Kail Lowry Says She Can See Herself Having Six Kids; Reveals If She Will Allow Her Upcoming Home Birth to Be Filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2’

“Keep ’em coming!”

Kail Lowry is due to give birth to her fourth child later this month…but she recently confirmed that this may not be her last child. In fact, she says she’d be OK with popping out two more kids!

During the most-recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, the Teen Mom 2 star discussed her plans to give birth to her fourth son at home, and revealed that she has not ruled out the possibility of having more children…until she reaches six!

“I don’t think I would have ever pictured myself 10 years ago when I had Isaac having four kids,” Kail told her co-host Lindsie Chrisley.

When Lindsie said she can picture Kail having six kids, Kail stated that it’s not out of the question.

“Six is my max,” Kail said, later adding, “I’m not confirming or denying, I’m just saying I would not have more than six.”

Lindsie said that she questions someone’s “mental stability” who wants to have six kids, but Kail explained her reasons behind wanting to have a large litter of children.

“I’ve said it before…I just didn’t have siblings or family before, so, like, having a big family…since I started having kids, I always wanted my kids to have siblings.”

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Kail— who is already the mother of Isaac (with ex Jo Rivera), Lincoln (with ex-husband Javi Marroquin) and Lux (with sorta-ex Chris Lopez), admitted that having six kids would further complicate her already complicated blended family situation, though. She revealed that she still has no relationship with Lauren Comeau, who is Javi’s girlfriend and the mother of his second child, Eli.

“I still don’t have a desire to [have a relationship with her],” Kail said. “However, that being said, Eli is Lincoln’s brother, so I would never want to make it harder for [Lincoln] to have a relationship with his brother.”

Kail then turned the conversation to Chris, who is the father of her third son Lux, as well as the baby she’s currently pregnant with.

“If Chris were to have kids with someone else, that would be really, really difficult for me,” she said. “But I definitely think that, ultimately, when push comes to shove, I would put Lux’s relationship with his siblings first. I mean, maybe not right away, but I definitely would come around to it, just because I want them to have that relationship with their siblings.”

Kail, who is planning to give birth to her fourth child at home, also talked about her delivery plans, which may include giving ‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers the opportunity to watch her shoot the kid out in the comfort of her own home.

“I definitely want to do a home birth, and I’m going to film it…I hope,” she said. “I say that now, but when I’m in active labor I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

This will be the first time a home birth is shown on any of the ‘Teen Mom’ Franchise shows. While Kail said she is willing to let viewers watch her birth the baby, she is not willing to have a large film crew at her home to capture the Kodak Moment.

“They’ve never seen a home birth,” Kail said. “I told one of the producers, ‘I’m definitely willing to film it as much as I can on my own, but I do not want the crew there.’”

“I’m just telling you now, I’m not helping you eat the placenta!”

Her reasoning for cutting out the crew has nothing to do with modesty, though. Instead, Kail said it was due to her being worried about having a newborn around a lot of people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s not something I’m OK with, but they seem to be on-board,” she said. “I would love to film it, just to have my own personal video of it.”

“Call me! I’ll be ya birth photographa and laba coach!”

The birth footage will be shown on the upcoming 10th season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ which The Ashley has heard will likely air late this summer.

Listen to the full episode of Coffee Convos below! 

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58 Responses

  1. Kail is so full of shit, she wants a girl, period! She’ll selfishly stop after the girl. I say selfish speaking from experience.. I have Four brothers and might as well of been an only child, they didn’t want to play with me no more than I wanted to play with them. It’s different to have one of each , then they only have each other. At least we all had the same parents, she’s had all these kids with different men,been with a couple woman in the mix, what will they think as adults?
    What happened to her sister , her sister, her sister? She must have chased her away, she came on so strong . The poor girl seemed so uncomfortable with Kail insisting on doing her shower and giving her labor lectures, Kail made a smother of herself.
    Let’s hope she keeps her naked photos off the internet with the next kids!

  2. First of all, unnecessary and second of all, gross. Go away, Kail. Trying to stay relevant in an economic recession does not mean you have to crap out another babbyses

  3. I didn’t think anyone could be trashier than Jenelle. I was wrong. Kail is basically the town wh0re. Just wait for Season 20 when she has 12 kids by 11 men. She will have a baby for absolutely anyone… the corner alcoholic… doesn’t matter. She’ll take “love” anywhere she can find it. Just imagine how many STDs she’s been exposed to.

    1. The girl Dom that Kail dated for awhile said Kail gave her an STD. Sounds about right. Too bad Kail doesn’t stick with women as she can’t get pregnant that way.

  4. She wants to be loved so desperately she fills the void up with kids by men that don’t even like her. She is a kidbreeder for selfish reasons. If the show stops the kids will be doomed. Stop being her best friend The Ashley, stop giving her attention. Let her get fired like she deserves to. Bye Kail…won’t miss you.

    1. I’m starting to think she’s using her kids as props to get attention and to boost her fragile ego.

  5. I recently learned that I have a genetic issue that would make it really unwise to have bio children, and I’m busted up about it. I get the appeal of having kids, really, but at some point it becomes unfair. They aren’t getting the attention they deserve on an individual basis, not when you take into consideration the number of half-siblings and everything.

    That’s not to mention the dangers of home birth- no matter how good your midwife is or how close you are to the hospital, consider how long it would take to get help during an emergency when your baby is without oxygen.

    But by all means keep enabling their trash bag lifestyles.

  6. Great MTV, pay for a single mom 6 baby daddies. Thankful they stay to be a dad. Kail get it together before you do something stupid you are a hero to young women

  7. Kail, I’m not sure you know how to math honey. At 4 children, they have siblings. And that doesn’t include the father’s kids with other women. You can stop right there at 4.

  8. What a trash bag… Kail- you are NOT going to be able to afford 6 kids and maintain your lifestyle, even with a $600K salary… and most of that money is going to go away in a few years when Teen Mom gets canceled. She has been smarter than many of the “teen” moms financially because she actually has sources of income separate from the show, but most of her money will be gone once the show is gone. It is so irresponsible for her to continue to have children, especially with so many fathers…

  9. I can’t believe she’d be pissed if Chris, who physically abused her on several occasions (just that we know of) and has absolutely no interest in her whatsoever other than the fact she lets him hit it when he wants it, had a baby with someone else. But I bet it would be OK if she had a baby with someone else, right? Kail has managed to be pretty lucky when it comes to ex’s baby mamas, if Chris had a kid, she’d be dealing with some ratchet hood rat baby mama drama.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Gross to assume the CHRIS would be the one with a “hood rat, ratchet” baby mama. We see you.

  10. Maybe Lauren doesn’t want to be your friend Hulk. Get over yourself Kail
    And PS. Chris will move on without you.

  11. I don’t care if anyone wants to hate on me, but I think it’s fair for me to put out there how I honestly feel.

    I love being a mom and I only have one because things just worked out that way. My spouse was…..a disappointment…and I ended up flying solo. If I had the cash to keep having more and spend my time being a mom, I would absolutely do it. It would make me happy.

    And I bet she is calling the shots on the price of that birth footage. Ca-Ching

    1. Same. I also have an only child. But wanted a house full.
      Became a widow at 27.
      I will say even w/ just 1 it’s tuff doing it solo.

  12. No surprise there.
    I may as well take this opportunity to mention that I rewatched Kail’s 16 and Pregnant episode last night and i had forgotten what a crappy family life she came from, and how kind Jo’s parents were to her. Shame she is such a bitter person now.

    And shoutout to Jo’s amazing mom putting her son in his place. The way she said “Really, Jonathan?!” floored me ?

  13. I would rather shove flaming bbq skewers into my eyes than watch this disgusting pig give birth.

  14. She’s basically creating a litter of kids to create her own family to make up for her dysfunctional family, even if it means having multiple baby daddies and a crappy dad like Chris. So putting her needs first, what a selfless, wonderful mom.

  15. What an insufferable moron. She has quickly become my least favorite of all the moms over the past year, and that is really saying something considering how horrific Jenelle and Amber have been. She looks down on the world, meanwhile she is a racist POS who would be nothing but a lonely and bitter Karen if you took away her MTV money! She completely avoided being axed by MTV and I guess we know how, since filming her home birth must make up for filing phony PFA’s in their eyes.

      1. She also proudly used her white privilege to take out phony PFA’s against all three of her brown or black baby daddies, had a fit on camera about Jo getting a non-white boy type haircut for Isaac, and there was just stuff all over the internet a few weeks ago about her calling Chris the ‘N’ word whenever they fight. Sleeping with someone doesn’t mean you can’t be racist. Jenelle slept with Kieffer, and look at the hate speech she has spewed since then.

        1. Again, I hate Kail but she isn’t a racist! Just b/c she took orders out on them doesn’t mean it’s b/c of the color of their skin. Kail is a shitty person and would do that to ANY guy! And “stuff” on the internet is always true. LOL. Not saying she doesn’t call him the “n” word, but I’m sure he calls her all sorts of names too – doesn’t make either of them right. They’re both wrong. Doesn’t make her a racist either. If she were TRULY a racist, she would want NOTHING to do with ANY of her baby daddies! I wish people would stop throwing the word “racist” around b/c, honestly, it’s lost it’s meaning. Not everything is racist – as much as people try to make it seem.

          1. Per Wikipedia – “Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another.[1][2][3][4] It may also mean prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against other people because they are of a different race or ethnicity.[2][3] Modern variants of racism are often based in social perceptions of biological differences between peoples. These views can take the form of social actions, practices or beliefs, or political systems in which different races are ranked as inherently superior or inferior to each other, based on presumed shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities.[2][3][5]”

            Kail has shown racist tendencies. Perhaps it is because of her overall narcissistic attitude, because she does tend to think that she is superior to the world. However, prior to deleting her Twitter for fear of getting fired, there was a ton of racially insensitive material on there. I don’t think she gets a free pass just because she slept with Chris, who is black. It is MORE important for her to respect his color and culture because her two sons need to see and feel that from her. When/if she calls Chris the ‘N’ word, she is calling Lux and his unborn baby brother one, too. ?

  16. So six by 5 baby daddies then? Because I can’t imagine Chris wanting to have more because if he knocks you up for the third time…he is stupider than a bag of rocks! And why are talking like you own him, he was never yours, get it in your head, girlfriend, HE WAS NEVER YOURS! He slept around before, during and after you gave birth to his kid(s)! If he will ever want to settle down or I don’t know, just knock some random chick up like he did it with you, then that’s his own problem, not yours! She is still in such denial about their relationship, it’s honestly quite sad at this point. Why is she chasing someone who doesn’t want to be chased? Birthing two of his children won’t make him want to be with you.

    And I’m still sure she is just bitter because Javi moved on so fast after her. That’s why she will probably never like Lauren. I mean, he was banging her, Briana and Kail (imagine if all three of them got pregnant, haha) but stuck with Lauren because she is the one who got knocked up from it. I still don’t understand her, no self respect whatsoever to stay with a serial cheater.

  17. What you mean to say Kail is that you’re willing to continue having kids in the hopes one will be a girl.

  18. She’s so selfish and gross. How many dudes need to come through that house until she is satisfied?

  19. She needs to have children once she is in a committed relationship. Stop having kids and making them come from a split home. Its not fair to the kids or the parents. Just because she didnt have siblings doesnt mean all her kids have to fill that void and miss out on certain aspects of a family.

  20. nobody cares hopefully this trash gets fired and the show is cancelled only she is good at is spreading her legs

  21. I heard she is building a barn in the back of her house so she can hork out the kid like a farm
    animal. True story.

    Stay lit

  22. The last season should be the final season. 9 seasons were too much anyway. 10 is just a waste of screen time. Nobody wants to watch a pregnant Kailyn for the umpteenth time. Who is gonna watch the newborn when she has to get a job? That day is coming much faster than she realizes.

    1. Karl is the worst. I hope Chris does get another girl prego, locks her down. They move in together. Get married. All that.

      1. In a perfect world Chris would settle down and have a nice domestic life and a few kids with Brianna. Then Kail’s head would REALLY explode.

  23. She probably wants the other 2 with Chris, because shes already shown she doesn’t respect Lux. Chris has been a s*** parent. How can she still be attracted to him?

  24. Why would Brianna care. She’s not supporting them. She needs to worry about her own life and children. Brianna your kids need your full attention and yes you are a good mother. You and Kail need to focus on your own lives.

  25. “Still have no desire to have a relationship with her(Lauren)” ugh so cringey. Didn’t she just say, like two sentences before that, that she wants to make half-sibling relationships easier on her kids? Why wouldn’t she want to be on good, friendly terms with Lauren? There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it would be in the best interest of ALL involved.

    “If Chris were to have kids with someone else” kail, it isn’t a question of if, it is a question of when. And then you’ll be bitter just like you are with Lauren.

    1. I think she will cross the line to Dateline level psycho stalker when Chris procreates with another woman. It will make Jenelle’s references to Ashley as Nathan’s “side piece” when Nathan and Jenelle haven’t been together in years look sane.

  26. She sure has gotten pregnant a lot for someone who claims to have fertility issues, and was told she couldn’t have more kids.

    1. Oh yeah, I remember her talking when pregnant with Lux how she considers him a blessing…she isn’t vocal about it with her current pregnancy because it’s all lies. Similar as Maci who claims she has PCOS (no proof if she has it or not) but had Irish twins.

  27. Honest question for anyone who has kids: would you ever WANT to watch your birth video if you have one? Maybe it’s just too fresh for me but I never want to relive my labour ever again. It was the worst 3 days of my life and I’m glad I chose to only have my husband with me and no visitors and definitely didn’t film it. Even looking back on photos and remembering the pain and exhaustion just isn’t something I enjoy doing.
    Which also leads me to question the sanity of anyone who wants 6 children. I see people with more than 4 on social media and just don’t get it???? Why? How on earth do you function?

    1. Honestly, I absolutely loved being pregnant, both times! And after each one, I missed my belly! So yes, I would love to relive it all!

      1. Oh I loved being pregnant – I was lucky and had the best pregnancy ever. Just wouldn’t ever want to relieve labour and delivery.
        And having a newborn was so hard too I can’t imagine doing it 4+ times.

      2. My deliveries were both traumatic (suffered a sci with the first and an emergency c with the second), but I would watch it again. It’s the miracle of life. How can it not be amazing?

    2. Loved being pregnant although it meant lots of pain and discomfort.
      Giving birth was okay, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. I think it was beautiful.
      But didn’t even want my husband to watch my fully dialated and torn woohaa live from the best angle possible and I sure as heck don’t need pictures or film from it.

    3. LOL! I have 6 kids. 3 sets of twins through IVF. You manage like everyone else. One day at a time. One chore at a time etc. I had c-sections with all of them and actually loved my births. Every pregnancy had been high risk and I had been so worried and stressed something would happen to them that it like I could finally breath again once they were safely outside my body.

  28. Free advertising for Kail. Modesty and Kail dont go together. She will be enraged when Chris hasn’t a baby with someone else. She’s still mad at Javi for having another’s baby mama. She’s saying six Incase Chris won’t knock up up again and If its a boy again. Of course she will have six. She’s a narcissist and always puts her needs first. How will she afford all these babies when the show ends? Child support and then she will claim she doesn’t receive it.

    1. Pretty sure they all have dads, two of which are very active. You’re blaming her for Chris being a shitty dad but not him? Sexist much?

      1. I was just thinking the same thing. They all have active dads besides Lux and , ironically, that’s the one she chose to have another one with. They may not all have the same dads but at least 2 out of 3 have active dads in their lives!! IMO, no matter how many pics Chris posts on IG, he’s just a sperm donor at this point!! I really think she thought this would make him come around and want to be with her and be a dad to Lux and, eventually, the new baby but it hasn’t and that’s sad!!

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