‘Teen Mom’ Kail Lowry Says Baby Daddy Chris Lopez Cut Their Son Lux’s Hair Behind Her Back Out of Spite; Chris Says “She’s Lucky I Didn’t Scalp” Lux

“We can buy him one of these super cool hats. He’ll be fine…”

It was the chop hear ’round the [Teen Mom] World!

Kail Lowry blasted her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, on Instagram Live on Saturday, telling her followers that Chris took it upon himself to cut their son Lux’s long hair off without her knowledge or permission. The haircut– which Kail says was Lux’s first— saw the kid’s hair go from waist-length to his shoulders was reportedly done by Chris with some kitchen shears.

After the Teen Mom 2 star told her followers about Lux’s haircut ‘o’ horrors–which she claimed was done to manipulate her– Chris naturally hopped on Instagram Live himself to defend his decision to chop Lux’s hair, telling his followers that Kail is lucky he didn’t “scalp his ass” and only cut off some of Lux’s long hair!

The haircut…

“You send your kid to a family member’s house and they cut your kid’s hair off behind your back,” Kail said on Saturday. “I’m just at a place where it’s like, you can f**k with me all you want. You can choke me, put your hands on me, you can burn my book on social media, you can cheat on me, do whatever you want. But the second you do something to my child, I’m gonna come out of character. Because you’re using the child as a manipulation tool.”

Kail explained that Chris only has supervised custody (meaning someone has to be there while he visits Lux), and she feels that his lack of presence in the boy’s life gives him no right to make major decisions for him.

Who’s your least favorite baby daddy now, Kail?

“When you don’t have joint custody or shared custody, that’s also a huge issue,” Kail said. “You literally see your kid once a week for a couple hours a day, if that. So you really don’t have that right to cut their hair when you’re not really a parent. You’re literally like a distant cousin. You’re not even a father.

“You definitely have to pick your battles, I definitely agree with that, but this one is not fixable so it’s frustrating,” she added.

You can watch her Instagram Live below.


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Kail going in on Chris right now….Allegedly he cut Luxs hair unevenly without her permission

A post shared by Destiny🥰 (@teenmomshaderoom_) on

In Chris’ version of events, he said he has a right to make decisions since he’s Lux’s father. He also insisted that he didn’t cut that much off and that Kail was framing the story to make herself look good, although he didn’t go into details about what that meant.

“They tryin’ to make it seem like I cut my son’s hair. No, I didn’t,” Chris said. “They’re lyin’ to you, bro. I could show you the picture. This much I cut off. My son’s hair was damn near to his butt…I guarantee [Kail] didn’t tell you the whole story…

“I guarantee you they didn’t tell what they did after that, I guarantee that. Why? It’s gonna f**k s**t up for them if they end up telling that part. Notice that they tell all the bad s**t about me to you guys but they hush about all the bad s**t that they do.”

Chris— who is also the father of Kail’s newborn son, Creed—claims that his kitchen shear hack job was not actually Lux’s first haircut. In fact, he said he was just cleaning up a butchered barber shop cut.

“Lemme know if your other kids need their hair done! I also do baby highlights and toddler perms!”

“It’s my son. It’s still about communication. I understand guys…but that’s not his first haircut,” Chris said. “My son even told me that his mom took him to get a haircut. And when I looked at his haircut to see that he got it tapered and my son’s hairline is f**ked up, that’s when I found out, so [Kail] doesn’t communicate either. ”

Chris said he’s been itching to hack Lux’s hair. 

“I’ll be real with y’all. I’ve been wanting to cut my son’s hair…so the fact that I cut off a little of his edges, she should be happy that I didn’t f**king scalp his ass! That’s my son! If I decide to make a decision on my son, I can. But some people should learn to keep their mouth shut before I start running my mouth, and it’s not gonna turn out well if I start running my mouth about the s**t that they do. 

“…[She’s] really testing my f**king patience, guys.”

“I damn don’t give a f**k about what [Kail]’s got to say,” Chris said, before calling Kail out for airing their dirty laundry on social media (while he is on social media airing their dirty laundry, naturally…)

“You want attention that f**king bad that you’ve got to put out everything we go through? You didn’t do that for your other f**king baby dads.”

“Um….? I disagree on that one, bro…”

“Why did I cut [his hair]? Because I can, if I choose to…understand something. [Kail’s] job, they write books, so they’re good at stories. They’re good at tellin’ stories. You’re an author that’s what your job is…Tell the people what you did to me! Stop telling false stories…”

“But I’m the one that needs a PFA [Protection From Abuse]? I need a PFA? I’m the one getting arrested though? If I did the s**t [Kail] did, I’d have been locked up.

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Kail and Chris have had a contentious relationship for years. In July, Kail claimed that she was not going to allow Chris to be present for Creed’s birth, but she did end allowing him to be there. Earlier this summer, Kail claimed on Instagram Live that Chris physically abused her. (Chris was arrested several times last fall and Kail filed for a protective order against him.) 

You can watch Chris’ full Instagram Live video (posted by the Teen Mom Mama Drama Unfiltered YouTube page) below. (Be aware that it contains plenty of naughty language…and plenty of random singing by Chris.)

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)


  1. “As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Kail and Chris have had a contemptuous relationship for years.”

    I assume you meant to write “contentious,” not “contemptuous,” but I suppose both are true!

  2. He was wrong to cut the boys hair and he was wrong to say, ‘ she’s lucky he didn’t scalp him. I’m sure he meant shave, but choosing to say scalp is such a violent and horrible word and action. I would never in a million years put that word in the same sentence as any child.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    7i think they all need to grow the f#%^ up they have children now its time for them to stop acting like the freakin child

  4. “You can beat me, choke me, cheat on me, but the second you do anything to my child…” UGH! He cut his fucking hair, he didn’t abuse the boy!

      Don’t believe everything u read or what attention addict’s say or post!!!!
      Question… Would u believe a drug addict try to sell u a TV or radio???
      Would u believe a alcoholic u know has been drinking all day long. But offer’s to give u & my kids a ride. Would u do it????
      I appreciate were You’re coming from & if your being sarcastic about the “hitting, chocking & hurting. If u are please disregard!! But for those that believe that FALSE NARRATIVE this response is for u, the trolls & these snakes that post false narratives!!!!!!
      So why do u listen/read & believe all of it & take it as gold??
      In closing Mimi your correct all he did is cut HIS SON’S hair!!!!!! Thank u Mimi &
      Have a blessed day!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

      1. You’ll be taken more seriously if you learn how to spell, speak in complete sentences, and use punctuation. Also, I see that you made this post at 4:15AM. Perhaps you are the drunk one?

  5. Ffs it’s hair, it will grow back.
    And you always manipulate kail, you hypocrite.
    If your so bothered about the lack of access, why make another kid with a man like that??? You use your kids as tools too.
    And your character is always bitchy.
    So take several seats.
    You decided to lay down and make another child, with a dead beat.
    So you really shouldn’t say a fkn word.

    1. Smh!!!! My son isn’t a dead beat!! Your making that assumption off of what 1person has said & only 1side of a story. From a unreliable source!!! 💯

  6. I don’t understand the point of this haircut since it looks like he didn’t cut very much off. He chopped the curls off and did a horrible, uneven job. What was the point besides upsetting Kail? Lux’s hair is still quite long so it’s not like he was cutting it short because he had some sort of idea about not wanting his son to “look like a girl,” or the long hair was hard to wash and brush. He didn’t do a good job, the hair looks uneven and worse than before, so it’s not like he cut it to correct a bad haircut, even it out, or because the hair wasn’t being taken care of. It’s not any more manageable like this. It’s going to need exactly the same type of care as before. It’s basically just the shitty, choppy, cheap looking version of what Lux had before. Chris doesn’t mention that Lux got gum in his hair so he had to cut it out, or Lux took scissors to his own hair so Chris had to fix it. His only reason was “He’s my son so I can do what I want.”

    I have a feeling the reason why Lux hasn’t had a haircut yet is because Kail loves the curls that he had and they usually don’t come back after the first haircut. And she definitely would’ve wanted to be present at any haircuts probably so she could save one of those curls. It doesn’t look like Chris was thinking about saving a piece of hair when he did this “haircut,” it looks like he just randomly ate away at the hair with kitchen scissors until he gave up. I can’t think of any point except upsetting Kail. Because when you let your boy child’s hair get that long, you’re making a definite and specific choice. You’re going against the societal norm, you’re dealing with people giving you their negative opinion all the time, you’re dealing with people assuming he’s a girl because of his hair. But she was willing to put up with all of that because the hair meant *something* to her, or to Lux, or to her family.

    1. This long a** novel of a comment makes know sense & is so far off base. U don’t know my son, my grands or my son’s BM. Please try to refrain making comments that u are only informed by a narcissist, social media & rumors!! That’s ridiculous!! U have a blessed day!!! 💯

  7. His choice of words was stupid I don’t think he meant it literally. Cut that kid’s hair shorter, he looks ridiculous. And I laugh everytime Kailyn goes back and forth sticking up for Chris and then shit talking him. You knew who he was when you started messing with him. Its your fault! And two kids with the same two parents with two DIFFERENT last names. Wow shes sooooo edgy and cool!

  8. And the sign says long hair freaky people need not apply
    So I put my hair under my hat and I went in to ask him why
    He said you look like a fine outstanding young man I think you’ll do
    So I took off my hat I said imagine that huh me working for you

    stay lit long hair

  9. Now, I like Chris, but this is definitely should have been discussed with kail. But I don’t think he was using it as a manipulation tool? As far as him talking about her not telling all the bad she does I definitely agree with that. I’m sure there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff that Kail doesn’t discuss on social media but makes her children’s fathers look bad. And it’s not like she singles Chris out, she’s done that to Jo and Javi as well, I think it’s just worse for him since she has feelings for him and wants to be with him.

  10. I haven’t read the comments yet, and I’m sure this is already in here somewhere, but I just wanted to point out (because I’m sure Kail stops by and she can add it to the tally): I don’t feel bad for you, Kail. You don’t get to complain about what a terrible father he is when you already knew that and yet chose to get knocked up again by him.

    It’s your unfortunately named children I feel sorry for. And Issac and Lincoln – because they’ll figure out that the UNCs are your favorite because they are Chris’s.

    1. Yes, she does. She has to live with her choices, but his bad behavior is not her fault. She is accountable for her actions and he is accountable for his. Being a jerk in the past doesn’t give him a pass now

  11. Precisely what part of Chris’ personal history suggested to you that he would make a responsible, cooperative, considerate co-parent?

  12. Kail is a professional victim.
    Javi was a bit too needy & jealous..but nothing that good quality therapy couldn’t fix long term, if they really wanted to work at the relationship. What I’m
    trying to say is, she will never find a better relationship because he was at least a very good dad to the kids. This wanna be gangsta known as Chris is a typical black stereotype that anyone outside America thinks of African-Americans. He is an uneducated fool, full of false pride, jobless
    punk who’s literacy skills have peaked and stayed at 5th grade level. How did she think he was a great candidate to share the chromosomes and DNA? But I will bet $100 that she will have another kid with him as soon as she gets horny in the winter.

  13. And yet you keep having babies with this pos …

    The boys hair is about taste, I don’t like long har on little boys, but still, it’s not his hair and the haircut that is the real issue here, the real issue is the boys parents 🤦🏼‍♀️

  14. Sounds like Kailyn was projecting her own vile behaviors on Chris that that “you can choke me, cheat on me” line. Did your she beat Javi and Joe? Didnt she cheat on Joe and Javi? Pot meet Kettle.

  15. Kail saying “you can choke me, put your hands on me…” is her trying to portray herself as the victim (again) but what it really does, is show her lack of intelligence that she laid up with this dude and popped out another one of his kids after all of that. Everyone knows that if the mumbler was to come her and say he wants to be with her forever and ever, she would jump at the chance. She would then spend all her time attacking the ~hAtErZ~ online to defend him and her decision to be with him.

    What she really needs to focus on is all of the innocent children she has brought into this world by showing them some respect and not being such white trash, airing out every single issue online for the world to see and for her kids to have to deal with when they get older.

    Oh, and I love how autocorrect thinks I mean “jail” when I’ve typed her name. Imagine that.

  16. No matter what you think about either of the parents the fact that he said she’s lucky I didn’t scalp him kinda makes her point.

    1. I agree with that. That word scalp made me totally forget what the original issue was because it seems to violent and out of line to say.

  17. I don’t feel bad for Kail because she willingly had two children with this man and continues to have him in her life. I feel bad for Lux and Creed because their idiot parents will use the kids as weapons against each other for the rest of their lives.

  18. And did she get Chris’ permission to never cut his hair? Probably not. Boy or girl, that hair was too long for a toddler. He should have given him a buzz cut.

  19. It was her choice to have two children with that man, and he is their father and is able to make decisions for them. He has just as much of a right to cut his child’s hair as she does to not cut it. When you choose to have children with someone to whom you are not married, you are choosing to coparent, which means both parents will at times disagree, and one has to win over the other.

    Kail is a narcissist. She cannot fathom someone else doing anything with which she doesn’t agree, but she needs to get used to it because that’s for what she signed up. Javi, Jo, and Chris will make decisions for their children, and Kail needs to realize that’s all part of coparenting.

    The best solution is for Kail to stop having children with men she doesn’t want to be with and who are alleged women abusers, but far be it for Kail to realize the problem is her. I actually dislike Kail more than Jenelle. I liked Javi, and I think she ruined the best relationship she will ever have. He is a good dad and was fabulous to Isaac.

    1. First of all, he is not a man. He is a boy that still has a lot of growing up to do.
      Second, he has no right to do anything. He doesn’t have custody, only supervised visitation.
      And when I look at his behaviour and the lack of supervision, maybe that’s even more than he and his family can handle. What a wacko.
      He can hate it as much as he wants to but the court gave her full custody as a result of his behaviour. When he cares about his sons, he shouldn’t give a shit about Kail, ignore her as much as he can and show the judge he can parent.
      And when be really cares about them, he would be a good example to them.

  20. LOL I died at the Javi caption.
    That haircut is trash, wtf.
    I like how Kail said it isn’t “fixable” but like… hair grows so it is….
    Still just really fucked that this kid doesn’t get to decide on how he wants his own hair?! Jesus God Kail & Chris.

  21. I would be mortified of myself if I ever posted any personal issues on social media. Like I would literally be so embarrassed that I would delete all of my social media. Also, her “you can choke me, cheat on me, but when you do something to my kid…” bs is just ridiculous. Stop putting it out there that this dude did these things to you YET YOU HAVE TWO KIDS BY HIM. No one feels bad for a person who puts themself in this situation. It’s embarrassing

  22. He is such trash. POS father. Get off of Instagram and do something for your children. If you didn’t have idiot tween girl followers you wouldn’t have any.

  23. My ex husband’s girlfriend gave my daughter her first haircut. I was livid & still hold a grudge. What can I honestly do though? She has a child of her own now & I wonder if she ever thinks about that

  24. Kail is a piece of trashy turd toast and always has been. She puts herself out there like Super Mom when she is anything but. She is a professional victim and master manipulator. I was no fan of Javi, and he was an attention whore just like her, but he strives to maintain a loving relationship with Lincoln which cannot be easy with her crazy selfish ass. Nothing but respect for Jo and Vee. He made some mistakes as a young Dad but quickly self-corrected and took extraordinary measures to remain a positive influence in Isaac’s life. Kail is a slut who drops babies like puppies with no self awareness or desire to do all things necessary in the best interest of her boys. This has been made even more obvious with her choice of sperm donor for her 2 youngest. COuld she have found a more disgusting person to reproduce with?

  25. As a mom of a long haired little boy it makes feel sick, for Lux. Mine is 8 and has the most beautiful locks, though not quite as long as Lux’s, think more Thor than Aquaman and he loves his hair. We leave it up to him if he wants it cut short or long when we go to the barber. Yes it’s just hair yes it will grow back but it’s also a part of his identity and to hack it like that and spew the hateful she’s luck I didn’t scalp him is sick. He’s lucky she didn’t scalp him! I’m no Kail Stan, I can barely stand her but I’m team kail on this one. He’s a non custodial sperm donor who has supervised visitation. He’s not a dad. If he was he would never have done this to his previous baby

  26. And yet she still gave Creed his last name. Just makes her look desperate and foolish.

    I’m not surprised though. She threw a fit when Jo got Isaac’s haircut.

  27. Kail playing the Feel bad for me act. I thought you said Chris doesn’t see his kids? Kail knows what kind of person Chris is. So why let him around the kids? Chris has choked and beat on Kail in front of the kids. If Joe or Javi would’ve done the same thing Chris has done. There’s no way In Hell she would let them see the kids. But for some reason she lets Chris get by with it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Kail isn’t a good mom. If a man beats on you. Don’t let them ever near your kids. Don’t lay down and make another baby either. I don’t know how you can be attracted to someone who doesn’t have a job and who can’t speak the English language.

    1. Exactly. She’s claiming this and that around Chris but then she lets Chris see lux, AND HAS ANOTHER BABY BY HIM. I personally don’t care about who cut his hair or whatever the situation was. Kail says Chris isn’t involved, is POS etc then turns back on her word when he does something as simple and as fatherly as cutting the boys hair. Kail, do you WANT him to be a father or not???

  28. Great job in deciding to have another baby with this idiot. Not defending this jackass at all, but I honestly think he doesn’t know what it means to “scalp” someone. Kail has ninja-level victim skills, why else would she post anything about this. They are both extremely pathetic and totally deserve one another.

  29. The photo captions 😂

    But really, how sad for Lux (and Creed) that his parents act this way and blast it all out for the public to see.

  30. Why do these nutjobs feel the need to put everything out on social media? Lux is gonna grow up and be able to read all the petty shit his parents fought about. Btw Kail, if he is an abusive person why the fuck do you let him see your son? You wanted to cut off visitation with your other baby daddies for waaay less in the past.

    1. Does he even know what scalping means?I’m a native american amd I DO know what scalp means. And his hair will grow back. What is the point of this story?I wish these 2 would just get alomg for the sake of their children. And kail needs to stop over reacting about everything Chris does. She wants him so badly that she finds reason to call him out. Maybe fighting is foreplay to them?

      1. The first thing that came to my mind when I read “scalping” is the fatal type. Chris is such a moron, yet Kail though it was a good idea to reproduce with him twice so she’s just as stupid. Poor kids. And all this drama has to be impacting the older boys.

    2. Kail is disgusting gutter trash. She’s an attention whore with a side of I’m a victim thrown in. If he’s so damn dangerous why is the child with him?!? Jesus stop seeking attention and pats on the back and be a decent parent and human being Kail

  31. This is SO funny.
    Kail: I don’t care what Joe says I’m taking the boys to Hawaii

    Hey Chris next summer give him an old fashion burr / buzz cut
    AND. Please film it.

  32. This is why you have GOT to be careful with who you make kids with. That to me was an act of war against Kail…NOBODY should touch a kids hair without the consent of both parents.

    And does this buffoon even know what scalping actually is?? He legit made a violent threat against his own child.

    Not only that, the haircut isn’t even even! It looks like he just put the the kids hair in a ponytail and cut it…no caring/loving parent would let their kid walk around in public with their hair jacked up like that.

      1. FOR REAL…what piece of shit parent you would have to be to say that about your kid…that you’ll scalp his ass…he seems to be going tit for tat with David Eason as the worst TM dad. Kail is a fucking idiot for procreating with this POS, not once, but TWICE….AND giving those kids his last name. He doesn’t even seem to LIKE his kids.

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