‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Reveals Why She Gave Her New Baby Chris Lopez’s Last Name; Says She Regrets the Last Names She Gave Some of Her Other Kids

When you know this is probably going to end with a trip to the name-changing courthouse but you do it anyway…

Kail Lowry recently revealed her newborn son’s first name— Creed—but it was her choice of last name for the baby that has raised the most eyebrows.

Last week, the Teen Mom 2 star announced that her fourth son’s full name was Creed Romello Lopez. Fans were surprised that Kail chose to give Creed the last name of his father, Chris Lopez, especially considering what a circus the non-couple’s “relationship” has been over the past few years. 

During the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail explained why she chose to give the baby the last name Lopez. She also revealed that she has regrets about the last names she gave some of her other children.

As ‘Teen Mom 2′ fans know, Kail gave Creed’s full brother, Lux, Chris’ last name originally, but she later changed it to her own last name. Still, she decided to give Creed the Lopez last name. 

“You’ll probably have the same last name as me soon enough, brother…”

“It’s crazy because I think I have a really hard time, and this is my own fault, I get so angry and I say a lot of things that are true, but then I still turn around and try to make other people happy and not argue,” Kail told her podcast co-host Lindsie Chrisley. “So this is another attempt of me trying to give [Chris] a chance to step up as a dad. Nothing I do is going to change someone else’s behavior; however I feel this is me giving him another chance to, like, not argue about the last name and try to be there.”

Chris and Kail argued right up until the birth of Creed in late July; however, during the podcast episode Kail confirmed that Chris was at the birth, despite her previously saying that he wouldn’t be invited. 

“My relationship—well, I don’t want to call it a relationship. My entanglement with Chris is so complicated and it’s so public and partially that’s our fault, because we do it to ourselves,” Kail said. “I want to do the right thing, even when I’m upset.

“There have been periods of time where I felt like he doesn’t deserve to have his last name passed down but…in a situation like this, I don’t know what’s right or wrong. Maybe I should have just hyphenated both [of our kids’] names and called it a f**king day? When they’re old enough, they can decide which name they want.

“But I do feel like [getting the father’s last name] is earned,” Kail added.

“I’m not so great at the whole ‘earning’ thing…”

Kail said that, because Creed looks so different from his full brother Lux, many of her followers questioned that Chris is Creed’s father. (Chris slammed these accusations in a recent Instagram Live session.) Kail confirmed that (insert Maury Povich voice here) Chris is the father.

“Chris signed an acknowledgement of paternity, so he’s 100 percent sure this is his child,” Kail said. 

While Creed may be Chris’ kid, he didn’t quite get a say in what first name the baby was given. Kail said she did try to pick a name that Chris had previously liked, though.

“When Chris and I were talking, Creed was a name we had both previously agreed on so it was kind of always in the back of my head,” Kail said. “But when he was born, Chris was like, ‘I don’t think he’s a Creed,’ but Chris and I don’t talk every day. He wasn’t asking me what the baby’s name was so I was just like, I’m going to name him something we had agreed on in the past. I actually love the name, I love the movie, I love the definition of it.”

During another part of the podcast, Kail talked about the regrets she has about giving her oldest son Isaac his dad, Jo Rivera‘s, last name.

Raise your hand if you the vein in your forehead is popping out just reading this statement…

“I still regret to this day not giving Isaac my last name,” Kail said. “To me, Isaac is a Lowry, but I was so dumb at the time. My mom even told me I should give him my last name but I thought at the time I was so in love with Jo, and Jo was like, ‘Oh, we’ll probably get married, just make him a Rivera.’

“To this day, I regret it because Chris would have understood [why Lux has my last name] then. If I had Isaac as a Lowry, why I was naming his other brothers Lowry, because then they would all be Lowry. But I think now Chris feels like, Isaac got his dad’s name, and Lincoln got his dad’s name, why can’t my kids have my last name? I understand that part of it. If Isaac was a Lowry, it would be a no-brainer.”

(She said she isn’t bothered by Lincoln having Javi’s last name, due to her and Javi being married at the time Lincoln was born.)

“Wait…did Kail just say something kinda nice about ME?! I need to go lay down for a sec.”

Listen to the full episode of Coffee Convos below!

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. So Lux and Creed are full siblings but have different last names. Makes sense. That will be easy to explain to them when they get older and ask why. I can’t even comment on her saying Isaac shouldn’t have Jo’s last name. She is trash.

  2. Kail really needs to keep her mouth shut. Jo has always been there for Isaac. He uprooted his life to continue to be as involved as he had been. He’s helped her out so many fucking times. And she just continuously runs her mouth about him. If I was him or his family, I’d be pissed.

  3. This girl is a real POS
    Using those sweet boys as little pawns in her love life games.
    Grow up. Kail
    They’re stuck with you. And definitely deserve better

  4. I actually agree with her. If you aren’t married the baby should get Mom’s last name. Where I live it’s free to change it to the father’s last name if you get married it called legitimization.

  5. Naw…I’m not buying this….I think she did that so that when he pisses her off again, she can drag him through court and continue to make his life a living hell for not being with her.

    1. Both boys should have Chris’s last name, He is their father. It should remind him that he is responsible for these children and all of this has played out so publicly it’s not like they won’t know who he is even if he bails on them. Also there has to be extended family involved. Children need to know where they came from unless it would be damaging to them. In this case there is no hiding it.

  6. I do not feel sorry for her per se but in a way I do because it takes a real dummy to have not 1 but 2 babies with f*#k buddy.

  7. What a nasty piece of work she is. Jo seems like a good father. Jo seems normal and provides stability for Isaac, something Karl hasn’t managed yet.
    Why would the baby having his last name make Chris stop being deadbeat? She is as stupid as Chris. Poor children.

  8. She is really wrong to say she regrets letting Isaac have Joes name. She says in the same interview that the fathers name is earned. From what I’ve seen Joe is an awesome dad. It’s just very coincidental they all become bad fathers when they aren’t on good terms with her.

  9. Kail, Chris is never going to be your man. You have been rejected in every way possible …. REPEATEDLY. Even your money can’t sweeten the deal lol He is still having sex with any and every willing participant. Maybe one day he’ll settle down, but it won’t be with you. You just brought two more innocent children into your dysfunctional web knowing full well they will be irreparably damaged by having a father like Chris. It won’t be Joe or Javi’s fault when Lux and Creed start to notice that their siblings have real Dads who love and guide them. It will be your fault for using them to trap a man who didn’ want them or you. FACT

  10. This guy has a strange power over her .. And I don’t get it, he is not goodlooking, broke and a deadbeat to kid they already share .. I don’t get it 😂

  11. She literally admitted here she gave Isaac Jo’s last name because she was so in love and we should believe her other reasoning for Chris?! SURE! (Btw, I do agree too Jo is a great father to Isaac and she’s just full of it)

    Kail, stop making it sound like you had any relationship with the father of your (now) two kids. Stop lying to yourself. You literally said you would be mad if Chris got another girl pregnant. You aren’t entitled to him, you don’t own him. He doesn’t love you, it’s time to finally move on. (And yes, she will change his name soon enough, she’s predictable like that)

  12. She gives me a headache with her “logic”. She’s so self centered and trying to collect kids to make up for her shitty childhood

  13. “Our relationship is so complicated and so public” umm????? It is not complicated at ALL, for any of us! Everyone knows that Chris does not want anything more from you than a hookup, and that you can not accept the fact. That is literally all there is to it!

    As for her comment about the last names… she better watch what she says about jo. He has been nothing but a great father for the majority of isaacs life and has proven time and time again he’s got his sons best interest in mind. I always feel kind of crappy for giving my daughter a hyphenated last name but now that I see there are really folks who have 4 kids with 4 last names, I just, don’t feel embarrassed to call the pediatrician anymore. Lol

  14. The ONLY thing I (briefly) agreed with her on was a father earning a child last name. I mention briefly because she apparently took that back and shat on it when she later gave the new kid Chris’ last name after spending MONTHS trashing the guy. When I had my kid years ago I gave her the fathers last name even though we were not married. He took off and did not see her for years. When it came down to her starting school I needed her to feel accepted and have the same name as me especially since her father was non existent. I fought like hell in the courts for this change and it wasn’t until she was 5 that it officially happened. He did NOT earn that name so she shouldn’t be saddled with it.

    Now, lets talk about Jo. Issac has a dad that has literally uprooted his LIFE for his son and was there for ALL OF IT! He earned the shit out his son having HIS last name. So to imply that Jo was not worthy of this, but Chris was, is a shit in the face to Jo and his entire family. Its not your kids fault or their fathers fault that they ALL HAVE DIFFERENT FUCKING NAMES!!!! I give this one 2 months before she changes baby #4’s name to her’s because she gets into a spat with Chris. She did it before with Lux and will do it again. Part of me thinks she gave Creed his name because of everyone questioning paternity. This solidified it in her and Chris’ minds that Creed IS his even though he looks nothing like him, at least not in skin color when you look at the difference between Lux and Creed. (Most people don’t understand genetics and how they can play into a childs coloring, I am actually an example of this too)

    1. Molly, I’ve been trying to upvote your excellent comment, but it won’t register for some reason. So here’s an old-fashioned thumbs up! 🤓👍🏽

  15. I usually try understand kail’s reasonings for stuff but this was just a bunch of stupid nonsense

    1. Jo has always been there for Isaac he ‘earned’ the last name. Even early on he was at least present. He was a teen himself too. Meanwhile Chris is a grown ass man who zooms in and out of his kids lives and even tried to sign away Lux. She’s only doing this to try and lure him back to spawn baby 5.

  16. My first son doesn’t share my last name. We separated when he was a baby and it bothered me for such a long time. I just hated not having that link to him. I did, however, give him it as his middle name though. (You’re not allowed to laugh when I tell you it’s Drinkwater🤣) my son likes the uniqueness of the name, and loves the link between my family and him.
    He’s now 16, and I am now married, so we wouldn’t have had the same name anyway! 🤦🏻‍♀️ The most important thing is, my son is happy. I disagree with saying Creed can decide his own name when he’s older. She might as well ask him who he loves the most! By the time he’s at that age, his name will be what he identifies with the most.

    1. I gave my daughter my last name as her middle name! I just didn’t think it was fair to not be able to pass on my name too!

  17. Kails Logic: you made a baby with me but you didn’t marry me. So the baby gets your name(Jo)Issac
    You married me so the baby can have your name( Javi)Lincoln
    You didn’t marry me but the baby can have your name.you didn’t act like a father so the baby gets my name(Chris) Lux
    You didn’t marry me but the baby gets your name(Chris) Creed
    It makes No sense at all. There’s nothing that makes sense. She just does whatever she wants and never thinks of her kids.

  18. She’s so rude at times like Jo is involved in his sons life and even moved his whole life to another state to follow his son. She insults Jo to somehow show sympathy for Chris?

  19. Issac should has a good father and should carry his name , no question about it. Wasn’t it Kail that was steamed over someone calling the boys half brothers??? Shouldn’t Issac share the same last name as his sister by Kail theory?
    Lincoln should have Javis name , he’s also a good father. However, to say it was because we were married, being married doesn’t always make a man a good father.

  20. Jo may have made some mistakes but Kail definitely has as well. Let’s never forget the time Kail was living with Jo and his family, cheating on Jo, and asked Jo to borrow $700 so she could pay for school. Jo did loan it to her when he didn’t have to. And if my memory is correct, Jo’s family was her childcare solution while she went to classes. All this while she was cheating on Jo behind his back with Jordan. But yeah, Isaac shouldn’t have his dad’s last name…whatever!

  21. I swear Kail is so dumb! Close your legs get on birth control. Having this many babies daddies is fkin trashy smdh

  22. Kail. She is just a selfish bitch. Jo is 100 times the father Chris is! In one breath she says “the last name has to be earned” and in the next “Isaac should be a Lowry”
    WTF! Jo has put up with more shit than most. He deserves his son to carry his name. He’s the most stable father of the 3 she picked. I can’t believe she disrespected him by saying that. And I don’t know how Vee is so patient as to not have knocked this self righteous cunt in the teeth over the years.

  23. Not one bit of Kail’s statements make sense. Jo is a GOOD father, but she wishes Isaac didn’t have his name because then Chris wouldn’t be upset if she gave his two her last name? She’s an idiot.

  24. Just when I think Kail can’t be more of a nutball….why does she let that deadbeat anywhere near her kids??? Who cares if he spawned any of them??? Jo and Javi, come get your sons. Isaac is almost of an age to choose for himself where he lives. Their mother lets dangerous dirtbags into the house, that should be reason enough for Jo and Javi to revisit custody.

  25. Damn, what’s in those placenta pills?? Chris was at the birth, said he didn’t want to name him Creed. Chris didn’t bother to call me every day or ask me in another way, shape or form how his son and me were doing for days, so I named him Creed.
    But I gave Creed Chris’ last name because I hope that will encourage him to step up as a father.
    When that fails, just like it did when Lux was born, I can always change Creed’s last name, just like I did when Lux was born.
    But I hope the last name will change everything.
    I should never have given Isaac his father’s name. I now think Jo should not have had that, ever, to spare the dead beat that fathered my last two children his feelings.

    She also claims to want more children and use a donor. That child will get her last name. What’s the big difference between a donor and daddy Chris compared to Jo and Javi as fathers?

  26. 1) Chris’s opportunity to step up and be a dad was with the first kid.

    2) Isaac has Jo’s last name because Jo is an actual Dad so it should be of no concern to Chris at all.

    3) Yeah, you take care of your kids but think of how much better you’d be at it if you weren’t just chasing Chris’s jock.

    4) I can’t believe you named your child after a Slyvester Stallone movie and admitted it.

  27. You do you girl!! We need more mom’s like you. You are Teen Mom the Show. You are the best one on there Thank You. Congratulations. Boy Creed is so cute.

  28. She’s just being a c-word to Jo because they’re probably in another feud about whatever. If I recall correctly, Jo has 50% custody. He’s a very involved dad who uprooted his life and that of his significant other to be near his son. Jo was jerky very early on, but he quickly matured and stepped up his parenting game in a big way. And Isaac is the only on of Kail’s gaggle that has one stable parent who is in a loving marriage. That is very important for Isaac to see and experience.

    Yet Kail keeps fawning over that loser Chris. Chris seems as low as the garbage Jenelle scrapes from the bottom of the dumpster and declares a soul mate. Unemployed – check; violent – potentially check but there’s no telling what’s the truth with Kail; low IQ – based on the way he speaks, check; deadbeat – check.

  29. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    She gave him Chris’s last name even though she allegedly got pregnant by and didn’t consent to the sex and had a restraining order on him. Well earned, Chris.

  30. Chris’ response to all of this was ‘a duba dubdub ahh buhhh buhhba. Derpa derp derp. Bruhhhhh.’ Atleast that’s what I can make out when he speaks. Maybe Kail can translate- she is fluent in stupid.

  31. Then she says Chris won’t be invited to the birth. Yet he was there. All she does is lie. Idk what went down with her and Chris. But she acts like he raped/forced himself on her. She has said multiple times that she won’t discuss how Creed came to be. What does she mean? She also said that it wasn’t her fault she got pregnant. Idk what she means.

    1. “Wasn’t her fault she got pregnant?????” Kail come on. That is a load of absolute trash. Are we supposed to believe that kail, who has declared in the past that she wants more kids by Chris, did not purposely set up/plan to have unprotected sex with him during her ovulation time? You’re telling me that SOMEHOW, Chris got into kails house, avoided all 3 of their kids, and impregnated her against her will? Good lord

      1. I am speculating. Lindsey also praised her for not getting an abortion. I just feel there’s somethings weird.

  32. I can’t believe this is even a conversation. I wonder how many of Kail’s boys will grow up thinking its cool to have a bunch of different kids with different mothers..

    1. Javi and Jo have been there for their kids since DAY 1, so they deserve for their kids to have their last name. Chris should know that if his kids have your name is because Chris hasn’t really been there. You are so obsessed with Chris that you still try to make him happy. Focus on your kids and yourself.

  33. Talking out of her ass again. She doesn’t like her dads last name.(Lowry) she wishes she had her moms last name. But wishes she would have given all her kids the Lowry name. She makes no damn sense. It’s not the kids fault that you choose to have multiple baby daddy’s. Just like the fake PFAs. She wants to use the kids as pawns.

    1. Kail shouldn’t be put on a pedestal for being on reality tv. We all have to remember she isn’t a role model or changing teen pregnancy…. she just got a break in reality tv. Please stop assuming she is a decent human being, she is evil, but has a story with a following. She got lucky and is still as childish as she was when she first went on tv.

  34. Maybe, just maybe, if she stopped having kids with so many different men she wouldn’t have this issue. Just saying.

  35. She spews more stupidity every time she speaks😫 Jo has shown up for Isaac. She is just ridiculous trash. Yet, richer than I’ll ever be, so what do I know.

  36. “Earned”? These aren’t just your kids, demon woman. Two dads are actually involved. Your shitty choices and obsession with Chris are why your kids have different last names. Don’t drag the daddies that show up.

    1. Partially their fault? Oh my gosh what the hell is wrong with her. Using her kids to throw shade. She needs to quit playing games now she is what going on 30? Time to quit the teen mom persona and straight grow the fuck up. Yes she takes care of her kids but she also drags her kids into all this soap opera bullsbit. I wish MTV would stop filming teen mom theyre not teens anymore

    2. Kail and the chaos…more like Kail and the Sh!t Show!!! Chris is an idiot and Kailyn is a Karen. If Chris had any sense he would get his crap together and file for joint custody of his boys and give them BOTH his name and be there for them. He can take care of his kids without being Karen’s dildo. Anytime she’s in a mood, she gets pissy and causes drama. Not saying he is innocent, but with the restraining orders and name changes, tweets, shade and everything else those boys are going to grow up with out their dad because she was having a bad day.

      Anyone else noticed the attention seeking behavior between her and Chelsea and the announcements?

      Kail- I had #4 baby!
      Chelsea- I’m having baby #4!
      Kail- Here’s a peek
      Chelsea- It’s a girl!
      Kail- His name is Creed Lopez and Chris was there 🤦🏽‍♀️


      1. I agree that Kail is a drama seeking idiot but Chris is no father of the year. He has repeatedly said that he could “give a fuck less about being there for the birth, ya feel me? If I get the call, I get the call. It’s whatever” At least that’s what the transcript said because I can’t understand anything that he says.

    1. When I mentioned he is an uneducated hood fool, who can’t speak English.. and is the tipical black man,that Europeans think of, when they hear him speak…I was down voted like never before. But now when a few of you mentioned a similar thing..guess what..everybody here agrees. Unbelievable.

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