‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Insists She Won’t Date a Person with Kids & Says She May Not Have More of Her Own: “Every Time [I] Get My Life On Track I End Up Pregnant Again!”

“No more of this…probably!”

Kail Lowry got candid about her desire (or lack thereof) to add more children to her brood. The Teen Mom 2 star— who already has four sons— recently talked on her Coffee Convos podcast about trying to have a girl (finally), and how she feels about dating a person who has kids.

The ever-fertile Kail also had a moment of self-awareness, telling her co-host Lindsie Chrisley that, even though she has said in the past she doesn’t want more kids, she always finds herself knocked up anyway.

“Every time I’m trying to get my life on track and I end up pregnant again. I know this,” Kail said.

“I may never say this again…”

Kail gave birth to her fourth son Creed in July, and shortly after said on her podcast that she was ready for Baby No. 5, whom she hoped would be a girl. However, it seems like she might have had a change of heart in the past few months.

“I’m never trying for a girl, and I’m not going to say that I’m going to have another child because I truly don’t know,” she said. “It’s not on my radar anytime soon…I know, I always say this.”

Kail also talked about not wanting to get into a casual relationship, and instead only wants to pursue something serious. (She recently shot down her ex Chris Lopez‘s insinuation that she has a new dude and insists she’s currently single.)

“I have never had sex with someone who I didn’t end up being with long-term,” she said. “I’ve never had casual sex, contrary to popular belief!” 

“So I guess this means no wacka-wacka at the WaWa? Damn.”

However, a person would have to be sans a litter of their own in order to date Kail.

“I’m not gonna date someone that has kids,” she said. “I’m just not gonna do it. Like I will not.”

In July, Kail told Lindsie on the podcast that she won’t have any more than six kids total.


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This is what football with 4 kids looks like 😂 & PSA I KNOW THE MASK GOES OVER MY NOSE. we are outside and I’m more than 6 feet from everyone. @isaacelliottr @thelincmarshall @theluxrussell

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“Six is my max,” Kail said, later adding, “I’m not confirming or denying, I’m just saying I would not have more than six…I’ve said it before…I just didn’t have siblings or family before, so, like, having a big family…since I started having kids, I always wanted my kids to have siblings.”

Listen to the full episode of Coffee Convos below:

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  1. The only men who will date someone like her will be the desperate types. Like extremely desperate. Why would a guy that has zero baggage date someone who’s a divorcee, four kids with three different fathers? Her actions shows she doesn’t make good choices. And she only likes brown and black guys. Those guys won’t be settling down with her because they just see her as someone who gives it up easy. Shouldn’t have been a whore, Kail.

  2. Oh, my goodness. Like a sane person would ever want to expose their kids to Kail’s mood swings and temper.

  3. kailyn needs to quit the show like Chelsea for the sake of her and her kids privacy at this point but we all know she wont. I double dog dare her.

  4. She needs to spend her money more thoughtfully. 1. Tubal ligation 2. Breast reduction would make her look younger. Diet and exercise. Hire a personal trainer.

  5. What person WITHOUT kids would look at someone with FOUR children and THREE baby daddies and think “yes. I have found the one!”
    That just doesn’t make sense.

    1. Kail is textbook “Where are all the good men”?. She spends her 20s “riding the cock carousel”, popping out a bunch of kids and then at 30, hits “the wall” and decides she wants to settle down.

      She had a good man. She was married. She just didnt want to be married to Javi. Amd dont think if Chris asked her, she wouldn’t jump on it.

  6. “I have never had sex with someone who I didn’t end up being with long-term” Well, you never were WITH Chris so uhhhhh… And every time your life gets on track you get pregnant? Girl, your life is NEVER on track. Who are you kidding? LOL

  7. Unfortunately for her the only guy she’s gonna get is a deadbeat loser who either has kids of his own or who doesn’t have kids but is on drugs or on probation or something. Ya know, the type that Jenelle attracts. Does kail really think any person in their right mind is gonna want a self victimizing mother of 4 with 3 baby daddies to deal with?? She put herself in this situation so who cares.

  8. Kailyn seems so lost. She was just talking about having more children now this. I think she’s trying to fill some void in her life with all these men and children. She needs to find a good therapist.

    1. Generational curses and familar spirits is what Kailtlyn is dealing with. She thinks because she has several kids and was marries to Javi that she is not following in Susies footsteps. She is just like Susie except she will have 4 children and 3 baby daddies instead of 1 like Susie and Kailyn will also have a degree that was bought by her MTV fame. Kailyn is Susie with money.

      1. I have to disagree with that. Kail has a lot of issues for sure, but she’s not a drug addict like Susie and treats her kids a lot better.

  9. Free advertising for Kailyn. No one believes anything she says. I’m not having Chris in the delivery room . I’m not sleeping with Javi. I hate Javi. I never cheated on Javi or Jo.

  10. Correct me if i am wrong but wasn’t Chris described as a friend when she first got pregnant with Lux. She also said that she was going to pay or ask for Chris for a sperm donation. Kail is a biggest liar out there even Farrah and Jenelle keep a straight story. I really hope she is the next to be axe from teen mom 2.

  11. Kail, then……..don’t?! Don’t get pregnant. Get a long term birth control because you and us know for sure Chris is not wrapping it up. It’s simple as that. Why is she acting as if there aren’t millions of ways to stop pregnancy (and don’t forget STDs!) from happening. Educate yourself on the matter, lol, the show you’re on taught you well about that, mhmmmmm…

  12. I hate when she says she wanted two “full siblings”, well honey all four of your litter would be full if you would’ve used your brain instead of your cl1t0ris. Siblings are siblings and I hope she enjoys devaluing her children to their faces as much as she does in public forums.

  13. Never had casual sex….. does cheating on Javi count? That’s casual af. What single man with ZERO kids would procreate with this hose beast? Also, what single man with no kids looks at a female in her situation and says “hey now that’s a woman. Where has this miraculous Sea Witch been all my life?”

    Delusion, thy name is Teen Mom “moms”

  14. Why do y’all care when you don’t watch or pay for her kids? Last time I checked, she supports them just fine on her own.

  15. I chose not to have biological kids for health reasons and adopted instead. Let me tell you Kail, it’s sooooo hard not to get pregnant. Wait… It’s incredibly easy. Been married forever and I’ve never so much as had a scare. Birth control and self control, two things this idiot lacks.

  16. Maybe if MTV didn’t pay them good money for every pregnancy, these “girls” would stop getting “accidentally” knocked up. Just saying

  17. Wow, obviously every time you have sex you get pregnant. Look just because the show is “TeenMom OG” you should at least be at the OG age but your actions are still “Teen”. If you haven’t learned by now how babies are made, by unprotected sex, then the show hasn’t been a learning lesson. Just a question, everytime one of your boys needs a haircut do you call their dad and ask for permission? If not, why come to blows with a father because he didn’t ask you first? I mean you want him involved but not that involved. Maybe you better make a list of do’s and don’ts. Oh, and alittle advise, use protection.

  18. Well, let’s see, you obviously haven’t learn where babies come from when you don’t use protection. And, your priorities are alittle screwballish. So, the next time you meet someone and have unprotected sex, you would think you might say to yourself “hey self, I’m about to have unprotected sex, think I’ll get pregnant”? Ahhh, yeah. Just because the show is called “TeenMom OG” you should fo ua more on the “OG” and not the “Teen” part. I mean really? You wanted Chris to be more involved but he takes “his” kid to get his haircut and you start swinging. Do you mean that every haircut your boys have had, you actually ask their fathers if it’s ok? You can’t have it all. I guess you better write down the rules that you have that the fathers need to adhere to. Just sayin

    1. Shit, she may want to ask herself why she is going to have ANOTHER child with a dude that is NOT interested in her for anything other than a good time (if you can even call it that with Kail) and why she’d have ANOTHER child by a dead beat. That’s just me though

  19. Whatever, Kail. You got pregnant due to not using protection every single pregnancy (and you were very open about wanting another full sibling for one of your kids after Lux). It isn’t that hard to figure out.

  20. Just imagine how hard its going to be to get your life together with 4 kids after the MTV paydays stop? Kailyn better stop making excuses and downsize her life in preparation for the shows inevitable cancellation or she will be ill prepared for the responsibilty like Janelle and Farrah.

  21. Please. Kail is going to be the unmarried Michelle Duggar. She’ll have at least one more with Chris before moving on.

  22. Kail, you’re so ignorant. Please don’t get pregnant again, Too many innocent kids have been subjected to your mess of a life,

    1. Shes filling the holes in her life (no pun intended) with kids.
      She has no healthy adult relationships so relies on her football team of kids for that unconditional affection… not exactly the healthiest of plans.
      She will unquestionably have another trap son with the next guy who comes along and just wants her for her “(quasi)fame”
      Her kids do seem happy & healthy…but she sure as heck doesn’t!!

  23. She acts like “ending up pregnant” isn’t avoidable. Like she has unprotected sex and she’s still perplexed as to why she has unplanned pregnancies. Good thing she’s on a show that educates young mom’s on birth control.🙄Maybe instead of chasing after Chris’ ass she should go to itsyoursexlife.com God knows I hear the PSA and remember it more than she does apparently.

    1. LMAO @ PSA!!🤣
      Well played!

      I keep hearing Dr Drew bragging how “TM has substantially decreased the teen pregnancy rate across America”…bah ha ha!
      Kind of the opposite!
      It has made it a million$ career and just decreased the stigma…
      Along with creating a cohort of moms with football teams of kids who will have no appreciable employable skills and a millionaire lifestyle at age 30 when the “teen” show ends or moves on from original cast as it seems to be doing with the new “16 & Pregnant” series…
      So much for decreasing teenage pregnancies…

    2. If the moment she got her life on track, she “ends up being pregnant”, then maybe she shouldn’t “celebrate” this by sleeping with someone without protection?! She is giving a COMPLETELY WRONG message to teens that if you “end up being pregnant”, don’t worry, it just happened, money will come rolling anyway…I can still remember seeing a comment I think it was on Amber’s Twitter of a young girl, she was around 13 and pregnant who called her an inspiration…yeah, sure, getting knocked up at 16 is SO inspirational!

  24. This is such a mess. “I end up pregnant” ummmmm, you end up with a bad parking spot at the mall, you end up with a zit on prom night, you end up getting the office a$$hole for Secret Santa, you don’t “end up pregnant.” But, “Kail is always right”, so she’s never actually made any bad decisions, bad things just happen to her.

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