Kail Lowry Explains Why She Refuses to Date a Person With Kids; Gives Update On Her Relationships With Javi Marroquin’s & Chris Lopez’s Other Baby Mamas

“I don’t need any more, thanks!”

Kail Lowry has caught a lot of flak since she spoke out last year and stated that she refuses to date a person who has kids. On the latest episode of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, the Teen Mom 2 star— who has four kids herself— brought up the topic again, stating that she absolutely refuses to date someone who with their own offspring However, she insists that she gets more date offers now as a mom of four than she ever did when she had less youngins.

Later in the podcast, Kail and her co-host Vee Torres discussed how Kail feels about her baby daddies’ other baby mamas. (Vee shares a daughter with Kail’s first baby daddy, Jo Rivera, while Lauren Comeau— a longtime nemesis of Kail– shares a son with Kail’s second baby daddy Javi Marroquin. Kail’s third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, has a baby on the way with a woman he has not publicly identified.) 

As The Ashley reported back in November 2020, Kail revealed on her other podcast, Coffee Convos, that she does not date anyone who has kids. During the more-recent podcast, Kail said fans did not take well to that statement.

“When I say I do not want to date someone with kids, people come at my neck for it,” she told Vee, adding that the suitors have been swooning over her since she shot her fourth offspring, Creed, out last year.

“And now everyone wants a piece!” 

“But I have had more men try to date me with four kids than when I had two kids!” Kail insisted, adding that she doesn’t care if a guy says he doesn’t date women with kids. “I see TikToks all the time of single men who do not want to f**k with women with kids, and I don’t get bothered.”

In addition to Creed (whom she shares with Chris), Kail is the mother of 11-year-old Isaac (with Jo), seven-year-old Lincoln (with Javi) and four-year-old Lux (with Chris). She acknowledged that it is strange for her to be so against dating someone with kids when she has so many herself.

“I don’t mind more, as long as they shoot out of my hooter and not some other broad’s!” 

“It kind of makes me sound like a hypocrite because I have kids, but that is why I don’t want to date someone with their own kids,” she said. “I won’t do it… I [recently] met somebody and he told me he had two kids and I ghosted him. I never responded to his texts again. I don’t want to talk to someone with kids.”

Kail went on to explain that she has no problem with the idea of adding children to her litter; however, it’s the people who come with the kids she doesn’t want to deal with.

“It’s not about the kids, it’s about the adults. I do not want to deal with the cheating, lying, wondering what you’re doing with your baby mama,” Kail said.

“That’s fair….so…see ya at WaWa in an hour or…no?”

“I don’t want to get to know your baby mama. I don’t care about your baby mama. I don’t want to be involved. I don’t want s**t to do with it,” Kail continued. 

“Me and you are cool, thank God,” Kail told Vee, adding, “there is one [significant other of a baby daddy] that I will never be cool with. There’s one that I don’t give a f**k about at all; all I want is for you to be good to my kids.”

(While Kail didn’t say names, it was obvious that Lauren is the baby mama she will “never be cool with” and Chris’ unknown baby mama is the one she doesn’t care about or know.)

“Or whatever girls they end up knocking up!”

“I don’t want to know you. I’ve never met you,” Kail said, presumably about Chris’ other baby mama. “I don’t want to meet you. Just be good to my kids and you will not hear a word from me.”

Chris’ other baby mama will likely be happy to hear that last statement, as Kail took it upon herself last month to publicly announce the gender of the baby Chris and the girl are expecting. (It’s a boy, by the way.) 

“It’s no fair. Everyone gets a boy but me!”

“I don’t to involve myself in any type of thing because I’ve already been through all the things with baby mamas, baby daddies, all of it. I don’t want to do it. I’ve been through all the scenarios: good relationship, bad relationship, no relationship at all.”

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  1. “But I have had more men try to date me with four kids than when I had two kids!”

    Bro’s, come on now. Don’t embarrass me like this.

    stay lit

  2. What sane or insane man or woman, with or without kids would want to be around and deal with Kail?

  3. I like how none of Kails baby daddies want anything to do with her, yet she talks about them all constantly.that should speak volumes on how insufferable she is. Kail forgot to grow up.

  4. If Kail had a spinoff it should be called “The Drama Factory”. She’s so annoying and exhausting though, she’d never get one. I’ll bet her children take long dramatic sighs often with her.

  5. 1. The reason so many guys are interested in Kail is because she makes everything public and she seems very easy.
    2. Kail doesn’t want to date a guy with kids because she knows she would likely end up dealing with a baby mama like her and she knows that.

  6. If you don’t want to date men with kids that’s your prerrogative but ghosting someone is a jerk move. Just tell him the truth, be a grown up.
    Also more men want to date you now because it’s obvious you are open to not use a condom and have sex even in a Wawa parking lot, that’s how you end up with 4 oopsie babies by 3 different men, and men like not using condoms and having sex in different locations. Simple as that

  7. Ooorrr Kail, have you considered being a mature adult and trust your partner and respect his kids’ mother? I know it’s a novel concept, but it is possible to live a drama-free life with both partners having kids!

  8. If you have to ‘ghost’ somebody simply because they have kids, you’re the problem. That move screams immaturity & grandiosity.

  9. Could y’all imagine having your child’s father date Kail? Nonstop drama and I think that she would be the type to talk bad about the kid or treat them as lesser than hers. It’s better for everybody that she has this policy.

  10. Kail. You’re getting offers. But not by men who are decent and want to date you. By offers of men who see that you’re easy and just want to bump uglies with you.
    You’re too hard to get along with.
    You’re unattractive and look lazy.
    Plus you have FOUR kids and THREE baby daddies.
    And now you’re also delusional. They don’t want you like that. They want something FROM you.

  11. I’ve been through all the scenarios: good relationship, bad relationship, no relationship at all.

    No, dear, I’m sorry. You don’t really know what good relationships look like. You’re not single with 4 kids by 3 men because you’ve known a good relationship. You’ve had relationships where you were happy for months or even a year or two at a time, but that’s not the same thing. You didn’t see what it looks like with your parents growing up, and you haven’t experienced it in your own relationships, and I’m sorry for you. I hope you do experience a good relationship some day, I really do.

  12. The reason Kail gets more men wanting to date her now than when she had two kids is
    1. she is famous
    2. has money.
    3. She was married.

    What is she talking about when she had two kids she was MARRIED, so of course, she is getting more action than a MARRIED person would get. And she still was able to get pregnant while still married.

    Kail going after losers who don’t support their kids is different than an active father who is involved. I can’t imagine a man who is stable wanting to be a part of her chaos.

  13. “…………, Just be good to my kids and you will not hear a word from me. Lmao!! Yeah right!

    On another note, instead of ghosting the guy w/kids, why not just tell him instead of playing childish games? Geez, she’s such a clown.

  14. I think it comes off as a little hypocritical BUT I think it’s good to be upfront and honest in things like this. I have kids and if someone turned me down because I have kids, I would really appreciate them being honest. If you don’t want to date someone with kids then you shouldn’t date someone with kids, even if that means you date no one. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  15. Kail, dating random dudes, whether they have kids or not, should be the LAST thing on your list! Just parent the four kids you have! Be civil and reasonable to your baby daddies and their SOs! Try to elevate your children’s lives up from chaos and shit! You OWE them that! And you’re running out of time— Isaac will be gone in 6 years. (I still think Isaac wants to move in with Jo and Vee and get away from Kail NOW!)

  16. Guys want to date her bc she has absolutely no standards.

    She’ll lay up with anything. Just look at who she marries and has babies with. Zero standards.

    Plus she will pay a guy’s way. She’ll never ever get a guy higher on the market than her. She’ll always get dusty butts who are on her same triflin level.

  17. Don’t worry your pretty little head. At this point, no decent gentleman with his life in order and a good job will want anything to do with your dumpster fire of a life and multiple baby daddies. Whether he has kids or not. It’s reached the point where only low-lives like Chris will take an interest, and just for a booty call. Any guy that would take an interest would be looking for d-list “fame”. I hear Matt Baier is single – he has nothing to do with his kids or baby mamas – would that work?

  18. She just always seems SO hard to get along with.

    By drawing a hard line in the sand like that, “I’m never dating a guy with kids, etc”, you might be missing the best thing that ever happened to you.

    A guy having kids isn’t the problem, if he has drama and you’re having trust issues — YOU arent with the right guy.

    Looking back tho…she doesn’t exactly have the greatest judge of character for mates……

  19. Kail doesnt want to date men with kids because she knows the baby momma will have more leverage than the girlfriend. The same leverage that she uses against her baby daddies.

    1. She is never going to get a date again, she is a piece of white trash,a guy kids or no kids who is going to date her. Kail is definitely jealous of Leah’s new man and successful man with no kids of his own. I would not be surprised if Kail slid into his dm’s. She need the drama to talk about it in her barely keeping her a float podcast.

      1. Yeah, we wouldn’t put it past Kail to try to swipe Leah’s new man. Still not sure what the heck he sees in her other than d-list fame and / or the dating pool isn’t well in WV. But good for her if he’s the real deal, although something seems off since he seems too good to be true.

  20. Shes projecting. She says she doesn’t want to worry about what a potential partner is doing with his baby mama if he has kids because *she’s* the baby mama who is still sleeping with her ex, Javi. She doesn’t want to deal with someone who is terrible just like she is.

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