Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Says She’s Lost Her “Spark & Motivation” Due to Her Various Tumors & Health Issues

“Pray that I’ll have the strength to do bad dances on TikTok tomorrow!”

Jenelle Evans started the New Year a la Amber Portwood: in bed and on the Internet.

The former Teen Mom 2 star gave her TikTok followers an update on her ever-growing list of health issues (which, as The Ashley has reported in the past Jenelle says include a variety of cysts, the ability to see molecules, a sweaty face, fluid in her spine and more.

In this video, Jenelle talks about how all of her health issues have knocked her down, and caused her to lose her “spark” and “motivation.”

“Oh yes Juh-nelle, because ya have always been such a go-getta!”

“I’ve just been takin’ things easy lately,” a bedridden Jenelle tells her TikTok fans, later adding, “Yeah, I’m making my health number 1 right now. So if it seems like I kind of lost my spark or motivation, I kinda have.”

Jenelle went on to detail her ever-growing health problems.

“I’ve recently been diagnosed with two tumors in my spine, and they recently found out that I also have a tumor in my neck which hurts pretty bad,” she stated. “We don’t know what we’re doing about this yet but I’ve just been in a lot of pain lately. My neck is just killing me.”

When your husband suggests you guys save money on medical expenses and offers to cut your cysts out for you…

The Lady of The Land then apologized to her TikTok followers for the lack of videos of her dancing out by the swamp pool, shaking her rump roast.

“Sorry if my content hasn’t been, like, the best lately, but hopefully I feel better soon.”

“I know you guys are dying for more of this stuff!”

Jenelle— who tagged the video with “#Syringomyelia #Hemangioma #SpineTumor” goes on to say that she has appointments with two separate doctors set for next week. 


##answer to katiemharper1 taking life easy 👍🏼 ##syringomyelia ##hemangioma ##spinetumor

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When one of her TikTok followers was having a hard time keeping track of all of Jenelle’s ailments, the follower asked Jenelle if these tumors were different from the cysts she has stated to have in the past. In a separate video, Jenelle attempted to clarify.

“So, yes, the tumors are different than the cysts I have,” she said. “So let’s go over what I have: I have a cyst in my spine, I have a cyst in my head, I have two small tumors on my vertebrae and my thoracic spine. And at C3 [vertebrae] in my neck I have another small tumor. They’re called Hemangiomas.”

(In case you’re wondering, a “hemangioma” tumor is not cancerous. They are basically an abnormal buildup of blood vessels in the skin or internal organs. The most-commonly known kinds of these tumors are the “strawberry” birthmarks some babies are born with that are red.) 

“Usually you don’t do anything for them and they’re usually benign. But if they cause problems, they’ll do something about it,” Jenelle said. 

Jenelle said that, “as for now, I’m just using heating pads and laying down when I can. Not doing much. Not being too active.”

“Nothing wrong with that! Enjoy this couch life, sister!”

You can watch Jenelle explain the difference between her tumors and cysts in the TikTok video below.


Reply to @_ciaobellaciao_ 🤨

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(Photos: TikTok, MTV)


  1. Her use of the term “tumor” is laughable – and OBVIOUSLY with bold/ignorant fear-mongering attention-seeking intention!

    ZITS can be considered “tumors” too😁 – and are just as likely to cause paralysis, bowel dysfunction and collect disability cheques as her BENIGN “tumors” that EVERYONE reading this more than likely has in multiple areas of their body!

    Better go back to court YET AGAIN for Jaces MTV trust $!!

    1. Perhaps she should consider that her “spark going away” (did she EVER have ANY “spark”?? Not at all IMO…) is DIRECTLY CORRELATED TO HER INCREASE OF BENZODIAZEPINE USE??

      I mean, is that not precisely what they are used for, to calm severe anxiety and other mental health issues (however, NOT BPD / narcissism & all her other REAL diagnoses)…when used APPROPRIATELY that is. I still don’t understand how ANY MD is willing to write her that prescription… IF they are even legal that is.
      It’s funny how the reason she “needs” xanex keeps changing. First it was just for flying so she didn’t have to “call an ambulance and have the plane land emergently {😂🤥} after laying in the aisle” {totally FAA approved travel} but since she can no longer leave the swampland it’s now for basically NECESSARY EVERY TIME her AND David eat…which is a LOT.
      Who knew malingering esophageal spasms were contagious!?!

      Perhaps “existing” in a constant cycle of intoxication and/or withdrawal has something to do with it??🙄
      There NEVER EVER has been a “spark” remotely associated with her {save for lighters and hot-knives OC} BUT a very very small amount of SELF REFLECTION and ACCOUNTABILITY would go a very very long way!!
      ALL her doctors know this is a very simple diagnosis (and def told her!) BUT Janele refuses to take accountability for her own actions and do the work for SELF IMPROVEMENT! WAY more rewarding for malingerers and attention seekers to constantly boast online how terminally ill they are while MILLIONS of people would do ANYTHING to have such a BENIGN INCIDENTAL finding / repetitive clean scans / multiple doctors saying there is NOTHING (physically) WRONG!!

      Jobs are FUN and being a contributing member of society is incredibly rewarding!!
      Try it..just once!!

  2. What a waste of a life and privilege!!! At this late date, it is doubtful she will initiate any positive changes, just more excuses!

  3. Does this beyotch not realize that half the damn population has similar or worse medical issues??! But we don’t whine about it online every damn day and/or make it our excuse for every mistake and failure. Grow up and live your life. Your medical issues are between you and your doctors – no one else wants to hear about it. Everyone else has their own problems and health issues. Get over yourself. You’re not the first woman to have something bothering you. Get off your butt, stop trying to make it rich quick by being an influencer or launching some stupid product. You’re not popular enough for that. Get a job, raise your kids, be a good person, stop doing drugs, leave your husband if he chokes you again, the end. You might find yourself happy for once in your life. jesus

    1. They’re not fans, they’re followers of the teen mom drama (myself included) – it’s like watching a car crash in slow motion.

    2. The VAST majority are UNQUESTIONABLY purchased followers and fake accounts / comments / likes / views / etc.
      That is how she spends her “existence”, purchasing “fans” then asking questions and commenting on her own page with her plethora of fake accounts – best part being is that she has full on conversations with herself pretending to be the 1 person who supports her🤣
      Sad on so many levels

  4. I’ve never seen someone try to get on disability payments so hard. Jenelle, it’s ok to get a 9-5 job. Nobody will think less of you, in fact, you might find the opposite!

  5. You think she would realize by now all we do is roll our eyes whenever she brings up another ailment.. I’d be surprised if local doctors and hospitals don’t have her blacklisted by now. What you need is a mental doctor Janelle and a therapist and there’s nothing wrong with that but no one can find what doesn’t exist.

  6. Really. Somehow I am skeptical of all this. U have always had the need for attention. How about u post what the doctors said they found and than we will know we r not just feeding into it.

  7. Wow!! I’m really surprised one of the morning shows have not interviewed her . Junail loosing her spark.
    And being so sick. 💩🤢🤮🤮

  8. I am not knocking anyone down for taking a rest due to health related issues but I think by now she would have some sort of medical term to use. She keeps saying things like cysts and tumors which can be pretty common for some people and not harmful. She is saying she is using a heating pad and resting. If it really hurt the doctors would be trying to do something. I think they are just nodule type things, just some sort of growths that are not harmful to here but because she might be able to feel them act like they are something more severe. From what we have seen on tv all those years when she was on the show is that she didn’t really do much. We never saw her do a hard job or take care of her kids all day. What she did was very mediocre and she just overall seemed lazy. I don’t think she has anything seriously wrong with her. If she does, well I hope she gets better. But no one is probably taking care of thise kids properly. It is a shame because the youngest is becoming the age where she can do more things on her own and jenelle has the older kids to help them with the things the younger ones can’t do or jenelle and her husband won’t do. I don’t know where her and the family will end up in 5 to 10 years but I don’t see that much change going to happen.

  9. She has spinal fluid? Well thank God for that! Could we even be alive without spinal fluid? Cysts? Aren’t pimples and little white bumps under the skin, cysts? Tumor. Could be bad, but could be anything, ladies when I had my hysterectomy, I had fibroid tumors–too numerous to count. Hemangioma, sigh. Seeing molecules! Do you even know what molecules are? Do you have superpowers? Maybe you see floaters, pretty common as you age, but molecules? Holy Moly! How do you twerk and raise three children or four? You’ve got enough going on for social security disability and some good pain drugs and anxiety drugs too.

  10. She has always been a lazy sac full of assholes, but all these “medical issues” just gives her a legitimate excuse to lay around all day. Who is taking care of Kaiser?! Reading with him? Making sure he’s getting a well balanced meal? Fucking Jenelle. You’re a pig.

  11. She didn’t lose her spark when she thought David broke her collarbone?

    P.S. You know damn well if she had any cysts or tumors, she’d be posting damn pictures of them.

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