EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Responds After Her Ex Chris Lopez Hints That She Has a New Boyfriend

“Good one, Chris!”

Kail Lowry is not happy about her ex Chris Lopez‘s latest social media musings.

Chris— who shares two sons Lux and Creed with the Teen Mom 2 star– recently hinted on Instagram Stories that Kail is dating a new man. After a fan asked him if he was aware another man was holding Lux in a recent Snapchat posted by Kail, Chris insinuated that the man was, indeed, Kail’s new boo, but that he didn’t care who she was dating.

“Are you referring to this?” Chris said in the caption of the Snap he reposted showing the guy holding Lux. “I’m aware lol and honestly as long as my kids are treated with respect happy loved and cared [for] then it’s none of my business at this point. I just want them to be happy.”

The Ashley reached out to Kail for a comment regarding Chris’ statement. In an emailed response, a rep for Kail addressed the claims that she has a new man.


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Looks like Kail has a new boo and Chris is ok with it via his recent q&a

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“While it seems that this was indeed hinted at, Kail would like to make it clear that this is false,” Kail’s rep stated. “She is not currently dating anyone and the individual pictured is just a friend.”

This comes just after Chris said some surprisingly kind things about Kail. When a fan asked Chris during an Instagram Q&A how he feels to see Kail cry during recent ‘Teen Mom 2’ episodes over things that he did, Chris had a very positive and mature response.

“I’ve honestly never like seeing her cry so of course it’s not the best feeling but also I take full responsibility in what I have done in the past,” he wrote. “All I can do is learn and grow from what has happened and hope to create a better future for me and my children.”


Chris wrote he’s is confident that someday, he and Kail will get along.

“Eventually, we will be able to coparenting peacefully seeing as she has done it with the others,” he added.

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Kail and Chris have had a contentious relationship for years. In July, Kail claimed that she was not going to allow Chris to be present for Creed’s birth, but she did end allowing him to be there. Earlier this summer, Kail claimed on Instagram Live that Chris physically abused her. (Chris was arrested several times last fall and Kail filed for a protective order against him.) 

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  1. Kail definitely has borderline personality tendencies. Javi must enjoy the drama as he is still trying to hook up with her. I do wish she would stop having kids. At least Jenelle finally made that choice.

  2. Y’all may already heard this, Kail was arrested for hitting Chris? It was after the haircut, back in September . Think it was on Reddit.

  3. With Kail, we should probably just dispense with labels like “friend”, “boyfriend”, “baby-daddy”, etc. and just go with the generic “respondent”.

  4. “Kail Lowry is not happy about her ex Chris Lopez‘s latest social media musings.”

    Kail is not happy about anything!
    #bigangry #Isuck

    stay lit

  5. Kail says I’m not doing this. I’m not doing that. And she ends up doing all of what she says she won’t do. It’s all lies. It’s all about making $$$$. The more attention she gets more $$$$ she gets. She’ll keep having kids. She’ll never put them first. Everybody suffers around Kail. Then she plays the victim.

    1. Kails From Hell
      I don’t like kail whatsoever but I wana know from your perspective how she doesn’t put her kids first? I personally think she didn’t put her newest baby first by thinking about the relationship or lack there of that he would have with his father. She knew he isn’t much involved with Lux so she kinda made a decision that he would have an mostly absent parent but I’m not sure how else she doesn’t put them first. I’m behind the last 3 seasons of the show so I only know what I see online. If you could fill me in, that’d be great!

  6. Pretty sure Chris was “just a friend” too, and throughout their hooking up, both Kail and her rep said she wasn’t dating anyone.

    Since she defines friends differently than the rest of us do, it’s safe to assume she’s fucking and planning to have a baby with him.

  7. I hope MTV announces the cancellation of the show before her and Chelsea get pregnant again so they can continue to profit off of having more babies for a storyline. Its cruel and secondly they will be SOL when those half a million dollar MTV checks stop.

    1. Um, why do you care if Chelsea has more babies? Does she not care for her kids—physically, emotionally, financially? Chelsea has a good husband, who has a job and does his part in caring for their children. Chelsea has a good support system from family and friends.

      I don’t believe Chelsea or Cole have ever been arrested, or appeared high on tv. Maybe their segments are a little boring but that’s because they are living the life fans of the show have wished upon them. Stability is a good thing.

      If Chelsea decides to have 18 more babies, it’s none of our business. I don’t think its fair to lump her in with some of her co-stars who’s life choices leave much to be desired.

  8. I bet kail couldn’t get it out there fast enough that she is NOT seeing anyone else lol. She wants to make herself 10000% available to Chris, if that’s even more possible at this point

    1. Kail really has an unhealthy obsession with Chris, that’s why she had two kids with him despite putting a PFA from him. This girl needs to move on finally, he doesn’t love her, I’m sure he never actually did.

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