Weekend Link-a-Polooza! Other Reality TV News From Around the Web

“Since everyone in the world wants to talk about me still being single, I may as well too!”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this weekend!

Jana’s Got Jokes! The Hollywood Gossip: ‘Counting On’ Star Jana Duggar Pokes Fun at Herself for Being Single 

Mini Farrah! The Sun: Farrah Abraham Slammed for Not Giving Daughter Sophia a Childhood 

Time for a Change? Reality Tea: Katie Maloney Says She Wants More Diversity on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ 

Prepare to Puke! The Blast: Dr. Pimple Popper “Delivers” Massive Neck Cyst 

File Under: ‘Worst Idea Ever!’ In Touch Weekly: “90 Day Fiance” Star Nicole Nafziger Says She Has Baby Fever After Living with Azan Tefou 

(Photo: TLC) 


  1. Nicole just left her child alone for 5 months! Yea definitely add another one. Also is one of them working or planning on working?

  2. Nicole isn’t a good mother to May and she has baby fever? Wtf? Then, we have Farrah….Farrah treats Sophia as if she is her 30 year old best friend. It’s sad. Sophia has not had the life of a child and worse, she has Farrah as the example of a mother and Deb OG as the example of a grandmother!

    1. I hate myself for defending Farrah, but putting mud masks on at home with your 11 year old daughter is the first normal thing I’ve seen Farrah do. Granted, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video, but save the outrage.

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