EXCLUSIVE! Why It Took ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry So Long to Confirm She’s Pregnant with Her Fourth Child (Behind-the-Scenes Details!)

“It’s true!”

Kail Lowry has finally put the pregnancy rumors that have been surrounding her for weeks to rest.

The Teen Mom 2 star confirmed on Tuesday via her Instagram account that she is, indeed, pregnant with her fourth child. Kail announced the news by posting a photo of her three sons– Isaac, Lincoln and Lux— looking at a sonogram photo with her.

Fans have been speculating that Kail was pregnant since the aunt of her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, basically announced the pregnancy several weeks ago. Kail had refused to comment on the situation until now…but The Ashley has some info on what’s been going on behind-the-scenes since Kail confirmed the pregnancy with MTV.

“We’re confirming the news, baby #4 is coming soon!” she wrote on Instagram on Tuesday. “I’m almost 16 weeks pregnant & it’s been a rough few months this time around. I’ve had nausea, morning sickness, and absolutely no energy. This week I’m starting to feel a bit better and I’m really hoping it stays this way!…Going through nausea and morning sickness while trying to keep the news a secret can be quite isolating…”


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We’re confirming the news, baby #4 is coming soon! ?I’m almost 16 weeks pregnant & it’s been a rough few months this time around. I’ve had nausea, morning sickness, and absolutely no energy. ? This week I’m starting to feel a bit better and I’m really hoping it stays this way!??@Peanut has been an amazing support for me since I found out I was pregnant again. Going through nausea and morning sickness while trying to keep the news a secret can be quite isolating. There are so many helpful threads on the app from other women who have been through it too. It’s always reassuring to know you’re not alone. Whether you’re already a mom, pregnant, or trying to conceive, I really recommend you join the @peanut community. It’s an amazing space to build friendships, find support and learn from other women at a similar stage in life. There’s nothing like support from other women to get you through. ❤ #Peanutapp • • • • • ?: @jessicab_beauty ?: @jonlloydjr

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According to The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes production sources, the reason Kail waited so long to even confirm to the ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers or crew that she was pregnant was because she was planning to have an abortion. 

“Kail did finally film about being pregnant this weekend, though,” the source continued. “She is talking on-camera about why she didn’t confirm the pregnancy earlier. Basically, she talks about how she was not sure she wanted to keep the baby, and how she was struggling with the options.”

Another crew source confirmed that Kail reveals on-camera that she actually made the appointment to have the abortion and went to the doctor on the day it was scheduled. 

“She talks [on-camera] about how she went to the office to have the abortion, but then wasn’t able to go through with it,” the source added. “She cancelled the procedure when she got more details and decided to have the baby. She told the producers she didn’t want to lie about it and was very open about struggling to decide what to do.”

One thing we won’t see on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ is Kail telling her sons about the new baby.

“Kail told the boys in private about the pregnancy, because she didn’t want it to be on-camera,” the first source said. “She was worried the boys would not take the news well, or have questions she wanted to answer privately. [The producer] did try to get Kail to recreate the conversation of her telling the kids about the baby, but she said no because she didn’t want the kids to be confused. She said the kids took the news really well, though, and are excited about the new baby.” 

After announcing the pregnancy, Kail received a decent amount of backlash and negative comments. 

“I don’t EVEN want to hear it, Dr. Drew!”

Her friend Becky Hayter attempted to shut down some of the negativity on Twitter. 

“I’ll tell you what, as much as I disagree with most of @KailLowry  life choices.. her kids are legit the best humans on this planet,” Becky tweeted on Tuesday. “Can’t wait to meet this little one who will certainly add to the chaos, but bring so much light to this world. So much love for …. it … already.”

Kail is due to give birth in July. This will be her second child by Chris Lopez (who is already the father of her son Lux). She also has son Lincoln with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin and son Isaac with her ex Jo Rivera

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    How can all those fangirls continue the 1 argument they ever had for her now..”Shes a good mother” it was literally ALL they could ever say in a positive light for this train wreck! All this drama for kids = trauma! Having all different fathers, seeing DV, her hitting the men & claiming the men hit her, too many men in & out of thier house to count, complaining on a trip bc she didnt have “help” and couldn’t keep up with all her kids going in different directions alone. Her trashing thier fathers in front of them, trashing the step mothers n hating on those woman for no reason all the time. (I’d hate to see what the next woman Chris ends up with has to endure)This is beyond messy! If this was a empoverished woman no one would say kind things to her! Money doesnt take the dysfunction of it all away for those kids! And baby #4 finding n reading this info. that SHE “almost” aborted him/her is just sad! Great job representing safe sex for young girls! All the lies as well..Lux was a “miracle baby” please. She clearly NEVER had any issues getting pregnant! This is her 6th or 7th pregnancy! This is NOT a good mother! When the show is gone let’s hope her $ will last or else the tax payers will be feeding her broad! The only reason she has side businesses is bc shes on TV! But her books were horribly written, alot of people got ripped off on the last one-bad bussiness. Her bussiness ventures will dry up just as fast as Farrahs & Jenelles fame did once this show goes! At least Jenelle got fixed! They are deffinitely on the same level now. Putting a man b4 thier kids! The common denominator in all these “bad” or “abusive” relationships is KAIL! She put HER hands on every man she had babies by then puts DV orders on them! Just straight trash! But reality TV has always had train wrecks bc they bring in viewers as no one can turn away from a Jerry Springer show. And it makes us more thankful for our normal lives!

    1. Wait til her 4 sons bring her 16 grandchildren from 12 different women

      (as this would be the numbers if each son had 4 with 3 different women, as she has had 4 kids with 3 different men)

    2. Spot on. Her ‘fans’ are allowing this woman to thrive by buying her products and watching the show. Meanwhile, TWO women on the show have beat more then one of their baby’s fathers and MTV keeps paying them… but you know what happens if she were to decide to work in the adult industry.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    kail don’t worry about what is on social media your a great mom and it’s your life your choice! So glad you decided to keep it. It’ll be a blessed baby with 3 big brothers to protect him or her. Congrats and much love

  3. ’m not sure if most of you know this but Kail had an abortion before she ended up on 16 & pregnant, as well as few other stars on the show had pregnancy losses. Mackenzie had a stillbirth so her whole story life of being a wholesome Christian girl who slipped up once & would wait again until after marriage was inaccurate. I also highly doubt she found out her baby’s gender because she wanted until birth with all her other children ?

  4. I sincerely hope it’s another boy. We don’t need another Kail in this world. Making all these terrible decisions.

  5. Pregnancy is rough for her this time around…. don’t worry Kail Duggar maybe the NEXT 4 pregnancies will just be heaven on earth. And maybe those 4 won’t be “fix-the-relationship babies”

  6. There is absolutely no way she was going to have an abortion. She’s talked for the last 2 years about having another baby with Chris. Anything to stay relevant, I swear.

  7. That box is pretty beat up at this point. This sounds more like she didn’t know who the baby daddy was and had to wait to get dna tests from some randos which takes time methinks 😉

  8. Chris doesn’t want Lux and he won’t want this baby either. At least Isaac and Lincoln have Dads who love them and WANT them. Chris doesn’t want Kail or her kids. Get your tubes tied, already, girl. Stop having babies with a guy who doesn’t like you.

  9. I will give her thanks for not aborting the baby. Didn’t she say she wanted one more and for the bs y to be by Chris. Thank goodness for MTV money. Time for this show to be over. Hope you have a healthy baby.

  10. Is it possible that she never intended to have the abortion and was perhaps just scheming because it makes for a more dramatic story. Everything about most of these Teen Mom girls is so extra 99% of the time, I just find it hard to believe. It’s also not exactly something I’d want baby #4 to read someday in the news. I wish the new baby well, although I will never trust Kail’s motives for anything.

  11. Such smart choices she’s making lately! Let me get pregnant by the same dumb ass who didn’t want nothing to do with his first child ((( or you ))) you’re nothing but a piece of ass to this “boy” grow up and get yourself a man already! Stop chasing someone who’s only using you as a stepping stone

  12. Why would you have a baby with someone you filed a restraining order for, cheated on you CONSTANTLY, in his eyes you were never even actually together (you were the side chick at the time when you were pregnant by Lux as far as I know), yes, Lux is a cutie (all of your kids are) but that doesn’t make it RIGHT to bring another child in this mess! ARE YOU CRAZY?! I’m sorry but that’s Jenelle level of f*cked up life.

    And WHY do you want him so much? Don’t you “Love is blind” me, he only slept with you because he wanted to (doubt he thought he will make you knocked up again), when you give birth, I advise you to test for STDs…you have no idea where his thing has been and because he has an obvious objection to condoms I guess, you might not even be the only one pregnant by him at this point!

    Poor Isaac, Lincoln, Lux and this unborn kid-having a mother who has no idea what she is wants (or who she wants it with) and chasing guys who don’t want to be chased.

    The only ex of you who has a normal relationship now is Jo, I think this tells us a lot about how you treated them too!

    1. Exactly. Made all the bullet points. What gets me is she come off like she is the perfect mom, the perfect partner, the perfect friend the perfect everything yet she’s not. Totally deluded.

  13. I’m sorry, but Kail has absolutely ZERO room to ever talk about Jenelle’s choices again. Simply because hers are just as effed up and “ass backwardly” dumb.

    Just hoping that the cop calling and restraining orders on Chris are held down to a minimum after this new baby is born. Also hoping that this time Chris will fight to KEEP his rights to the kids that HE fathered instead of giving them up.

    Jeez. Talk about dumbasses on parade.


    1. You know I can’t shame her. Its a baby.and in the end it will work out.
      I must say I loved the comment one person made to her. Learn how to keep your legs closed…she replied back her legs were closed.baby was conceived doggy style…LMBO.
      If you wouldn’t say it in person don’t say it online

  14. I stopped watching back when OG brought in Mackenzie to focus on her mother’s terminal illness. I’m sorry, watching this woman actively die isn’t my idea of entertainment.
    I’ve recently started catching up a little on TM2 and Y&P, I see not much is new as far as most of them being pathetic.
    Kail selfishly having another baby was inevitable , yet she needs help to go on vacation.
    Kail needs another baby and another 50 pounds like she needs another tattoo! I’m NOT fat shaming , Kail can’t go from one end of her house to the other without being out of breath , the episode where she is having a party at her house and Chris doesn’t want Lux filmed is a good example, she sounded ready to collapse at one point. As far as her abortion story goes , throw it on the top of the pile of lkails fake bullshit.

  15. I don’t believe for a second that Kail would abort a second chance at attempting to control Chris for life.

  16. Such smart choices she’s making lately! Let me get pregnant by the same dumb ass who didn’t want nothing to do with his first child ((( or you ))) you’re nothing but a piece of ass to this “boy” grow up and get yourself a man already! Stop chasing someone who’s only using you as a stepping stone!

  17. Such smart choices she’s making lately! Let me get pregnant by the same dumb ass who didn’t want nothing to do with his first child ((( or you ))) you’re nothing but a piece of ass to this “boy” grow up and get yourself a man already! Stop chasing someone who’s only using you as a stepping stone!

  18. I highly doubt she wanted to abort, just needed to film something. She’s talked about wanting a fourth kid. I’m sorry, don’t complain about not being to go alone on a vacation with your kids because you can’t “watch” them all. Stop. Ughh I’m so over this damn franchise.

  19. Idle hands my friends, Idle hands. It’s not like she has much else to do other than keeping herself in the news/keeping people listening to that ridiculous podcast.

  20. I am not Lauren or anyone that Kail knows. Yes I talk about Kail a lot. I feel all the other teen moms on here are made fun of but Kail isn’t. I think Kail needs to be made fun of on here too. Seriously who would get pregnant again by a man that wants to give up rights to the first one. Obviously Kail is a rat for the Ashley.

    1. Now she said she planned the baby. Why would you want to abort a planned baby? Why would she break the news on Ally’s birthday? Because she’s getting back at Leah. Leah isn’t her friend anymore. Everybody that makes fun of or doesn’t like Kail is a creep. What sane person cuts off a mans dreads? Kail right. Kail is sane. Ok?

  21. she is so gross with those hideous tattoos. Everything about her gross. She’s like the nursery rhyme, The woman that lived in a shoe she had so many children she didn’t know what to do.

    1. You are right about that. She’s disgusting. What man (or women in her bi case) could ever lay down with this chick. Disgusting.

  22. I just can’t with her.
    Like hell she considered an abortion. She planned to have a second child with Chris from the get go. She publicly said she wanted one of her boys to have a full sibling AND she was desperate for a girl. I hope she has another boy.
    NO ONE gets pregnant a 4th time “by accident” she planned ALL OF IT. Kail is ALWAYS right. She is not stupid and she knew exactly what she was doing.
    I feel sorry for her boys. She is teaching them abuse is ok. She is teaching them that it’s ok to have multiple baby mamas. She is teaching them that MTV is a reliable job.
    She has her kids 50% of the time. Hell I would be the most patient and a better parent to my kids if I only saw them every second week too! She can never handle all of them ON HER OWN.
    For once I am thinking that Jo (and even Javi to a degree) are the better parents here. They both have stable jobs that are unreliant on MTV.Jo won’t have any more baby mamas. They stay off camera and social media for the most part. Those boys at least have them for a decent kind of role model. Lux and this new baby have the short end of the stick.
    Kail thinks having A students that are clean with nice hair cuts makes her a good mother. Being a quality role model makes you a good mother Kail. Get your fucking life together and get off Chris. FFS.

    1. … I found out at 5 weeks and 3 weeks for my kids…

      Let alone Chris’s aunt spilled this tea 3 weeks ago.

  23. Kail is above and beyond stupid. And, speaking of stupid, why does Chris still continue to have sex with her without using any protection? He should know by now what causes babies, especially if he doesn’t want them or have anyinterest in parenting them. DUH!!!

    1. Exactly! Chris, I am sure there are other ladies who can suck a dick just as well for you and you won’t have to film a show w them or be subjected to endless restraining orders!

      I don’t believe for a second he was abusive purely because she acts only out of spite when someone disagrees w her or challenges her, then she suddenly takes out a restraining order on them.

    2. Exactly. Made all the bullet points. What gets me is she come off like she is the perfect mom, the perfect partner, the perfect friend the perfect everything yet she’s not. Totally deluded.

  24. If it is Chris’s baby (and it sounds like it is), then I hope it doesn’t have the perpetual 5 o’clock shadow like poor Lux does. Especially if it is a girl.

    1. A million things you could have said about this situation and you choose to comment on a small child’s looks.

      You have some thinking to do.

      1. 1) I felt that others had already adequately expressed the other ideas I wished to express.

        2) It is completely relevant because Trap Baby #2 will have the same gene pool as Trap Baby #1 (Lux) and Chris is not attractive and now there will be 2 children that must suffer.

        3) Out of all the horrid things that were said on this thread about Kail, Chris, other teen moms, etc., and THIS is what you are outraged by? Perhaps it is you with some thinking to do.

  25. If she is only 16 weeks how the hell do we not know that she didnt just find out, most people dont even know they are pregnant until they are 8-10 weeks, well that is how it use to be.. No way she considered having an abortion, no way in hell.. She is a fucking liar

    1. Yo most ppl find out by 5 weeks they are pregnant. You know…missing. Your period is a huge indicator you’re toting a wee one.

      1. Actually, some women skip around on periods. My cousin can go two months without one (no, she’s not on birth control).
        Some women have a spotty period during the first trimester. I did. I didn’t find out with my oldest until I was 9 weeks because of a spotty bleeding I took as my period.
        And with my 2nd, the tests came up negative, even though I was pregnant. I had just had a baby and my periods were still irregular. I didn’t find out until almost 12 weeks.

    2. If you’re trying to get pregnant on purpose an early results pregnancy test will show the results after only a couple weeks. I’m sure Kail knew asap.

  26. Well kail just secured herself another season of this show. I know this is going to sound stupid but are the producers trying to wait or better yet keep this show going until the kids are teenagers to see if they will unfortunately follow in their parent’s footsteps or what. I mean the kids will be in junior high within the next 2-3 years and the mom’s pushing the big 30?. I’m sorry I was just curious about why are they keeping this show on so long.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing, wondering if the producers etc will continue filming as its not long now until the older kids are teenagers which will come with more drama! I hope they do continue to film as I love the show, it’s my guilty pleasure lol. Sending love from N. Ireland ☘?? xx

    2. They’re waiting on Aleeah to get knocked up by the captain of her high school’s football team in a few years.

  27. I’m not a fan of Kail, but it’s her life. She one of the few teen moms that actually parents her children.

      1. Hey Kaylee! Did I ever mention Chelsea? I believe I said one out of the few….. if it makes you less offended Chelsea is part of the few. Now you can exhale

  28. Mother fu€king bitch!!! She needs to be sterilized! If ur not sure u want a baby, dont go spreading ur fat thighs!!! I hate her!

  29. Didnt she say that she was already having trouble affording her lifestyle with 3 kids??? And now she has a 4th… when the show is most likely not going to last much longer. Super smart, Kail! Putting that education to great use ???

  30. Wonder what the “further information” was? Did she find out it was a girl so she decided it was “worth” keeping? Disgusting.

  31. Well she did exactly what she planned to do from day one. Trap baby after trap baby. He still doesn’t want you though get that through your head! I do find the best part of this that the aunt out of the news before she got the chance to for all the crap she’s pulled with the fathers of her kids with her fakerestraining orders and made up stories and rewriting history I’m so glad that Aunt got it out there cuz we all knew it was true long before she decided to confirm it.

    1. I think Lincoln was a trap baby too. She wasn’t making a lot of Teen Mom money back then and would always talk about needing health insurance. Javi was joining the Air Force and I think she got pregnant with Lincoln on purpose to get Javi to marry her so she would be financially taken care of. (Until those Teen Mom checks increased anyway)

  32. How lovely for this new child to grow up and hear mommy dearest say she didn’t want the baby and wanted an abortion.

    1. Yes I thought the same thing when I was able to actually read the whole piece. Do these reality ” stars” actually consider how this show is going look to their children when they eventually view it? These children r already harassed at school bcuz of the moms overly dramatic lives being put out there.

  33. IF the abortion story is true, I have 2 theories as to why she changed her mind upon learning more details:

    A) she wasn’t sure who the baby daddy was, and when she learnt her date of conception and it was confirmed Chris was the father, she changed her mind

    B) she didn’t want another son. Early testing revealed it was a girl, so she decided to go ahead with the pregnancy

    1. Your theories make total sense, esp B. She totally could have had the optional early testing done around 12ish weeks to find out if it was a girl and then changed her mind about an abortion since she’s been wanting a girl.

      1. Kail was never going to have an abortion. I’m sure she is elated she is pregnant again from Chris. No way in hell was she ever aborting it.

  34. Kail probably wanted an abortion until she found out she was having a girl and then decided to keep it. Whatever the case or reasoning she’s stupid AF for getting pregnant by Chris again if the allegations are true.

  35. She should let his terminate his rights. Any man that actually tries to do that doesn’t deserve to be a dad. f him!

  36. the fact that she announced it with a sponsored post is SO TACKY!

    And, if she had been using proper birth control, something they advocate on the very damn show shes on, she would never have been put into that situation to begin with. Dont mope about the hard decision you created. You made your bed now you gotta lie in it. Dumb girl. Dumb decisions.

  37. Kail: I can’t enjoy all of my vacations because I have too many kids to watch
    Also kail: let’s have another kid

  38. Can’t wait for her “poor me, I’m all alone in this pregnancy” segments. Has Chris ever heard about condoms? Or not humping Kail at all, for that matter?

  39. Kail has been very vocal about wanting another baby with Chris and she finally got what she wanted. There was never any plans for an abortion. You don’t send sonogram pics to the father and have him tell the family when you are planning on terminating the pregnancy. She knows she looks like a fool even more so now because the news came out that Chris has been arrested for abuse and how he tried to terminate his parental rights to Lux, so she is trying to make it seem like an accident.

  40. Wonder how many months she’ll drag out the mystery of the kid’s name? Kail is reprehensible. Chris doesn’t want her. She says he beats on her. For sure he disrespects her every chance he gets. He didn’t even want the first baby and was trying to terminate his parental rights but she gets pregnant by him again? She’s a glutton for punishment. It’s too bad the kids pay the price for Kail’s fuckery.

  41. She probably went in to get the abortion & didn’t know who the father was. As soon as she figured out the date of conception & believed it was Chris’, she decided to not go though. She’s a vile human being & those poor kids are going to be mortified when they realize what a sl*t their mom is. ?

  42. Constant lies. I thought before lux she was told she couldn’t have babies anymore then “surprise” then she was so high risk it was dangerous but continued to fly and vacation. She said she’s always wanted full blooded siblings for her kids. So tired of her and her constant poor me attitude and lies. Chris is violent and it’s not ok for her kids to have him involved at all now she’s having another one of his babies?!?! ABUSE IS NOT LOVE!! She needs to put her kids ahead of her need for a man and a happy family life. Now four kids by three dads. Upcoming season will include her buying a bigger house because another surprise baby is here pay up MTV!

    1. Gosh, her new house is already huge, like her ass! She paid $800k too! Idk how tf shes gonna keep up w/her lifestyle when the MTV money train runs out. I hope she ends up on the streets & the dads get the kids!

  43. Sooo shes having another baby by a guy she had a PFA out against…Ok Kail….and I also think she got pregnant on purpose, because she’s been whining about having a girl for so long, so I’m not buying this “abortion” story.

    While her kids are super sweet and cute, and I do believe she’s a good mom seeing the way her boys are, this was one of the dumbest things she could do…bringing another baby into this chaos.

    1. Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out what the deal was before she had lux?? Am I imagining that she said she would be “high risk” and may not be able to have a baby again?? I usually have some sympathy for Kail. Her kids are so great. I know she had an awful childhood too, so did I. That’s probably why I have a bit of understanding. BUT, this is f’n stupid! I can’t even believe it. Nobody gets pregnant a fourth time by “accident.” You know wtf is going on. BC is well in her reach.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        IF HIGH RISK WTF she doing saying she having a homebirth?? Did she join the Duggar Cult all of a sudden?

  44. Aside from the obviously negative comments regarding her pregnancy, we all know her “plan for abortion” is a total lie. She has three kids already. If she didn’t want another she absolutely knew how to prevent it. She’s spoken openly about wanting another kid so she needs to shut up with the abortion talk. Also, great idea to film about that, where your kids are going to see and hear about it (very soon! Isaac is getting old!). She has no class. Who cares if she has another kid honestly? This nonsense about abortion is totally unnecessary and going to harm her kids in the future. Stupid careless and selfish.

  45. I think that the “abortion ” story is her way of getting sympathy and positive attention instead of taking it like an adult. You made a bad choice deal with the outcome, this baby was 100% planned until she got wind of the negativity.

  46. I really really hoped that she was not pregnant. I don’t even know if the father is one of the other fathers that she has of her children or a new one and I really don’t care.

  47. No way was she considering an abortion. That is completely made up so she can add drama to her storyline. It’s not as if this pregnancy was an accident–Kail knows how babies happen and I’ve read elsewhere that she’s been vocal about wanting to try for a girl. This is all just truly pathetic. The only shocking thing is that 2 of her 4 kids will have the same baby daddy.

    1. U r absolutely right. She us probably the most informed of all the teen moms ABOUT ANYTHING gynelogical. And I agree her children r wonderful. That’s not the issue kailyns friend. It’s that this is so fd up in SO many ways.

    2. I 100% agree with you, no way she was considering an abortion especially if this is Chris’s child, she has been saying since lux was born that she wanted another by Chris, the only reason she would say this is bc of all the reports that recently came out about him going to jail, him telling a judge he wanted to sing his rights away, and her having yet another restraining order on yet another dude.. so did she get pregnant the night he beat the shit out of her, now she just wants everyone to say oh poor Kail, instead of calling her out for her bullshit.

      1. Me too Rena! I’m sure as petty of a bitch that Kailyn is, she thinks this is a big FU to her critics who say she has three kids by three different dads now she’s going to be able to say that she has to full blood siblings that’s all she cares about is proving points no matter what it costs for children. I really really hope it’s a boy!

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