‘Teen Mom’ Kail Lowry Gives (TMI!) Details About Her Recent Homebirth, Reveals Role Chris Lopez Played in Delivery & Says She’s Ready for Another Baby

“Those Duggar girls make this homebirth crap look so easy!” 

Kail Lowry recently gave birth to her fourth child (and second with “entanglement” and Master Mumbler Chris Lopez), and on Thursday returned to her Coffee Convos podcast to provide her listeners with all the labor and ring-of-fire fun details of her recent delivery.

Kail did not hold back while telling the story of her homebirth with son Creed. (Seriously, you will learn more about Kail’s baby hooter than you’ve ever wanted to know, so consider yourself warned.) 

The Teen Mom 2 star revealed that, although she had stated last month that Chris wasn’t going to be invited to the birth, he did, in fact get invited watch his son’s birth.

“Basically, I went into labor around 5:30 in the morning,” Kail said on the podcast. “I woke up, literally my eyes opened all the way up and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m in pain!’”

Kail said that, when her contractions were about 10 minutes apart, she called Chris but “actually, he didn’t answer…he did call back, though, and I told him.”

“Sorry I missed your call, Kail! I was mumblin’ over on Instagram Live!”

Kail had long planned to have a home birth, but said that after seven or so hours in labor with contractions 10 minutes apart but getting stronger, she changed her mind about having a non-medicated home birth and wanted to go to the hospital to get an epidural. 

“I was like, ‘OK! We need to pack up the car. I want to go to the hospital and I want to get an epidural,’” Kail said. “My whole entire plan changed as soon as I hit that wall. I was like, ‘I can’t do this!’ I don’t know why I felt like that.”

“I need the drugs! I don’t care if ya have to call Kieffa! Give me something for this pain!”

She said she did pack her car, but once her friend and Chris  arrived, she realized that she couldn’t make it to the hospital since they were too far away and Baby Creed was already too far down her baby chute. 

Once the midwife arrived, Baby Creed took little time shooting out of Kail’s hoo-ha!

“I gave birth 30 minutes later,” Kail said.

A photo posted to Kail’s Instagram Stories shows Chris helping the midwife weigh Creed shortly after birth. (The baby weighed in at 8 lbs. 15 oz.) 

Kail gave birth in her bed, and said she had a much harder time delivering Creed than she did delivering his brother Lux. She then regaled us (aka scarred us all for life) with her tale of how angry her vagina was during labor and delivery.

“I pushed a 9 lb. baby out of my cat and, let me tell you, the cat was hissing so hard!” Kail said. “It was so bad. The ring of fire lasted f**king 20 minutes…it was so bad…

All our faces as we read this…

Kail also revealed that she used honey on her angry vagina, post-delivery.


“It has healing properties…it has anti-microbial properties if there’s a cut down there or something,” she said.

“I can never look at honey again…”

If that mental picturing isn’t disturbing enough for ya, Kail stated that she has “crotch shots” and videos of her baby being born.

Still, she claims she enjoyed all of the fire-vagina-pushing fun.

“I will say that the homebirth experience is something I’ll cherish forever,” Kail said. “I got to do everything on my own; what my body was telling me to do, what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. At a hospital you’re connected to a bed and you don’t even know what’s going into your IV unless they say something, and they usually don’t even say anything.”

In fact, Kail said she’s already thinking about having Baby No. 5!

“Well not anymore, but hopefully soon!”

“You know what’s crazy? Since Creed has been born, I can’t wait to have another one!” Kail said. “I might be insane…But I am almost 30 so I want to make sure that when I’m done having kids, I’m done having kids.

“I know I’m not done, but I want to do it sooner rather than later I guess,” she said. “Like, let’s have them all, they can be close in age or whatever.”

You can listen to the entire podcast episode below! 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    I think as intelligent as Kail is , she come make herself look and sound very unedumacated ? !
    Giving birth to a 4th child , of which is a 3rd father in these children’s lives and she is already talking about having a 5th ? ! WHAT IS WRONG ! I KNOW ! She needs therapy for her own Mother’s neglect issue’s. I truly hope Kail wins the lottery so the kids have a fighting chance to receive some tuition money

  2. Good God imagine how traumatized the kids and the midwife were watching that ogre writhe around. Cannot stand her. She is the text book case of someone who ties all womanhood to being pregnant and having babies. She went to college forever got several degrees, doesn’t do shit sorry a podcast is lame as fuck anyone could have one, and she just shits out kid after kid and wants all this credit for being a single mother by choice by trying to alienate all the men from her life with the constant PFAs..

  3. Like my narcissistic ex goes through women to avoid his issues, Kail seems to do the same but with kids. And it’s not fair to those kids. She is straight drama and I really don’t know how she expects to support them eventually. MTV will eventually not be doing the Teen mom thing and I hope sooner than that, they remove Kail from the show. She is a miserable person that doesn’t seem too smart about important life choices. Those boys are going to resent her eventually SMH. I have three sons with two different dads and even I am embarrassed of that. It’s not what I wanted- number three was a product of failed birth control (the pill) and as soon as I delivered him they fitted me with Mirena to insure NO MORE babies. I wanted to have my tubes tied but my OB-GYN said Mirena (if placed properly) is even more effective so I said hell yes. I absolutely love my son to death but emotionally it was very rough as his dad, who I thought was the love of my life, skipped out on basically the entire thing so that he could entertain women. And this isn’t a 18 year old child- He’s 45. My son is now one and I took two years to get myself into therapy to deal with what I went through with his dad and I wanted to give him my 100% attention with no distractions for the first year of his life.

  4. She treats having kids like it’s a hobby. She doesn’t think about the fact that that these are little lives she’s bringing into the world who need a lot of love and attention that gets stretched thinner with each kid. Look at the Duggars. How about working on showing your kids what a healthy relationship looks like, rather just breeding like a rabbit.

    1. Exactly!! Such a selfish mentality “I’m not done having kids”, how about you think of the circus you’ve already created and try to be present for each of your individual kids, because god knows they’re going to need it. Poor Isaac of middle school age and I’m sure kids know about his mom. He’s going to end up being the oldest kid who just takes care of the litter of little kids his mom had with other guys.

  5. This woman is useless she has no respect for herself popping these children with no care that the dad will have no relationship with them but, alas she did get to see Chris for a minute.

  6. I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering what her plan is for raising all these kids when the TM money well dries
    Up. Even her podcast only has interest because she’s still on tv. Once that’s all gone she’s just got a huge annual property tax bill and an army of kids and baby daddies.

  7. I despise Kail, but this birth story is so not TMI. You can really tell the person who wrote this article hasn’t given birth before.

    1. Seriously… my birth story is a lot more TMI than this, and I’ve heard a lot worse! It’s obviously the author hasn’t given birth, or if they did, they had a C section.

      1. Exactly what I was thinking! This isn’t even graphic lol. People who think this is bad, wait til u have kids ?

    1. It’s not really a big deal. The US government would probably identify him as white as well – “Hispanic” is considered an ethnicity, not a race.

    2. She is objectifying children and the concept of giving birth. She views her children as others view their book collection. Just a need to acquire “inanimate” objects. I wonder if she is capable of truly bonding.

  8. Um, excuse me. Angry vagina?

    My only question is: Can you blame it?

    Hopefully, this beleaguered va jay jay will now be angry enough to just say NO to any more children being brought here amongst this chaos, dysfunction, and need of intense clinical therapy.



  9. Here’s a thought, Kail—keep your legs together and parent your kids! I can’t imagine you’re able to give ANY of your boys the individual attention that they really need! And forget Hopeless Chris— does Chris’s family provide Lux and Creed with any support? Any grandparents? If I were Jo and Javi, I’d want my sons OUT of Kail’s chaotic household.

  10. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Who cares? Her vagina probably looks like chewed up bubblegum!!

  11. There we have it! She said she knows she isn’t done having kids. This means one of two things. She will trap Chris yet again since he is too silly to realize her games, or she will, drumrolll please!, have a 4th baby daddy!!! As we all already know, her future 5th child will be with Chris. I can’t wait to hear her excuses

  12. The “I can’t wait to have another one!” is exactly what someone like Duggars would say. She is in this too deep. Your son was JUST BORN, stop talking about having another one. I have a strange feeling it will be Chris’ again, whatever she says about him, she keeps on crawling in his bed at night. Especially if she thinks she wants to be done by 30. (Forgot how old she is, 27 something?)

  13. You know what I had my first two babbies with the epidural. My last baby, oh well there were many babies being born at the time. The nurse was so nasty to me. I told them i had to use the bathroom, two hours later she said well get up and go. I reminded her i was hooked up to machines. An hour later, she came in so I could use the bathroom. I stepped over the threshold and I felt his head. I limped/ran back to the bed, my husband is screaming for help. The doctor came to give me an epidural, I sreamed its too late get away from me. My OB literally walked in and caught him. I felt so much better than i did with the epidural, its a personal choice. Now that is a TMI birth story.

    1. I had an epidural with the first one, but not the other two. I decided after that first one that I’d go natural from there on out. It’s SO much easier to recover when you don’t have it, in my experience.

  14. I just hope all the Teen Moms have put some money back for when the money train runs out including Kale. None of these moms have a clue to what the real world of working is like. And as far as the reason the babies keep coming is all for publicity! I thought these girls were supposed to be using birth control to set “a good example” for the teen moms of today. Seems like they’re just painting a pretty picture that it’s all easy and OK in a normal teen world??‍♀️

    1. None have. Chelsea will probably be ok with coles work background and her license but everyone else probably not

  15. If you’re going for a home birth then why not a water birth? That’s suppose to be more calming and less trauma. I really do think the only reason she wants another one is because for some bizarre reason she wants a girl. Because why else would you want to have another kid with a guy who couldn’t give a fuck about you or the brats you had with him. That’s assuming she still wants his gross seed.

  16. I can’t wait to have another one!” Kail said. “I might be insane

    I think, at this point, we can safely do away with any doubt on that score.

  17. If she was a decent or even rational person she would see that kids need more than financial stability, they need a stable home life with a mom and a dad to grow up. She had none of those and hasn’t provided any contribution to society so maybe karma hasade sure you don’t get a daughter to screw up. I don’t see her being able to give attention to another female even if it was born from her. She can’t make any relationship work unless its her male children due to how she was brought up. Those poor boys will either hate her after she documented the way she treated their fathers or they will think nothing of having kids to whoever crosses their path because they were taught that way.

    1. I can’t stand this woman but that needing a mom and a dad comment. Does that mean two dads or two moms are unacceptable? What about kids like I was who had a single dad because my mom died…is that unacceptable too? Grow up and get out of the suburbs or whatever hick Duggarville you live in. Not everyone is lucky enough to have two parents. It doesn’t mean that RESPONSIBLE (read: not Kail) single parents can’t do it. You’re ignorant.

  18. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    YEAH,Have a couple more children from some other worthless idiot who just wants you for sex because that’s seems like that’s all you use men for. You need to stop acting like your Mother thinking that sex is the only way to land a man and that’s not, you need to learn how to treat a man with respect and not treat them like shit. Not all men are bad you need to quit living this lifestyle before you end up losing your children because you want to live like this. I swear I think you and Jenelle and Farrah are Sisters you act all alike can’t find a decent man to save your life. Pretty soon your pussy is going to be out of style no guys going to want that.

  19. Kail, give that cat a rest . Find a really nice guy to love you and your kids , then have a baby with him . Be happy and healthy. Best to you. I’m a 70 year old Gramma who’s been following you girls since day one. I love you all . ( Except Brianna)

    1. It’s going to be real difficult for her to find a nice guy to settle down with. She has four kids and three baby daddies. Normal guys don’t want all that baggage and I don’t blame them.

  20. Jesus God Leah.

    Make this baby log ride staaahp.

    She does not need any more kids. Any more dogs. Any more houses. Amy more baby daddies.

    Time to scale it back and get to the meat and potatoes of her psychological problems.

  21. For anyone who has given birth it doesn’t seem TMI (in my opinion anyway, it just seems *shrug* to me). However, I don’t know that I’d feel comfortable being at my most vulnerable and having someone like Chris present for the birth…
    she must be on some type of high after having Creed since everything she’s saying seems more than a little insane.

    1. Maybe the sleep deprivation is making her say all the insane things

    1. That Teen Mom money is at the end of the line. She’s stupid for planning more kids without a partner.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Maybe she wants 19 kids like the Duggar’s but with multiple baby daddies.

  22. I know that some people just want big families, and it’s fine-whatever works for your household. That being said, I think this girl sees babies as bandaids for her issues. She struggled as a child/teen with abandonment issues, and she’s never been able to make a relationship work (likely never worked through those childhood things) and so whenever she needs attention; talking babies, Baby name/gender reveals gives her attention from media, fans, and apparently Chris ? It comes as no surprise to me that now the hype over her sweet little one has died down that she’d amp everyone up. JMO

    1. This^^^

      Also, five to ten years from now Kail’s MTV money will be gone unless she has been smart with investing which I doubt. Isaac and Lincoln have fathers who can provide financial support but Chris is a bum. Obviously Kail hasn’t thought through the financial implications of a large family. Trying to raise 4+ kids without the MTV money is going to be hard and the gravy train isn’t going to last forever.

      She’s proven time and time again that she doesn’t think things through. She needs deep therapy, not more unstable relationships and especially not more children.

      If Isaac and/or Lincoln develop discipline problems in their teen years because of all the crap their mom dragged them through, then their dads will be there to work through it. Not going to be the case with Lux and Creed. Kail will be ill-equipped to deal with such a scenario plus by that point she’ll have the added stress of no more MTV money and she’ll be a has-been nobody by then.

      1. she has an education she actually will be ok–the other girls never finished any schooling they started-as crazy as I think Kail is having 4 kids with three guys–she did get an education

        1. She has a bachelor’s degree from a few years ago and no job experience in her field… she is not qualified for anything

          1. I don’t think she could hold a job. She’d be a horrible co-worker. She does not play well w/ others. ?

      2. I thought the same thing. Isaac and Lincoln have involved fathers and Kail gets child support. She will be the sole support of Lux, Creed, and whoever else. The way Kail moves houses and spends, she should think about the future and not more kids at this point. She will most definitely want to spend the money to do gender selection next time too.

      3. With ALL of the strange men and boys that have been in that vagina I’m surprised it took that long to shoot out the baby. That vajayjay must be so lose by now that not even Dr. Miami could help that battered vagina. How any man could even think about putting his member in that chick is beyond me.

  23. More kids?! Well if she does have more kids, hopefully they’ll have a better father than Chris “deadbeat” Lopez.

    1. Unlikely. What “better father” would want anything to do with Kailyn after seeing how she treats her baby daddies? She needs help.

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