‘Teen Mom’ Kail Lowry Claims Baby Daddy Chris Lopez Choked Her, Chris Calls Kail a “Bully” & More During Fight on Instagram Live Session

It’s time for Chris vs. Kail Round 2….00!

Let’s get ready to rumble…again!

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry was not happy about what her baby daddy Chris Lopez had to say about her during his Instagram Live session of Friday, when he was talking about the upcoming birth of their second child. When Chris went Live again on Wednesday, Kail surfed on to dispute his new claims— and to throw out a domestic violence bombshell! 

After Kail blasted Chris on her Instagram Stories for not trying to be involved in her pregnancy during the last nine months, Chris denied there was any truth to her claims. However, he carefully chose his words, stating “I’ve got court comin’ up so I can’t say [anything]. I’m trying to stay free.” (Chris’ court date is in relation to the Protection From Abuse that Kail filed on him during the Fall of 2019.)

“If I get another [PFA], my ass is grass boy,” Chris said. “When the courts open back up, my ass is grass.”

Speaking of the protective order, Kail brought it up in the comment section of Chris’ Live session on Tuesday, asking him, “What caused the PFA?” 

“‘Cause I made her feel threatened,” Chris replied. “They felt threatened by me.” 

He then told Kail not to come on his Instagram and “put our business out there. I’ll tell ya that right now, bro. I’m gonna check you right now at the door.”

Kail then threatened to “tell the story” behind the PFA.

“Don’t put our business out there. That’s for me if I decide if I want to put that s**t out there,” Chris said.

Kail then fired back with, “Check me where? Choke me again?”

Kail’s comment is visible on this screenshot from the Live…

Chris didn’t confirm or deny Kail’s claim that he choked her. He did, however, go on to call Kail “a bully” and insinuate she was trying to get him to violate the terms of the PFA by coming on his Live.

“You know what they say man? You know what they say about bullies? They usually like the person they’re a bully to,” he said. “I’m standing up to my bully. That’s what I have been doing this whole time. I ain’t scared of you no more.”

“She’s mean…I’m terrified of her,” Chris claimed, but quickly stated that he was “just playin'” and that he’s not actually scared of Kail, whom many of his followers called violent due to her actions against her ex-husband Javi Marroquin. (During an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Kail was shown screaming at and pushing Javi into a door during a fight.) 

Chris denied his followers’ claims that Kail is a violent person, though.

“She’s not violent,” Chris said. “That makes a [person] violent because they pushed someone? Nah.”

He also answered questions on the Live, telling a person who asked why he doesn’t try harder to get custody of his son Lux that, “I shouldn’t have to fight for that s**t, but if you want to play that mind game to the very end…Everyone loves playing f**king games but not me.”

When asked how he deals with Kail and their custody situation, Chris replied, “A lot of people in my situation would be like why me? I don’t look at it like that no more. I look at it like why not me? I’m the only person who could handle this s**t. Any other person would have folded. Any person you put in my position would have folded. I don’t trip, bro.”

During his Live last week, Chris talked about his second son’s upcoming birth, stating that he will attend if he “gets the call” from Kail. (On Wednesday she stated on her own Instagram that Chris would not be invited to the birth.)

When asked about that, Chris gave his thoughts.

“No I can’t get a call,” he said, adding that he has to follow the rules of the PFA, which forbids him from contacting Kail. “I was actually following my order, what’s the difference when you got me locked up? I wouldn’t be able to reach out, make it to the birth? You wanted me locked up. Me following my order and me being locked up, what’s the difference?”

Chris said he’s confident that his current squabble with Kail will blow over, though, and that much of it is related to her pregnancy hormones. 

“This is the way we work things out, she talks her s**t to me, I let her get it out. This time I am not reacting,” he said. “I’ll probably reach out to her in a minute, if she ain’t block me already. I’m gonna say hi, are you hungry? Do you feel better? I know it’s the hormones.”

Fans advised him to stop having kids with Kail and to “wrap it up,” but Chris admitted he “probably won’t listen to ya.”

“I am proud getting her pregnant twice. I got two kids by the same person, I am very proud of that,” Chris said, adding that he hopes to eventually have a daughter. Whether or not he wants that child to have Kail as her mother remains to be seen, according to Chris.

“I would want all my kids to have the same mom, I would love to, but crazy people, it’s crazy out here,” he said. “I had intentions of being a family, but, hey life goes on…I’ve thought about getting a vasectomy, especially now, but I want a daughter. But this ain’t worth it.”

He later added that Kail wanted another kid but not another baby daddy.

“I think I’ve accepted my role in her life as a sperm donor…That’s all she wants from me,” he said.

Kail is due to give birth at the end of this month, and has stated that she will be doing a home birth. She is already the mother of Lux (by Chris), as well as son Lincoln (with Javi) andson Isaac (with Jo Rivera).

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

59 Responses

  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    What is chris’s IG handle?

  2. If khal wants another baby, and not another father, I don’t see any reason why her and Chris shouldn’t have another child. He said he wants another child also. As long as they can set aside their differences and accept the fact that this will not be a traditional family setting. Khal’s baby daddies are all involved in their children’s life. Hopefully Chris will step up to the plate and be involved in his children’s life also. If not, I think khal has this under control. She’s financially stable and she is a great mom. “GO FOR THE GIRL”

  3. And this is the guy kail asked Isaac if she should end up with ??? “what if one day me and the baby (lux) father get married? Would you like that?”

  4. I am going to type somethimg really awful. Please go ahead and say mean things to me. I wouldn’t blame you. Issac and Lincoln are incredibly attractive children. That means beyond aesthetically pleasing…. behavior. Well adjusted. Lux doesn’t seem to tick of any of the above mentioned boxes.i am sure he will turn into a handsome fella. I am sure this other baby, will, also. This is the epitome of money doesn’t purchase class. Only rivaled by JENELLE. Or a handful of teen mom young and pregnant gals. At least they are you, and an excuse for poor choices. Not taking trips on dimes they never would habe earned. I will not allow my daughters to watch this show. They have money and able to ho wherever, whenever. My 12 year old thinks “they made it, because they are on television.” Mtv, ought think what they are selling may not be right for their audience.

  5. She needs to keep her damn legs closed. It’s not a cute look to have four kids by three different daddies. Please stop.

  6. What the fuck? Yes, she’s abusive. I fully believe she’s put her hands on him just like she has Joe and Javi. This is a fucking mess and I feel so bad for the kids involved in this bullshit.

    And for her to bitch that he doesn’t reach out? He’s not there? HE’S NOT ALLOWED TO!!!

    1. Nah that’s a cop out. Kail is awful but he has flat out admitted to not really trying that hard. As a parent myself this is totally baffling. I would move mountains for my children. He can handle going to court? Nonsense. His relationship with his kids ultimately is up to him – to say it’s ONLY on Kail is just him being a lazy deadbeat.

  7. He’s “very proud” both of his kids have the same mom… Wow. Such high aspirations. *facepalm*

    1. Oh..baby Jesus..he can’t speak English, uneducated fool from the hood trying to be all “gangsta” and shit..
      And Kail..holly Christ..is a tipical town whore..

  8. What a beautiful love story. Thank god they have a National platform to influence the youth of America. MTV must be so proud. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “Hero’s”.

    stay lit young people

  9. Wow, so much to unpack here… first of all, YES pushing someone absolutely makes you a violent person. I have never pushed someone in my life, nor have I have a partner push me. If that ever happened, they would be out of my life forever. And this is what happened ON CAMERA on a show millions of people watch… i can’t even imagine what happens off camera.

    Second, SMDH at Chris acting like it is an accomplishment for both his kids to have the same mom… what is this world coming to… also, you can’t even see your kids, ya damn fool! And even when you could, you chose not to.

    I should add that there is nothing inherently wrong with having children by multiple fathers as long as they are in a STABLE AND LOVING HOME. Chelsea is a perfect example of this. Sometimes relationships don’t work out and it can be in the best interest of everyone not to continue a loveless relationship. What people like Kail and Jenelle have done however is wrong and harmful to their children.

    As a final comment, gross to sperm donor comment… i am actually the child of a sperm donor. Selecting a sperm donor is a process where you choosr someone whose traits match the kind of child you would ultimately want to end up with!!! My biological father as a result is highly educated with a spotless family health history. If you want a sperm donor GO THROUGH THE PROPER CHANNELS, don’t pick some loser domestic abuser with no redeemable qualities or accomplishments. Lord knows Kail has (or should have) the money to go that route.

  10. Imagine if these were your parents. My god, I feel for these kids when they are old enough to go online and see this shit. How can you have any respect for mom and dad? This is so pathetic, and no matter what kind of bullshit Kail likes to spout about herself, she knows deep down she is miserable as hell and would take Chris back in a damn heartbeat if he said he wanted to be with her. Straight trash.

    1. Frankly I’m tempted to choke Kail so… not saying it’s right but she the most instigating manipulative pos I’ve ever seen on tv

  11. This guy seems like a real winner, so I don’t doubt Kail’s claims. That being said, all parties involved have some major arrested development issues going on. The fact that people that age are all up on social media airing dirty laundry about serious issues that have real world consequences is troublesome. The fact that baby daddy thinks he’s important enough to be holding these sessions is pretty laughable in and of itself.

  12. Interesting the Ashley has nothing to say about Chris claiming Kail is feeding this site information. That much I believe. Kail has ALWAYS gotten the nicest articles about her on this site. It’s why I rarely come here anymore. I’m not supporting Kail’s personal gossip reporters anymore.

    1. Huh? The Ashley’s articles are always fair and unbiased…Just because the site is not bashing people doesn’t mean they’re picking and choosing favorites.

  13. Trash attracts trash. What did she see in this guy? He is proud to use her a cum dumpster but not actually be there for her and the kids? How gross is she? How gross is he? They are both disgusting. And when did it become so “cool” to sound like a proud and illiterate dumbass?

  14. Kail tries to act so high & mighty like she’s the responsible, intelligent & hardworking parent. After seeing who she chose to have 2 children with and is/was madly in love with that goes out the window. You are who you surround yourself with. Fact is she has 2 kids with different dads & now 2 more with this LOSER. The more I watch Chris the clearer it becomes that Kail is low class trash in the same garbage bin as Chris. It’s truly disgusting.

  15. If she has a PFA against him, why the hell is she stalking his IG Live?? He can’t contact her, but she can go on his live and harass him? I’m not sticking up for this deadbeat in any way, but what the actual hell is Kail trying to prove?? That he’s a POS? We all already knew this BEFORE she got pregnant by him…TWICE! The man doesn’t want you! MOVE ON GIRL! Leave that man alone, and concentrate on your kids! If this is how she acts because he doesn’t want a relationship with her, can you imagine how psycho she’ll act when Chris finds another girlfriend?? Kail is likely to kill him.

    1. That was my comment almost exactly, so I’m going piggy back on yours ?
      NO! She can not contact him or his social media, the order stands for both parties and is made clear to both .. not to contact in any way including through family, etc. she’s in violation of her own order. Doesn’t seems he cares too much though , does it?

      1. This makes her look scorned and pathetic. And I’m sorry, if I filed a PFA against someone, THE LAST thing I would do is go on their IG live in an attempt to antagonize them! She must not be all that afraid of him if she has the audacity to call him out in such a manor for the world to see. I usually don’t mind Kail, but as of late she has been acting like this pitiful, broken, bitter woman, who is mad that she has been rejected by this self proclaimed deadbeat once again, after her (seemingly MANY) attempts to trap him into a relationship have failed.

        1. Agreed, I don’t think she fears him at all, she’s using the order as a scare tactic . Just from the little bit he did said , he’s trying to sweeten her up before they appear in court. As stupid as he may be , he damn well knows that he has some kind of control over her because she wants him so damn bad . Her only control is this protection order.

  16. He is looking for trouble. He can’t bash her and talk directly to her and what has he been doing in the past days?
    He didn’t get a protective order against Kail, he himself acknowledged Kail wasn’t agressive. He was apparently.
    So yes, she can talk about him but he has to follow the judges orders. It’s not that hard.
    I’m not saying it’s 100% fair but he can read. He only has himself to blame.
    I do think it’s not fair that a victim has a non contact order behind her/ his name ir that a victim has to take special meassures to avoid running into a person.

    Like Butch and April. April was the victim, Butch was the abuser.
    April didn’t have to consider what he wanted and care about his whining.
    It was up to Cate and Tyler, not Butch, yet he was pressuring and manipulating Tyler. You do the crime, you don’t get the time. Keep your hands off people and follow court orders and your life will be a lot easier.

  17. SOOOoOOOoo according to the PFA she can harass him but he cant contact her? except to fuck her when she wants???

  18. If I was truly scared of someone and filed a PFA against them, I wouldn’t be procreating with them or show up on their Instagram live to fight/bait them.

    Kails truly the girl who cried wolf. How many PFAs has she filed against people? At least 2 or 3, no? I lose track. It seems like a step in every single one of Kails breakups, like how stable people would just give your stuff back to you in a box.

  19. I don’t understand the nature of their relationship. Best I can surmise is Chris is a f***boy that doesn’t like contraception and Kail is in love with him and wanted a relationship when he didn’t ??‍♀️

  20. A lot of people in my situation would be like why me? I don’t look at it like that no more. I look at it like why not me? I’m the only person who could handle this s**t. Any other person would have folded. Any person you put in my position would have folded. I don’t trip, bro.”

    Yeah, not many men have the fortitude to work hard for… I mean, fight for custody of… um, you know, kind of hang out and wait for the next booty call.

  21. These pathetic excuses for humans are two excellent examples for mandatory sterilization. Those poor children. He’s so proud of knocking her up yet he has no desire to be a father, get a JOB, or be a decent person. Kail is a bully and he’s an idiot for going anywhere near her. SMH

  22. It wasn’t a bed it was a counter top this time. And the last time it was in the back seat of her car in a parking lot…?‍♀️

  23. Credit to the Ashley for deciphering whatever language his dumb ass was mumbling. Damn, Kail sunk to new lows getting in bed again with this punk! “I am proud getting her pregnant twice. I got two kids by the same person, I am very proud of that,” Chris said…WTF? Seriously, it doesn’t take any skill for a dude to do his business ?You sure as hell don’t give a shit about being a father though! These two deserve each other but these kids are the ones that will end up paying the price of their mutual, repeated stupidity.

    1. Well I guess we now know what one of those three revenue streams Chris was talking about yesterday, Kail probably pays him to get her pregnant! These 2 deserve each other! Insane.

      1. She thinks just because she has money and can take care of her kids she should continue to pop them out. Maybe thats why she doesn’t have a daughter. It’s not like she turned out so well mentally because of her home life, and she is doing the same to them just because of what she wants not whats best. Grow up. What are those kids gonna turn out like? What parent would let their kids be friends with those kids? At least go to a sperm clinic and leave the petty arguing behind. Stop taking up the courts time and money because you want to get knocked up again by him when you know better. Again grow up. Can’t wait to see all those boys hit puberty and think it’s normal to knock everything up.

  24. She cried wolf so many times by getting PFA’s for literally every person she’s been with that no one believes her anymore.

  25. Make this make sense. CHris choked her. He went to jail. She had a PFA on him. Somehow they made up while on PFA and she got pregnant. He’s on his his live and she’s aloud to come on his making comments with no reRepercussions. She is in fact a bully per usual for her. She was 100000000% wrong to come on his live. What kind of person would have this person around her kids again. Witnessing all this violence. What a shitty mom.

    1. She is a bully and bullys lie amd will sabatoge anyone and anything. I’ve been afraid of men and what they could potentially do to me based on their past. Know what I never did? Contacted them via social media, phone, or face to face. I don’t condone violence, but I have no sympathy for anyone but her children. So many love to point out that they’re well behaved or they have plentiful material things. It doesn’t change the crappy position she’s put them in to never have a calm relationship with their dad’s. And have ya ever considered they control themselves so well because it’s a coping mechanism for the chaos they’ve seen? She’s trash and likely always will be.

    2. I don’t think this can ever make sense. Kail is clearly a psychotic woman scorned. She was trying to provoke/antagonize him by getting on his live so that he would react and she could enforce the PFA. That is exactly what a bully would do. Any rational person who takes out a PFA against someone, has NO CONTACT with the person!

  26. ChrisSpeak is the new FarrahSpeak. I have no idea wtf he is saying.

  27. Kail shut the hell up. You cause every problem that has come your way, then you try to turn it around on the other person. Chris is right, she is a bully. And no kail, it’s not cute, it’s not funny, and not respectable at all. And no, Chris does not want to be with you!

    1. This is seriously all this boils down to. She’s pissed that she’s got 2 kids with him, and he STILL doesn’t want to claim her as his woman, girlfriend, whatever…she’s just his fuck buddy turned baby mama, and she can’t stand it…so to retaliate, she takes out PFA’s against him, and tries to ruin his life. It’s PATHETIC.

  28. I just can’t with these two. They’re both repulsive. The poor children are doomed. All four of them.

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