Social Media Backlash Causes Clothing Company PatPat To End Advertising Deal With ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans

“Dude, you’re being way too dramastic about this whole thing.”

Just a week after Jenelle Evans posted a sponsored video of herself praising items from clothing company PatPat, the brand has decided to cut ties with the Teen Mom 2 star.  

According to Starcasm, PatPat announced last Friday it was ending its partnership with Jenelle due to backlash and criticism it received from fans of the brand. 

“Thanks to all our fans for reaching out to us,” the brand tweeted Friday. “Our collaboration with Jenelle is going to be stopped from now on.” 

Upon hearing the news that she was getting the boot from the collaboration deal, Jenelle fired back with a social media post accusing PatPat of being a “cheap a*s company that doesn’t pay their promoters.” 

Jenelle (of course) didn’t stop there, though. She went on to post a video of a PatPat label to show her followers the item was made by Korean brand Moonoo.  

“All they do is flip clothes,” she said. “Doesn’t even say ‘PatPat.’ Made in Korea… not America.” 

When you realize you might have to give back all the free crap you’ve been rockin’ on The Land.

As some may recall, PatPat isn’t the first company that’s been pressured into ending a partnership deal with Jenelle. As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle’s less-than-stellar reputation cost her a paying gig with meal-prep service Blue Apron earlier this year. 

After the comment section of Jenelle’s robotic brand endorsement became riddled with people claiming they would no longer use Blue Apron due to its association with Jenelle, the company soon announced they were severing ties.

“Thanks for reaching out. We will no longer be advertising with Jenelle,” the company tweeted in February. 

Similar to Jenelle’s reaction to PatPat’s announcement, her husband, David Eason, went after Blue Apron to throw some shade after news broke that the company would no longer be shipping food (or paychecks) to The Land. 

“Jenelle, I don’t think them free outfits is being dropped off no more.”

“@blueapron All these Fake accounts talking about Jenelle and you really take it that seriously? Now we see where your priorities are. Simple math- there are more followers than haters…. keep your cheep food and ill keep shopping at The Pig @MyrtleBeachPig @pigglywiggly.” 

Jenelle may be down, but she’s not out. She continues to cash in on lucrative promoting gigs, including a longtime one with the ever-reputable Flat Tummy Co. The MTV star was hawking the totally-legit-and-not-at-all-a-scam weight loss tea as recent as last month.

UPDATE! On Tuesday, Jenelle posted a message to her Instagram stories that seems to be in response to this story.

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(Photos: MTV/Instagram)

17 Responses

  1. I have stopped watching this show.
    I have even stopped reading these recaps.

    I just leave it to this website’s headlines and some comments to stay updated on all of my Teen Mom news…it seems that Jenelle’s life has remained the same…just a different man in her life now. How long has it been? 10 years? And no personal growth whatsoever. It has become redundant and really sad. Good bye forever, Jenelle. You are still a trashy asshole.

  2. Don’t these companies spend 10 minutes on research about their spokespeople/”influencers”? How hard is it to use google Jenelle and Ogre?? If these companies can’t do basic research then they will be out of business in no time.

    1. They probably did and thought “hey, we will get way more exposure, if we hire and then drop her for everyone to see”.

    2. Their research stops at business type and number of followers. Jenelle ticks the boxes of Reality TV personality with a lot of followers. They don’t care wether those followers are are supporters or just there to watch the train wreck, it’s only about how many people her messages reach.

  3. Jenelle is having a meltdown on the land. She will probably respond by attacking everybody that comments negatively about her. That chin is gonna grow back if she doesn’t stop sticking it out,and pouting.

  4. As long as she’s married to and supports that abusive POS bigot husband of hers, she better get used to companies dropping her…

  5. HAHA!!! She needs to be saying the same about her makeup line!! Cheapest garbage EVER. And lots of companies do this, they buy from wholesalers, remove tags and make them their own. She’s too stupid to realize that.

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