE move.

      Your sister was still married when she shagged this TOURIST GUIDE (without protection clearly) on vacation (paid for by YOU). Your sister then proceeded to flaunt this ridiculousness, and you… sign up to basically support this random and open yourself up to getting sued FOR 10 YEARS!!

      Leah, whatever you’re doing with your face, eyebrows, hair color, etc- STOP. And hand to Gawd, consult actual lawyers here, know what you’re actually signing up for and how to get out of it. Before your sister and then current love of her life have a fight, she kicks him out and wants him deported… Good times ahead Leah.

      Also, homeboy is cool with leaving his other two kids behind? He’s not concerned or liable of support? Sounds super.

  12. For Leah’s sake I hope he’s an honest dude. I wouldn’t vouch for him if I were Leah and expose myself to being sued if he messes up

      1. Exactly. He’s not concerned about support or any financial liability? Looking at you Leah… this was a terrible move.

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