New Babies, A Broken Marriage & Beach Vacations: Take Your First Look at ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Season 5

I need to know if they Super Glued that hat to Pauly’s hair…

Mark your calendars, Jerzday is less than a week away!

The fifth season of MTV’s Jersey Shore Family Vacation debuts next Thursday and the network released a trailer earlier this week for the latest installment, which marks the return of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi as a full-time cast member on the show.

“2022 is gonna be un-shore-gettable,” the trailer proclaims before inviting viewers to “Fist pump in the new year” with our old Jersey Shore friends, plus their significant others and children.

“As the world continues to change in unexpected ways, the ‘Jersey Shore’ family is back together and they’re putting it all on the table,” an MTV press release for the new season reads. “From long overdue meatball days to wild nights in LA with Vinny [Guadagnino], and Mike [“The Situation” Sorrentino]’s ‘end of probation’ celebration, to DJ Pauly D’s [aka Pauly Delvcecchio] return to the clubs, this group continues to bring the non-stop party wherever they go.”

Someone who is apparently not bringing the party for Season 5 is OG cast member Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. Although Ronnie is not in any of the promo pics or the Season 5 trailer, he did vow to make it to at least some of the Season 5 filming. Back in August, Ronnie stated that he was sober and would “hopefully [be back on the show ] at the end of Season 5.”

“Gotta get me that pro-rated paycheck!”

Season 5 will also introduce us to the group’s newest members: Mike and Lauren Sorrentino‘s son, Romeo Reign, as well as Cameron– the second son of Deena Cortese and her husband Chris Buckner

“I’m very excited to enter the ‘hood’ of parenthood!” Mike tells us. (The first few moments of the clip show the hours before and after Romeo’s birth in May.

When you’ve got to get in your GTLs but you’re also a dad…

However, not all of the ‘Shore’ couples are celebrating. Angelina Pivarnick and her husband Chris Larangeira discuss the problems happening in their marriage.

“We’ve got to work on our relationship,” Angelina— who actually filed for divorce from Chris in January but has not spoken out recently about the status of her marriage— says. “Therapy is the key.”

We also see the whole ‘Shore’ gang— cast, spouses and babies— head via private plane to the Florida Keys for a vacation.

“Thanks, MTV! This sure as hell beats flying coach!”

“Yes, sir, we making up for lost time right here,” DJ Pauly D says in the trailer.

The fifth season of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ premieres January 6 on MTV and will also stream on Paramount Plus.

Catch the trailer on Instagram starting at the 2:50 mark (or watch the whole thing to see the birth of Baby Romeo!) 


9 Responses

  1. Seriously, this needs to stop. It was fun to watch when they were all younger and childless but this is just stupid. Imagine how embarassed will their kids feel when they see their parents getting drunk on TV!

    And yes, Mike is the only tolerable one. I would love an update on his family life but that’s it. Everyone else needs to go.

  2. Why does MTV push the narrative of parents acting like children?

    Teen Mom, but theyre all in their 30s. Jersey Shore but these folks are looking at 40.

    No, MTV, ppl cannot be responsible parents who raise capable and productive healthy children while drunk and fighting for a paycheck.

      1. Yeah bc she has so many other great offers for employment. Smh.

        At least the rest of the crew know where their bread is buttered.

    1. Mike is truly an inspiration! Like the show or not, he has battled some strong demons, and came out on top! I love this new Mike!

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