Jade Cline & Briana DeJesus Speak Out About Jade’s Mom Christy Disappearing With Her Pill Prescription on Tuesday’s Episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’

“Not gonna lie…I’m a lil jealous…”

On Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Jade Cline faced an excruciating recovery following plastic surgery, made worse by her mom Christy taking hours to retrieve Jade’s pain medication from the pharmacy.  

After the episode aired, fans came at Jade for allowing her mother— who has struggled with drug addiction— to be in charge of Jade’s prescriptions. However, Jade and Briana DeJesus— who went to Miami to help Jade–defended Christy on social media, insisting to the Christy haters that Jade’s mom did not “sample” Jade’s pills.

At the beginning of the episode, viewers saw Jade talk to her mom about the upcoming surgery, revealing that her doctor planned to prescribe her Tramadol after surgery. Christy tells Jade that Tramadol is “just like an anti-inflammatory,” and appears to convince Jade that it won’t be strong enough to ease her pain after her Brazilian Butt Lift and other cosmetic procedures. 

The following morning (Jade’s surgery day), Jade tells Christy that she spoke to her doctor and he agreed to write her a prescription for 30 Percocet. 

” …for YOU, I mean.”

Later on in the episode, Christy informs Jade that “nowhere had your medicine around here,” but she assures Jade she’ll get it taken care of once they get Jade settled in at the rental. However, two hours later, Jade is still in pain and still waiting for Christy to return with her pain medication. 

“…to bring me my damn pills.”

When Jade’s baby daddy Sean calls Christy to find out where she is, Christy claims the entire state of Florida is fresh out of Percocet. Sean says he doesn’t believe Christy; meanwhile Jade is both annoyed and still in pain. 

“Come on Christy, I know you know how to do this…”

After another hour, Jade’s producer steps in and tells Sean to decide if they need to take Jade to the hospital, and if so, she needs to be transported by ambulance. Jade agrees to go to the hospital and while crying she admits that she “knew” Christy “would do this.” 

After the episode aired, Jade took to Instagram to answer questions from fans – many speculating the story about her mom’s and the pill prescription. 

“Sorry but I think your mom filled the script and took the pills or kept them for herself,” one person said to Jade. 

“Uhm no lol my mom wouldn’t take my pills and use them,” Jade said in response. “Also she’s never used pain pills nor been addicted to them.” 

(Jade’s mother and stepdad have been arrested for drug-related crimes several times, but never for pain-pill-related offenses. In May 2019, they were arrested after it was discovered that they had meth and marijuana in their possession. In March 2014, she was arrested for possession of crack cocaine.)

When another person asked Jade where her mom went and why it took so long for her to return, Jade explained her version of what happened. 

“She dropped me off at the Airbnb to go get my prescriptions but she said she couldn’t find it anywhere and that’s why it took her so long to get back,” she said. “Of course I was mad. I’m still upset about that whole thing. But I’ve moved on from it. I don’t let things stay attached to me and cause me distress anymore.” 

Jade also fired back when a viewer suggested her mom could have sold the pills for other drugs. 

“But she didn’t?” So why is this relevant,” Jade replied. 

Briana, who traveled to Miami to visit Jade during the episode and ultimately made the 911 call, also defended Christy on social media. 

“No, her mother didn’t steal any of Jade’s medicine,” Briana tweeted following Tuesday’s episode. “Y’all are out of pocket.

“She loves Jade and she tried her best under the circumstances that was handed to her,” she said in another tweet. “Be kind. U don’t know what someone is struggling with. It’s not fair … I wanted to come on here bc I’m seeing a lot of bashing when it comes to Christy. Leave her alone. Nobody really knows what happened. She didn’t have a cellphone that was with service, she only had a car GPS. She tried and I feel bad bc that’s Jade’s mom at the end of the day.” 

On Wednesday, Jade continued to defend Christy on Twitter, blaming MTV for editing it to make it look like Christy took the pills.

“Y’all know mtv edits s**t to make it look more dramatic or to make the story line look different?” Jade wrote. “That’s why I don’t watch the show bc some s**t isn’t accurate to the actual situation. My mom never stole my meds. That’s not what happened.”

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54 Responses

  1. OK, this just came to mind…
    Her mother couldn’t get the drugs because she’s probably on some sort of drug addict list or didn’t have id to get the drugs. My guess is it’s not that stores didn’t have them, or that she was using them, but that no one would sell them to her.
    Is there some sort of “Don’t sell to these druggies” list.

  2. However you see it, it’s ridiculous to give a drug addict ( polydrug user) a script for Percocet. Y was Jade’s Mum angling to get something stronger, because she knew she couldn’t get a buzz with tramadol.
    Y didn’t they call the place where she had it done?

  3. I don’t feel bad for Jade. At all. She knew what to expect from the surgery, many people told her about the pain. She has anxiety, yet she does nothing about it. She doesn’t see anyone about it, she just uses it as an excuse to act outrageously to things she just needs to grow up and deal with. She’s going to be like this until the day she dies unless she starts to accept responsibility for her decisions – which need to start being responsible and mature.

    #1 on her list of mature and responsible life choices needs to be to end her codependency with her parents and boyfriend. Put them in her rearview mirror and never look back.

    Every decision she makes backfires because she continues to involve people who #1 are unnecessary to her plan in the first place, #2 she knows and talks about how they’ll muck it up for her, #3 she’s got years of last behavior that she should have learned from, but she doesn’t.

    Every time she screamed she was in pain (yes, I’m sure it hurt, but we have to remember how Jade dramatizes pain-trama-anger, etc) she should have instead been thinking about how ONLY she was responsible for how the shit show was playing out. But, she’s obviously learned n.o.t.h.i.n.g. – at all – from the experience because of the way she’s now defending her mother.

    She should instead be on her Instagram and accepting responsibility for how everything played out – from bringing a circus (complete with everything from tiny dogs to elephants) to accompany her, to not meeting the doctor in advance, to not having the script filled before the surgery, and on and on. But she hasn’t and she won’t because she thrives on this drama.

    Her live would be too quiet without all of the chaos. It’s all she’s ever known and unless she wants things to be different and is willing to put in the hard work to change it, she’s going to continue to get what she puts in. IMO she doesn’t want to change. Her life looks miserable to me, but she keeps going back for more. Go for it Jade, but count me out of being a supporter; I just can’t anymore. She lost me a couple of crises ago. She’s reaping what she’s sown.

  4. I’m from Miami and I call bullshit. There’s plenty of pharmacies in the area with percocet. Jade’s mom was getting high somewhere. She can’t be that stupid

  5. Seeing Jade come out of surgery has traumatized me for life. Seriously, that looked so awful. To WILLINGLY put yourself through that seems crazy to me. Obviously it’s her body and she can do what she wants, but she looked completely fine before. I makes me sad that some women feel the need to get sliced and diced like a piece of fresh tilapia to have some confidence. I do get it, I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t consider liposuction, lol, but after seeing that- NOPE! Also, it seems incredibly irresponsible that she was released home right after having surgery! Shouldn’t she at least be under medical observation for a night? Not sent off to be cared for by three drug addicts. Why the entire clan needed to go with her is beyond me.

    Watching Jade keep these grifters in her life and make excuses for them is so hard to watch. I wish she would cut them all out and start fresh. It’s so toxic and she can never depend on any of them.

  6. The thing about addicts is, if they can’t get their hands on their preferred method, they will use WHATEVER to get their fix.

  7. First of all, I think Jade loves all the drama in her life because she continues to keep all these toxic people in it. She is no better than any of them if she continues to remain in these kind of relationships when she has a child that is right in the middle of it. To me, that’s a horrible mother.

    Secondly, I don’t buy the BS about the pills. I think Jade and her new puppy friend Briana are just saving face when it comes to explaining away the prescription pills gone wrong episode,

    How is it that Christy tells Jade that Tramadol won’t do the trick and needs to get something stronger like Percocet if she has never taken pain pills before? In fact, she goes into detail about what class of drug the government labels Tramadol as being vs, Percocet. BTW, she got that wrong anyway. She has too much back knowledge of how pills work and are labeled for someone who hasn’t dabbled in them. Even if she had them in the past for a short stint, you just don’t know the difference like this woman was talking.

    I believe she did something shady and Jade & Co, can deny it all they want. A simple phone call to the doctor would have solved this shit show by informing him what’s going on and I’m sure he could have gotten her the pills in minutes. But calling him would require telling him that her mother is a drug addict and is MIA because no one in the state of Florida has Percocets. That would bring consequences if she did call the doctor by her mother most likely getting arrested which is why no one “came up with that idea on TV’…. because they knew what would happen,

  8. I like Jade and I hate that she has to single-handedly carry her entire family on her back, both financially and otherwise. BUT, when you are literally crying in pain on the show and say “I KNEW she would do this” multiple times, you can’t get mad when your fans get upset with your mom. Or roll your eyes and make fun of fans for being upset with your mom. Same with you Briana. Don’t act like it’s crazy of viewers to react the same way you all reacted!

    If Christy isn’t into pills, ok. But she was doing SOMETHING wrong during all those hours. Maybe she was driving around trying to find a neighborhood with her type of drugs. But she wasn’t innocently on a hunt for a pharmacy with percocet. EVERY pharmacy has percocet in stock, and if they didn’t for some reason, they don’t send you off driving around to all other random pharmacies to find it. They call the network and find a location that has it, and send you straight there.

  9. If Christy gets any bigger, maybe we’ll see her on “My 600# Life”. She is already having difficulty walking.

  10. Yeah, fatnasty stole the pills. No two ways about it. If she didn’t, where are they?

    Percocets are the most common medicine EVER and come in various generic forms. Her story does not add up. How’s Jade gonna feel when her mom dies of an OD and she’s enabled her this way all these years? Same with Sean. When you lie for leeches continuously after they fuck you over, you’re not doing them any favors.

    As an opiate user of 17 years who’s adamantly against the drug war, I believe this hamplanet needs to be arrested for what she did. It’s not about the drugs but about stealing from your own child when they’re at their most vulnerable. And if Jade continues trusting these lowlifes, don’t feign shock when the worst happens. You’ve got a daughter to protect and the world sees you failing to do so over and over.

  11. Is every single pharmacy in Miami a small local independent business? Do they not have Walgreens? Because if one chain pharmacy location doesn’t have enough pills to fill you rx, they will call the other Walgreens (for example) in the area and figure out who does have it for you. And then they will relay the Rx info to that pharmacy so that they will have it ready for you to pick up.

    The only reason I can think of for why it would take this long if her mom DIDN’T just steal the pills would be that her mom was just screwing around, doing her own thing, sitting in a bar, maybe trying to pick up her own street drugs somewhere, and just generally being an inconsiderate jerk with no care for how long she was making Jade wait. Hasn’t this particular mom been super late for things before? Like jade’s graduation? Didn’t she show up basically after it was over, and she had Chloe with her, too. So we know that having something super important of Jade’s that she needs to deliver to Jade hasn’t prevented her from taking her sweet time doing God knows what before.

  12. So I didn’t actually watch this but where was the surgery preformed? If it was in a hospital, most hospitals have a pharmacy in them/attached, exactly for the purpose of filling these kinds of Rxs that you would need immediately. Or if it was in some kind of outpatient surgical center (do those exist?) it would be part of a network that has affiliated hospitals, other doctor’s offices, and pharmacies in network. I would imagine a surgeon who does surgery all day, every day, has a pharmacy that he uses/refers his patients to, especially his out of town patients. Especially for meds like this that are needed ASAP.

    Also, whenever I go to any kind of doctor, for anything, from antibiotics for a UTI, to having minor surgery and needing pain meds, to a psychiatrist for anti depressant med checks, they ask which pharmacy I’m using and they CALL THE Rx IN. That way they can make sure the pharmacy has it and that it will be ready for me to pick up. There are also certain rules about narcotics in my state: you can’t fill them after certain hours, you can’t fill/refill them on the weekend because the pharmacy has to call the doctor and verify the Rx or the refill. Which is why the doctor’s office calls the Rx in and gets it all clears so that people don’t have to show up at a pharmacy, wait for the pharmacy to call the doctor and verify the Rx, and then hope that this pharmacy carries enough of this type of pill.

    1. Chain pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens actually have policies that won’t let pharmacies call around to find controlled substances and perc has to be brought into the pharmacy to fill the prescription. Pharmacists refuse to fill pain meds all the time while saying “we don’t have it”

      1. Not true. I currently use CVS and have used practically every chain pharmacy and small pharmacies all around. These days, they actually prefer to get controlled substances directly sent in by the doctor rather than a written script because it’s impossible for the patient to then alter the prescription in any way. I get mine done every month and I get one for 90 days that is sent to my mail-in-pharmacy.

        A phone call to the doctor’s office would immediately rectify any questions the pharmacy may have if it was a written script. A pharmacy will not tell you they don’t have the medication if they do. They’ll have you wait, if anything, until they cleared up any concerns they make have behind the scenes.

  13. After the second pharmacy that supposedly didn’t have them in stock, why not call jade & tell her, then start making some calls to local pharmacies asking before we just disappear for 2 hours “looking” for them? Or call the doctor and ask which pharmacy they usually refer patients to?

    1. The main question I have is why Christy didn’t pick up the prescription during the approximate 3 hours of down time while Jade was having surgery, was in recovery, was being prepped, etc? Why wait until you’re on the way home, with Jade in tow, to pick them up. Plus, the doctor’s office issues those scripts multiple times a day and IF there was a problem locating the drugs, they’d certainly be aware of it by feedback from other patients and would know where to send the patients – especially those from out of state.

      It was just another cluster F that is common with Jade and her disfunctional, clueless, enabling, otherwise motivated family.

  14. First, who has that many surgeries in one day? Seriously! With some quack doctor she met 10 minutes before the surgery? Her ass was already fat enough.

    And like someone else said…who brings a kid, dog and druggies to help you recoup?

    We all know what her mom did. Saying she’s never done pain medication, but saying she did meth and coke…uh…doh! What a dumbass. Get an f-ing clue. Your parents are addicts who don’t give a shit about you. give up on them.

    Shane…he’s a dope, but I do think he does care about her. He’s just too stupid for words.

  15. Addicts gonna do
    What Addicts do..
    Once again ,Jade trying to cover her
    Mommy dearest ass,
    If she admits her mom screwed up,
    Her mom could be arrested..
    I don’t feel bad for Jade
    She has no line!!
    And allows these people to be with her kid*
    If she’s learned nothing this time,She never will*
    Jade&Brianna are both lying..case closed..

    1. I thought that too. If her mom is arrested, there goes one of her babysitters. I know that sounds harsh, but I suspect that’s why she’s saying it didn’t happen. That whole episode was so stressful to watch. That family can never do anything without it being a god damn clusterfuck shit show. From bringing that many people plus the dog with you, to not even have met the freaking doctor till the day of, her mom being sent out to run this errand in an unfamiliar city without even a working cell phone etc. It was insanity.

  16. Jade has a savior complex. For some strange reason she likes to keep people around her that are drug addicted and need her so that she can save them. Her parents are junkies and she went and bred with a junkie and refuses to end the relationship. Gurl bye, Shawn is in a relationship with dope and PS5. Theres no room for Jade or Qulowee in his life. Why couldnt she have asked her cousin that used to film with her or Shakurs mother to go with her? Oh right, because she couldnt cry and say she was the victim and scream about how stressed out she is because every body around her is taking advantage of her. Bringing competent people would have shown how incompetent Jade really is there wouldnt have been any drama to film. Jade surrounds herself with junkies because they make her look good like she has her ish together.

  17. Know what you get when you knowingly allow a drug addict access to pills? Someone who puts others at risk because they’re high & doped up on pills. My ex MiL was addicted to Percocet. Drove high with my small children in her car. Then tried to kill herself when she got caught using the doctor’s script pads to write herself for more narcotics. Stole her 80-something dad’s pain pills after he broke his hip. And this was BEFORE anybody realized what she was doing. So Jade, her mom, and anyone else who enables that woman or any other drug addicts can fuck all the way off, disrespectfully. Her MTV money may buy her all the plastic surgery she wants, but it damn sure doesn’t buy respect or sympathy.

  18. I don’t understand why Jade lets her mom be in her life. She’s a direct danger to her and Kloiee.
    The whole pill thing is ridiculous. I wouldn’t trust Christy to pick me up a box of macaroni much less drugs I desperately need after surgery.

    1. Same reason she let’s that drug addict Sean stick around. She may not be in drugs, but it’s that low life mentality. She knows nothing else. Makes me sick to watch. I wouldn’t let any of them around my child!

  19. My addict mother went to pick up my prescription pain medication when I had my wisdom teeth taken out and replaced them with Tylenol pm. I had blood pouring outta my mouth and she didn’t give a crap. Why does jade think it’s nuts for Christy, a known addict, to steal her medicine? Addicts are some of the most selfish people on earth. Naive little girl needs to grow up.

  20. So my question is, did Christy finally come back with the 30 pills or did she say she couldn’t find anyone to fill them? Which would mean she would return with the Rx at least. It would be easy to have a doctor or pharmacist look it up on the national controlled substance database and see if Jade had a Rx filled or not. I think many times Jade regrets what she says about her mom and tries to walk it back. But if Briana is saying Christy didn’t take them then I assume this was all straightened out. Also, I dont think Mtv’s “shitty editing” is what made this situation look worse. For Larry to get involved and get on camera makes me believe it really was a bad situation for a little while anyway.

    1. Exactly, when I saw Larry show up, I knew shit was serious. I don’t think we’ve seen him since Farrah was fired. lol.

  21. My ex-mother-in-law used to send me to get her pain pills and not let her son go with me because she couldn’t trust him with them, even if she’d never admit it. He never had any drug arrests and pills weren’t his drug of choice, but a dopehead will take any high over no high at all. He also got mad when I refused strong pain pills after a rough delivery because he would have taken them if I “didn’t want them.” Anybody that’s dealt with somebody like that knows it’s typical behavior.

    We all know her mama took her pills. The excuses they’re making are laughable and I feel bad for Jade that everybody she loves is like that.

  22. Red flag #1, Christy made sure Jade got stronger pills. Tramodol is a narcotic. It is similar to codeine. TORODOL is the anti-inflammatory. NEVER LET AN ADDICT CONVINCE YOU TO GET STRONGER MEDS!

    If Jade knew Brianna was coming to check on her and help, why not have Brianna who is a Florida resident, and she’s had the same procedures, go get the medication?

    MTV **REALLY** needs to take accountability for their “stars” …they’ve filmed Ryan driving high, Jenelle pulling a gun while her minor child is in the car, Amber hitting Gary multiple times, Jenelle high, Leah high, Amber high. They know Christy has problems with drugs, DO NOT LET HER GET THEM.

    And Jade needs a god damn clue. You’ve lived this life with her for 20+ years you KNOW she can’t be trusted, so why trust her now when you know how important it is to not mess around?

  23. I had minor plastic surg and my doc gave me the pain and antibiotic and nausea scripts days ahead of time for that exact reason. And u NEVER have surg without meeting the dr. That’s almost malpractice. Shame on jade for going this route.

  24. Wow, Jade, how stupid are you?? You’re surrounded by addicts— you know what they do! It doesn’t matter that she gave birth to you; your addict mom will sell your kidneys for drugs if she thinks she can get away with it!

  25. I’m sorry but calling an emergent ambulance for that crap is ridiculous. It’s not like having a stroke or a hearts attacks for F’S sake.
    Hope her mom enjoyed them pills too

    1. Yes, that fried my butt as well, calling an ambulance and acting like Jade is an emergency case and bleeding out…..(I noticed she would act perfectly normal with a few sentences then go back to her screaming and sobbing about her “agony’..I’m like no one MADE you get this stupid surgery, bitch, you could have joined a gym and stopped stuffing yoru face, you could have stayed home and had this done, you could have HIRED a nurse to look after you afterwards YOU elected to fly to Miami with your loser boyfriend, your druggy parents, your toddler, and your DOG, and to have yoru body carved up in the likely vain hopes it will look better, and stay looking better while you do not change your habits.

      1. Ever notice that once these “poor” teen moms get a little money they head right over to the plastic surgeon?!?!
        God forbid they put some money aside for their kid! Oh no!! They need boob jobs, butt implants, etc….
        Ever notice whenever they show Jade, or pretty much any of the girls, they constantly have fast food in front of them and their kids!! It’s disgusting!
        Maybe start using your money to buy some healthy food snd they wouldn’t need the plastic surgery!

      2. These people create their own drama! It’s ridiculous!!
        Ever notice that once these “poor” teen moms get a little money they head right over to the plastic surgeon?!?!
        God forbid they put some money aside for their kid! Oh no!! They need boob jobs, butt implants, etc….
        Ever notice whenever they show Jade, or pretty much any of the girls, they constantly have fast food in front of them and their kids!! It’s disgusting!
        Maybe start using your money to buy some healthy food snd they wouldn’t need the plastic surgery!

  26. Nowhere in Fl. had percocet? I could find 30 percocet in less that 30 minutes, with or without a script. She’s a fool if she thinks her mom didn’t fill that script and keep them or sell them.

  27. Lmao at the defense squad coming to Christy. Jade I can see defending her despite her never ending shittiness, as it’s her mom and she’s blind to it. But Briana? Seriously? She must be trying to keep Jade on her good side because it’s clear to anyone with half a brain that Christy was doing some sketchy shit.

  28. So…did she eventually come back with the prescription or the pills? Or…they both just disappeared but nothing happened?

  29. The Jade and Brianna segment was so incredibly annoying. I don’t care what kind of lies Jade and Bri is spilling but come on. The only way that excuse is even close to plausible is she broke down.

  30. Who the hell gets surgery and brings 3 drug addicts, a toddler and a dog?

    Helen Keller could see how this was going to end.

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me 118 times, shame on me.

    I do not feel sorry for Jade.

  31. Jade , you put yourself on a reality show to show your life. You sold your soul to MTV for a big fat paycheck.
    Of course people are going to comment.

    When people show us who they really are, we believe them the first time.


  32. To see Jade in that kind of pain was eye opening to say the least. I felt TERRIBLE for her!

    But red flags were all over!

    To meet the doctor an hour before youre having major surgery is nuts!
    She was extremely worried about recovery and stated it many times in days before the surgery, so that prescription should have been filled and ready to go for when she was released, and any medical surgery center worth anything would have that communicated to the family.
    When youre in a city and state you arent familiar with, and doctor you met for ten minutes, things just might not go so smooth!

    (Never been so glad to hear a siren on Teen Mom, and I’ve seen Keiffah arrested….)

    1. But she was having cosmetic surgery, not like getting a tumor removed.
      She really didn’t need a new butt, A good trainer could’ve shown her some exercises.


      1. But why would an unnecessary/elective surgery hurt less than a medically required surgery? It’s the same tools cutting into the same body in the same way, with the same healing process and pain and inflammation that accompanies any type of major surgery. I guess I don’t really understand your comment here, Miss Lucy.

        1. I think she was putting on a little for the cameras. And, she chose to have the surgery. Not saying it didn’t hurt, just saying she didn’t have to do it

          She really should’ve hired a trainer

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