Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Cries After Clothing Company Drops Her About-to-Launch Line; Says Her Haters Are To Blame

“It’s no fair, dude. I wanted my line to be the next Tierra Reign clothing empire!”

Jenelle Evans‘ latest venture as an “influencer” is over before it even began.

The former Teen Mom 2 star tearfully announced on Friday that her upcoming active/lounge wear line from SewSewYou has been cancelled. The announcement came just days after Jenelle proudly announced the line on her social media. She posted several of her offerings online (including this green sweat set, which many commented looked like something the “rill women” of the Indiana Corrections Facilities would sport), telling fans the line would be launching on November 17.

Unfortunately for Jenelle and those who were hoping to snag the other frocks offered by Jenelle’s line, the plans to launch have been called off. In a cringy TikTok video posted to all of Jenelle’s social media accounts, the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star ifilms herself sobbing (with the camera zoomed in close to show off the tears). She writes in the caption that the company “has dropped me because of haters.”

In true Jenelle fashion, she vowed to do her own clothing line and website on her own.

“Been crying all morning,” she wrote. “Sorry to let everyone’s hopes up but @sewsewyou has dropped me because of haters. There won’t be a clothing line anymore. #HeartBroken.”

“Haters contacted the company I was working with,” she added.

She then flashed the camera back to herself crying, then lip-synching to a song stating, “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

Later, she followed it up by posting another video of her crying and singing along to Colbie Caillat’s song “Try.” In the caption, Jenelle writes that she “always wanted to be accepted by others…always being nice to everyone I meet and hoped to get it in return…


Trying to put makeup on but we all have hard days 😞 ##Trauma ##MentalHealthAwareness ##Tears

♬ original sound – laurenspencersmith

“Reputation ruined at the age of 17…feels like I’ll never get to redeem myself and the positive life I have created for my family. The media/TV can really destroy a person’s mental health. Always worried if ‘they like me.’ But in the end the only thing that matters is if my family is happy. But being accepted for the person I truly am would be nice.”

The Ashley has reached out to SewSewYou, the company that was going to launch Jenelle’s line, for comment but has not yet heard back. The company has, however, limited or closed the comment sections on its recent Instagram and Facebook posts.

“Cheer up, babe! At least you still got me! I’ll go fill them clothin’ company’s streets with uppercuts!”

This is not the first time a product or venture that Jenelle has been working on has been cancelled due to Jenelle’s haters contacting the companies and sending them info on Jenelle’s past and/or her husband David Eason‘s past.

In addition to losing her job on ‘Teen Mom 2’ back in 2019, Jenelle has lost multiple sponsorship deals— including with Blue Apron, Prana Mat, and PatPat Clothing, to name just a few.

In September 2019, the New York City salon that was due to host Jenelle’s launch party for her JE Cosmetics company abruptly cancelled the event, stating online that it was unaware of David and Jenelle’s histories.

Last year, a meet and greet session at an Oregon cannabis dispensary where Jenelle was scheduled to appear was cancelled right before it began, due to her haters causing a ruckus for the company. 

Most-recently, Jenelle was canned from the Girl S**t podcast earlier this year after some of her co-stars for the not-yet-released podcast and lifestyle brand refused to work with Jenelle, due to things Jenelle has done in her past. 

“It’s pretty s**tty of a person to try to hold something against someone that happened years ago – like, we talk about all the time – to ruin their opportunities in life,” Jenelle said on social media later. “Like, that’s s**tty. That’s really s**tty.”

“At least I have my makeup line to fall back on. Oh…wait…”

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Until then, you can always hop on over to Amber Portwood‘s “Portwood AF” clothing line page if you’re itching to get your mitts on some ‘Teen Mom’ star apparel. 

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(Photos: TikTok; Instagram)


  1. Lurch wandering around the swamps looking like that is the reason people still believe in bigfoot. Sheesh he’s ugly and I can just about smell him from this side of the screen.

  2. (Even if her mistakes were limited to the past and weren’t ongoing) you don’t get to complain about how you shouldn’t lose opportunities for actions “from years ago” when you only GOT the chance for these opportunities for the same thing.

    Like, you didn’t just build yourself some outstanding empire on your own merit and hard work and then “got cancelled” because your private life as a deadbeat teen mom POS got dragged into public; you got offered them BECAUSE of your being infamous from Teen Mom, until the companies realized that same infamy was a liability, not a benefit. Gawd.

    Also, your clothing was going to be “made of […] clothing”? Um, kewl? Likewise, I’m currently wearing pajamas made of the softest, comfiest pajamas I have.

  3. Janelle is so ridiculous… “Sorry to let everyone’s hopes up”? LOL You mean, Sorry to get everyone’s hopes up or Sorry to let everyone down? And what Haters?! They propbably realized she’d never sell anything. Ruined your reputation at 17? And 18, 19, 20, 21, 22…
    LOL. How about some personal accountability Janelle?

  4. She needs to realize that becoming an “influencer” isn’t for her. Far too many bad decisions + a series of terrible, sometimes illegal, self-made events caused her to not only loose her position with MTV but also her ability to make money from her social media. They both need to stop trying to capitalize off social media and their “fame” and look into supporting their family with careers that require more from them, not just a large social media following. Go back to school, become a nurse or something, a lab tech, go to trade school .. do something, anything, but profiting from social media and followers. It’s not working for her. Its likely that will never work out, that ship sailed when she made one decision after the next to put her abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic husband first and stay with him. Decisions have consequences. Poor decisions tend to have even harder consequences. She’s on more than one occasion put her kids in precarious situations that they’ve somehow managed to wiggle out of any accountability for. That man is nothing but trouble and he was just arrested the night before she made those videos for a variety of driving infractions. So, when’s she gonna wake up? Dump lurch, clean up your act, maybe then you’ll be able to profit off of social media, in the meantime, find something that doesn’t require masses of people to approve of your choices. Get out of the house and get jobs that support your family. Stop it with social media. It seems to me that most people hate-follow her and she’s got the social media count she does because she’s been such a train wreck. She could turn this around, she knows how to. But she won’t. For some reason Lurch is worth more than her childrens wellbeing. And the people see it. Stop trying to capitalize off social media. she is not an influencer and even the products she did create and attempted to sell all flopped in a big way. Wake up Janelle. It’s not us, it’s you.

    1. She’s flagged…she can’t get into the medical field, but there’s many other jobs she could do. But she needs mental help and take accountability and stop blaming these things on bad editing from MTV and when she was 17. She mentally and emotionally abuses her kids and animals. She was doing that long before David.

  5. David is the one that told people the name of the company. He probably did that on purpose because he knew what would happen. Might have written himself.
    Jenelle can’t be more successful than he is. She can be on a show, as long as he is on it too. She can be on social media, as long as so praises and shows him.
    He wants her to look up to him and stay where she is. She might be out when she has enough money and he can’t live on the land on his own.

  6. Oooorrrrr, you know, you can just get a regular job like everyone else? Just a thought. Go back to school? I don’t know, get off social media for once? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  7. It’s never her fault, zero accountability.
    How about you stop being homophobic, racist, a conspiracy theory spreader and and leave your animal killing husband.

    Honestly, I’m surprised seeing people only bringing up nugget, and seem to completely forget they are racist and homophobic to the core.

  8. Ensley will tell you today. That David still kills animals. What low life would kill an innocent animal. Even Jenelle admitted he abused Kaiser. We all saw the bruises on Kaiser butt. We all saw how they would run mtv off so they could have arguments. Then mtv would come back and Jenelle would be so beat down. The homes in the walls. Pictures of broken things. Marissa telling the truth and trying to get away. Jace saying they’re shit. It goes on and on. David’s only son isn’t aloud around David.

  9. Her video actually came up in my fb suggested video feed 😂 she needs to stop trying to work with brands. People will ALWAYS bring up the crap her and David did. They’re shitty people. Period. No one is going to want to work with someone who’s put kids and animals in danger or worse. If she really wants to do these things, she should be doing them on her own so whatever supporters she does have will be there for it. But she obviously won’t because she has no follow through.

  10. The fact that Jenelle believes that she is hated for her actions as a 17 year old, and she sees nothing wrong with how she conducts herself as an adult, says everything people need to know about her.

  11. Seriously, I don’t think Jenelle could get ANY job without somehow hiding her identity. She and Lurch are too notorious. And that picture of Lurch, wow! Nobody, no EMPLOYER in the world wants anything to do with THAT! Jenelle and her kids are doomed. Pray for those poor kids.

    1. She can’t. I think her only option is Barb. I think Barb would take her in but Barb doesn’t want to deal with the constant and never ending harassment David would do. He’d never leave them alone.

      1. You absolutely make a point, how can she make the money that she needs, so she can be stable enough to take care of her family alone. The problem is that i think youve put more thought into that than she has. If she had genuine concerns for her children staying with David wouldnt even be an option. She was already out! She moved away and had all but Jace with her, but she made the decision to go back to David. It reminds me of a family member that is an alcoholic, when they did something awful they would simply remind us that they have a disease and its out of their control. No. I dont accept that. You’re mental health issues are not your fault, but they are your responsibility, and Jenelle continues to stay with David for reasons that I can only assume involve her having low self-esteem, history of trauma, and a laundry list that goes on. Fix your shit Jenelle, and read the scene no one is going to support a business with your name/face on it. Stop trying to maintain fame, and look for real opportunities.

        1. I still think if she went to MTV and told them she desperately needed to leave with her kids they would help her. Maybe not help her monetarily, but would be able to find a safe place for her.

    2. No one, except her, has removed any opportunity she has. She has full control over her own life. These are just the piss poor life choices she is choosing to make. Yes, she has been the victim of domestic violence and abuse, she has also perpetrated it. She has far more resources at her disposal than the average person would. She has more financial means, she has more connections with people, she has countless ways to reach out. Most people don’t have the resources she does, some of which she only has because of the TM franchise. There is no “to be fair” to be said, no one is stopping her from changing her station in life, except herself.

    3. I’m pretty sure the domestic violence shelters aren’t going to turn her away from services because of her haters.

  12. Just get a real job Janelle! Everyone is hiring right now. Stop trying to make a brand happen for yourself, you aren’t that popular or liked.

  13. 17? Lol right…keep telling yourself that, Jenelle. Of course it has nothing to do with the choices you continue to make. Nothing at all…

  14. Does she really think this about her reputation for 16 & pregnant?
    Or is that how Lurch gaslights this?

  15. I’d like to know more about this “positive life” Jenelle has created for her family. Anyone have any ideas?

  16. Get rid of that POS husband and you’ll be able to keep brand deals. It’s not the “haters” holding her back. It’s HIM.

  17. Jenelle doesn’t seem to get it. I think most people would be willing to give her a second chance (the chance she could use to better herself, her career, but more importantly, her children), IF she shit-canned her husband, stopped depending on bottom dwellers to make her feel loved, and just solely focused on her kids. The opportunities could potentially be endless. She should try it out. For once…

  18. That picture of her man needs to have some warnings before viewing. What exactly is going on there?!?!! He looks like a scooby doo villain who would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for the meddling kids.

  19. People can look past the choices she made as a teenager but to stay with an abusive man and put those babies at risk is not forgivable.

  20. Seems like she’s bearing the consequences for things she was a part of as an adult, but keeps crying as though all this shit happened when she was a helpless child. You know what happens when you F around, you find out.

  21. I really was expecting Jenelle to make it when she was in school to become a tech, and graduate. I didn’t think she was a good mom or really any kind of mom, but I have always thought Jenelle was smarter than what MTV made her look, she was pretty and could be good tv.

    But she kept hitching herself to these losers. Smartest decision was leaving Andrew in the dust. Then Nathan dressed in suits for everything, dude didn’t have a job, what are you where that suit for? Also, lol’d when he wore a suit to the beach.

    And UBT. Babz said he was the worst bf she ever had, and she was right. I’m sorry but whether Jenelle wants to believe it, you are who you are associated with. And she is associated with a crazy person, who has restraining orders against his kids and ex-girl, who has been in and out of jail and then killed a dog. And no one wants to work with that.

    Just saying Kail is not likable, but she still has companies wanting to work with her. Amber isn’t likable but people still work with her, even Farrah is the least likable person on the entire franchise and people still work with her.

    No one wants to be associated with a person who threatens congressperson and the president and kills dogs, and has allegedly beat his pregnant girlfriend. That’s just facts.

  22. 1) those clothes look awful, seriously
    2) people telling companies who you are and what you’ve done and do are not haters, your shenanigans are all over internet
    3) you never tried to be nice to anyone. You insert yourself in other people’s lives, you are racist, a conspiracy theorist, you are married to a gun toting, dog murdering, abusive bigot

  23. Jenelle really. You know exactly why. It’s the pos you married. Also you still with him after he killed nugget. In the reports it was said ensley was molested. I guess we’re supposed to turn a blind eye. Poor kaiser. All of the kids will need therapy.

  24. She just doesn’t get it.
    They don’t hate you bc you got pregnant at 16 (17?)!!
    They hate you because you are racist, homophobic, and abusive!!!! FFS!!

    1. Chelsea was pregnant as a teen and she’s generally well-received. Jenelle did a lot to earn her haters, but getting pregnant at 16 has nothing to do with it.

  25. Jenelle, you spent years cultivating the reputation that you have. The information that is getting back to these companies are actual things that happened in your life, the “haters” did not pull ome over us all. I understand that looking back at all the chaos you’ve caused in your short life must be hard, but it really happened. And the life that you live now might be different from your life before, but all you did was trade one disfunctional life for another. I feel confused when I see her crying on camera, all I see is a woman that is sad because other people dont like when animals are viciously killed, or when kids are being mistreated. I mean, what kind of ass backward thinking is that? No, Jenelle, the world does not find you appealing. So, please, stop putting your face/name on everything you’re trying to hock.You are not marketable, and if you really had mass amount of fans that supported you, “haters” wouldnt even be on your radar. Shit, if you have fans at all, why are you still sitting on all those eyebrow kits??

  26. Get a J O B !!!
    I do not feel one bit sorry for her. I do however feel bad for the little dog lurch killed.
    I do feel sorry for little Kaiser, for being hungry, and being hit by lurch.
    And I feel bad for Marissa that tried to escape and was sent back to the swamp.
    To bad they can’t put POS, looser, or tweekers on their resumes.

    1. Definitely high! high! time to look for employment outside the home.

      Or inside. There’s plenty of companies she could work for anonymously from home.

      These ventures capitalizing on her past fame are a waste of time, energy and money.

      Wal-Mart is hiring.

  27. Woof – that is a truly frightening picture of David. And to echo others, time for her to get a rill job. Didn’t she go to school a few years ago to like save people’s lives or something?

  28. The cliche “as long as my family is happy” is bs. Those kids have absolutely no chance of having a successful life and that’s unfortunate, but it is HER fault. She apparently won’t drug that weird, grotesquely hairy, animal she’s married too and she won’t drop her ego enough to realize she is not going to make a living off of being a “celebrity”. I think she got her medical assisting certificate, but the dinosaurs will reappear before she bites the bullet and gets a 9-5 like a mere mortal. Kids are happy because they a have an above-ground swimming pool, a mud hole and McDonald’s, but I’m sure all of them are way behind educationally (maryssa may be an exception) and there is no way any of them have any amount of college fund set up. Lurch and Jenelle think that because they are “celebrities” the kids will be set for life too. It’s so sad, 100% there will be porn in Jenelle’s near future.

  29. Her reputation wasn’t ruined at 17. Her reputation was seriously ruined between the tweets, the dog, the CPS and the biggest issue David. No one wants to support someone who runs back to their, and their children’s, abuser.

    I personally think it’s ridiculous that people message these companies but it would stop if she left David imo

  30. I hear Walmart is hiring. She could try a real job.

    And what are these companies that never do their background checks on people they want to work with?!?!

    1. It’s funny you should mention that because I think in a lot of ways these tiny little shell companies that are collaborating with low level celebrities are probably taking advantage of her negative publicity. They probably signed her only to cancel her and have this exact story be written, I had never heard of the clothing “company” before today, have you?

      That being said, hawking sweatpants isn’t going to pay her bills, but a real job sure will.

  31. She needs to just focus on her family and stop trying to do all this crap. Face it Jenelle…you are not famous. You do not have what it takes to run a successful business. Try to get a real job and actually take care of your children. The days of easy MTV money are over. It’s time to grow up.

  32. Jenelle, people might stop canceling you if you would leave your husband who has abused you, your children and your animals.

    I said might.
    But, worth a shot

  33. I looked up her insta post and many of her commenters were saying that just because she made a mistake when she was 17 she shouldn’t be punished now and people change. Are people actually this dumb? David didn’t kill her dog 10 years ago and Jailnelle is still defending him to this day! And what about those 911 calls where Juhnelle is fearing for her own life? (but leaves Ensley alone, of course) And what about the fact that Jace is still with Barb? Well, they must be her “fans” for a reason…

  34. As much as I really, really hate her, I do think it’s weird how some people dedicate so much of their time and energy to making sure she stays miserable. Like, I wish her nothing but unhappiness but some people really are obsessed with keeping her down and it’s odd.

  35. Don’t know if it would make her feel better but I highly doubt anyone would have bought it anyway.🤷‍♀️Uncle Bad Touch & Jenelle can’t redeem themselves because they are still the same shitty people they have always been.

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