‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Kail Lowry & Briana DeJesus Engage in a Father’s Day Feud: Briana Calls Kail Out for Having Three Baby Daddies & Getting “Knocked Up” Again

When everyday is Petty ‘Teen Mom’ Drama Day…

Kail Lowry wished Devoin Austin a happy Father’s Day on Sunday– and her nemesis (and Devoin’s baby mama) Briana DeJesus was not happy about it!

Kail’s holiday greeting prompted Briana to launch into a full-on tirade, calling Kail out for having three baby daddies, and for getting pregnant again. Briana also told Kail (via a clickbait interview, naturally) that she does “not envy her life” and clarified that she is not interested in boinking any of Kail’s baby daddies (going forward, anyway).

Let’s get ready to ruuuuumbleTeen Mom 2 feud-style! 

The 410th round of the “Kail vs. Bri” showdown started when Briana shared a screenshot someone sent to her from an Instagram Story, giving her (and all single moms) a Father’s Day shout-out. 

“Happy fathers day to all the fathers but Happy fathers day to the single mothers out there who play both roles, y’all all right with me,” the post read. “Happy fathers day [Briana DeJesus].” 

Even though Kail wasn’t mentioned in the post, she decided to chime in anyway after a fan account reposted the screenshot. For her contribution, Kail opted to stir the pot by wishing Devoin— who is the father of Briana’s oldest daughter Nova— a happy Father’s Day.

“If I see a pot of Petty Stew, you KNOW I’m gonna stir it!”

This act resulted in a fan suggesting that Briana was communicating with Kail’s baby daddy Chris Lopez – or rather suggesting that Briana was “in Chris’s DMs,” as the kids say. 

Instead of shutting down or addressing the rumors about Chris, Kail not only tagged him in the Father’s Day post, but also suggested that fans ask him if he is, indeed, having sexy time with Briana.

Chris, fighting off the haters on the ‘Teen Mom’ fan pages…

In response to the social media spectacle, Briana said Kail had acted “messy and inserted herself in my life, yet again.” She then turned to Champion Daily to discuss her new drama with Kail, and to demand her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star to stay out of her life (and off her baby daddy’s Instagram, apparently…)

“When I was tagged in a photo that I reposted saying ‘Happy Father’s Day to the single mothers out there who play both roles’ wishing me a ‘happy Father’s Day’ this had NOTHING whatsoever to do with Kail,” Briana told the site, adding that she was not happy to see Kail’s comment to Devoin because she knew Kail only did it to piss her off.

“Of course Kail had to be Kail and go commenting ‘Happy Father’s Day Devoin’ and tag him,” Briana said before addressing Kail directly. “Girl, for someone that says you don’t want anything to do with me, you certainly seem to want to play the game. So you wanna play? Let’s play.” 


Briana went on to blast Kail for having three babies daddies (compared to her own two), and rub some salt in the wound left from when she was dating Kail’s second baby daddy, Javi Marrioquin, a few years back. (It was later revealed that Javi was boinking both Kail and Bri at the same time, and was also seeing his current girlfriend Lauren Comeau as well.) 

Ahh, memories…

“You have THREE baby Daddies, one of whom took an interest in me while he was still doing you and his current baby Mama,” she said. “We both got played. Stop acting like the victim at this point and give it a rest.” 

Briana told Kail that she had no reason to still be “hung up on hating” her over their shared Javi history.

“I do not want Javi back,” Briana assured Kail. “He’s all yours! Have him! Enjoy him! But stop trying to fight with me simply for the fact that you’re still bitter about drama that is YEARS old at this point.” 

“This conversation is making me feel very unloved…”

Briana went on to say that she’s offered to “talk it out” with Kail and move on; however, Kail is “not about that life.” 

“Don’t you have better things to worry about then inserting yourself into drama with one of my children’s fathers?” Briana asked. “Aren’t you knocked up again from the man you said beat you in leaked DM’s?” 


As for the speculation from the now-infamous Father’s Day post regarding Briana sliding into Chris’s DM’s, Briana made it clear that said-sliding had not taken place.

The amount of relief this statement brings Kail.

“I do not want your men!” Briana stated. “Javi was a mistake but it’s in the past. I’m not stalking your life, I want no part of the men in your life and I don’t want or seek out drama with you. There’s real life problems going on in the world like a pandemic and Black Lives Matter… but it seems you want to continue to throw shade and daggers and start drama.” 

Briana then reiterated that she does not want Kail’s mumbling third baby daddy, Chris, and that she never tried to get with him.

“Chris is all yours” Briana told Kail, adding that she’s never talked to him, nor does she intend to. 

“I mean, unless I run into him at da club or somethin’… “

“I don’t envy your life at all,” she continued. “And if you want nothing to do with mine, then stop talking about me. It’s really simple. And if you want to talk to me, be a woman and let’s sit down and have a conversation.” 

We all remember how well it went last time they tried to sit down and talk…

Briana said the drama between herself and Kail “is getting old” and she encouraged Kail as “a soon to be mom of four” to start being “a role model.” She then wished her co-star “good luck” with the upcoming birth of her son

” … I hope he’s beautiful and you have a safe delivery,” she said. “And while you’re delivering, please don’t worry about conversations with Chris I’m not having and have never had. Take care, now, Kail… until the next dramatic thing I’m sure I’ll have to address soon.” 

This comes just one week after Briana publicly called on Kail to be fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ for remarks Kail made on the show, as well as the racially insensitive way  Briana says Kail treated her and her family.

At press time, Kail had not responded to Briana’s latest interview.

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube; Instagram) 

59 Responses

  1. Brianna has a lot of growing up to do that was very childish and what she did there’s a lot of women out there that have children not with the same guy there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they love their children that’s all Brianna grow and every time you put Kaylee down like that for having different dads you’re just putting her now you’re putting her children down they’re just children

  2. I like Brianna. She seem to have a good heart. I don’t know how to say this but I think Brianna might me “mentally slow” or something? That could be a reason why her sister and mother are so protective of her?

  3. I dislike both of them, but Bri needs to remember she was willing to have a baby with her last boyfriend if things would have worked out. she would of also had 3 baby daddies. And Kail needs to stop wanting to have more kids by different men and wanting them back so bad when they clearly don’t want her. She wants to have a girl, for what?? To set a bad example for her?

  4. I dislike both of them, but Bri needs to remember she was willing to have a baby with her last boyfriend if things would have worked out. she would of also had 3 baby daddies. And Kail needs to stop wanting to have more kids by different men and wanting them back so bad when they clearly don’t want her. She wants to have a girl, for what?? To set a bad example for her?

  5. I don’t like both of them but I agree with Briana. Kail is really obsessed with her and thinks she wants to bang all of her exes (who are single atm so it’s only Chris now) because she was with Javi. Who I forgot banged three girls, one of them is his wife now (LOL). Kailyn is and will always be really insecure about her relationships with men, it’s obvious she still loves Chris (ugh), maybe it’s also the pregnancy hormones but I don’t know how many times will he have to tell her he doesn’t want her. I’m sure he is sleeping around and will one day probably get an oopsie baby from a different girl too. Then she will be even more heartbroken. Get over him for your and Lux’s and newborn’s sake.

  6. Like there is that big of a difference to have 2 och 3 baby daddies, Bri… Especially when you humped one of them in a bathroom at a club while your mother was watching your young daughter….

  7. Um… is Kail thirsting after Devoin or something? Why would she even be thinking about him and speaking to him?

    The new tm2 season must be getting aired soon, all this petty crap they’re saying and doing to get publicity for the show. Predictably pathetic.

    1. OMG, I never thought of it this way but yeah…maybe Kail wants Devoin and that’s why she INSISTS Briana is talking with Chris…so that she could get back at her. And knowing Kail and her use of (or lack of use) protection, he might as well become baby daddy #4.

      1. That would totally be Kail’s idea of winning the situation.
        You almost got engaged to my ex-husband?
        I will get pregnant by your ex-boyfriend.

  8. Omg, who cares? Bri isn’t with Devoin or Devon or however she wants to pronounce it this week. Kail isn’t with Chris…at least this week. Worry about your kids and your damn selves! If their biggest problem is what petty dumb comment the other one is saying on social media…I will happily trade my real life problems!

  9. Not a fan of Kail but… Brianna has 2 babydaddies like.. ehm.. It is less than three but only onw to go.

    Wowww Javi sleeping with 3 women. What a player and douche.

    1. @jazzyx I don’t know how he does it! When he was with Kail, I thought he seemed like a sweet guy as he was lovely with Issac. When they split, I think he honestly thought he was on everyone’s wish list! Is he still with Lauren? If so, more fool her, as she clearly knows he cheated with TWO women, plus, who’s to say there arent more… Does he want his sons to grow up and treat whoever they’re in a relationship with like that? He’s such a looser

  10. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Kail now is thinking of making her new baby Cortland. Duh, Jenelles ex-husband , the junkie wtf

  11. This old feud is getting really stale. Who has time to just sit and be petty all day every day? They’re almost 30 ffs! Kail had no reason to to go out of her way to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. And Bri did not have to buy into Kail’s petty ass drama.

  12. Kail knows exactly what shes doing. I love how on her coffee convos when addressing David and her tweet about him never bodyshaming her again, shes all like ” I NEVER SAID JENELLE”…her implications are always there and kail knows that she’s doing. You would think this shit gets old by now but Kail loves the drama.

  13. Everyone needs to keep in mind that it’s hard to believe anything out of this whole franchise anymore. We all want the show to finally end, as long as their Drama is reeling in the interest they’ll stay on life support.
    Are these two really going at it still or is every little trashy move they make planned? Maybe they did privately sit down and hash this out as producers offered them when Kail declined. It’s too unbelievable already, who has time for all this drama and kiddie stuff?
    When this show ends they probably won’t bother with each other, there’s no reason for any of them to care what the other is doing, they do it all for the public right now. I’m done commenting on their stupidity unless there’s something to prove the situation true.

    1. So true. Reality tv is so fabricated and we all get pulled into it believing it. Thanks for reeling us all back to the actual reality.

      1. @ Farrahslastbraincell… Exactly! And if they truly are acting like this “ I’m going to say something to her old boyfriend to get her mad, haha” then Briana dragging it all out, they are SO frickin touch out of reality.
        I’m white knuckling it home yesterday to make it it to the dry cleaner (in need for the next day) , hoping I make it in time and can get home to have a meal with my family at a decent time . Today I take a few minutes to relax and get my The Ashley fix and this is what these two idiots are up to! I have the highest respect for stay at home parents, it’s damn hard work! I don’t mean to upset anyone by saying.. I find NONE of these 30 year old woman good mothers, look at what their life and time consists of. Also, the unrealistic life they subject their kids to is disgusting! Let’s be honest, haven’t we all had to tell our kids “ I’m sorry, we aren’t going to make that vacation this time, we will try hard for another time soon.” All the outlandish things that these kids think are conveniently available at all times, it’s a joke and poor parenting.

  14. Why did Kail have to start up some drama? Kail needs to grow up. The happy Father’s Day comment was petty. She always says the Briana is her co worker huh???? This is not a job!!!!! This is not a career. Kail needs to stop having babies with so many different guys. Get it together

  15. At least Kail didn’t get knocked up in a club’s bathroom by a total rando and then got the clap by said rando years later.
    STFU and sit down, Bri

    1. They both suck and are totally nasty – Kail’s relationship with Chris is gross as is Bri’s relationship with Luis. Pot calling the kettle black – Bri can’t talk. And Bri could’ve very easily been knocked up again by Luis so she’d be in the exact same spot as Kail. Knocked up twice by a deadbeat baby daddy.

  16. Does anyone even watch teen mom anymore? Or teen mom 2? These girls have become just as laughable and dramatic as the “real housewives”

  17. They are both immature and petty. Briana needs to ignore Kail’s comments and posts, instead of giving Kail the attention she wants. And didn’t Briana hook up with her ex again and have unprotected sex with him again? She has no room to talk about anyone’s life being messy. Yes, Kail’s whole life is a massive train wreck, but so is Briana’s life. These girls both need to grow up.

  18. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Brianna has no room to talk about kail having 3 baby’s dad, when she has 2 herself and isn’t with either one. And unless she got her tubes tied, never dated another guy again for the rest of her life, or had anymore babies, she has no reason to say such a thing.

  19. I think in the entire franchise, Farrah is the only one with one without having multiple men impregnate those classy women. Let that sink in.

    stay lit

  20. It’s time to end all of these shows (Teen Mom, Unexpected, Young and Pregnant etc). Not a single person on any of them have any re-deeming qualities whatsoever. They are especially irrelevant with all that is going on with the world right now. They have far outlived any importance or value they may (open for debate) ever have had.

  21. Kail cause/start all the drama. That’s not going to keep TM on the air. No matter what you do Chris will never be with you one on one. Chris will never love you. Kails still bitter over Javi,WHY? Kail said she wanted a black child she got it. Kail said she wanted at least 2 of her children to have the same father. She got it. Kails just bitter Chris doesn’t want her. Kails throwing a pity party that she created all by herself. Boo-hoo.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Kail is trash but Bri is not one to talk. She is right behind. Sad for the poor confused kids. Why don’t women wait for a commitment (MARRIAGE hopefully) and then think about bringing children into the world? It’s so selfish and gross doing what they do…..

  22. You played around with her baby’s daddy you have two different fathers to your kids you’re just jealous and look what you did you said you were pregnant by her ex-husband so you would have had three babies Daddy

    1. I just wanted to say how much I love it when someone comments on an article about teen moms, and misses all her periods.

    2. Exactly!! Bri acts like she’s innocent in all of this. Like she didn’t fool around with kail’s ex HUSBAND!!! It’s not like they dated for a few months and Bri started dating him right after… they were MARRIED!!! Any girl knows if you do that, your asking for drama! But Bri acts shocked that Kail’s not interested in making peace with her!! I swear this girl has zero brain cells that work! I commend her bc she does take care of her kids and still works even with the MTV paycheck coming in though! Other than that, not many things she does are commendable to me!!

  23. Imagine almost every article written about you, is about your petty feud with Kailyn Lowry, and not about any good you’re contributing to society.

    Briana had the upper hand with this one because Kail started it, and instead of taking the high road, she brought herself down to Kail’s level.

  24. In all fairness, Kail probably only brought this up because just last week Bri was pushing for her to get fired from MTV! I know Kail could have just been the bigger person and moved on but, let’s be real, that’s not Kail’s personality!! And really, Bri?! 3 baby daddies?! You’ll be there one day so that probably was not the best choice on insults!!! The stupidest thing I’ve ever heard this chick say was that she got asked to leave the reunion because of her race! It couldn’t be that you & your sister were acting like wild animals on steroids, right?!? I just despise her!! Kail should just let this stuff go though. She’s still holding onto resentment about Javi, we know that! Even though, in the end, Bri got played out too.. they all did! She needs to just focus on being a soon to be single mom of 4 and forget about all this other drama!

  25. Briana is actually totally right. Kail obviously wished Devoin a happy Father’s Day to create drama. She needs to just get off social media and focus on herself. Just imagine having 3 kids running around & pregnant with a 4th & sitting on your couch typing away creating Instagram drama???? It’s embarrassing

    1. If that type of response is considered starting drama then maybe you need to reevaluate your life & get a grip on reality

  26. Silence is golden Briana. She always talks about them being “women” in the situation, but she acts like a teenager. Instead of taking the high road (like an adult) and just letting Kail make an ass out of herself, she had to engage and in turn made an ass out of herself. Seriously? “You have 3 baby daddies and I only have 2!!!”, “It’s not my fault your man wanted me!!!” Girl bye. The fact these are mothers with multiple kids behaving this way is gross. All 6 of their kids combined are more mature than they’ll ever be.

  27. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Lol how you gonna call someone out for having multiple baby daddies when you do too?

  28. I’m not a person who cares for either of them. They each of terrible personalities, behavior, and track records. That being said I think everything Briana said this time was spot on and one hundred percent adult and rational which I never thought I’d say about a nearly thirty year old woman who faked an adoption storyline with a guy she hooked up with in a bathroom to get on tv. Kail completely did this to cause drama and get at Bri which is immature and ridiculous. Furthermore sadly Bri is an actual single mom, she raises two kids with nearly nonexistent fathers. Kail only has one kid full time and the other 2 every other week. The reason she has the last kid full time is because she CHOSE a deadbeat potential abuser to knock her up so she wouldn’t have to coparent then even when he refused to be a father and beat you up decided to spawn with him AGAIN. With all Briana’s faults (and she has tons) she does have to deal with her little girl loving a man who couldn’t even be sober for ONE afternoon to play with her at a pool. Jail telling that nonman happy Father’s Day when someone recognized Briana for doing the work on her own that Kail shares EQUALLY with two responsible fathers was wrong.

    1. She is not raising her kids on her own. Her mom and sister live with her and take up the slack. Single mom without a father’s help? Both of them picked losers, but Bri got her beat getting pregnant with a man she just met in a bathroom stall at a club. PS Im not a Kail fan either.

      1. Totally agree! I can’t remember one episode without Brittany or Roxanne looking after the girls.
        It’s easy to claim “I’m a real single mom”, when tout have 2 adults to help you, and thousands $

        1. I should have been more clear absolutely she has significantly more support and help with having her mom and sister to pawn her kids off on so she can go be reckless and irresponsible. I simply was referring to the fathers. Yes they both chose losers but Kail’s two oldest have very involved fathers and that takes a significant amount of work off Kail. I was trying to say that it wasn’t right for Kail who has that level of coparenting to try to cause drama by telling a drug addict loser who couldn’t be bothered to stay sober for one day happy Father’s Day. They both have chose bad however the choice for Bri to procreate with Devoin was when she was very young (not that she’s made better decisions as she’s aged) but I don’t think she realized how much he would hurt her daughter. That’s why that bothers me. Javi and Jo despite their flaws have always taken care of their kids. Kail has never had to see the level of hurt that Nova showed during the episode where he was drunk at the pool with her. Despite hating Briana Nova seems like a sweet kid and I just feel terrible that despite how much she seems to love her dad he can’t even do the minimum. He did not deserve to be wished happy Father’s Day and that was my point.

  29. They have a grand total of five baby daddies and six children just between the two of them…how in the hell do they have time to still be worried about what the other one said or did on social media? Grow the fuck up! I guarantee you that Isaac has more sense than all involved.

  30. It is shocking that Kail is about to give birth to another baby pretty soon. She’s so busy fighting on instagram and twitter, and inserting herself into everyone’s drama, that I keep forgetting she’s pregnant.

    Briana is not that far away from having 3 baby daddies as well

  31. We all know that Bri is only a year or two away from having 3 babydaddies herself … Stop being petty and shut up girl

  32. Ok Briana but you have 2 baby daddies so if you ever have another baby that will make 3, same as Kail. And if we’re comparing the guys, I’d say she overall chose better than you. Not to mention you have 2 built-in babysitters to help you. So glass houses girl.

  33. Both are horrible but Bri should really stop with the 3 baby daddies talk cause she most likely will have 3 in the near future.

  34. Brianna should have just let it go and act like she didn’t even see it. She gave Kail what she wanted by responding! Stupid! Grow up!

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