Chris Lopez Slams Critics for Doubting He’s the Father of Kail Lowry’s Fourth Baby

It’s nice to see these two annoyed at someone other than each other….

Kail Lowry and her baby daddy Chris Lopez may not be in a relationship, but they appear to be on the same page when it comes to defending themselves and their children. 

A week after Kail welcomed baby Creed, her fourth son (and her second son with Chris), Chris took to Instagram Live to address some of the negative comments that he’s received online regarding his son’s name, paternity and whether he has any involvement in Creed’s life.

During his Instagram Live, Chris pointed out that his son is only “ten days old” and people are already judging his name and appearance.

Kail has stated that, appearance-wise, Creed is the “opposite” of Lux when he was a baby. Because Baby Creed has a much lighter skin tone than Lux and Chris, some fans questioned that Chris was the father of Creed.


“Y’all are already talking about my damn child [and] his name at that,” Chris said. “And then I see y’all saying that’s not my baby because he’s white. That’s a stupid a** argument for one. Like, if y’all said that baby’s not his cause of something else, that’d be different. But y’all saying because he’s white. That’s some stupid s**t.” 

Chris also confirmed that Baby Creed has “light eyes” but he is unsure if they will remain that color.

After getting hit with similar questions regarding Creed’s paternity, Kail addressed the matter herself over the weekend. 

“You can pay for the paternity test if you would like me to prove it,” Kail said in response to one of the “that’s not Chris’ baby” comments. 

Meanwhile, Chris went on to deem these comments, “miserable, lame-a** weird people s**t.” 

When a fan suggested to Chris that his critics may actually be “hating on [his] lack of involvement,” Chris fired back at that accusation as well. 

“No comment.”

“Y’all don’t know my involvement,” he said. “Y’all have no clue about me. You don’t know s**t. I could have my son in my arms right now and y’all would not know.” 

Chris also confirmed that the baby’s name is Creed Romello (not Romello Creed as E! News mistakenly reported a few days earlier.) Based on his comments from an Instagram Live session on Wednesday, it does not appear that Chris had much say in what his sons were named. 

“She carried both of those kids for nine months, so technically she had the right to name them whatever she wants,” Chris said, adding that he wouldn’t be salty if Creed was given Kail’s last name instead of his. “I’m gonna love my kids regardless.”

The Spawn ‘o’ Chris…

During the Instagram Live session on Wednesday, Chris also revealed that he and Kail are actually getting along enough to successful co-parent their sons.

“We’re making it work as co-parents,” he said. “We’re doing the best that we can. We’re figuring out what works for us as parents and that’s about it. And that’s the best thing that we can do, as far as for our kids. The best thing we can do is focus on our kids and try to be the best parents that we can be for them.”

“I’m not gonna speak on what y’all are looking for because there’s not much to speak on,” Chris said. “You know, the most important thing is our kids. That’s all people need to know.

Kail has yet to respond to Chris’s comments. However, she has been known to creep into his Instagram Lives on occasion….

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)


  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Okay since no one else is gonna ask. What has Kail done to her face? Like she just doesn’t look the same to me anymore.

  2. I can say one thing my kids are Mexican an American and they are white skin and their fathers are dark skin that doesn’t mean he’s not the father hey you people need to watch what you say about other people’s kids

    1. So your kids also habe two completely different skin tones with the same two parents? Lol not how gentics work hun sorry your obviously keeping secrets too.

  3. Dude, I don’t know who doubted you’re the father but I’m pretty sure there aren’t enough guys stupid enough to sleep with her without using protection…twice. So I don’t doubt for a second you are Creed’s (ugh, I can’t get over this name) father.

    I wonder how long will this peace last. For now they get along because he was just born and I’m sure Chris wants to spend first moments with his child. But after a while I doubt they will continue to co-parent well. Kail has still unresolved feelings for him he doesn’t reciprocate.

  4. I might be mean, but it would be so fun if He’s not the father 😂 However I do think he is, but still.

  5. Good Lord, be done having a kid for every dude you get a hankering for. Chris doesn’t love you and barely claims you.

  6. This douche extraordinaire needs to understand that the reason that his baby who is only “10 days old” is already being judged is because his attention starved mother is the one who put him out there FOR people to judge. Hell, even Kylie Jenner’s ass had some sense to her and kept her pregnancy and the first weeks of her daughter’s life private. Kail has been selling her children’s souls to MTV for years. This is nothing new.

  7. Does it matter if he’s the father? He’s not going to pay support or be a father. Eventually Creed will be a Lowry. If I were Chris I wouldn’t accept paternity so quick.

    1. She has her storyline now. Watch it NOT be Chris’ baby to have a storyline. Drag it on to another possible season of her looking for the actual father who happens to be the guy who knocked up Bri.

  8. Let them talk because I love the name and you will always get someone talking and they don’t have to be mean and I have to say that your are a great mom and I love the way you are raising your boys are you going to try again to have a girl

  9. Biracial children often don’t start producing melanin until they are 12-36 months. I cant stand them, but people need to chill.

    1. And some never do. That is truly the most ridiculous reason to doubt paternity, and is indicative of the ignorance of those who are questioning (based on the color of a newborn’s skin).

      I also agree with the comment above that, while unkind, *no one* would be judging that child, for his name or for anything else, if his parents hadn’t sold him out.

    2. Crazy but the exact opposite happened to my daughter! She is biracial (I am as white as a snowflake lol) and her dad is DARK. she was born his exact color, black hair and all. Then as the months went on she got lighter and lighter and now she is blonde 😂

  10. The baby is only 10 days old….seriously. People are crazy. Mixed race babies especially sometimes stay a lighter color initially then what their skin tone will be later on.

    I’m not defending Kail, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had 7 babies from 7 different fathers. Im just saying it’s way too early to tell and give it 6 months or so in time.

  11. Well, there are people out there saying she came up with this story to avoid the 4 kids from 4 different dads, I’m a complete whore and a shitty mom and human so she reached out to Chris to try to save face. Then, the baby comes out looking rather non black, doesn’t help her story.

    I’m not saying this, I could give two shits, but I wouldn’t put it pass her.

    stay lit, and pull out for gods sake.

    1. It would be quite the plot twist!

      Someone should gift her a paternity test topped with a bow and a nice little card. Or, she could always try and turn it into a sponsored ad. I mean, she’s done it for all of Creed’s milestones, why not one for establishing paternity? Use Code WhoseUrDaddy for 40% off.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        Her kids with chris are ugly Lux looks like an ewok 😆 and what a stupid name for both kids.

    2. 10000000% true shes literally paying him to save her from embarrassment. This has been planned since she found out she was preg.

  12. Kail is prob so turned on rn at the thought of Chris defending himself as the father of the child lol. Her dream come true

  13. We know you tried to sign your paternal rights away to your FIRST born son, do we need to know more? That gives us a pretty good idea of what kind of father/ person you are . Boy that judge had you all fu**ed up , didn’t he? Couldn’t wiggle your way out of your responsibilities that easy . I can hear him now when Lux is older and asks why “ man, you don’t know nothing”
    What a POS!
    As far as Kail, really, how much longer can people stand up for this loose goose? Four kids, three fathers , four different last names. Trash!

  14. Every single time he opens his mouth he sounds like a complete idiot. Just for the record, I would not be star struck for any of these assholes. Star struck…haha!

  15. If these two idiots could make better decisions and use some damn condoms they wouldn’t have to be addressing these rumors at all. Just sayin!

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