Former ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans Rants That Her Haters Are Ruining Her Kids’ Opportunities After They Get Her Son Jace’s TikTok Shut Down

“How could you do this to us, TikTok?!”

Jenelle Evans‘ large band of haters have taken it upon themselves to get the former Teen Mom 2 star fired from various collaborations, events and opportunities…but now they’ve messed with her family’s TikToks and Jenelle is not happy about it!

On Sunday, Jenelle hit social media to rant that her trusty haters had targeted her son Jace’s TikTok account, just one day after Jace appeared in a TikTok video with Jenelle that was posted online. She informed her followers that the haters had reported Jace’s account and got him banned from the social media app.

“There’s haters that are trying to take things out on my children and makin’ my kids upset!” Jenelle ranted in the video, showing tweets from haters talking about reporting Jenelle’s kids’ accounts.

“Jace controls his own account,” Jenelle said, adding that TikTok’s guidelines allow kids of any age to have a TikTok, as long as they have parental consent.

“Sweetheart, you’re not going to hurt my feelings if you get their accounts shut down. You’re going to hurt their feelings,” she said.

The moment you realize your TikTok got shut down…

It’s unknown if Jenelle makes any money from the kids’ accounts; however, she scolded the haters for torpedoing the kids’ “opportunities.”

“Why ruin my kids’ opportunities because you dislike me?” she said. “That’s ridiculous! Grow up!” 


Jace is banned from @tiktok because of Twitter haters 🙄 ##GetALife @jve8209

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

In the comment section of her video, Jenelle informed her followers that Jace “uses TikTok to connect with his friends and watches gamers. That’s it. I check his phone once a week and go through everything.”

This is not the first time Jenelle has expressed her frustration with the band of haters who work diligently to get Jenelle dropped by companies that choose to work with her. (The haters usually inform the companies about things Jenelle has done or said in the past, causing the companies to drop her.) After Jenelle was dropped from the Girl S**t podcast in April (before it even launched), she stated on social media that what the haters do is “s**ty.”

“It’s pretty s**tty of a person to try to hold something against someone that happened years ago – like, we talk about all the time – to ruin their opportunities in life,” she said in a clip reposted by Teen Mom Shade Room on Instagram. “Like, that’s s**tty. That’s really s**tty.”

Jenelle’s past and continued association with her husband David Eason has also caused her to lose multiple sponsorship deals with companies including Blue ApronPrana Mat, and PatPat Clothing, to name just a few.

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  1. Nothing is ever her fault. Blaming MTV for her drug use, saying everybody is wrong when David is the complete piece of shit he is, road raging with her son in the vehicle and a firearm RIGHT THERE.

    Jenelle, you piece of shit, read this and understand you have FAR BIGGER PROBLEMS THAN JACE LOSING HIS TIKTOK ACCOUNT.

  2. Blaming “haters” for taking away her kids opportunities, when it is her, and especially David who are the catalyst of any and all “hate” that is happening in ALL of their lives. Plus, any GOOD mother would realize that Jace is too young to be running a Tik Tok by himself. As well known and as young as he is, he is fresh meat to predator’s on the internet. Just like her desperate ass was when David and Nathan finally “found” her on the internet, and had their chance to “date” her (i.e. got their chance to get her pregnant so they could get a check and on TV), and look where that got her. She is a FOOL.

    1. Exactly! She is an absolute self serving moron that could care less about her children! Lord only knows the things that her kids have been exposed to by her and her demented husband.

  3. Why keep punishing this poor kid? He’s already stuck with this witch for the rest of his life, that’s punishment enough.

  4. Jun-nail, like amber are NOT mommas. They just had sex, & gave birth. I call them both egg donors.

  5. Barbara is the guardian….Jenelle is just a “parent” who is legally not the decision maker

  6. Maybe if she put half as much thought and time into being a decent human/mother as she did the tiktok situation, she wouldn’t have so many haters ? I understand not punishing jace by reporting his tiktok, just bc his mother is crappy. If anything, let him have some fun because god knows there can’t be much of that on the Land.

  7. The rule is age 13. End of story. He’s breaking the rule, so the app shut him down. It’s fair.
    They are a business, so they enforced their rule when someone was reported as under 13. Of course there are other kids on there under 13, but they haven’t been reported yet, or they would be shut down also. So she can either go on a reporting spree to get alllllll the other kids on there shut down, or she can accept that she is a public figure, so people are going to notice that her son is on there under age. Being famous has both perks and downsides. If you want to collect the big bucks for being famous, you have to accept that you’re also going to be more likely to have your famous child reported when he breaks a rule. You can’t have it both ways. You have to deal with the downsides as well as all the perks. It’s just how it is.

    1. According to Google:

      “TikTok requires that users be at least 13 years old to use the full TikTok experience, although there is a way for younger kids to access the app. Anyone under the age of 18 must have approval of a parent or guardian — but there are plenty of young tween users.”

      1. And that guardian is Barbara..not Jenelle. She may be his mother but she’s not his guardian

        1. “Approval of a parent or guardian”

          She’s still his parent.
          I doubt Barb is against this acct.

          1. That’s like saying Cate and Tyler have a say over Carly’s social media because they’re her birth parents. Just because Jenelle is the birth parent, doesn’t make her his parent. She has no rights to him.

    2. This bitch just doesn’t give it. Somethings are just unforgivable. My lifes mission since the murder of Nugget, has been the destruction of anything Jennelle. I dont give a fuck about her kids. Lets face it, they’re doomed with these two idiots raising them anyway. One can’t get past kindergarten, the other is a pyro, and the girl doesn’t stand a chance with the daddy issues. Not worried about their livelihood, they’ll all end up in prison with us tax payers footing the bill.

  8. I’d say that maybe she needs a second chance…..THEN I remember who she’s married to and all the crap they say and do!
    (Although the kids shouldn’t be penalized for who their parents are)

  9. This is the crapola that MTV creates. This “human” and her dysfunction should be looking for another purpose in life besides social media. Everyone wishes she would just go away.

  10. Her priorities are so screwed up. Jace needs a lot of help and lack of media isn’t even on the long list of things she needs to be worried about.

  11. Well, Jenelle, if you spent more time reading, getting yourself a further education to get a real job and bettering yourself consistently instead of shaking your ass on tik tok, you might have actually read this:

    “TikTok requires that users be at least 13 years old to use the full TikTok experience”

    Or, do you not know your sons actual age? He is 11, he will be 12 in August. 11 and 12 are not considered teenagers. Maybe focus on raising him to be better than you are! Oh wait, that would mean you actually have to raise him, not act like his irresponsible big sister.

  12. Jace didn’t kill the dog.

    Jace didn’t ask for David and Jenelle to conspire to kill the dog.

    I don’t see the benefit to stop what the children do.

    Seems like the kid has a bad enough life as it is, without adult strangers making it worse.

    1. I think the people upset about Jace’s account are ridiculous, BUT a significant portion of responsibility for this situation lies with Jenelle. She is fully aware of the ‘hatters’ and actively chooses to fuel the fire instead of simply getting off social media, getting a job, and living life as a private citizen. She is no longer on the show and is not receiving a steady paycheck that might make this sort of exposure at least financially beneficial for her family. Instead, her desire for public attention (of any sort, positive or negative) is prioritized over her children’s privacy. The adults in Jace’s life are all truly pieces of shit. I hope when he turns 18 he gets the hell out of there and never looks back.

      1. I’m sure this acct business is bc of Jenelle being a huge part of it. I doubt anyone would care if it were just Jace by himself, doing his thing. Except it’s probably not. Its probably Jenelle all up and through, dancing, screaming.. Whatever she does..

        Yes, she’s totally shitty and burned every bridge and branch bc of her choices, especially her decision to go back to Lurch.

        I don’t think she could produce positive family content bc it doesnt exist in that house.

        Her employment options in life are extremely limited. She can’t work in the public sector. She’ll never do TV again. She can’t do porn…

        Yes and Jace isn’t the only one who needs to social distance from their TM parent/s when the time comes. Gonna be some rude awakenings.

    2. Be serious here. You know good and well the only reason why Jenelle is upset about this is because now she’s not going to be able to monetize his account. Any money that he makes, you better believe as soon as she gets her hands on it, it’s going right into her pockets. She doesn’t care about those kids. They all started out as her pawns so she could keep a man, and now that she’s jobless she’s using those kids as pawns for more views on her social media so her broke ass can make more money.

    3. Jace doesn’t control that account, Jenelle does. She just said so a while back. she whined about having to post on all the different accounts.
      A boy Jace’s age doesn’t post a TikTok with his mom, that was not his idea.

  13. What is wrong with people??? I don’t like Jenelle at all but this goes above and beyond. How is punishing her son helping anything? Doesn’t that kid have enough crap to deal with?! The people who participated in this need to grow up and stop being so pathetic. What is so wrong about Jace having a tiktok? Why would grown people spend their time trying to get a child’s social media account shut down because they don’t like his mom?!? If you participated in this than you are just as awful as Jenelle

    1. 1. He’s not old enough to be on Tik Tok

      2. Jenelle was probably hoping she could somehow monetize Jace’s account and get that money.

      1. ‘Was probably hoping’ You have no idea if she was or not. Maybe Janelle could get money off this thing her kid is doing so let’s stop it?!? Why?
        The kid is almost 12, he’s a preteen. All of the kids I know who are over 10 have tiktocs… I bet most of his friends do.

        When he gets a job in a few years are people going to show up and get him fired cause he might give some money to his mom?? I don’t like Janelle at all, I think she sucks as a person, daughter and mother but this is absolutely crazy.

        1. “Almost 12” does not equal 13 which is what Tik Tok requires. Can you imagine trying to buy alcohol with that logic? A 19 year old saying they are almost 20 when the law is 21?

          1. But are these same people running around policing all the under 13 participants on tiktok? Yea, I don’t believe so. So why do it to Jace? This is an honest question.

          2. I think it’s the part where she’s skimpy dressed shaking her butt in the video that people were upset about. I actually thought it was the best video she has ever done trying to dance. Except for the butt shaking part. She actually had more clothes on than other times when she’s filming with her kids

          3. You’re equating being on TikTok with buying alcohol? Hope you didn’t pull a muscle with that stretch.

  14. She obviously is hurt enough to put together a video with screenshots and whatnot. Seems like about an hours work or more when she could have been with her kids instead.

    1. Also, why would you gloat about not feeling bad that your child is upset and experiencing negative consequences because of your behavior???

  15. People are probably worried that any monetization he gains while a minor would go to you and you’d use it 🤷‍♀️ You have no job, no prospects, and no opportunities due to your poor decision making and your husband. People probably think you’re going to exploit him and take any profit. Get a normal job a man d maybe people would t worry about where your minor sons potential income is going.

    Not like he knows how to link his bank account …

  16. Of course Jenelle is blaming other’s for her past & present bad behavior. … That gal should cover up in her current shape

  17. Until you and that child abuser, dog murderer, monster take responsibilty for Nugget’s vicious murder, I will see that you suffer…forever! I live to see you miserable! And anyone that says Jace didn’t beat and shoot that precious dog to death, I don’t care!

    1. What happened to Nugget was awful but devoting your life to make them miserable and also a child that had nothing to do with that incident? That’s crazy talk, you need therapy. And a life

      1. Why don’t you just shut up and quit telling people what to do! Unless you are a close friend to that scum and her child abuser, dog murderer mate. You always go so hard for them.

        1. I despise them but I won’t devote my life to make them miserable, why would I? I have a life of my own. And sure as hell won’t try to make their kid’s life miserable, they have enough problems having them as parents.
          Seriously, go to therapy

  18. She just admitted that Jace controls his own account which is what is against TikTok guidelines. You need to be 13 or older, I believe, to have an account with parental consent or not. Now if she said she ran his account, then that’s a different story.

    1. I also don’t believe that Jenelle monitors his account either. She’s not his legal guardian. She really has no standing to monitor or even approve him having an account. If she would have stayed off his TikTok with her ass-shaking, robotic attempt at dancing, this never would have happened.

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