‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Shay & Boyfriend Brock Davies are Expecting First Child Together, Four Months After Scheana Suffered a Miscarriage

You can say that again! (And again, and again and again… )

Another Vanderbumppump baby is on the way!

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay announced Wednesday that she and boyfriend Brock Davies are expecting their first child together, just months after Scheana suffered a tragic miscarriage.

Scheana announced the big news on social media, sharing with fans that she and Brock will welcome their rainbow baby in April.

“We did a thing honey,” Brock commented on Scheana’s post. “I’m so happy I have you to balance me out, I love you honey… congratulations to us.” 

Scheana is the fourth ‘VPR’ cast member (current and former) to recently announce a pregnancy, with fired cast member Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark expecting a baby girl in January, Lala Kent and Randall Emmett expecting a baby girl in April and Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor expecting a baby boy, also in April. 

In June, Scheana revealed to fans that she had suffered a miscarriage and later accused Lala of not being there for her during such a difficult time. In turn, Lala accused Scheana of “making everything about her” and Scheana has since stated that her friendships with both Lala and Stassi are over

Despite the ongoing drama with her former friend, Scheana chose to focus on something more positive for her most recent vlogpositive as in her pregnancy test.  


“ … I am so excited for this vlog because we’re pregnant, we’re having our rainbow baby, that’s why I’ve got my rainbow tie-dye hoodie on,” Scheana announced at the beginning of the video. “After everything we went through with the miscarriage, it’s definitely been scary being pregnant, just worrying about every little thing but I’m so excited, everything’s good, the numbers are good, genetics are good … .” 

Scheana said she announced the news to Brock via FaceTime while he was at work and she went on to reveal part of that FaceTime conversation, during which she tearfully expressed how scared she was “because what happened last time.” 

Scheana went to her doctor the following day to have blood work done to confirm that she was, in fact, pregnant and after getting her results, she drove to her mom’s house to surprise her with the big news. She also shared the moment she told her dad and sister. 

Given her previous miscarriage, Scheana said she went in for blood work weekly, noting that waiting for the doctor to call each week with the results “was so nerve-wracking.” 

The first person from the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ cast to find out about Scheana’s pregnancy was Brittany, who had called Scheana to let her know that she was expecting. Scheana told Brock she “didn’t feel right about responding without saying ‘me too,’” so she spilled the beans to “just Brittany.” (Naturally, Scheana had video footage of this reveal as well.) 

The next cast members to find out were Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval and former ‘VPR’ cast member Max Boyens, who were told during Labor Day weekend. 

“I’ll hug you, but this better not be contagious.”

James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss were the next to find out, following a couple of health scares Scheana experienced after her progesterone level dropped really low. Scheana and Brock shared their news with the couple after receiving a reassuring phone call from Scheana’s doctor. 

“I’m so excited and everything is just, it’s good, it’s as good as it can be and I couldn’t be any happier,” Scheana said. 

Scheana’s pregnancy announcement was met by many congratulations among former and current ‘VPR’ co-stars, including Brittany, Ariana and Kristen Doute – the latter of whom also shared her congratulations on her Instagram Story. 

Bravo and Andy Cohen showed Scheana some love as well, along with Raquel, James, ‘VPR’ newbie Charli Burnett and former ‘VPR’ cast member Bille Lee

Watch Scheana’s pregnancy reveal video below. 

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(Photos: YouTube; Bravo; Instagram) 


10 Responses

  1. Kinda sad the entire cast is pregnant except Katie. Cool it worked out for all of them but sad for Katie. She’s been the only one actually trying to get pregnant for so long.

  2. And Scheana must’ve gotten pregnant literally the next cycle after her miscarriage, because she’s due in April, and that ultrasound she’s holding looks to be about a 4 month ultrasound. I’ve read that for some reason, a women is super fertile right after a loss.

  3. Was this done with her frozen eggs I wonder? That’s an awful lot of bloodwork for someone with one very early pregnancy loss (which is VERY COMMON, women just don’t speak about it) but sounds about right for a frozen embryo transfer. Anyways, congrats Scheana!! I’m really curious to see how these women do as mother’s, considering how self absorbed they are.

  4. She’s annoying but not pure evil hatred like the other. I hope she has a healthy pregnancy and rainbow baby. I can’t snark on this.

  5. I hope Bravo doesn’t think to make this into a show. I won’t watch! It’s time for all of them to go away and Vanderpump Rules should just have a whole new cast of younger people, struggling to be discovered while they work in a restaurant and party after closing. And of course all the cheating, drinking, stabbing each other in the back and really just making bad choices. This old cast is exactly that…OLD! Late 30’s. They should have saved enough money to live comfortably. They had better salaries than most of us will ever see.

    1. Some are 40 plus My man & jason
      I agree their 15 minutes is expired. Bring on some new people
      I won’t watch either


    2. In what world is late 30’s old? Pshh… I’m 39 and have a 19 month old son, and we’re considering having another! Although, a lot of the nurses on the maternity unit were like ‘with your previous pregnancies….’ and id have to explain to each one that yes, I know I’m a little older than your average first time mom. But that’s becoming the new normal! It does aggravate me that pregnant women over age 35 are referred to as ‘advanced maternal age’ ? With a name like Audrey, surely you’re older than late 30’s!

      1. For starters, Audrey is not my real name. I had my last child at 32 and she is now 3. Who are you to judge? I love Scheana and am happy for her. It’s those arrogant ones that I don’t like. They were always treating Scheana badly. I never said one word about you. Is Bravo going to film them all through potty traing up until they start school together, while they all live in the same neighborhood.

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