Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Films Health Update, Reveals Another Possible Diagnosis & Her Worry That She Won’t Be Able to Walk Someday (Recap)

That’s it. That’s the update.

Former Teen Mom 2 star (and current doctor of Google medicine) Jenelle Evans posted a health update for fans this week, revealing yet another possible diagnosis for the severe neck and back pain she’s been experiencing.  

In a video posted to her YouTube channel, Dr. Jenelle and husband David Eason travel to Durham, North Carolina, where Jenelle has been referred by an ACTUAL doctor to see a neurologist to get a second opinion on her alleged syrinx diagnosis. 

Less than two minutes into her “Health Update” video, Jenelle dives into her list of symptoms, including the pain in her neck…and no, she’s not talking about the one behind the steering wheel. 

Maybe she should take care of this pain first?

In addition to neck pain, Jenelle says her head is throbbing, she feels as though she’s going to throw up, and she doesn’t “feel like talking.” 

(Jenelle does, however, appear to make a brief recovery when she and David excitedly drive by an Amazon fulfillment center while filming the video.) 

While Jenelle—who has previously explained that she only shakes her rump on TikTok on days she feels well— is unable to keep her cellphone camera rolling in the hospital, she resumes filming in the car after her appointment is over. Jenelle puts on a sad face and reveals she’s “kind of upset” and doesn’t “really feel like talking about it right now.”

So of course, she keeps talking about it anyway…

“…but I’ll still make a video about it…”

According to Jenelle, “nobody knows what’s going on” with her health crisis and she’s being “juggled around from doctor to doctor.” 

David, providing an example of said ‘juggling’…

Jenelle insists she doesn’t like “filming things like this” but wanted to give fans an update. 

She goes on to explain that her doctor “thinks” she has “a lot of fluid” in her neck where her spine starts and this is somehow related to the nerve in the front of her face, which is causing her to have headaches after her neck cracks… or something along those lines. The doctor wants her to get steroid injections, which could alleviate the pain caused by the cyst that she might have in her spine. However, if that doesn’t work, the doctor will know that something else is wrong. 

Me, trying to make sense of what Jenelle is saying.

As Jenelle continues rambling on about her appointment, we start to give her some props (quietly to ourselves, of course) for at least taking the time to get an actual medical professional to weigh in on her issue this time before filming an entire video based solely on her Google findings. (At least she’s relaying information given to her by a real live doctor, not someone who binge watched every season of Grey’s Anatomy during lockdown.) 

Jenelle’s latest adventure in web searching has her panicking over the steroid shot procedure and questioning if she should even have the procedure done at all.  

“I’m not sure if it would clash with my current health regiment of consuming Coronas and fried squirrel…”

Once Jenelle and David are back on The Land, Jenelle says she’s “in a better mood” and then begins talking about a group she follows online made up of people with health issues similar to her own. (There’s no word if the people in Jenelle’s group also “see molecules” and whatnot.)

Jenelle reveals that she asked the group some questions about their own experiences and one individual was so bored that they offered to take a look Jenelle’s MRI and give her some feedback. 

Jenelle admits that she actually sent a copy of her brain MRI to the person (though she did crop her name and personal information out). According to the rando in the group, Jenelle “might have some blockage” of her cerebral spinal fluid. Jenelle lies claims she suspected she might actually have this issue, but she just hadn’t mentioned it to her doctor yet.

It’s the “gonna think” for me…

In order to rule out this latest “mystery diagnosis” – intracranial hypertension, which she surprisingly pronounces correctly – Jenelle says she’s heading back to the neurologist for an MRI flow study to look at the fluid around her brain and may have to go to a neuro-optimologist after that. Jenelle then tells everyone that she also has cysts behind her left eye, because… why not? 

Oh and arm pain, too!

Jenelle kept the conversation about her illness going on Instagram, telling one fan that she plans to start her long-awaited podcast “whenever I can stop coughing long enough to sit down and record.”

She also said she may be unable to walk if the cyst in her spine continues to grow.

“This is why I need to find out what is causing it to begin with,” she added. 

After watching that video, I’m now suffering from exhaustion… and no, I didn’t need to Google my symptoms to figure it out. 

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(Photos: YouTube; Instagram) 


  1. Do you think she or David is behind the accounts who asks questions like “how long until you can’t walk?!” 🙄 also it’s a migraine. Jenelle you have a friggin migraine.

  2. As someone with legit rare medical issues, this makes me angry. It’s because of hypochondriacs that those of us with real health problems are dismissed and discredited—both by health care workers and those not privy to the full details of our health struggle.

    Why the hell would you NOT tell your doctor all of your symptoms?!?! I get that in the moment, you can get a little overwhelmed by the doctors questions and recommendations but for Pete’s sake—your doctor can help make better when he (or she) is unaware of all the information!! You are only dragging out the process with your doctors and a treatment. If I have a new symptom, I send my doctor an email.

  3. Jenelle has no problems modeling her bathing suits or going boating with her kids. (So sorry kaiser) All the sudden she’s so sick?! I just can’t with this attention seeker.

  4. That girl is so “dramatic”. She happened to find a radiologist or neuro online to interpret her MRI because her doctor wasn’t qualified enough to do that? She follows that up with a neuro “optimaligist” . Tell me she’s not on Google. A neuro would have seen a cyst and suggested follow up care on the spot. If the cyst is outside the eye but invokes nerves or veins & arteries feeding the eye MAYBE a Neuro Opthomologist would get involved. A Neuro would have noted that immediately too. Even if the cyst surrounded the spine, it’s easier to remove than a tumor. Janelle talks like she is the walking dead but none of that near medical talk supports that. Her Neuro sent her home, follow up later. I had an acoustic neuroma and trust me, the Neuro called it and made a plan immediately. It turned out to be such a non event that it rarely comes to mind these days.

  5. Jenelle is the very definition of a hypochondriac. She does stuff for attention, she doesn’t care what kind of attention it is. Shaking her ass attempting to poorly dance on her lame tik toks, inventing illnesses she doesn’t have, being dramatic about literally everything under the sun. The only thing she doesn’t seem to give a thought to are her children. She thinks about herself 24/7. She needs to figure out how to get mental health treatment for her pathological lying.🤥

  6. Ohhhhhh myyyyyy Goddddddd, I have never in my life witnessed someone so desperate for attention and sympathy in my life. You know why you hurt, Duhhhnelle? Because you eat like shit, you have spent a lifetime pouring poison into your body via alcohol, cigarettes and a truckload of various drugs. You’re lazy, spend most of your time laying around, with your neck cranked forward looking at your phone and ignoring your kids and any possible responsibility you have as a mother and human. And to top it off, you have a shitty, chaotic life with emotions you’ve never learned how to deal with, and two ‘adults’ that have no goddamn clue how to be adults. I could go on, but those things alone explain every one of your latest “symptoms”. The solution? Get the fuck up, stop being lazy, shut down your 30 year pity party, leave your dumpster fire of a husband, get some REAL therapy, change your trash lifestyle, learn to become a REAL mother and get a job or do SOMETHING with your life. It’s the only thing you haven’t thought of, and yet will solve every one of your self-inflicted problems. I can’t with this whiny bitch. Sorry for the rant.

  7. The only doctor you need to see at this point is a psychiatrist. Pathological lying is a symptom of being bat shit crazy and it gets worse by the day.

  8. Has she considered her symptoms might go away if a certain swamp monster stops throwing her into fires and physically assaulting her with coatracks and whatnot?

  9. Jenelle, once you have the giant tumor named David removed, and quit smoking dope all day, you will probably feel much better! Until then, this is all just dramatic drug-seeking behavior. The life of a long-time addict! Same as the last 15 years.

    1. Exactly! It’s always, well the doctor THINKS…but never any answers, despite all of these supposed tests and imaging? If there was something there, it would’ve been glaringly obvious to any doctor or radiologist, especially if she’s seeing specialists. The flaws in her constant medical sob stories are so painfully obvious and I can’t take it. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. First of all, a cyst isn’t a huge issue. A tumor would be more concerning. Secondly, I’ve been getting migraine shots in my occipital nerves since last year and yeah, they suck, but they’re also not that big of a deal. She really just wants to blow shit out of proportion for internet sympathy points 🙄

  11. Scared of a steriod shot because it’s bad for you……says the ex-heroin iv user and lifelong pot smoker even while pregnant with her daughter. SMH

  12. The only doctor this bitch needs to see is a psychiatrist and the only hospital she should be admitted into is the psych ward. She has no idea what she’s talking about and is just contradicting herself. When you tell the truth you don’t have to remember…’s when you are lying that you have to remember what you are saying otherwise the stories start changing…..typical Jenelle stories…..LYING and forgetting what she lies about.

  13. So she may not be able to walk in the near future, she us in excruciating pain but can do tiktok dances?

    What happened to the terminal illness she had that caused the molecules

  14. Girl just shut up and get those implants removed. She keeps bitching like she’s dying and all she’ll probably have to do is get her implants out, because if anything she sounds like she has that breast implant illness…but as mentally sick as she is she probably likes the attention.

  15. Also, not to worry, yall! Her inability to walk one day won’t affect her filming her Tiktoks. Insert eyeroll here.

  16. ‘Jenelle claims she suspected she might actually have this issue, but she just hadn’t mentioned it to her doctor yet.’

    Yes, because a DOCTOR needs her Google expertise to make an accurate diagnosis. This bitch continues to blatantly troll people and can’t even tell when people are using total sarcasm in their comments to her. She has no issues making her god-awful Tiktoks, doing videos to promote whatever it is she’s trying to sell at the time, and she sure as shit didn’t complain whenever she was driving erratically, slinging herself and her young son all over the place when she got road rage.

    If her claim of pain is legitimate, and that’s a HUGE if, I personally would say it’s related to all of her drug use and getting flung around like a rag doll by Lurch.

  17. Maybe people would take her seriously if she didn’t once claim she was so ill she could see molecules

    1. Remember when she was reading off that long list of symptoms, and one of the symptoms was like (I’m paraphrasing) “trouble reading”…meanwhile she was literately reading off that entire list of symptoms? She’s a hypochondriac.

      1. No, she’s an addict who has probably worn out her welcome at various local doctors. She’s not chasing a diagnosis. She’s chasing anyone with a prescription pad.

  18. > “I’m now suffering from exhaustion… and no, I didn’t need to Google my symptoms to figure it out.”


  19. There’s is nothing wrong with her AT. ALL.
    People who really have a cyst on their spine causing pressure have constant symptoms, it’s not like the cyst comes and goes so your symptoms don’t come and go all the time. If she can dance on TickTock then clearly she’s not that sick.
    Serious neurological problems have serious symptoms: like seizures. Not jenelles mystery list of vague BS.
    This b is so desperate for views she’ll makeup whatever stupid sob story she can think of.

  20. anybody else find it suspicious she didn’t start getting all these “medical problems” till she met david? and she was so upset that none of the doctors she went to told her what was wrong with her 🤔

  21. This poor girl probably does have neck/spine problems…from abuse. Remember when she called 911 and said David had cracked her collar bone?

    1. Well, she said that in the 911 call and then contradicted herself on twitter and said that she was drunk and David never did that to her. Both can’t be true, so one is BS. That’s the problem with Jenelle, she loses track of all the stories she tells & no one can ever know if she is actually telling the truth.

  22. It would be interesting to see a scan from Jenelle’s brain. I have never seen tumbleweed on an X-ray before.

  23. This should be a wake up call for her. Because of David she lost her MTV money, now she can’t afford drugs and is detoxing. Poor Jenelle. I wish her the best and hope she’s gonna have fun living on the streets with her booooyfriend.

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