‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry (Finally!) Reveals Her Fourth Son’s Name & Talks About Her Home Birth Experience

“Ready for this one?”

The newest baby in the Teen Mom 2 crew has a name!

Kail Lowry, who gave birth to her fourth son last week, took to Instagram on Monday to reveal the name she has chosen for her baby boy: Creed!

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star—- who is already mom to sons Isaac, Lincoln and Lux— posed with her baby next to a blanket personalized with the name “Creed.”

“C R E E D • guiding principle,” Kail captioned the pic.

In an interview with E! News, Kail revealed that the baby’s middle name is Romello, and that his first name was inspired by the 2015 movie “Creed.” 

The public’s reaction to Creed’s name was relatively positive, based on the comments left in her Instagram post.


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• C R E E D • guiding principle Thanks @shophighway3 for our name blanket! Y’all can order one for yourselves using code: KAIL20 for 20% off ?

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“Love the name, it’s savage!” one person wrote. 

“Cool name,” another wrote. “Unique but not bizarre.” 

Kail’s ‘Teen Mom’ franchise co-stars offered positive comments as well.

“And you look damn good…” wrote Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Ashley Jones.

“Little hunnnyyyy,” commented Chelsea Houska.

Earlier this week, Kail posted some semi-covered photos of the baby, and answered questions about Creed’s birth, which happened at home. When asked how her delivery went, Kail told a follower during a Q&A Instagram session, “It was an experience I’m very thankful for.”

Creed…locked and loaded and ready to shoot down the Baby Chute!

“Everything was on my terms. What my body was telling me to do. I wasn’t connected to a bed. I didn’t have to prevent myself from pushing when I felt I had to, didn’t have to push when my body didn’t have the urge. I controlled everything.”

Creed’s father— Chris Lopez— has met Creed. Last week, he posted a photo of the baby, along with Lux (who is also his son), to his Instagram Stories. On Saturday, he hopped on Instagram Live to reveal that baby has light eyes. It’s unknown if he had a hand in naming Creed or not, though. (Creed was given Chris’ last name of Lopez, Kail has confirmed.)

Chris, Lux and Creed…

Kail stated that baby Creed got a little beat up during his birth, suffering some swelling and a bruised eye, which was one of the reasons she did not reveal his face until now. He weighed in at a hefty 8 lbs., 15 oz., making him the largest of her four boys at birth.

She also stated that Creed, physically, is the “opposite of Lux,” despite Lux and Creed being full biological siblings.

Kail revealed that she planned to self-film the baby’s birth, so there’s a good chance we will see footage of it on an upcoming episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ although the upcoming Season 10 season may not include it, being that it will begin with footage that was shot in the fall of 2019. (The Ashley will have more info on this soon!) 

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  1. Did anyone else notice the picture of Chris, Creed, & Lux was taken on Kailyn’s swing set? If you look at her Instagram pictures of all the boys it’s the same swing set. I’m wondering if she dropped the PFA.

  2. Who in the HELL let’s a week old baby go to the park. During a PANDEMIC. She’s a good mom tho. ??WTH

  3. Good god!!! Who cares!! She needs to stop opening her legs and stop spitting out kids from different baby daddies. It amazes me that there are stupid people that are fans of baby machines

  4. I don’t understand all the vitriol she gets. I don’t particularly like her but her kids seem happy, are well fed and taken care of. She went to college, has her hustles, never went to jail, she’s not a junkie or an alcoholic, never had her kids taken away by CPS. So what don’t you like about her? Too many baby daddies? Her problem. Too many vacations? She pays for them (or MTV does, either way it’s not you who are paying). She keeps hanging out with Chris? Many women have a hard time leaving a toxic relationship. Mind your own business. If you want to hate on someone hate on Jenelle who’s endangering her children

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      She is a hateful bbtch and mean to everyone. She puts out PFAs on every guy she is with whether they deserve it or not (mostly not). She thinks her shht dont stink. Maybe thats why people dont like her???

  5. Im not really a fan of Kail (im not really a fan of any of the moms) but it is a cute baby .. The name … its like all the other stupid names, broncs, maverick, hazelee, klohie etc .. But could have been worse ..

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Well … The name is not as dumb as I thought it would be .. So thats nice

  7. As a new mom to a 3 month old, I just do not understand the mentality behind plastering my innocent child’s face all over the internet for God knows who to see and comment on. The babies you bring into the world will one day be adults, and I guess I am old school, but I value my privacy and I will do the same for my kid. I am so grateful I am old enough to remember and have grown up in the world before social media.

    1. Congratulations Kail, Isaac, Lincoln and Lux on the arrival of your beautiful bundle of joy.
      Lots of love and best wishes to you all xo

    2. Because these whores just want publicity. Its disgusting. I will never understand how we have so many stupid people on this world that will be a fan to a bunch of baby machines

  8. Did anyone attend the birth. No physician or licensed midwife will attend a home birth. Did Kail have a lay midwife?

    1. Maybe she went super crunchy and did a freebirth/unassisted childbirth. Apparently, that’s a thing now… giving birth unassisted/on your bathroom floor/bathtub in the presence of other small children. There called the ‘freebirth society.’ Some of these women entirely shun medical care for the entirety of their pregnancies, with the notion that women have been birthing for thousands of years and it’s a safe, natural thing.

      1. But you’re correct, no reputable CNM will attend a home birth, no matter how low risk the mother. CPM’s (certified professional midwife) or DEM’s (direct entry midwifes) will and do all the time. I intensely researched all of this when pregnant with my son and read some horror stories on lay midwives. They’re not even required to have malpractice insurance, and some midwives have multiple dead babies on their records and continue to practice.

  9. Nice to see she’s sticking with the stereotype of blacks having ghetto names. Idiots don’t ever think about long term.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Nice to see you’re a racist idiot Ava. Do the world a favor and go play in traffic!

      1. Oh noes you called me a racist. Hon, I couldn’t care less about being called one. Pointing out she’s making her child grow up as a common stereotype isn’t racist. Do realize people like you who throws racist around like it holds any water are the reason why the word is literally pointless now. Has been for about 5, 6 years. Take your own advice, sweetie.

  10. She went on and on about how Chris wasn’t going to see this baby and more importantly Chris basically said he couldn’t give a shit less! Then she gives him his last name? WTF? Is she going to change it and take it back again the way she did with Lux?

    1. I think it’s just another pathetic cry for “Love me!” to Chris. I feel like she genuinely thinks one day he will be like “She had two of my children, we might as well end up together for the kids.” That’s not how it works, Kail. Why are you so desperate for love from someone who doesn’t care about you and is barely a father figure to his oldest (we don’t know yet how he will be to Creed, he met him sooner so that’s something)?! She needs to cut him completely out of her life, only meet when he picks up his kids to see them but otherwise, she needs to stop looking for his attention. Trust me, Kailyn, I have been there, it’s exhausting trying to get attention from someone who doesn’t love you the way you loved them. Hope you will soon realize that. Is she afraid she will end up being alone?! Then change your personality, girl, it’s not like you are doing yourself any favors constantly bashing your baby daddies before Chris. (who isn’t a gem to begin with but I meant Jo and Javi, she was a b*tch to both of them)

      1. “Why are you so desperate for love from someone who doesn’t care about you”

        Easy: her mother programmed her that way. She had/has no father figure. Breaking the cycle isn’t easy or a static line.

    2. Gives him his last name AND lets him see the baby within a week, when he doesn’t even financially care for the one he already has with her. Even with those 3 sources of income he spoke of.

  11. He was wrapped in that blanket when the first pictures came out. Guess he was named all along eh kail? Attention wh0rre…

    1. I saw the article saying Romello was the first name, but I feel it’s the middle. The other boys have “ll” in their middle names (Elliot, Marshall and Russell) so I feel Kail would stick with the theme (cuz it’s not like she’s giving them stability anywhere else)

      1. So… she’s been bragging Bout how these are “full brothers” blah blah blah and now she gives this one a DIFFERENT last name than his FULL BROTHER???? What the actual fuck?? Such an attention whore. ???

  12. HAhahahahahahahahaha all I can picture is Creed from the Office and the LAME AF band with the same moniker. Goodness she picks some dumbass names. I hope his middle name is Money. Creed Money Lopez seems fitting for this little tax return.

  13. WOW! Kail is such a saint for letting Chris meet, hold, and be around Lux & Creed after he abused her! And never paid child support or did anything for lux! ?

  14. Did she give birth on that white rug in the picture? Good luck with cleaning that. I’m disappointed with the name, she said she liked the name Courtland, after Dumbnelle’s ex-husband.

  15. Creed isn’t a bad name. Kail could be doing a lot worse, like Elon Musk’s new baby or a strange name (Silas, Suri, Bear, Blue, Apple….etc).

    1. She initially gave Lux the last name Lopez, also, and then changed it to Lowry later. We’ll see if that happens again.

    2. Correction: Silas is not a “strange” name. It’s actually a conservative/traditional name. It’s from the Bible and there are so many literary characters named Silas.

    3. I feel like Silas doesn’t deserve to be in that grouping. It is a real name going all the way back to the 1800s.

  16. Well, as figured, the name is A) stupid and not at all worth the build up (once again), and B) was revealed in a sponsored ad which she gets paid for

    1. So she had a home birth just so she could make sure she had control? There is no way to enjoy life, or for your kids to enjoy life when control is your number one priority. I can appreciate how she came by the need for it, but it’s an empty pursuit that robs you of any quality of life or the ability to enjoy what you have.

      1. I see what you’re saying for sure in terms of the rest of her life, but I think we can just take it as control DURING birth. I had a terrible birth experience and I know what she is saying when SHE wants to decide what position she’ll be in, when to push, how to move etc. Being stuck on a bed unable to move is a terrible way to give birth (in my opinion) so I know what she means by being in control of the experience.

        1. I understood this too. During labor all I wanted to do was walk and the nurses never let me. And once delivery started I wasn’t allowed to push when I wanted to. It seemed counterproductive to refuse to let me push when I felt the urge, but making me push when I didn’t feel the urge. It felt like I was working against my body the entire time.

  17. My mother gave us all names that are more so last names . Seriously, two of my brothers go through life named Brolin and Bronson . So, I know what about to say can go for my name as well.. all 5 of us have shared our thoughts with our parents as far as our names.
    CREED!!! Sounds like the name of a big bull mastiff!
    Lux grew on me, Creed will never.

  18. And the first thing that pops into mind was Michael B Jordan’s movie Creed….what is up with her naming these most recent 2 after characters from movies? Lux was the name of Kirsten Dunst’s character in The Virgin Suicides. These names she’s come up with aren’t unique, they’re just weird.

  19. Caught in a lie again. Surprise! Not! That explains the e on the blanket in the kids pic. Way to go name 3 kids with normal names. Then give 1 a name No one understands. She makes sure Lux knows he’s her favorite.

    1. How much you wanna bet The Ashley has known for awhile? I only come here now and then because it’s obvious this trick has the Ashley in her pocket the same way the K-Trash family have TMZ in theirs. At least TMZ doesn’t even attempt to hide it anymore. The Ashley seems to think it’s a big secret like Deep Throat.

      1. Yup!! She never has one bad thing to say about Kail like she does the other girls.Her.Him and Kail are real good friends. They think we are stupid. I would bet money The Ashley is in Kails payroll

    2. I agree 100%! The Ashley never has anything bad to say about Kail in her posts like she does the others. I think she is on Kails payroll some how. When I thumbs up a comment that’s not in Kails favor it doesn’t show up! I wonder why?

  20. Creed? Like the boxing movie? Cuz that doesn’t sound like a suck-up to the never-been-your-boyfriend baby daddy.

  21. Little Apollo is is not the worst name I have ever heard, kid is still going to take a beating in school.

    stay lit

    1. If he’s getting a beating, hopefully it isn’t by a Russian. We all know Apollo’s record against Drago.

  22. So you didn’t have a name for the baby yet? What did you do shit out that personalized blanket at the last minute? Just in time for the photo? Don’t personalized things take awhile to make? Lie somemore Karl!

    1. The personalised blanket was in the photo published days ago but it was turned over. She’s had the name and blanket for days.

      1. I’ve ordered from Highway 3, that company that makes those name blankets, and they tell you production takes up to two weeks when you order. Unless she got special overnight production and delivery, he was named before he was born.

        I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who sees Creed as a nod to Chris’s boxing “career”.

  23. Is…is that a name?
    It is funny how people usually get more conservative with age and give their children norma…I mean more classic names, while young parents tend to give their children more whacky names. Kail is doing it the other way around and started of with the nice normal conservative name and then it just went further and further south.

    1. I actually like Creed. It’s a lot better than I was expecting after Lux (which I’ve only ever heard as a girl name before). Does he have a middle name or is she going to be “trendy” by not giving him one?

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