Kail Lowry’s Baby Daddy Chris Lopez Reveals If He Will Be in His Unborn Child’s Life; Talks About Why He Keeps Having Kids with the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star & More

“Sometimes I feel extra-chatty!”

Kail Lowry‘s ever-mumbling third baby daddy Chris Lopez hit the Interwebs on Friday to talk about Lux, the son he shares with the Teen Mom 2 star, as well as his unborn second child, whom Kail is due to give birth to any day now. (The Ashley apologizes for not posting this sooner; it took a while to decipher Chris’ mumbles.) 

In a long, rambling Instagram Live session, Chris also discussed why he keeps having kids with Kail and why he doesn’t try to see Lux more. 

During the Live session, Chris also talked about ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and why he doesn’t feel like he’s a deadbeat. (Kail recently called him out, stating that she has Lux with her “99.9% of the time.”)

On whether or not he will attend the birth of the son he’s expecting with Kail this month:

“Maybe Kail will let me come to the birth if I promise to wear my super-cool fishing hat?”

“I stay out of the way,” Chris said. “If I get the call [to come to the birth], I get the call. If I don’t, I don’t. It is what it is at this point. I can’t stress it, bro.”

Kail– who is due to give birth at the end of this month— has stated that she plans to have a home birth with her fourth child. 

When Chris was asked if he plans to be in his second son’s life, he replied, “I don’t know. It ain’t up to me. It’s not up to me anymore.”

When asked what the unborn child’s name will be, Chris confessed that he has no clue.

“I don’t know the baby names,” he said. “We discussed names but I don’t know what [she’ll] go with. I don’t care anymore. I already know how it’s going to play out. I already made up my mind about things…”

On why he doesn’t see Lux more, or go to court to try to get more custody of him:

Apparently, Chris doesn’t even try to disagree anymore…

Chris told a follower it’s not even worth him going to court.

“It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t, ya feel me?” he said, adding that he just got some “court s**t” in the mail. “I don’t get a fair chance in court anyway. Y’all think I care about court? No! I’m not saying I don’t care about my kids. I didn’t say that.”

When asked to comment on what Kail has said about Chris not seeing Lux very often, Chris seemed to agree, adding that he “doesn’t know” when the last time he saw his son was.

“I love my son, I see him when I can see him,” Chris said. “I done that [trying to see him] for so long, and look where it got me.”

He then stated that he had to “make documentation that I went to court to prove that I’m not a deadbeat.”

“For three years I’ve been fighting for my son, and being played out as this bad guy who don’t do anything,” Chris said. “Even when I stepped in court. I went to court and three years later I’m still called a deadbeat. It doesn’t matter if I go to court or not, y’all still gonna say I’m a deadbeat, so I don’t give a f**k.”

On why he kept having sex (and kids) with Kail:

“What can I say? The ladies can’t resist my sweet, sweet mumblings!”

Kail and Chris have had a notoriously rocky relationship over the past few years, with Chris even being arrested several times last fall and Kail filing for a protective order against him. When those on the Instagram Live session asked why he continued to have sexy time with Kail, despite their disputes, Chris said he didn’t really have an answer.

“I don’t what [Kail] sees in me,” he said. “Maybe it’s because I make cute kids, I don’t know.”

Later, he stated that sex with Kail was “addicting.”

“So what if I’m a ‘deadbeat?'” he said. “Apparently you can still be a deadbeat and people will have still have sex with you and want to have kids with you. That’s life. I’m gonna get a shirt that says ‘deadbeat’ and  everything!”

On how he makes money:

Basically everyone’s face as they read this…

During the Live session, he revealed how he pays his bills.

“People say ‘get a job and fight for your son’ but, do I gotta get a job, or just get income?” he said. “Which one, because I’ve got income. I got a part-time job and I build s**t. Right now I’m on three sources of income, so tell me why I gotta get a job? Explain why I need a job.”

He continued ranting about why it was unnecessary for him to find employment. (Although he refuses to appear on ‘Teen Mom,’ he’d certainly fit right in with the cast with that attitude!) 

“Explain why I need a job!” Chris demanded. “Do you know what JOB stands for? ‘Just over broke.’ So y’all want me to get a job, work for someone I don’t want to work for, at a job I don’t wanna work at just so they can underpay me and overwork me. I can literally pay all my bills. I just proved that last week. I paid my bills off and never left my bed!”

“I wonder if he can give me some tips?”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

57 Responses

  1. “I paid my bills off and never left my bed!” so he is employed…in the oldest profession of time. Kail wanted the fun part if she was gonna pay for the donation anyway

  2. “Building shit” and growing and distributing shit are two different things, pal. Kail is queen of the worst

  3. He’s the definition of YOUNG & DUMB! (Not a valid excuse just stating facts)
    My husband of twenty years had a similar attitude with his first born son that he fathered when he was only 17. His parents weren’t good role models and the baby mama was controlling and all about that “support check”. I’m sure you know the type. ?
    I think all the stress ruins the chance of bonding with the child and they would just rather ignore the situation. They begin to associate the child with negativity and stress. (I bet even more being in the public eye). They don’t know how to fix the situation so they just bury their head in the sand. *Mom’s usually don’t have this option!
    I was young when I met my hubby so I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. In the end..my husband grew into a wonderful father and we have two sons together. He is the all “American Dad” .. baseball coach.. and fishing buddy.
    Chris- It’s time to grow up! Children are the most precious gifts life can give you. You can never get back the time you lost. If there is anything in life worth fighting for…it’s your children.
    Kail – “Love your children more than you hate their father!” Give Chris a chance to be a father without being petty and controlling, so one day you can look back and know you did everything in your power to help your boys have a good relationship with both parents. It’s about the kids..not you.

  4. This pos talks about children the way you would talk about ordering lunch. He’s absolute garbage and so is Kail really whose main job is playing victim when she is the one that keeps making terrible decisions.

  5. “The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day.”

    stay lit

  6. Chris:

    Three things:

    1. Be a dad (no matter what)

    2. Wear a condom ( no matter what)

    3. Stop talking (please)

    You’re welcome .

  7. I’m assuming he doesn’t get a real job so that the government can’t garnish his wages for child support.

    1. What’s sickening is Delaware is a state that doesn’t work like most. They go by who makes more then base a figure on that, he’d probably be ordered $25 a week, seriously.
      Most states look at your income and take a flat percentage regardless of the the other parents income.
      Just think, he can’t even pay the bare minimum.. how does one live with themselves?

  8. She is trash. Her poor kids must be so confused. Sad. And Gross! She doesn’t consider them at all as she gets knocked up again on purpose…

  9. Just as an aside, is “I don’t have a job, but I get money” some new thing from the younger generation? I’ve seen it now from at least 3 separate people on this show alone. People I know who own businesses don’t say this, they would all say they have jobs. People I know who are retired and living off investment income don’t say this. People I know who live off Disability don’t say this. Does anybody really think it sounds decent and honorable to tell people you live off income sources you don’t care to name?

  10. Let’s not forget she passes out PFAs like pez. She doesn’t have family in her life. Once married and cheated with Chris. No friends for the long term. Often lies.(jo child support) Kail is an all around terrible untrustworthy person. Who has kids only to be pawns in her Schemes. She seems to be a good mother on the outside. But one day the wall will fall. The day her kids become teenagers and can’t control them. Then she will go ballistic. Probably put hands on her kids.

  11. What a lazy snob, thinking he is too good to work and start at the bottom like 99.9% of us have to.
    It’s easy to pay your bills when you have very little bills. He is mooching of his family and Kail.
    If he took the trouble to get out of bed, he would be able to pay more for his son(s). That’s not about money, that’s about how the boys will feel when they grow up. Their dad wouldn’t even get out of bed for them and let their mom pay and to everthing for them. In fact, he just avoided making real money. They will know and it will make them feel like shit.

    1. What a low life ass he is. Come on now. The one Lux, and now fixing to have another. Kail is crazy for even taking a chance having baby with you. Both are ?but I really love Kail and her boy’s!!! Just make better choices. Cause your beautiful don’t take anything less than the BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR BOYS. GOD BLESS KAIL & boys

  12. I’m picturing his lawyer going nuts and making “ABORT! ABORT!” hand signals at him from off-camera.

  13. Whoa – people of his color are always deadbeats? That is categorically not true, and a racist statement. Chris IS a deadbeat father, but it is not because he is black it is because he is a sh*tty person.

  14. “I stay out of the way,” Chris said. “If I get the call [to come to the birth], I get the call. If I don’t, I don’t. It is what it is at this point. I can’t stress it, bro.”

    Wow! What the fuck kind of thing is that to say? Guess what, deadbeat Chris? It is what it is, bro & what IT is isn’t an IT at all! It’s a living, breathing human being that will grow & have feelings & know that his sperm donor could give a rats ass about him or his older brother. Damn, Kail. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, what in the hell were you thinking? I HIGHLY doubt any dick is worth this BS.

  15. I don’t have a problem understanding Corey or Tyler, but one I needed the subtitles for was on one of the earlier seasons on 16 and Pregnant. It was a white guy with dreads and he was with a black girl (I think the one that had the abortion later). That dude had to be doing it on purpose because it was just so bad.

    1. This was supposed to be a reply to somebody else. My comments keep popping up in weird places the past few days.

  16. He’s going to prove to everybody that he’s not a deadbeat by being even more of a deadbeat. It makes sense, when you think about it.

  17. Who would deliberately subject their children to this loser?? Kail is an awful, awful mother. Right down there with Amber and Jenelle. Wow.

    1. Whether or not you like Kail, I don’t understand how you can call her an awful, awful mother, or compare her to those 2.
      Amber is a recovering drug addict, a domestic abuser and when leah was small was always shown to just leave her own the floor to do her own thing, not interact with her or anything. She is more interested in boyfriends than her own kid.
      Jenelle was also a drug addict, had been arrested numerous times and has had cps cases on her because of so many accusations of her being a bad parent and her kids are like wild animals.
      Even if you don’t like Kail as a person or judge her for her choice in baby daddy’s etc, she is hardly an awful awful parent. You see her actually cooking for them, reading, helping with their homework, taking them to whichever clubs then want to go to and all that stuff. Plus her kids actually seem smart and respectful, which you definitely cannot say for jenelles kids

      1. Then again, she doesn’t vaccinate her kids and the others do so at least their kids are more likely to make it to adulthood…

        1. This is very true. But then jenelle said she wouldn’t vaccinate her kids against covid if one became available.
          Can’t fix stupid unfortunately

      2. I agree she’s not an awful parent because of the things she does or does not do for the kids! What makes her an awful parent is her continuing to have these children with a guy who could care less if he’s in his children’s lives or not!! She’s doing this with no regard for her kids feelings!! They may not realize it now but, some day, they’re going to realize their dad is not around! They’re boys.. they need their dad!! She can play mommy and daddy and that will be all fine & dandy for now but it won’t work forever!! That being said, I’m kind of torn on this subject because I feel like Chris may try harder to be in the picture if Kail didn’t try and control every little thing!! That’s not a good excuse but, for someone with his kind of work ethic, the littlest thing proves to be too hard for him and he just gives up!! If Kail really wanted Chris in the boys lives, she’d make it a point to make him a little more involved! The way I see it, it’s both of their faults and, no matter their personal differences, they need to grow up and work together for the sake of their kids!!!

  18. Here comes all the teen mon 2 stories. Who cares? Shut the shit show down. Then let’s see if she keeps making babies with this loser. She will be going straight to the court house and the welfare line.

  19. So what does that mean, you have three incomes but no job and don’t work ? You selling something? Disability? Welfare ??? What’s the secret? SsI disability would make him exempt from paying child support , maybe that’s the case. One thing for sure , forget about him being a loser for a father.. he’s a shitty person all together. Kail too, you already brought Lux into the world with this shit for a father and have another with him.
    It’s not about her being able to solely provide, they have no father ! It’s not about having more money to buy things for a child , they’re needs must be meet, being the rich parent doesn’t mean the better parent . I don’t consider Chris a parent at all, my point is Kail selfishly thinks all they need she can buy.. not true!
    When I think of all the things my husband has taught my son and done with him, I know I couldn’t fill those shoes that a man and a father provides. It’s really sad these two little boys won’t have one.

    1. And Chris’s kids will see Isaac and Lincoln with their involved dads. Javi sucks in general, but he seems to be involved with his son.

      If Chris is claiming that he’s making money without leaving bed then my guess is he’s caught up in some multi-level marketing scam selling some crap online that nobody wants. LuLaRoe leggings perhaps?

      And the Amber caption was GOLD.

    2. Or maybe he is doing what a lot of young people are doing now. Trading foreign currency. It’s a big deal right now he did mention Forex ( sp?). My first thoughts were not what you are implying but that he’s on the foreign currency train as well. Guys my son goes to college with do it because their football and school schedules don’t allow much time to work.

  20. I’m rooting for Chris to get it together. He looks like he loves Lux & Lux loves him which you can tell. Just because he thinks that things aren’t going to work out the way he wants doesn’t mean he should just give up. He should fight for the right to see his kids no matter what. As for the whole job thing, as you do as long as you have a place to live, food to eat, and can take care of yourself and your kids. I would really love to see him have his own construction company or do something with building because he is definitely good at that from what I’ve seen on his IG stories.

    1. Um, no it’s not. This is what happens when you procreate with a self proclaimed deadbeat of any color.

      1. Correct Lexii – TM and 16&P has proven deadbeat dads come in all races, shapes and sizes!

  21. If Chris, Corey Tyler Sims and Josh McKee were to attempt to have a conversation together, would an interpreter be required?

    1. I don’t have a problem understanding Corey or Tyler, but one I needed the subtitles for was on one of the earlier seasons on 16 and Pregnant. It was a white guy with dreads and he was with a black girl (I think the one that had the abortion later). That dude had to be doing it on purpose because it was just so bad.

  22. I mean…. I believe that Kail is the type to purposely block out the baby daddies just to get attention and create a “LOOK AT ME IM DOING IT ALL ALONE” scene. Not saying Chris isn’t crappy, but I do blame kail for a lot of the crap that’s happened. Look what she did with jo. Took Isaac 3 states away for her own benefit & made jo move there too. ?‍♀️ Also LOL at Chris gloating at the fact that kail will still F him even though she claims he sucks ???

  23. He needs to be sterilized if this is his attitude on creating innocent babies…and the fact that he said that HE doesn’t even know why Kail likes him, just proves how dumb she is. He lets it be known that he ain’t shit, but yet she not only procreate with him once…but TWICE! And from the way he’s talking about her being “addicting” or whatever (?? I just threw up on my mouth a little), I bet you a $1,000,000 that they’re still banging. Hell if she feels the need to keep having more kids with HIM, then SHE needs to get her tubes tied as well!

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